How to record video from the Samsung phone screen with sound

Recording video from the phone screen, it’s very necessary and popular feature. However, most Samsung smartphones do not have it.

I do not know why, but that is what it is. Although competing Chinese, this feature is present, all built-in native firmware.

We have to use third-party applications, below in the article I will show which one I use myself, as well as a step-by-step explain what and how to do to achieve this goal.

How to record video from the screen of the Android phone Samsung

Install a special application

Enter the Play Store.

In the search bar, type in Recording video from the screen, then click on the Search button.

Find the application from the developer InShot Ins and click on it.

Also note that the number of downloads, more than 100 million.

On the opened page, press the button Set.

After installation is complete, click on the Open button.

We give the necessary permissions

As soon as the application opens, we are asked to Allow pop ups?, Click on the Allow button.

On the page that opens, we find XRecorder and activate the slider next to it.

Learning has begun, read the information, then click on Next.

On the page that opens again, we are warned of the need to enable the microphone, let’s do it.

In the meantime, click on the OK button.

We give another permission.

Turn on the microphone and internal sound in the settings

In principle, the settings have optimal values, but we must choose the video quality and specify what kind of sound we want to record.

Click on the gear in the bottom right corner.

Specify the resolution, then click on the word mute.

In the window that appears, select the desired value, I will choose the latter option.

Record video from the phone screen

To start recording you need to click on the faintly visible icon on the desktop.

In the menu that opens, click on the special button.

At the end of the recording, we press the timer button.

Next, you need to stop the shooting and interrupt it completely.

As a result, we get a message that the video is saved.

Open the video

If you have not changed the saving location, then the path to the files, through the file manager, will be:

How to record a phone conversation on the Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the most popular in the domestic market. Combining low cost and excellent features, they are appreciated by many users. An important advantage of phones on the operating system “Android” is the possibility to record calls, implemented with the functionality of the application “Calls”. Below we break down how to record your phone conversation on your smartphone Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50. And also what programs can help us in this.

How do I record video screen on my Samsung

Hi! Today I will show you the Super App! You can record video from your Samsung Galaxy phone screen. You can very easily and quickly make a screenshot, GIF, video screen as you play a game, record instructions, live streaming, video call, etc.д. The app will work for any Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone, any model S, A, J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc.д.

See the instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Let’s go!)

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How to record video with built-in tools on Android 10

Back in last year 2019, Google Corporation delighted its users with the news that the new operating system Android 10 will have the ability to record video from the smartphone screen. Previously, there was no such feature on mobile devices.

Follow the steps below to activate screen capture mode (screencasting):

  • Go to the system settings and select the menu item “About phone.
  • Go to the last line and tap 3-5 times on the “build number” to activate developer mode.
  • Go back to the phone settings and tap “For developers”.
  • Select the “Experimental Functions” column and activate the Settings_screenrecord property with a long tap.
  • Press and hold the power button on your phone until the window pops up. Next, select “Record Screen”. If there is no such button, tap and hold your finger on the “Take a screenshot” button for a few seconds.
  • After that you will have access to the video recording menu. To start recording, tap the red circle.
  • Pressing the button with the crossed out camera activates selfie mode and your image appears on the recording.
  • To record video with sound, tap the button with the crossed out microphone.
  • Press the last gear button to open the recording settings.
  • Press on the red square to stop recording.

The recording will be saved in the memory of the device and will be available in Gallery. You can view it with the built-in player, as well as send it to your friends via email, messengers, and social networks.

Depending on the phone model and version of the Android shell, the menu items may differ, but the order of actions is approximately the same everywhere.

How to record a video on Samsung smartphones

On Samsung smartphones, the screen recording button is located in the quick settings menu (curtain). To start shooting, do the following:

  • Slide your finger down the screen from top to bottom to open the quick settings menu.
  • Locate the icon labeled “Record Screen. If it is not available, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and look for the feature in the list that appears.
  • After that you can start recording. It’s intuitive to launch.

Setting video recording options is available in the “Advanced Features” section of the phone settings. Here you can define the video quality and specify where to record the audio track: from the phone (external sounds will not be heard) or from the microphone (so you can record a voice message).

Screen video recording features are available on the following Samsung phone models:

  • Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10;
  • All Galaxy S flagships;
  • On Samsung‘s A-series devices, the video screen capture feature is only available for some apps.

If you have not found such a function in your smartphone, just download one of the programs, which we will tell you about next.

Cell phone manufacturers have finally realized the importance of video recording right from the phone’s display. And have provided users with a built-in app in newer models. Just like their Apple competitors did. In “apple” smartphones, the feature is available since version 11 of iOS. On the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 we can now write anything from the smartphone without any app.

It’s as simple as possible, and the function is accessible from the shortcut menu:

  • If you own a Samsung Note 10, all you have to do is lower the Android bar on your device;
  • Select the “Screen Recording” function;
  • You will see the countdown numbers. When the score reaches 0, recording will start;
  • There are also buttons at the top of the screen to control the recording. For example, press the square in the circle and the recording will stop. The recording will be saved in the device’s gallery. Select the pencil to add an item to the entry or edit it.

Even if you are recording from the mobile screen you can write on the screen with a marker, point with an arrow or write the word-messages. The built-in screencast software on the Samsung can be customized.

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To do this, you need to lower the curtain and select the settings icon.

  • Choose “Advanced Features”;
  • Then click on “Screenshot and Screen Recording”;
  • And select “Screen Recording Settings”.

In this window we can change the sound settings or enable voice recording during screencast creation.

