OBS setting for recording

Imagine the situation. Want to create a video tutorial, online conference, talk about the application or game? Need a video program. Probably the best option is OBS Studio. It is free, provides a set of functions sufficient for recording and broadcasting on the Internet. How is OBS setting up for recording? Consider in more detail.

Download and install the utility from the official site. How to do this, see the article: “How to correctly configure OBS-Studio on a slightly-sophisticated PC”. Add the scene. It acts as a separate profile, where the parameters and sources are set.

Source of capture

They can be a separate window, game, desktop. To add, in a block with the corresponding name (left below), click the button in the form of the “” “. Consider the option “capture”. When choosing it in the frame, the game window for the full screen will be displayed. When opening, for example, another application, the game will not get into the frame.

The method is convenient for streaming. Used to record games.

Write the name of the source or do not change anything.

The window opens. For recording games, select:

Before installing the program settings, open the game so that OBS-Studio recognizes it.

After the settings are completed, the game will be displayed in the main window. Modern games are recognized by the application. What to do if the capture source did not recognize the game and displayed the black screen? Choose the source “Capture of the window”. How to do it?

Install such parameters to capture the screen:

OBS setting for screen recording

For example, you need to show what is happening in the game itself.

Parameter without additional settings. Select only the screen.

The higher the source is located in the list, the higher its priority. Press and hold the lcm to move. Move it up or down.

Installation and first launch of OBS Studio (Windows)

Download OBS Studio from the official site, run the installer. If you do not have a component of Microsoft with Redistributable (version 2013 at the time of writing of the article), the installer will offer to download and install it, and then interrupt his work. He will also warn that even if you have a 64.bit system, you will need to install both versions: Vcredist_x64 and Vcredist_x86.

After installing the components, start the OBS Studio installer again and just follow its steps to complete the installation.

At the first launch, the application will launch the “Master of Automatic Settings”, from which you can refuse and follow further this instructions.

First of all, you need to capture the image of the desktop. The scene should already be automatically created in the “Scene” field. In the “Source” field, click the “” “and in the context menu, select” Capture of the screen “.

As can be seen in the picture above, you can also apply a video from a webcam (item “Updating video”) and another on the image of the desktop, and thus fill the picture of your video. In the window that appears, you can rename, if you want, the name of the source, then click OK.

In the next window of the source properties, you can select the screen (if you have several), as well as disable the cursor display on the video (optional).

Click the OK button and in the window of the video of the main window of the OBS Studio application, the computer desktop tablet.

Settings OBS Studio

Within the framework of this article, only the basic setting necessary for recording video from the screen will be given. To open the settings window, press the “File” menu item and select the Settings subparagraph.

First of all, you need to configure the video encoder, for this, click on the “Conclusion” item. If you are going to record a dynamic video (for example, the gameplay), you need to configure the sections “Stream Broadcasting” and “Record”, if you mainly record a static picture (for example, a desktop, conductor, browser, etc.D.), just configure only the “Record” section.

Section “Stream Broadcasting”

In the “Stream Broadcasting” section, you can leave everything by default, except bitrate. If you want to record a video in HD (1280x720p), the bitrate should be within 2500. 3500, if you record in Full HD (1920x1080p), the bitrate should be increased to 4000. 6000. Do not forget, an increase in bitrate improves the quality of the video, but the file size is also growing.

Section “Record”

Here you can change the video saving folder. It is also advisable to change the file format to “MP4” (the most popular, as well as used on YouTube format). The most important point is “Recording Quality”. If you want to record dynamic scenes (for example, games), leave the item “The same as the Broadcasting”, then the bitrate and other settings will be taken from the “Stream Broadcasting” section. If your video will be mainly a static picture (desktop, conductor, browser, etc.D.), then set the quality of the recording in “Crime quality, large file size”. In this case, your video will be recorded with a bit of 1000 kbit/s (~ 10 MB/min or ~ 600 MB/h). Well, if you generally have little space on the computer, you can choose the item “High quality, average file size”, then your video will be recorded with the bitrate

Never choose the last item “without loss of quality, an extremely large file size”, it does not need it for specialists and an ordinary user.


In principle, in the Audio section, everything can be left by default, but if necessary, you can configure sound sources for recording with the video, namely select (or disable) the microphone in the list “Mic/Auxiliary Audio Institution”, as well as in the “Desktop list” Audio device “Select (or disable) sound card for recording sound from a computer.

