How to burn the screen on your PC with windows

Conclusion You want to record / take a screen shot on a computer with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP? Here we will teach you how to record the PC screen with Windows using Xbox Game Bar, Microsoft PowerPoint and UKEYSoft Screen Recorder to easily record any activity on the PC with Windows, choosing the best screen for writing the screen for you.

How to burn the gameplay in Windows 10? I am a veteran of the game, and I want to make money, making video equipment for gameplay and downloading them on YouTube. Is there any professional software for writing a screen that allows you to record the gameplay and edit it before sharinging them? I am ready to pay if the video recording software will help me.”- from Sam Tsuya

How to burn a computer screen in windows 7? “I am a teacher, and I want to record a software tutorial on a computer with Windows 10, which is the best computer recorder for Windows 7? I am ready to buy screen writing software if it helps me write HD video.”- from Janet Chen

You want to write down your screen on Windows 10? If you need to record any actions on the screen, such as recording online video on YouTube, video on Amazon, calls via Skype, recording gameplay or any other work desk. Here we will help you and will spend you on how to record a computer screen. There are different methods that will help you burn your computer screen in Windows 10. Free screen recording methods and a paid screen recorder, let’s start.

Obs Studio

Free multifunctional program that allows you to record and broadcast to the network (if necessary) not only all actions on the screen, but also video with DR. devices (for example, from webcam).

And for several mouse clicks you can quickly adjust the size and position of the windows, specify the compression ratio, codecs, and etc. (very useful if you are capturing immediately from several devices).

Capture of the desktop and games at the same time!

By the way, it is software (lately) manufacturers of some audio and video devices began to indicate as a basic to work with their technique (for example, cards for capturing, video cameras, and.).

  • free with a large number of options and settings;
  • Allows you to capture immediately from several sources: from the desktop, from a webcam (or other. devices) from the game and t.D.;
  • the possibility not only to record video, but also broadcast it to the network;
  • Ability to save video to different formats: MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.;
  • support hot keys;
  • the presence of a sufficiently large number of plugins;
  • Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS (supports Russian!).


Easy in the control of the screenster, popular among gamers and flyer thanks to the special game capture regime. In Bandicam, you can write from the desktop of the laptop, from the HDMI connected device and devices using DirectX. On the image during the recording process, you can lay a picture from a webcam. Available in the free option, but in FREE version of the video clip saved with the company logo.

  • Highlighting the cursor and mapping mouse clicks;
  • FPS data display in video game mode;
  • Overlaying on a video camera image from a webcam;
  • Setting up a schedule recording;
  • Setting the quality of captured video files.
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In Bandicam there is no editing. Therefore, this is an option for those who lay out the “raw” rollers without processing or installed a separate video editor.

Select source in Bandicam

How to record a video from the screen in Movavi Screen Recorder

If you need to record the screen, try simple and ergonomic program Movavi Screen Recorder. That you need to do:

Download and install the program

Go to the Movavi Screen Recorder download page, download the installation file for your operating system, start it and follow the instructions on the screen.

Configure recording settings

Run the program in the sidebar click on the screen record and stretch the capture frame to record the area you will record.

Click on the webcam icon to capture video and sound from it, to activate the microphone, click on the corresponding icon on the panel. If you record a webinar, lecture or video call with colleagues, do not forget to enable the recording of system sounds.

Click Start Record. For temporary suspension of the process, you need to press pause. to stop and transition to editing. on stop.

When the record is completed, a simple editor will open, in which you can cut unnecessary fragments from the finished video.

Click Save As. To save ready-made video on a computer.

As you can see, there are a lot of tools and everything is unique and comfortable in their own way. Choose for yourself the one that is suitable for your needs. Online services are preferable for one-time and periodic simple tasks or when there is no possibility of installing software to a computer; Desktop programs. usually more functional, and also work without Internet access.

How to record a video with Movavi Screen Recorder

Install the program on your computer and run it. On the right, the Movavi Screen Recorder toolbar will appear on the screen.

To start recording a video, click on the icon with the image of the camcorder.

A small menu with settings will appear in the lower right corner of the region. Here you can enable the recording of system sounds and voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев through the microphone, highlight the cursor, display the hotkeys.

Recommended screen recorder for Windows 10. UKEYSoft Screen Recorder

UKEYSoft Screen Recorder is one of the most popular computer screen recorder and video recording software. It is designed to record video from a computer screen and webcam, and also makes it easy to take a computer screen shots. Since it has several recording features, users can use it to record any actions on a computer with Windows 10.

  • Record the computer screen to the full screen or the configured screen size.
  • Capture everything on a computer with Windows 10.
  • Record and save high quality video files.
  • Various MP4 Output (MPEG4), MP4 (H264), AVI (MPEG4 / H264 / XVID), WMV, FLV.
  • Record local video, online video / movies and t. D. On Windows 10.
  • Recording sound either from the built-in audio system or from the microphone or both of both or without.
  • Editing a recorded video using the built-in video editing feature.

Download the version of UKEYSoft Screen Recorder for free and start writing your screen in Windows 10.

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record, screen, windows, best

Manual: Write your screen in Windows 10

Download and install the screen recording program first, please download free, install and run UKEYSoft Screen Recorder on your computer with Windows 10. To take a snapshot of your computer screen, click “Screen Recorder”.

