We understand the methods of recording telephone conversations on the Samsung device

Android system, as you know, is easy to modernize. Users of this OS can at any time expand the base set of capabilities available to them. For example, add a record of telephone conversations. This feature is useful when it is urgent to record important information, but there is no notebook and handle at hand. But since the recording of a telephone conversation without warning and the consent of other persons is illegal in many countries, smartphone manufacturers try to turn it off or completely “cut” from firmware. These include Samsung. In the software of her mobile devices, she disables the function of recording telephone conversations. Despite this, users can get it by using several tweaks or using third.party programs.

All Samsung smartphones, the firmware of which is based on Android 5.0.1 (or above), have a built.in means of recording telephone conversations. Such devices, for example, include Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5. All the necessary components are in their software, however, they are hidden and are not involved anywhere due to the lack of the necessary code. But on the “galactic” devices from the Korean manufacturer with Android 4.4 on board (or below) there is not a hint of the presence of a built.in feature for recording calls. Such devices include the 2012 flagship smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S3. But there is nothing wrong with that. After all, the application store offers a lot of third.party solutions. Below you can familiarize yourself with the method of activating and using the built.in recording tools on supported devices, as well as alternative options in the form of applications from Google Play Store.

Using built.in means

To obtain access to the built.in function of recording conversations on a cellular network, you need to perform one small tweet. It provides for the use of a Root-right and a file manager (for example, Root Explorer), who knows how to work with system records. This is a prerequisite. Special privileges are necessary for making changes to the system section. If you want to use a built-in features instead of third-party applications, then, unfortunately, you can’t do without a Root-right. Since the routing methods for each Samsung model are individual, you must perform this procedure on your own.

Please note that after the changes made from the “called”, a button will disappear to add subscribers to a voice call. In its place there will appear a switch responsible for managing the record of a telephone conversation. If you want to leave a button for combining several calls to one conference, then you should refuse to activate the built.in decision to recording a call and try to use third.party programs.

Inclusion of a built.in telephone conversation

You can make sure that you have moved to the desired catalog using the path in the very top of the application area

In our case, these lines were found in the Features file.XML “

Select the file in which the mentioned lines of the code were found

This item is immediately striking. It is impossible to confuse it with others

Be sure to check that there are no spaces between the inscriptions in this line

Using third.party programs

If for some reason the method of recording calls using the built-in tool is not suitable for you, try the option using applications from third-party developers. Fortunately, there are plenty of Android in the Android store. Among them we can note such creations as ACR, Callred and Call Recorder. Among them, only ACR offers a wider list of functions and capabilities. In addition to automatic recording, removing old audio files after the established period, settings of the format and quality of paths, and the choice of catalog, ACR has the following features:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphone recording mode for Samsung Samsung.
  • Choosing a record source.
  • Strengthening the volume of audio sound in recordings.
  • Recording a conversation with a connected Bluetooth headset or an external column.
  • Wi-Fi calls.
  • Exclusion of individual numbers from the list of written.
  • Loading audio roads to cloud storages, FTP servers or sending to e-mail.
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To record a telephone conversation using ACR, do the following:

    Install the application from the store and run.

The section in which the entries of incoming calls should be stored

To call a hamburger-manager, click on three strips in the upper left corner of the application area

How to make a screen recording on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

In order to record a video screen on the Samsung Galaxy S9 using Game Launcher, follow the following actions:

  • Start with a home screen
  • Then run a finger from the upper part of the screen to open the notification panel.
  • Now press the gear icon to open the “Settings” application.
  • Click on the option of expanded functions
  • Select the option “Settings of the game”
  • Go to the Game Tools option
  • You must make sure that the switch is activated
  • Use the back button to return to the main screen
  • Click on the Game Launcher folder
  • Launch the game you want to record using this function
  • If the right game is not in the Game Launcher folder, you will need to add it manually
  • When the game begins, find and tap the red floating icon on the screen to run game tools.
  • Click on the record option there to start recording automatically
  • Now you can play as much as you want
  • When you finish the record, just press the red button

How to record a video from the screen on Android: TOP-3 programs

Perhaps Du Recorder. The most adequate video recording program from the screen. She has many advantages: there are completely free functions, and lack of advertising, and video recording with high quality. The integration is localized in more than 20 languages ​​- Russian is attached, of course.