In the list “Basic (Basic) permission” select the resolution of the monitor, and in the list “output (scaling) resolution”. the maximum affordable.

In the field “General values ​​of FPS”, set the desired frequency of personnel video. The most common value is 30 frames per second.

If you do not know the resolution of your monitor, click on the desktop with the right button and select the “screen parameters” context menu item (Windows 10), and in the window opened to the “Additional Screens” link ”.


In this section, you can configure useful keys that allow you to launch and stop the video, and it can be both the keyboard keys and additional mouse buttons.

For example, as can be seen in the screenshot above, you can assign a start and stop recording video for additional programmable mouse buttons (if any).

To save the settings made, click the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.

The setting is completed on this, you can start video recording. To do this, click on the “Write video” button in the main application window or pre.tuned hot key. The volume level of the microphone and the sound map of the computer can be adjusted in the “mixer” section during the recording (though to hear the result, you need to view the recorded video).

You can also manage the video recording in the Windows tray by clicking on the right mouse button on the icon and choosing the command “Start recording/Stop recording”. There you can also remove (restore) the “OBS Studio” application from the taskbar, choosing the “Hide/show” command.

How to write a computer screen for free using OBS

There are many different applications and programs that give you the opportunity to record an image from the screen, however, most of them require some kind of payment or subscription.

Fortunately, there are many free powerful programs that can help you in recording the entire screen, game or even parts or applications.

Among gamers and streamers, OBS or Open BroadCaster Studio is popular.

At the first launch of the program, this may seem quite complicated, but the layout and design make the record and stream transmission incredibly light and give you full control over your media.

Using Open BroadCaster Studio to record a screen or window

Select “Settings” in the lower right corner.

Select the optimal basic resolution. this is the screen resolution inside OBS.

I recommend using the same resolution that you want your video to be.

Typical resolution. 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Select the output resolution. this is the resolution of your video.

Most videos have an aspect ratio of 16: 9 (2560 × 1440 /1920 × 1080 /1280 × 720).

The higher the resolution, the larger the file size.

Select the frame rate (FPS). the frame rate. this is the number of images that make up the video per second, it is recommended to use from 30 to 60.

For a video game you need to use at least 60 FPS.

However, for the teaching aids or other targets of the screen of the 30 FPS screen will be enough.

Select the path for recording. where your video will be saved.

Select the quality of the recording, the higher the quality, the more “weigh” the file will be.

Depending on your use, you may want to record with “indistinguishable quality”.

Select the record format and encoder. usually used settings. MP4 and software codec (x264).

Click “Apply” to save the settings, then click “OK” to close the window.

In the lower left corner you will find the parameters “scenes” and “sources”.

Click the plus sign under the scene tab to create a new scene.

Name the scene and click OK to confirm.

Now click the “plus” on the “Sources” tab, you will be offered a choice between different seizures.

Select the screen grip to record the entire screen, or select the option of capturing the window if you want to capture only a specific application or program.

If you have chosen the capture of your display, you will get the opportunity to choose which monitor or display device you want to record.

record, screen, obs-studio

If you have chosen the capture of your window, you can choose which program you want to record from your current programs.

If you use Window Capture, you can choose whether to capture or not a cursor, then click OK to add source.

If you use the window capture, you may need to open the program in full screen mode or change the window size in accordance with the base resolution of OBS.

If you use the image capture, you may need to change the size of the source in OBS.

You can do this by choosing source, then clicking on the right.click on the preliminary viewing, moving to the transformation heading and selecting it in size.

After you set up everything, you can press the “Start Record” button in the lower right corner, you also click this button to stop the record.

How to record a video using OBS-Studio

Capture of the screen

In the brief instruction below, we will consider how to work with the free OBS Studio program (some settings, how to record a video from the monitor screen, video recording of the gameplay).

Consider how to record a video from the monitor screen with sound.

Writing a video

For recording, we use the appropriate buttons in the program window:

The effect of an endless mirror, which immediately catches the eye at the first launch of OBS, occurs due to the fact that the program removes its own window. When we begin to record the video and turn OBS Studio, accordingly, the program will cease to record itself, and this effect will not be.

Or, which is much more convenient, we use hot keys to record video and broadcasts.

record, screen, obs-studio
  • We assign hot keys in the OBS Studio settings: File → Settings (or click S) → Hot keys → Set the keys convenient for you for quick access to the main functions of OBS-Studio. For example, Alt F9 for starting and stopping recordings, Shift F9 for a pause / resumption of video recording.
  • Start recording → Alt F9 (or another combination set by the user);
  • Stop recording → Alt F9 (or other keyboard combination).

