We record video from a webcam online

To record video from a webcam, special software is required. In Windows 10 it is installed by default, but in earlier versions this software cannot be found, so you have to install it yourself. But what if there is no such possibility? There is an option to use special online services. On the Internet, you can find those without any problems. Let’s take a closer look at the process of using.

How to create a webcam video online

Finding an online service that allows users to take a photo or record a video from a webcam on the Internet is not difficult. However, many of THESE services are controversial. The fact is that it is often the practice that the recorded video is stored on third-party servers, and anyone can get access to them. Also, for these sites to work, you will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.

Note. Since there is 100% confidence in the confidentiality of these sites, I do not recommend recording videos that third-party users could use against you as compromising evidence.


One of the most convenient and proven online services for recording video from your webcam. The site interface is simple and modern, translated into Russian. The developer supports his project, thanks to which various new functions and other interesting solutions regularly appear on the site.

The video you create can be sent to any cloud service or published on your social network. Unfortunately, the ability to download the finished video to a computer has not yet been fully implemented, so you will have to act through the Cloud Services, where it is presented. For example Google Drive.

Recording video from a webcam in this service follows the following instructions:

    Go to the site and use the “Record video” button to start working with the service.

  • You can work with the site only after authorization, so you will be presented with a form for authorization and user registration. You can quickly register with your Google account or. You can do it the old fashioned way. via email.
  • After you enter the site, a window will open for editing, compressing, converting the video format. These functions are provided for finished videos. If you have any files that need to be formatted correctly, you can use this editor.
  • However, we need to start recording video from the webcam, so we use the “Record” button to start
  • Important! Your webcam must be connected to your computer. You can read more about connecting a webcam to a Windows 7 computer in this article.
    Site invite permission to access the webcam and microphone in a pop-up window. By granting this access.

  • Get ready to record. Click “Start Recording” when ready.
  • The computer‘s main webcam will be enabled by default. If there are several of them installed, click on the camera icon to select the second option.
  • The same rules apply for the microphone.
  • Users can also change the write permission setting. Available options include 360p and 1080p.
  • When recording starts, you will have three main controls available: pause recording, restart it without saving, and end recording with saving. After finishing recording, use the “Finish” button.
  • The service will start preparing and processing your recording, captured on a webcam. The process may take some time.
  • The finished video will open in the service video editor interface. You can do your own processing with the suggested tools.
  • Finished the editing process, click on the “Skip” button to go to saving.
  • A window will open in which you can:
  • View the finished video recording in the built-in player;
  • Upload the video to the Cloud Service and / or share it on social networks;
  • Save the finished file to your computer hard drive.
  • The considered service is the most multifunctional and advanced solution for recording video from a webcam online.


    A simpler and uncomplicated service in comparison with the previous one. Registration is NOT required here, and the work process is simplified as much as possible. The work takes place according to the following instructions:

    • After going to the site, you need to enable Adobe Flesh Player. To enable it, click on the designated area.
    • You will be asked if you want to use Flash Player. Click on the “Allow” button.
  • We do the same when requesting permission from Adobe to access the webcam.
  • Now the site itself is inviting permission to use the webcam and microphone.
  • Before you start recording, you can select its main parameters. volume, hardware required, and refresh rate. To start the shooting process, use the button “Start recording”.
  • The service has a limitation on the recording duration. no more than two minutes. You can complete it earlier by using the special button.
  • The finished video can be viewed directly on the service. To download it, you need to click on the green button of the same name. The video is saved in FLV format. Usually, most players work with it without problems, but it can be difficult when adding videos to third-party sites.

    Online Video Recorder

    Here you can shoot a video from a webcam without limitation in duration, plus, the service takes care of the security of the user’s personal data.

    You can make a video from your webcam using this site as follows:

    • After going to the Online Video Recorder website, the service will immediately invite permission to access the camera. Allow it, set a marker opposite the corresponding item.
    • In the small pop-up window, click on “Allow” again.
  • Before starting video recording, you can configure all the necessary parameters using the gear button located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • The following settings are available:
  • Selecting a camera if there are several of them installed;
  • Microphone selection;
  • Enable / disable options such as mirror mode, etc;
  • Setting the resolution of the future video.
  • If you need to record sound from the microphone, you can turn off by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Click on the red circle to start recording.
  • To complete the recording, you will need to click on the same icon again, only there will be a square.
  • Now you can view the resulting video on the site, re-record or download the finished video to your computer. Additionally available options with uploading to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • As you can see, creating webcam videos is easy. Even if you do not have the necessary software for video recording, the problem can be solved by using Internet sites that offer the necessary functionality.