So what can the program? Firstly, of course, she knows how to record the screenshots, and in various formats, various permissions, bitrates. The program also supports HD-video. The function of the pause and the resumption of the recording can be very useful. When using the program, you can choose where to save on a card or in the internal memory.

In addition, using the program you can broadcast the video on YouTube, or Twitch, edit it, shoot screenshots and much more.

Alternative software Samsung Screen Recorder

Game Launcher and Screen Recorder cannot record all applications on Samsung. If you want to remove the screen on Samsung with more advanced functions, you can use the Blu-Ray screen recording master. Just use the Android emulator application to imitate the Android application on your computer screen. Later you can record a video from the Samsung, Audio and Webcam screen at the same time.

  • one. Record the video from the Samsung screen at a speed of up to 60 frames per second.
  • 2. Samsung screen recording with internal and external sound.
  • 3. No time limit. You can record Samsung for hours or even longer.
  • 4. Add annotations and mouse effects while recording video from the Samsung screen.
  • 5. Adjust the video format, quality, frame rate and other recording parameters.
  • 6. Pre.viewing and pruning the Samsung recording file.
  • 7. Save and share your Samsung notes with several options.

In addition, you can launch Blu-Ray Master Free online screen recorder for free video and sound from the screen on Samsung in WMV format. Although the expanded screen recording functions are limited. But you can still record screen video with Samsung online for free.

Samsung screen recording applications

In the absence of the desired function in the smartphone itself, you should resort to third.party applications. To do this, we go to the Play Market, drive into the search line “Writing the screen” and a whole list of programs “able” to do this appears in front of us. Consider the best of them.

Many options for editing the recorded video.

How to Record your Samsung Phone Screen | Screen Recorder Demo

Even in free mode, videos are recorded without a third.party watermark.

You can plan a recording for a specific time.

The program supports simultaneously capturing the video from the camera and from the screen.

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Basic functions are available for free and without advertising.

Each of these programs can be installed from the official Play application Market on any smartphone working on the Android system. These include Samsung A32. We choose any application and question of how to make a screen recording will disappear by itself.

All the flagship models Samsung have a built.in tool with which it is possible to make a recording from the screen. In the budget options, it is absent. Despite this, there are options for how to make this moment correct. All you need, download the application, and the problem is exhausted. Test method, choose the best option, cutting off all unnecessary.

Writing a video from the screen for Android users

To record a video from the screen, you need to install special applications with Google Play, since the built.in function is either completely absent or available only on image models.

Du Recorder

Perhaps the most popular screen for recording the screen in the phone numbers on the Android platform. The program is free and has a clear advantage among competitors, as it does not contain annoying advertising.

  • It has powerful functionality. You can record not only the video from the screen, but also the recordings in the camera mode, the main screen and the microphone;
  • Supports resolution up to 1080r at a speed of 60 frames per second;
  • There is a recording function of online transparences from platforms such as Skype, YouTube, and Twitch;
  • The built.in editor allows you to edit videos, impose filters, trim the videos and even turn fragments into animations and archive them as separate files.

Filmit Pro

A great alternative application for recording video clips from the screen. Like the first option, the addition is free and has no time restrictions. Of the shortcomings, you can highlight the presence of advertising and the absence of Full HD quality when recording.

  • The program can not only fix the video from the screen and make a parallel recording from the microphone, but also edit the headlines and the duration of the recorded fragment;
  • A convenient integration that is suitable for everyone, supports the main languages, allows you to apply filters and music on records, completely change the style of the video and perform all the standard editor functions.

Az Screen Recorder

The third addition that is worthy to complete the top three of the best video recording applications from the screen. There are no restrictions on the duration of the record and all kinds of advertising. Of the shortcomings, one can highlight that most of the functions of the application are paid. For example, turning a fragment into GIF-animation and drawing in the selected area of ​​the video. The price of additions varies from 92 to 165

  • During the video recording, you can put a fragment on a pause, change the format and archive several created copies of the video at once;
  • The resulting video can be saved both on the SD card and on the built-in memory of the device;
  • The recording is supported in Full HD and QHD.