The recorded videos can be found in the Video folder (by default) on the computer.

We set up the sound

  • Settings → Audio → Here you can choose a microphone that should be used as a default device; Source (s) sound from a computer’s speakers; Set a device for listening (allows you to understand before the publication of video recordings or stream, how exactly the voice will sound on the video).

Black screen in OBS when recording games

Please note: in some cases, the image from the game may not be displayed, and you will see a black screen. One of the possible solutions to the problem of the black screen in OBS-Studio may be the following procedure: Switch to the game for a short while, which should be folded at that moment → Make a few actions there → Return to the OBS window-the image of the game should appear in the program of the program.

How to record part of the screen using OBS

If you want to avoid recording in full screen mode, there are several bypass tracks. One way to do this is to use Window Capture for a screon of one open window.

Windows programs, mobile applications, games. Everything is free, in our closed telegram channel. Subscribe 🙂

Another option is to apply the “trimming” filter and configure the parameters for preferred settings. The third (probably the simplest) method is the change in the size of the display using a simple command.

Below you will find detailed instructions for each screen capture function. The same steps can be applied to all three OS platforms thanks to a single OBS integust. Of course, any potential inconsistencies will be highlighted as part of a step.by.step leadership.


Let’s start with a screen that captivates one window. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch OBS and go to the “Sources” window.
  • Click the small plus icon in the lower part of the field to open the opening parameter panel. Select the “capture window” from the list.
  • A pop.up window will appear. Add the header to the source and click OK “.
  • Below, press the arrow down next to the “window” on the left. Select the window that you want to record from the opening list. Make sure that the Object of the Cursor is included. Click OK.
  • The window should be the same size as the display. If not, go to the menu line at the top of the screen and select the “File” “Settings”.
  • Open the Video tab and reduce the base resolution. He will automatically squeeze the canvas so that he will fit in the window.
record, screen, obs-studio

Note. Make sure the window that you are going to capture is not curtailed. Otherwise it will not be in the list of available windows. Instead, make him work in the background.

Windows 10

If Window Capture does not work, you can use the Crop / Pad filter to isolate the smaller parts of the screen. Just follow the following simple steps:

  • Open the OBS application and scroll down the window. Click with the right mouse button on the “Sources” panel to open a pop.up menu. Click “Add”, then select the “Skill Scum”.
  • A pop.up window will appear. Enter the name of the capture and click “OK”.
  • If you have several monitors, click the “screen” dialog box and select the desired list. Install the “Capture Cursor” checkbox and click “OK”.
  • Scroll down to the source and click with the right mouse button. A pop.up menu will appear. Select the “filter” from the list of options.
  • A new window will appear. Click on a small plus icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Add the “Cabbage” filter and click “OK”.
  • Change the size of the presentation by changing the scraping parameters. Write down the appropriate pixel values ​​in the corresponding field. Close the window when finish. Parts of the screen that you do not want to record will be trimmed.

Finally, the most elegant solution is the use of a slider to change the image size on the screen. In other words, you can manually find those parts of the screen that you want to record. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the small plus icon in the lower part of the “Sources” field and select the “screen of the screen” in the parameter menu.
  • Enter the headline if you want to create a new picture. To add the existing one, select it from the list below.
  • The screen of the screen was circled in red lines and circles. Pull the cursor on small red circles and press the Option key. Now you can manually trim the screen and find the parts that you are going to record.

Note: The PC keyboard team is the Alt Click Mouse.


At the moment, there is no mobile version of OBS for smartphones. However, you can use the Lightning cable to connect the iPhone to the computer and add the device as source. Here’s how:

  • Connect the phone to the computer using Lightning cable.
  • Open the OBS application and press a small button with a plus at the bottom of the “Sources” field.
  • Select “Vide Case device” from a pop.up list. What is the source and click OK ”.
  • Click a small arrow down in the “device” dialog box. Find your iPhone in the list of devices and click on it.
  • The iPhone display will appear. From this moment, repeat the steps from the previous sections if you do not want to record the entire screen.

Note. Since OBS is incompatible with smartphones, this method can often cause narrow places. It is much better to use a pre.installed screen recording program, which is on most iPhone.