You can activate only the saving of the voice from the microphone or only the system sounds and the playing applications. Set the quality of the video to be captured by selecting: 480p, 720p or 1080p. The Samsung Note 10 isn’t the only smartphone from the manufacturer that can record video from the display without an app. You can find out more about the models at the official website

In order to record video from your Samsung Galaxy screen using the Mobizen app, follow the following instructions:

  • Download Mobizen from the Google Play store. To do this, “Open Google PlayMarket” Enter “Mobizen” in the search bar. And install the app on your smartphone.
  • Open a recently downloaded app on your smartphone. The red and white “M” icon
  • Click on “Welcome”. This is the orange button on the start screen
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to change the settings. After you finish the introductory steps, a floating “m” icon will appear on the right side of the screen every time you start the app.
  • Press the record icon. This is the red and white video camera at the top of the menu. A confirmation message will appear, letting you know that everything on your screen will be recorded.
  • If this is your first time using Mobizen, you need to press ALLOW to give the app permission to record and save to your Galaxy. You will then see a confirmation message.
  • Press START NOW. After a short countdown, Mobizen will begin recording your screen.
  • Stop recording. When you’re done, tap the Mobizen icon again, then tap the stop button (square). A confirmation message appears asking what you want to do.
  • You press the pause button if you want to continue from where you stopped later.

Special applications for smartphones work just like the PC image capture programs that gamers use. Several software with different functionality and cost are developed for Samsung. We will consider the free options that provide high-quality pictures and record movies in standard formats on your Galaxy.

Screen Recorder

Easy-to-use Screen Recorder software, which optimally copes with the tasks. You can download the video assistant for free on PlayMarket. After installation, allow the program access to the screen.

The software works very simply: a floating button on the phone shows up. If you click on it you will see a menu with available options. By tapping the recognizable icons, you can record a video or take a quick screenshot.

  • Stop and continue recording in one media file;
  • Display touch screen taps while recording;
  • drawing with a brush while taking pictures;
  • Select the quality and format;
  • editing the captured material (editing, subtitles, music);
  • Editing screenshots (drawing, captioning, cropping, and collage).

Screen Recorder not only records menu manipulation or game playback. Using the application, you can record everything that appears on the screen, and even video calls.

The application will be useful not only for owners of Samsung models which do not have a built-in screen-capture function. owners of modern smart Honor and Xiaomi models, which preinstalled utilities do not provide so many opportunities for work with the material, have also appreciated the rich functionality of Screen Recorder.

Filmit Pro

Another free app, not limited to Filmit Pro demo. But there are some disadvantages. you can not shoot Full HD and get rid of the built-in advertising.

Filmit Pro gives users, in addition to capturing:

  • record data from the microphone at the same time;
  • trim the clip;
  • edit what you have shot;
  • apply advanced filters to the clip;
  • add background music.

This program has a user friendly interface and supports the Russian language, so even an inexperienced user can easily understand its functionality.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Screen Recording, How to screen recording in Samsung Galaxy A50, M50

DU Recorder

Another popular free app for Android DU Recorder. Its main advantages are the absence of ads and powerful functionality:

  • Record the main screen, camera, and microphone;
  • Resolution up to 1080p;
  • 60 fps speed;
  • The ability to capture online broadcasts from popular platforms.

DU Recorder is interesting with its editing features: users can apply filters to the footage, trim clips, turn them into gifs. The source and edited videos will be saved as separate files.

How to record screen on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

If you need to capture information from the phone screen, but can’t do it all in one picture, you can make a video. Let’s look at how to do it on the Samsung Galaxy.

Unlike a screenshot, with a video you can capture anything you like: interesting moments in the game, instructions on configuring your phone, a seminar, and much more. Plus the author of the footage can comment on it.

To record video you will need an application. To download it, go to Play Market.

In the search box, type my screen recorder. This program has been tested beforehand, and no errors have been detected in its operation.

Read the description and if you are satisfied, click “Install”.

When the installation is complete, click on “Open”.

You will then be shown the purpose of the buttons in the interface.

Scroll through the instructions and press “Start” in the last window.

Next, allow access to photos, media, and files so the app can save your footage.

In the next window allow the program to be displayed over the other windows. Set the radio button to “On,” then go back to the “On” position.

The configuration is now complete. You will see a program icon on your phone screen. Click on it.

Control Panel will open. To take a video, click on the red circle.

Start recording everything that happens on the phone with sound, it is recorded through a microphone. When you want to stop filming your screen, tap on the red square. meaning “Stop”.

To find the footage, go back to your phone menu and tap the My Screen Recorder icon.

How to make a screen recording on your Samsung Galaxy with Game Launcher. step by step instruction

In order to record a video from your smartphone screen with the Game Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy, use the following instructions:

  • Launch the Game Launcher app.
  • Swipe up to drag the library window (currently at the bottom of the screen) up, then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the library.
  • Tap Add apps.
  • You should see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Tap on the app you want to record, then tap “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen. This adds the app to the list of games in the Game Launcher, which allows you to access game tools, such as the screen recorder, when the app is running.
  • In the library, select the application you want to record. When the app starts, tap the Game Tools icon in the lower left corner to the left of the Backbutton on the navigation bar.
  • The full Game Tools menu should appear. Press ” Record” in the lower right corner of the screen, and you will start recording on the screen. Follow the steps you want to record.
  • When you are ready to stop recording, tap “Stop” in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • To view the full video, you can click ” View the recorded video that appears briefly,” or you can find the screen recorder with all other videos in the Photos app.