Save recording

The program will show in real time the duration of the recording, as well as its estimated weight. When finished, stop recording and view the result in the built-in player. Then SHOW will offer two ways. you can save the in any of the formats convenient for you and immediately add the file to the project for further editing.

3 useful options for webcam processing

SHOW includes a full range of tools for quality editing. You can simply Add the resulting recording with effects and screensavers, or you can combine it with other clIPs. It all depends on your idea. These three functions will definitely come in handy when processing.

You can easily cut off the start and stop points of the recording, too long pauses and simply unsuccessful fragments. To do this, in the slide editor, find the button of the same name and mark the piece on the timeline that you want to leave.

How To Record From Web-Camera

Trim excess fragments in

Want more experimentation? Try filming yourself on a webcam with a single-color, bright cloth hanging behind your back, preferably a rich green or blue. SHOW supports work with chromakey and at the same time simplifies it as much as possible. This means that you can change the background to in a couple of mouse clicks. In place of the green fabric, you can put absolutely any picture or recording, the limitation is only in your imagination.

Change the background in to a more interesting one

  • Superimposing one on top of the other

This feature is ideal for editing letsplay, reviews and reactions. The procedure is simple. Open the webcam in the slide editor. Add a new layer. It can be a recording of a gameGoProcess, a movie or a clIP, which you are commenting on, etc. Trim both tracks so that they are the same length. After. Move from the webcam to the top layer and Reduce its size by pulling the edges of the selection. Then you just have to drag the image to any of the corners.

Set up one overlay

How to record from a webcam
and process it in a couple of minutes

Have you decided to join the blogging world? Recording with a webcam is perhaps the most budget-friendly way to do this. Conversationals, reviews, reactions, passing games. Plots for all THESE genres can be recorded on an ordinary webcam. From this article you will learn how to properly shoot high-quality on built-in or connected and what is required for this.

  • Webcam recording: a valuable life hack
  • High-quality recording in 3 steps
  • 3 useful options for webcam processing
  • Alternative recording methods
  • Conclusion

Using a webcam, you can record exciting and high-qualitys

High quality recording in 3 steps

With SHOW you will quickly record a on a webcam, while getting the best possible picture quality. Only 3 steps separate you from the desired result. Before you start shooting, make sure that the camera is connected correctly, especially if it is connected with a USB cable. If everything is in order, create a new project and get to work.

Alternative recording methods

Of course, in addition to shootings in a SHOW, you have other options.

  • Use the software bundled with the device

As a rule, external webcams are sold with a disc that contains small utilities that allow you to capture a picture on the device. These programs are very simple and straightforward to use, often Russified. They DO NOT take up system resources and are suitable even for weak computers.

A significant disadvantage of this option is that such utilities perform only one action. they capture an image from a webcam. You will NOT be able to process the received material even minimally.

  • Use online resources

The first method is not suitable for those who want to record from a laptop webcam. Their Owners (and PC owners too) can use online services. You will need to GRANT the site access to your camera and microphone, configure the basic recording parameters, and then download the converted.

The functionality of such services is usually also limited only to direct shooting. In rare cases, sites offer to trim excess from the track. The good thing about this method is that installation of additional software is NOT required. However, the Internet connection speed must be high enough to work properly. In addition, it is important to choose a reliable resource that you can trust to access your device.

Webcam recording: a valuable life hack

It is impossible to record from a webcam using standard Windows tools. However, there are countless programs that will allow you to easily cope with the task.

Perhaps the most versatile and profitable option for capturing from a webcam is installing an editor that supports the recording option. This will kill two birds with one stone. Using software for full-fledged editing, you can not only make a recording, but also transform the raw material into a that you want to YouTube or on any other resource.

These programs include SHOW. This is a convenient and intuitive editor designed for creating and processings. With its help, you can not only record actions on your webcam, but also cut off excess, glue several fragments, overlay one track on another, make a screensaver for. Add effects and customize soundtrack.

In SHOW you will find everything you need to create and process

Connecting the camera to the program

In the program menu, click “Slide” “Webcam recording”. In the window that appears, click on the command “Turn on camera”. Unlike using online services, it is safe with a SHOW, since only you have access to the program.

The editor will ask you to indicate the type of device you need, in particular the name of the camera and microphone models. If you are NOT planning to record sound, in paragraph “Audio devices” put option “Without sound”. Next, specify the format of the future. The maximum resolution is 1280×720. This is enough for a clear and high-quality picture.

Configuring capture options

Before filming with a webcam, adjust the image settings. To do this, click on the button of the same name at the top of the window. At this stage, you can specify the folder to save the resulting recording. Otherwise, the file will be sent to the default folder, and it will be difficult for you to find it yourself.

Be sure to adjust the white balance. your face in room light should not be too yellow or too blue. If desired, you can make the image more / less bright, contrasting, saturated or sharp. When you are completely happy with the resulting picture, apply the changes and start recording.

What’s the bottom line?

As you can see, working in a SHOW is the best and safest way to record from a webcam on a computer with Windows 7 and other versions of the operating system. The editor will allow not only to get a high quality image, but also to assemble an interesting and entertaining clIP from the received material on a professional level. Download webcam recording software and try to shoot your first captivating right now!

Software for recording from a WEB-camera

We noticed that quite often on various QA services, users have questions like

  • how to record from WEB-camera?
  • what program to capture from a WEB-camera?
  • how to take a picture of yourself with a WEB-camera?

In the end, we decided to do a useful job and answer these questions in this article. Often, all of the above tasks allows you to perform the programs that came with the WEB-camera. There are many of them, all have a different interface, so we will NOT talk about them, but tell you how to record from a WEB-camera using the AlterCam program. Thus, the question of which program to record is no longer worth it 🙂

The first step is to download AlterCam and install it on your computer. It is not difficult and requires only a few mouse clicks. The program will start automatically after installation.

How to record from a WEB-camera

In most cases, after launching AlterCam, it finds your WEB-camera automatically and shows from it, as shown in the screenshot.

If you have several cameras installed, you can select the one you need by clicking on the list “Camera” in the program window.

We tried to make recording from a WEB-camera as simple as possible. Therefore, the next step you just need to name on the “record” button:

The program will automatically start recording from the selected WEB-camera. The recording time is reflected in the status bar at the bottom of the program window. Pressing the same button again stops recording. After the end of the recording, AlterCam will open a window with the recording history. In this window you can view the recorded. Delete unnecessary or immediately upload to Youtube to share with friends.

Want more control over the recording process? Then you need to go to the program settings. We did not become Thunderstorm there is an awesome set of options, so called on the button “Settings” and go to the tab “capture” you will see a small window like this:

As you can see, here you can change the folder for saving files. This can be useful if you plan on recording a lot and your system disk is low. In addition, you can choose codecs for audio and or disable audio recording altogether. The default is VP8. It gives acceptable quality with a small file size. In addition, this codec is great for later uploading saved to Youtube.

How to take a picture of yourself with a WEB-camera?

With our program, this is done in one click. So, launch AlterCam, smile at the camera and click on the button “frame”. The program will immediately save the photo in JPG format and prompt you to open the folder with the photos saved on the disk.

The possibilities of the AlterCam program are much wider than just a delight or a photo from a WEB-camera. For example, you can add effects or text over the recording. You can even change your voice in real time or replace the background, but these are all topics for SEPARATE articles. Don’t forget to download AlterCam!

If you need to edit an already Saved movie, you can do it using the Bolide Movie Creator editor. Follow the link if you want to download our editor. See you soon!