Configure the recording area Then, please select the Record area: Full screen, user-defined (custom registry area) OR Camera @ (webcam recording), In this section of the computer screen entry from Windows 10, select “Full screen recording mode” or “user-defined »(Customizable area recording).

Select the output format Click on the settings icon in the lower right corner, the program will have new windows, here you can install FLV, MP4, AVI or WMV as video output format.

Configure HotKey If you do not want to always press the button to start or stop recording, hotkeys can be useful. Go to “HotKey” to set it up.

Start recording: Ctrl Alt F1

Pause Recording: Ctrl Alt F2

Stop recording: Ctrl Alt F3

Screenshot: Ctrl Alt F4

Select Audio Input Channel To configure the input sound, click the “Audio” option, you will see that UKEYSOT Screen Recorder provides 4 types of audio records: “Computer sounds and microphone”, “Computer Sounds”, “Microphone” and “No”, select one you need.

If you want to record a video with your voice, for example, recording a game video, make video tutorials, write down an important lecture and t. D. Please select “Computer Sounds and Microphone, which can record your voice and computer sounds in one channel.

If you want to record online video on YouTube, write a video Amazon Prime, video with HD quality audio, please select “Computer Sounds”.

If you want to record video from a webcam OR to record streaming video on your computer, please select the Microphone, then you can go to the Skype or TeamViewer chat at any time and record video in the chat.

If you want to record your computer screen without sound, select “All”.

Start writing your computer screen or online video Click the “Record” button or use hotkeys to start recording actions on the computer screen. You can write with sound and without a webcam or without them. The program gives you the opportunity to take screenshots during recording.

When you stop recording, the recorded video will be automatically saved on your local computer.

You can record YouTube video on PC

Editing recorded video (optional) Finally, please open the output folder, and you will find a recorded video. If you want to edit the video, go back to the main inteeis UKEYSoft Screen Recorder and click “Video Toolbox” to edit the recorded video.

This feature allows you to cut, combine, trim, trim and rotate recorded video, as well as add effects, music, watermarks and subtitles to the recorded video.

Download UKEYSoft Screen Recorder for free and try writing your screen on a computer with Windows 10/8/7 / XP.

Nvidia Shadowplay

If you have a device with a NVIDIA video card, you can use the ShadowPlay service for video shooting. You can shoot the gameplay and display it on PC or publish on YouTube and also NVIDIA broadcasts video content in Live, Twitch or YouTube Live.

To walk out the video footage, follow the instructions:

one. Open GeForce Experience. Go to the settings and turn on “Injoard Overlay”.

record, screen, windows, best

To enable capture, hold the ALT and F9 buttons. To turn off the screenst, use the ALT and Z combination.

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Record Screen Using Game Panel

In Windows 10/11 there are specials. Game Panel, allowing you to record video and make screenshots without leaving games. Recently, it has become available not only in games, but simply in any other program (including in the conductor / on the desktop. ).

Open the parameters and turn on Game Bar

To open the system parameters. Press Wini (or use other ways).

Next in the “Games” section you need to enable Xbox Game Bar. Screenshots for Windows 10 and 11 I led below. Default buttons. Wing (I recommend not changing!).

Xbox Game Bar. Check To enabled // Windows 10

Now you can run that program (game) you want to record.

After you need to call the game panel (Game Bar) by clicking on the Wing button combination (I recommended it without change!).

Next, you must slightly darken the screen and a small window appears with the recording settings (see. Example below):

  • one of the sections allows you to start / stop recording, turn on / off the microphone;
  • The second is to adjust the volume of the sound (useful when you want the record to be not heard, for example, background music);
  • Third. to monitor the download of CPU, RAM, GPU. If suddenly, the brakes start in the process. you can at least understand “who is to blame”.

In Windows 11, the panel slightly finalized!

Here, in general, everything is simple, just press the button “with a circle”. Ideally, an entry should start recording from the same second.

In some cases, Windows may start to slow down and hob (in this case, pay attention to the download of the CPU. If the load grows too much, you may have to try alternative software).

By the way, you can use special for the start of the write. Keyboard key: Winaltr.

Stop and save recording

When you write everything that is required. just click on the button with the “square” (it will be on special. The panel that appears only in the recording process).

If video is saved on the disk. you will see a Windows message that the game clip was recorded. Example below.

Where the clips are saved by default

To find our recorded clip. Open Explorer (Wine. any of the folders) and click on the “Video” link in the left menu. Next, go to the “Clips” folder: All the videotapes must be in it.

Where the default video is kept. Folder Clips

Regarding the quality of the video. by default, the record is 30 frames in sec. with bitrate 8700 kbps / s. (This is about 70-80 MB for 1 minute Full HD video recording).

how to process the resulting clip

As a rule, most of the recorded clips (rollers) need video processing: cut something, fix, add credits, effects, transitions and t.D. All this can be done with the help of special. editors.

If you are not very familiar with such a “craft”, I recommend to familiarize yourself with one of my last note: it presents editors to cope with which it is even completely novice.

To help!

What programs for editing video can be advised by beginners. see. My selection of programs