Problems when writing calls to mobile: Methods and solutions

If you need to record your Android calls. The fastest and most easy way. Use the recording device built into the operating system. Unfortunately, for a couple of years, he disappeared from the latest versions of Android, so you have to resort to third-party applications. Of course, if you can’t do this, it is probably due to the problem of configuration on your mobile phone it prevents him from working fine.

Before you start repairing a smartphone, you must know how these recordings are made on Android and, which is no less important to know the path to which they save. Once you know that if you still can’t write conversations with a smartphone, of course, the smartphone will have to reconfigure until a malfunction is detected.

Another Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder. a decent app for any smartphone on Android, released among competitors with its compatibility with a large number of devices. According to the characteristics, reminds Automatic Call Recorder: It is also possible to record incoming and outgoing calls in automatic mode.

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You can also write conversations only from certain numbers. If you wish, you can enable manual recording mode, as well as set a password for listening. A large number of audio formats are supported: AMR, MP4, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, 3GP.

ACR allows you to group calls by date to make it easier to find the right conversation. The paid version of the application supports synchronization with cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Disc, and also allows you to download files to the FTP server and send them to email. You can configure automatic removal of old entries to free up the phone’s memory.

Applications for recording android telephone conversations

The above record feature is simple. This method will suit people who do not constantly use it. If you have to save a conversation often, install a specialized application with optional settings. Such programs are capable of:

  • Make automatic recording with selected people or with all subscribers;
  • Only the voice of a person with which the dialogue occurs;
  • Result Store in the cloud;
  • Edit sound recording quality;
  • Search function for saved records.

I recommend downloading the applications described below from the official store Google Play.

Do not use such programs illegally, without the consent of the interlocutor.

Call Record” (Appliqato Creator)

The program for recording a telephone conversation for Android has a simple design. The main page has tabs “Inbox” and “saved”, where there are records. Commands are available in the menu:

  • Cloud. Saves entries in Google Drive. Use to protect files, or if there is no location on the device;
  • Opening a voice recorder;
  • Settings;
  • Story about the application.

record, call, android, mobile

Conversation occurs automatically. The application does not need to adjust. Works immediately after installation. The only thing to do, write on what cloud service to save the finished result.

Beginning of work

During automatic recording, you will see the red point on the left at the top. After completing the conversation, look at the “Inbox” tab. In addition to listening, conversation:

  • Save;
  • Make a mark;
  • Remove or share with the interlocutor;
  • See the contacts of the person with whom the conversation happened;
  • Do not write conversations with this person.

Inteeis applications resembles the program described above. Its distinctive feature. additional settings. Program Features. Installing PIN-Code when opening. Use to save confidential records. The program does not require a lot of energy to work. Go to the settings. Open “Records”. “Format”. In such applications, the result is saved in the 3GP or AMR file format. It will be minimal, but recording when listening to poor quality. Instead of voice, noise or crash. ACR developers solved this problem by providing different formats for recording. Try OGG format. Then the saved result will turn out clear and legible. Application Features. Audio Editor. Use it to cut out unnecessary parts, leave only the most important thing. Developers added the ability to record communication occurring on a Bluetooth headset.


Additionally offers to use the built-in voice recorder and player. His interesting feature is working with the program with gestures. Going to control occurs after shaking the phone. The recorded result is added automatically to the folder “Favorites”. Start writing in automatic mode, or by pressing a special button that will appear in a new window. Settings are offered:

  • Don’t keep short talk. His duration install yourself;
  • Protection against accidental removal;
  • Write down all the conversations or conversations of people from the address book;
  • Automatic recording of Android telephone conversations in Russian.

Record Calls” from Green Apple Studio

His feature is simple inteeis and management. Opportunities:

record, call, android, mobile

  • Installing a password to protect data;
  • Start recording after a while. Use not to record call beeps and greeting;
  • Listening and saving in MP3 format;
  • Ban on recording subscribers from the phone book;
  • Saving all dialogs;
  • Different formats.

How to record telephone conversations on android

The application is ready for work immediately after installation. Do not configure anything. Settings are simple. Look at the screenshot:

Where android telephone conversations are stored

When working with programs, after the end of the conversation does not receive a message about its completion. Saved file Find manually. To do this, select the “Recorder” folder. To make it easier to do, I recommend installing the “Explorer” application. Next open the Call folder. Here is the recording of a telephone conversation Android. Move, remove or listen to them.

How to automatically record all telephone conversations

The beauty of Android is that even if your smartphone is not endowed with some kind of opportunities you need, the list of its functions is enough just to expand using the Google Play Store. What you just don’t meet! How about writing your negotiations? During the conversation, the important information that you failed to remember or even hear, and it can be convenient to be able to listen to.

As you could have guess, with Android it is possible. Take into account the fact that in many countries the recording of telephone conversations is illegal if the interlocutor is not warned that the conversation will be recorded. Now that you are informed, you can go through this link to Google Play for the AUTOMATIC Call Recorder application.