    Webcam video recording

    Webcams have become popular for a long time, especially among video bloggers, they use them on a daily basis. Recording video from a webcam is a good way to send a video message to a friend, tell the audience some useful information, or just laugh at a friend. Increasingly, a webcam is used in a virtual interview, thanks to it you can get more information about your interlocutor.

    How to record webcam video

    There are many programs for recording video from a webcam, there are even standard Windows tools designed for THESE purposes. We got burned in how to record video from a webcam using the free WebcamMax program.

    Three distributions of the program are now available on the official website of the program: free, full and ultimatum (in addition to the full version, there is a Face Off Max package). Usually the free version is suitable for the user, or you can download the pirated version to have access to all the functions of the program.

    After downloading the selected version. Install it on your computer (by choosing the desired parameters and a suitable location for storing files) and launch it. The interface of the program is NOT anything complicated, any user can figure it out.

    In the settings, you can turn on the Russian language, it is done like this:

    • Go to settings.
    • Click on the list of all languages.
    • Choosing Russian.
    • Save changes.

    In addition, in the settings, you can configure the design, the source of the sound recording and other important parameters, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them yourself.

    Video surveillance using a webcam

    Not so long ago, the IVIDEON service appeared on the market of various services, which allows video surveillance using a webcam. Thanks to this company, each user can set up a webcam for video surveillance of their employees, friends or children.

    The IVIDEON service has three tariffs: free, home and professional. Each of them is intended for specific purposes, in more detail the tariffs can be found on the company’s website.

    Let’s figure out how to connect and use all the features of IVIDEON, using the example of free access. Following further instructions:

    • We register in the system (Fill in the email and password fields).
    • Add the required webcam (the process is described in detail in the IVIDEON personal account).
    • We start the IVIDEON server on our computer.
    • Now you can watch online video from the selected webcam in your personal account.

    and more analogs of similar software appear, but so far WebcamMax and IVIDEON are considered the best in their field.

    How to take a high-quality video on a webcam and edit it?

    Do you want to record a video for a video blog or an original greeting on a webcam? This can be done using the built-in function of Windows 10. However, it does not allow you to fully edit the footage. Third party apps like Viber or Skype only record video calls. If you want to shoot, enhance and creatively edit clips, the best solution. Video SHOW. From the article you will learn how to record a video from a WEB-camera on a computer, as well as arrange a video in our program.

    record, computer, camera

    How to take a video from a WEB-camera in VideoSHOW

    Video show. convenient and multifunctional video editor in Russian, which works on any version of Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista. In it, even novice users will NOT have difficulty finding the right tool and quickly figure out how to use it. In the program, you can not only shoot video with the built-in or connected camera, but also:

    • Trim boring pieces
    • Glue multiple rollers together,
    • Add titles and screensavers,
    • Apply interesting effects,
    • Set smooth transitions between clips,
    • Change the background using the “Chromakey” option.

    To record video on a WEB-camera, you need to do the following:

    To install the program

    Download the installation file of the video editor from our website. Open the distribution folder, start the installation and follow the wizard’s prompts. Make sure you have confirmed the creation of the shortcut on the desktop. this will allow the program to run faster. Check if the webcam is connected to your computer, or if you have a laptop, make sure it works. Then you can start recording.

    Film a video

    In the Slide menu, select the Webcam Recording option. A new working window will open. First, turn on the camera. Select video and audio device, adjust resolution. You will see which area falls into the frame. Adjust the position of the device so that the picture looks harmonious, and start recording video from the WEB-camera.

    You can record footage with or without sound. In the first case, you should specify the audio recording device (external microphone or built-in laptop), in the second. select the item “Silent” in the drop-down list.

    Improve video recording

    Now the captured webcam video should be added to the project. You can edit the entry by clicking on the pencil icon. Select the video layer. In this section, you can stretch, return, crop video and use the “Chroma Key” option to replace the background.

    Add splash screen

    Go to the “Titles” section. There is a catalog of simple, universal, children’s and themed screensavers with animation. Choose the appropriate one and add text. By going to the editing section, you can change the background in the titles, apply photo filters and other settings.