How to record a video screen using Samsung Game Tools. step.by.step instructions

And so now let’s look at a more popular way to record the screen on the Galaxy smartphones using the Samsung Game Tools tool. And so for this:

  • Open Samsung Game Tools. To do this, go to the “settings” of your smartphone. “additional functions”. “Game Launcher”. “Turn on”
  • Go to App Drawer. Look for an icon with three multi.colored circles and X inside.
  • Launch the installed on your device, and located in Game Launcher
  • Run up the screen. This gesture opens the Game Launcher settings menu
  • Press the game instrument icon. The game instrument icon has an icon with a sign and four points that resemble a D-panel and buttons on a game controller. This is the first tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the record. This is a tab that has an icon resembling a video camera. This is in the right corner of the Game Tools window. The recording of your game will begin.

Play your game. Game Tools records the screen until you stop the record. For this:

  • Spend up from the bottom of the screen. This displays the stop button at the bottom of the screen. If you play in broad.screen mode, run a finger on the right side of the screen
  • Click the foot icon. Stop icon has a circle with a square inside. This stops the recording of your video. Stop icon is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • To watch the video, open the gallery, press the folder with the name of the game, then press the video. You can also view the video in the Video Launcher application by pressing the profile icon at the top, and then by clicking the “recorded video”.
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How to record from the Samsung screen using programs

Special application for smartphones operate in the same way as programs to capture the image for PC, which use gamers. For Samsung, several software has been developed with different functionality and cost. We will consider free options that provide high.quality picture and write on the Galaxy videos in standard formats.

Screen Recorder

Easy to use software. Screen Recorder, optimally coping with the tasks. You can download a video poll for free on a playmarket. After installation, we allow the program access to the screen.

Software works extremely simple: a floating button is displayed on the phone. If you slip on it, a menu with available functions will be released. By clicking on recognizable icons, you can record a video or quickly take a screenshot.

  • stop and further continuation of the record in one media file;
  • display of tangles by touchscreen during shooting;
  • drawing with a brush during shooting;
  • The function of choosing quality and format;
  • editing of the filmed material (installation, subtitles, music);
  • editing screenshots (drawing, inscriptions, crop and collage creation).

Screen Recorder records not only manipulations in the menu or playing games. Using the application, you can fix everything that is displayed on the screen, and even video calls.

The application will be useful not only to owners of Samsungs who do not have a built.in capture function. The rich functionality of Screen Recorder was evaluated by the owners of modern “sophisticated” models of Honor and Xiaomi, whose pre.installed utilities do not give so many opportunities to work with the material.

record, sound, samsung, phone, screen

Secret Hidden Audio Mod For Your Samsung Galaxy

Filmit Pro

Another free application that is not limited by demo version is Filmit Pro. But there are also disadvantages. you can not remove Full HD and get rid of built.in advertising.

Filmit Pro gives users, in addition to capture:

record, sound, samsung, phone, screen
  • In parallel, record data from the microphone;
  • cut the video;
  • edit the shot;
  • impose modern filters on the video;
  • Add background music.

Software has a convenient integration and supports the Russian language, so even an inexperienced user will easily deal with its functionality.

Du Recorder

Another popular free Android application. DU Recorder. Its main advantages are the lack of advertising and powerful functionality:

  • recording the main screen, camera and microphone;
  • resolution up to 1080r;
  • speed 60 f/s;
  • The ability to capture online broadcasts from popular platforms.

Du Recorder is interesting for editing with their capabilities: users can apply filters on the shot material, cut the rollers, transfer them to gifs. At the same time, sources and edited videos will be saved as separate files.

How to make a screen recording on Galaxy using the Mobizen application. step.by.step instructions

Make a screen recording on Samsung devices using the Mobizen application is quite simple, for this, perform the following actions:

  • If you haven’t done this yet, install Mobizen from the Google Play store.
  • After installation, start the Mobizen application. When it is launched, you must see its icon in the side of the screen. Click on it to see three options: recording videos, viewing the saved content and creating a screen of the screen.
  • Click the record icon.

If you start the application for the first time, you may need to give the application permission to record.

  • You should see the message “Mobizen will start shooting a video”. If you want, click “Do not show anymore”. Then click “Start now”.
  • After a three.second reference, the recording will begin. Unlike Game Launcher, Mobizen writes everything, including the home page and application page. Follow the steps you want to record.

Mobizen icon shows the timer how long you record.