Video recording software

Connecting the webcam to a computer

Before recording a video from a WEB-camera, you need to properly connect and turn it on. First, attach the device to the top of the monitor using the special clamps or place it on the leg. Next, let’s figure out how to connect a WEB-camera to a computer.

Insert the main USB cable from the device into an available USB port on your computer. If your webcam has an auxiliary power cord, plug it into a power outlet. Some devices have a built-in microphone. you will see a mini-jack 3.5 cable, place its plug in the PC audio input connector (it usually has a pink border).

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Then you need to install drivers that will allow you to correctly transfer the video signal to your computer. They are often already present in the operating system database. then after a couple of minutes you will see a pop-up message in the right corner that a new device has been successfully connected. If the message does not appear, load the settings manually.

How to install drivers on a WEB-camera on a computer: insert the disc that came with the kit, the process of unpacking the contents will automatically start. If the disc is missing or damaged, find the drivers on the manufacturer’s website by the full name of the device.

The exact information on how to properly enable the WEB-camera on the computer and how to set up web access is given in the user manual. A special application is usually installed along with the drivers, where you can set the parameters:

Depending on the model, it is possible to adjust the illumination, superimpose effects on top of the image, control the rotation.

At the end of the process, you need to test the operation of the equipment. How to quickly check a WEB-camera on a computer? If you have Skype installed, in the “Tools” menu, open the “Video Settings” item. If you see your image instead of a black rectangle, the webcam is working fine. To make a test call. select Echo in the contact list, click “Video call”.

Capture your Webcam with Virtualdub

Or use the WebcamMic test service: It checks the operation of the device online, without downloading additional applications.


The program for professional and home video surveillance through the Ivideon WEB-camera allows you to save files in a cloud or local archive. Consists of a server and a client. You download the server part from the official website and install it on your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X are supported). Set the settings for monitoring. continuous shooting or triggering on a signal from motion and sound sensors. You can connect to the viewing through the client part on a computer, in a browser or in an application for smartphones.

The free Ivideon tariff assumes access to the stream from one webcam, viewing by two users, short excerpts are saved to the cloud. the first 10 seconds. after motion registration.


A small free video editor: VirtualDub can cut, glue, transcode and compress video, replace the audio sequence. Captures and records a video stream from a webcam.

Download VirtualDub from the link from the project site, choosing the version for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Unpack the archive and open the utility, you do not need to install it. To start recording your video from the laptop’s WEB-camera, in the “File” menu, click “Capture AVI”. You can select the desired device in the “Device” menu. The result is saved in AVI format with sound and is immediately available for editing.

Frequent webcam errors

If an error occurs during the process, and there is no picture or sound. what to do in this case? When the built-in WEB-camera on a laptop or a separate one on a computer does not work, first test the operation of the PC:

  • restart your computer;
  • insert the camera wire into another USB port.

If the computer still does not see the WEB-camera, check the drivers. Go to the “Device Manager” (through the properties of “My Computer”), find the webcam in the list. If it is absent, start the configuration update in the Action menu. Right-click on the found device, in the menu click “Update drivers”. After the installation is complete, restart your computer.

If the image from a video device is missing only in one application. in the program settings, select your device by name as a video source.


AlterCam is able to record images from a WEB-camera The software can upload filming to Youtube, allows you to select a video and audio codec, add effects during broadcast over the image (blur, transfer to black and white, etc.), can change the voice.

After installing AlterCam, a virtual camera will appear in the system. Save the selected set of effects and select the virtual device in other applications, replacing the stream from the real webcam. To start capturing an image, click in the Record panel. The bottom line will display the duration of the video.

After stopping the process, you will see a history. a list of captured files. In the video viewer, you can view the finished video, delete unnecessary, upload the video to Youtube. The free version has a limited list of features, an AlterCam watermark is placed over the image.

The best software for recording video from a WEB-camera

The main purpose of the webcam is to shoot video for sending over the Internet. But the program for recording video from a WEB-camera expands the capabilities of a simple device. with it you can create videos for Youtube or monitor the house in your absence. The webcam itself usually does not record shooting, allowing only still images to be saved.

How to Record a Webcam with VirtualDub

The software for recording a video stream in real time has a simple interface. The applications differ in a set of formats for saving the result, functions for adding titles, and the presence of automatic uploading of a file to social networks. The ability to record a stream from a WEB-camera to a computer is included in popular video editors, allowing you to immediately crop the footage or adjust the sound.

Programs for saving the stream from video surveillance devices are allocated into a separate group. They know how to automatically start working on a signal from motion sensors or when the noise level rises, they allow you to rotate the webcam.