Record A Partial Screen With OBS


Unfortunately, the same with Android devices. Google Play does not have a mobile version of the OBS application. You can try to connect the phone to the Lightning connector and repeat the steps from the previous section. However, the best option is to use the built.in screen recording application, designed taking into account the culture of display of your phone.

Additional answers to frequently asked questions

How can I start recording my screen?

It is very easy to navigate in the OBS application. The “Sources” function allows you to accurately configure various aspects of the recording and configure sound and video parameters to your taste. Here’s how to start:

  • Launch the application and go to the “Sources” field at the bottom of the screen. Click a small plus icon to open a pop.up menu.
  • For users Mac and Windows, select the “Screenshot” parameter. In Linux, this function is called the “screen capture”.
  • A small pop.up window will appear. Add the title to the corresponding field and click “OK”.
  • Then go to “Settings” and “Exit” and determine where you want to save the file.
  • Scroll down to the Mixer field to configure sound parameters. Click on a small gear icon to choose a preferred sound source (desktop or microphone / additional).
  • After the setting is completed, press the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen to start recording.

Why on OBS black screen?

Although OBS is excellent broadcasting software, it is not safe from errors and failures. The most common problem that users face when trying to share their screen is the notorious black screen error. If this happens to you, there are several possible reasons:

  • Your computer has been working for too long. If so, try turning off all power sources and let them stand for several minutes.
  • You have established an incompatible version of the application. Check if your operating system works with a 32-bit or 64-bit version better.
  • The application is outdated. Delete the current OBS software and download the latest version of the framework from the official website.
  • There are problems with the video card. Try to switch to another graphic processor when using the application.
  • The application has no administrator rights. Sometimes OBS requires administrator rights to record and broadcast the screen.
  • The content that you record is encrypted. Some platforms, such as Netflix, protect their content from creating screen images and exchanging them.

Step 5

Actually, now you can start “shooting”. in the right corner it is enough to click on “Start recording”. Pay attention immediately to the load on CPU : ideally, the value should not go beyond 25-30% (otherwise there is a risk that the recording will turn out to be “torn”, and the game will slow down).


If you have a “black square” instead of recording (broadcasting) of the screen (sometimes it happens). read this note here.

record, screen, obs-studio

To begin. Stop the record. Load on CPU

If the load on the CPU is too high (or suddenly the program flew out with an error / hung): try to change the codec, reduce the output resolution and the number of FPS (what we tuned in step 3).

In any case, these parameters can only be selected experimentally (depending on your “iron”).

Yes, by the way, if you do not need sound recording, adjust the volume in the Audio mixer (at the bottom of the OBS window). For example, you can just press the “loudspeaker” icon (so that it turns red). and you will have a completely without sound.

About chromakes (or how to remove background on the video on the video)

A rather popular question (especially among gamers and teachers).

Typically, the task comes down to the following: there is an image of self-lover from a webcam, and you need to remove everything that is behind (furniture, wallpaper, etc.D.). How to do it? Now I will show the simplest example!

To begin with, an important point: you need to make sure that the background is plain on the back (more often green or blue). The main condition: the color of the background should not be combined with your clothes, skin, hair. Many buy either special. canvas (see. On aliexpress “chromakey canvas”), or hang a plain curtain/curtain (if the table is in front of the window).

In my example, I took one young man against the background of a green cloth. To the source of the image with a green canvas (click on it PKM), you need to use a filter. Cm. An example below.

Next, add the “chromakey” filter (by the way, there are others here: trimming of the edges, a change in brightness, sharpness, and t.D.).

Then select the color of the canvas. which you used.

For example, after I indicated green. this color was removed from the video! By the way, there are a lot of regulators in OBS that allow you to configure the picture in detail: brightness, sharpness, transparency, similarity, smoothness, etc.D. (Try! It is always adjusted individually).

Indicate the color of the background, adjust the brightness

Most often, a background from behind makes some kind of online dog (game), but you can add something more interesting, for example, space space or underwater world.

To do this, add another video source (“Media”, see. screenshot below).

To help!

You can download legally free interesting pictures and videos here.

After indicate the location of the file on the disk and put the “repeat” flag. Click OK.

Now “our hero” ended up in space. It remains only to change the size of the desired sections of the video and add another source with online suicide (well, or what you want to broadcast).

Adding a screen recording to OBS Studio

If you want to record the screen area, then select the “Screens’ Capture”.

