Record video from desktop and webcam

Method 1

The first thing I recommend is to check if the webcam is working, if the drivers are installed, etc. For how to do this, see my previous article, link below.

2) Installing Media Player Classic

I think there shouldn’t be any problems with the installation.

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The only thing I would recommend is to download the player itself from the official website (in order to exclude various problems with adware and viruses, which are often found in programs from unknown sources).

You can find out where it is better to download Media Player Classic and its features here.

By the way, if you have Windows 10, then in its arsenal there is a special tool “Camera” (can be found in the START menu). If you do not want to use the player (and in this regard it is more convenient to use it, there are more possibilities). then you can completely do with this tool.

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After installing the player, open its settings (View / Settings). Capture tab.

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In it you need to indicate your country, video and audio sources. If this is not done (or done incorrectly). the image from the webcam will not be displayed in the player!

Media Player Classic. how to set up a webcam

4) Open the device (webcam) in Media Player Classic

If all presets are entered correctly. then click the File / Open Device menu. The video from the webcam should appear on the screen (if this did not happen, see the three previous points!).

Many people do not need the bottom / top strips of the player when recording video (its menu, status bar, etc.).

To remove them, Media Player Classic has special presets: minimal, compact, normal. Just select the minimum preset (View / Presets / Minimum). you can also just press the number “1” on the keyboard.

In addition, the same actions can be performed if you uncheck all displayed items in the View menu.

6) Move the player window to the desired location (with the broadcast of the image from the webcam)

Next, you will see that there is a simple window with the video broadcast from the webcam (no menus indicating that this player will no longer be!).

It remains only to adjust the window proportions with the mouse (so that there are no black stripes around the edges) and move the broadcast video to the desired part of the desktop.

You can capture an image from the screen // black bars can be removed by changing the proportions of the window (stretch / narrow the window with the mouse)

7) Turn on the recording of the desired area (or the whole desktop)

Next, you just need to take your video capture program, select the desired area and start recording. Thus, you can simultaneously record a video in which you will be filming your desktop, with the window where the broadcast from the webcam is taking place. Those. mission accomplished?!

Just in case, I recommend the following programs for recording video from your desktop: FastStone Capture, UVScreenCamera, CamStudio, Bandicam, Free Screen Video Recorder. I give a link to them below.

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How to record video from webcam and desktop at the same time

Tell me how you can simultaneously record from the desktop (say, shoot work in some program), as well as shoot video from a webcam in a small window (for example, show yourself explaining something).

I found a program for removing video from the desktop, but here’s how to combine it with video from a webcam. I don’t know.

Such a task can be easily solved (I really am not a great video expert, but I will suggest a couple of ways).

You can, for example, take a video player, open a video from a webcam in it, and then with a program for capturing video from a desktop, record everything at the same time. I will describe the essence in more detail below.

Method 2

Recently, the program has gained quite good popularity; OBS Studio. It is, of course, somewhat difficult to set up, but it has one significant advantage: it allows you to add several video sources at the same time.!

For example, you can record video directly from your webcam, desktop, and from any game ()! I leave the link to its setting below.

How to set up OBS to record videos from your desktop, webcam, and games

Capture desktop and game at the same time! // OBS Studio