This application does not just write down calls. It has a sufficient set of features to make it convenient for you. For example, you can automatically save recordings not only locally on the device, but also in Dropbox or Google Drive. It is convenient if you want to access the records from other devices. Three audio recordings are supported: 3GP, AMR and WAV.

Time to tell about the work of the application. After you finish the setting, it will be automatically started and starts the entry as soon as you make or accept the call. In order for you to understand that the recording goes, a red indicator lights up in the notification zone. As soon as you finish talking, you will receive a notice that the record is ready. Going on the notification, you can add a note to the record, save it, listen or delete.

Here, actually, and all. Automatic Call Recorder Performs exactly one function, but the way it is implemented in the appendix, allows you to consider it one of the most elegant and convenient conversation methods.

Where the conversation recording is saved on Android

To quickly extract and use one of the recorded files, you need to know where telephone conversations are stored on Android. Easy the search will help any of the applications: Total Commander or ES Explorer. With one of the specified programs you need:

Depending on the type of smartphone, the access path to recorded calls and conversations may vary. Then it will look like this: “Explorer” → “Sound_Recorder” or “Explorer” → “Audio” → “Recorder”.

Dictaphone or special. headphones

If the above options did not help. you can resort to the “universal” (it works with any devices: both on Android, and on iOS, and on old “button”. )!

  • Acquire a voice recorder (any). For example, now on Aliexpress there are mini-voice recorders, which, in size, less than the usual USB flash drive (weighing 5-10 grams!). Universal thing, which can be put in s and always be ready;
  • With the “desired” call. turn on the voice recorder (in the recording mode). By the way, for this you can use the second smartphone, but to carry it with you arch-uncomfortable. ;
  • phone immediately translate to a loud connection;
  • talking;
  • At the end of the conversation. what your interlocutor spoke and you are recorded on the voice recorder. Mission accomplished?!

Recording a conversation with a speakerphone on the voice recorder

By the way, in this regard, there is still quite interesting “smart” Bluetooth headphones from Waytronic to record all the audio, which through them passes. If you connect such headphones to the phone. you can write conversations not only with normal calls, but also when communicating through applications and messengers (Viber, Telegram, etc.).

Smart headphones that allow you to record “everything” that through them passes!

How to write a telephone conversation on Android using a built-in voice recorder

Call someone. A window opens with the name of the interlocutor, the button “Put the tube” and other features. So, among all these buttons there should be a “recording” button or “voice recorder”. Its accurate location depends on the shell device. For example, on the Flyme OS brand shell on MEIZU smartphones, this is the right bottom button. On some devices, you need to open the optional menu by the “” button to find the voice recorder. On the SAMSUNG TOUCHWIZ shell, you need to hold your finger on the “Menu” button, in the list that opens will be the item “Dict.”.

To record a conversation, you need to find “Dictaphone”

Conversations will be stored in the Call Recording folder, which is located in the root directory of the phone. You can listen to the recordings in the phone itself. To do this, open the list of incoming / outgoing calls, select the one you recorded in it, and look at the call history. Opposite the recorded call will be drawn dictaphon coils. Pressing the icon will turn on the saved record.

Are these records allowed?

Delicately record calls and save conversations. You can give several cases that differ in their legality, since it all depends on whether we participate in the conversation or not. Recall that in accordance with Article 18.3 Constitution Conversation can be recorded only if you are part of it, so third parties are not allowed if you are not properly an authorized agent of the State Corps. While we observe this premise, there are no legal problems to record video calls.

Of course, until they are published and not broadcast on the network, they are intended only for personal use, as we commented on several lines above. In case of non-compliance with this condition, Article 2 of the Organic Data Protection Act will also be broken.

In any case, and since things can be made better, we advise the other party that we are going to do that we do not have any problems.

How to record conversations in whatsapp

ACR Cube allows you to record not only telephone conversations, but also calls in VoIP services like Telegram or WhatsApp. I admit honestly, I did not manage to force the application to write my conversations in messengers. Initially, I wrote out this to encryption. they say, advanced protection algorithms do not allow a third-party program to access voice data. However, as it turned out, those who have all worked, actually quite a lot, and the reason for the reference lies in the banal incompatibility. Therefore, find out whether your smartphone will record conversations in messengers, you can only practice.

Record calls in WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype runs exactly the same principle as cell calls:

  • Go to the chat with the user who want to call, and press the tube button;
  • When the call screen appears, click on the call recording button, which will be displayed on top of the messenger intee;

You can write conversations not only in WhatsApp, but also in Telegram

Remember that, recording your conversation with someone from the interlocutors, you violate it confidentiality. On the other hand, sometimes the record can actually help you, becoming proof in the emergency situation. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better that such an opportunity. just just in case.