If you need to record not the entire screen, then perform scaling and move the red frame on the desired area on the OBS Studio desktop.

Adding a camera from OBS Studio

Click the button (plus) and select the “Video Capture device (V4L2)”:

You can edit the web camera settings:

How to Record Screen on PC for FREE using OBS

Now the image from the camera is highlighted by a red rectangle, you can change the size and location of the image of the image from the webcam.

Possible problems

You can solve this problem very simple. First we create the desired source, and then switch to a folded game. Having made several body movements the main character, we return to OBS and enjoy the emerging picture. The same applies to other games in which the problem of the black screen will be observed.

The encoder is overloaded. Try to lower the video settings.

This happens when the capabilities of your computer or laptop are not enough to process the flow incoming in real time. In this case, you can choose a more productive preset or reduce bitrate.

How to stream on Twitch via OBS.

In the same way as on YouTube (described above), you need to select this platform as the main one, and also insert the flow key.

How to remove the delay on the stream OBS.

How to remove the delay on the stream OBS Twitch.

You can put a smaller delay or completely remove it by watching a video, which is also.

What is the pre.installation of the use of CPU in OBS.

This is the very performance profile, using the change of which we can achieve maximum quality of the picture at high FPS (from 60 frames) and the complete absence of lags.

Key personnel interval. what is it.

These are conditional particles from which the video is built. Usually equal to two.

Failed to connect to the server.

In this case, most likely, you incorrectly indicated the flow key or the YouTube server for some reason is not available.

Bitrate management. what to choose.

Install the bitrate experimentally. First set some approximate value, then conduct a test and, if there are no shots, try adding a bit. Having produced a series of such manipulations, you will receive the optimal number for your computer.

How to remove the noise of the microphone in obs.

To do this, just add a standard filter, which you can find after a click on the icon with the image of the plus in the sound settings menu.

We remind you: if in the process of downloading, installing, setting up or using this software you will have questions, ask them directly to us. For this, the feedback form is slightly lower.

Configuration of the encoder

Now that we have figured out OBS sources, let’s move on to the main thing and consider how the tincture of this application is made to recording games in good quality on a weak PC and without lags:

  • Using the button in the right side of the program window, we move on to its optimal settings. Here we will touch only a few points. The left side displays tabs with which we will work. For example, you need to visit the section “Broadcasting”. Here the site is selected on which the stream will be conducted, and the flow key is installed.
  • Next, go to the tab that interests users most of all. This OBS configuration for recording games. First, we visit the tab called “Recording”, and then the switch with the name “Codel” set in the position “Use the stream encoder”.
  • Then we switch to the “Stream Broadcasting” tab and here we are already choosing a method of encoding recording. Since we have established the use of a codec to recording the same as when broadcasting, these settings will be valid for both cases.

And now the most interesting thing: if your computer has a relatively powerful video card, choose the NVIDIA NVENC H code.254 or h.265. In this case, OBS will use the resources of the graphic adapter to encode the signal, and the processor will remain less loaded. If the video card is not very good, but the central processor (AMD or Intel) is slightly more powerful, choose Codec X.264. Now it is the CPU that will be responsible for encoding the picture, and the video card will unload for the game itself.

  • Then we begin to set up directly OBS for the highest quality recording of the game with the least performance losses. Consider an example based on the coding mode by the video card. In the case of the central processor, everything happens in approximately the same. We install a bitrate, for example, 5000, and then try to record the game and view what the result turned out. If the picture is poured, but there is no drawdown by the number of frames per second, the bitrate can be added and re.test. If FPS sags, bitrate, on the contrary, you need to reduce.

By producing a series of such tests, we find the optimal amount of KBPS and we stop there. This will be the optimal setting directly for your computer. The settings will change depending on the screen resolution: 720, 1080p, etc. D. The frequency of personnel is also important (it is advisable to achieve a value of 60 fps).

Attention: no one will ever give you a list of settings suitable for any PC, as well as laptops. All cars are different, all operating systems differ from each other. You need to select OBS configuration yourself as we talked about this above!

An important point that is the use of the hot keys of Open BroadCaster Software. We go to the settings and select the desired point there. After that, we set the combinations of buttons convenient for ourselves, and then save the settings made by clicking on OK.

In principle, our article can be completed on this. We hope that any difficulties during the OBS settings for recording games will not have. By tradition, we recall: any questions that relate to the voiced topic will not remain unanswered. You can always scroll the page slightly lower and use the feedback form attached there.