    Apply effects

    The recorded video can be transformed using various effects. You can find them in the tab of the same name. The editor offers sections with motion effects, 3D, natural, complex. Just select the animation you like and apply to the slide. In the player, you can preview how this or that effect will look.

    Set anti-aliasing animation

    In the “Transitions” section, you can choose the appropriate type of animation for smoothing jumps at the junction of videos. You will have access to 3D, gradient and double transitions. You can set the same animation at all seams or let the program add it randomly. Optionally, you can add a watermark to the video.

    Add music

    You can not only shoot a video on a WEB-camera, but also make a clip with music from it. To do this, go to the Related section. Choose the right song from your computer or record your own voiceovers from the microphone. Click the “Volume and Effects” button to adjust the sound settings and add fade in and fade out.

    Prepare video for viewing

    Click the “Create” button located in the upper right corner. Choose a saving method for your computer, for burning to DVD, or for publishing on the Internet. The program allows you to prepare a video for viewing on devices (set-top boxes, players, smartphones), as well as simply select the desired extension. Further in the settings, you can select the codec, frame size and quality.

    Now you know how to make a video recording from a WEB-camera in the VideoSHOW program. You can shoot video yourself in good quality with sound, process it and add creative design. Download the editor and record your first video right now!

    Recording video from a webcam

    Good day, Dear Readers!

    In this article, we will talk about how to record video from a webcam.

    For example, you want to send a video letter to someone or record some appeal and publish it on the Web on the same YouTube (by the way, here is an article on how to download from YouTube).

    The quality of the video still leaves a lot to be desired and not everyone has good cameras that record in high quality. In such cases, it is quite possible to get by with recording from a webcam.

    I am often approached by users who still have the Windows XP operating system with requests that it is too early to “discount” this operating system. Therefore, now I will try to show everything on the example of two operating systems. Windows XP and Windows 7.

    So, in Windows XP there is a rather handy program for working with video, this is Windows Movie Maker. Although it is considered primitive, in our case this program will be a very suitable solution. over, it is NOT required to install a separate software.

    Launch Windows Movie Maker and go to File. “Record video”. Next, we select our webcam. It’s simple.

    Now let’s try to record a webcam video in Windows 7. I was trying to remember. in some OS, or in Win7 or in Windows Vista, there was also a built-in Movie Maker Live program, but in my version of Win7 I never found it. Maybe someone in the comments will tell you what system this program was on? By the way, who still DOES NOT know how to reinstall the system, you can watch my video.

    Well, since I did NOT find it, I had to resort to a third-party program, namely. VirtualDub. The program is excellent and can do a lot of things, ranging from cutting and pasting video, finishing the overlay of various filters and video capture. Well, and of course, he writes a video from the webcam. You can download the program here. Within the framework of this article, we are interested in, for now, the last point. However, I cannot but name its merits:

    • Cuts and glues videos; (How to cut a song read here, and how to cut a song from a video clip I wrote here)
    • Re-encodes and converts various video file formats;
    • It is possible to work with Multiple audio tracks;
    • Works with formats such as.Avi.Dat.Mpeg.Mpg.Divx.

    How to record webcam video?

    Launch VirtualDub and click “File”. CaptureAVI.

    As you can see, the appearance of the window has changed and you can see the image that the webcam captures. If there is, then we need to tell the program our webcam. Click “Device” to the right of the “File” menu and select the model of our camera (in my case, it is Pleomax PWC 4200).

    Now we can specify the path in which, by default, our video files will be saved. We go “File”. “SetCapturefile”. Next, specify the path.

    It is very easy to record video from a webcam, just press the F5 key on your keyboard and the recording will start. To stop it, press the Esc key.

    In my opinion, VirtualDub has proven itself only on the positive side. Being a free program. And I think that I will write about it more than once in future articles. In order not to miss them, we subscribe to updates.

    Well, if you want to more seriously master video editing on a computer, then I can recommend you the course of my good friend. Andrei Wilke. The basics of video editing in 115 minutes. The course is very high quality, I got acquainted with it myself before I started getting good videos.

    Well, today you learned how to record video from a webcam. Did you succeed? We ask questions and express ourselves in the comments.

    Yes, and in addition to this article, I wrote a sequel that addresses Potential Issues with VirtualDub.

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