We set up the LG TV (in a new way)

Having bought a device, you need to start it immediately after installation on the wall or a special shelf in order to make sure of its correct location. For these purposes, it is necessary to use the leadership that is included in the technique.

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When the geolocation is turned on, the satellite will be easier to find equipment if the country of use is correctly indicated

The parameters of the integse language

It is important to initially choose the correct design of the language, both for the keyboard and for voice search, which is available on almost all LG models. In addition, these settings depend on which language the channel broadcast will occur. To accurately indicate the parameters, follow the step.by.step algorithm:

  • We connect the TV to the electric network, then start using the remote control (remote control). We expect a few seconds until the device is completely loaded, then click the “Home” button. It can be portrayed as a “house”.
  • Open the “Settings” section in the internal menu of the TV, select the subparagraph “Additionally”. On the screen, he looks like “three.
  • A set of tabs appears. Of these, it is worth choosing only “general”.
  • We open the section “Language”. Here we carefully look through that everything is in Russian.

The setting of the integse language can be changed at any convenient time

If when the TV is turned on, all steps are performed in Russian, this does not mean that the TV is already completely configured. It may be necessary to change the language of the integration language for searching on the Internet or within the software.

Connection of the LG Smart TV TV to the network

First, it is necessary to connect the device to the Internet. When connecting to his service provider, the client is provided with additional capabilities in a large volume provided by the use of LG Smart TV. This has certain positive points:

  • reproduction of online media content;
  • the presence of access to Internet television;
  • the opportunity to watch your favorite films from a free list;
  • the launch of selected applications and video games is performed;
  • Possibility to use additional functions.

To use Smart TV technology, there are two ways to connect a TV to the Internet:

  • Using a cable-it is used if the possibility of convenient connection of the wire to the TV or in the absence of a home Wi-Fi network;
  • Using Wi-Fi wireless network.

In both methods of connection, the settings will differ only in the first or last stage.

How to set up LG TV to reception of digital television channels

After primary setting, you need to figure out how to configure the LG TV to receive digital television channels. At the very beginning, you need to make sure that the selected TV model can receive a signal in the “number”. In the case when such a function is not initially provided, you will need to additionally purchase a prefix or tuner. In the event that the model has already been equipped with it, you can proceed directly to the configuration. Information on certain models and their functionality can be viewed in the main menu, in the instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Channels can be found in automatic search mode. If Smart TV is purchased, then you need to go to the main menu, from there go to the settings. There you will need to select “channels”, and then “Search for channels and setting”. To speed up the process, you can choose an automatic search option. Then the device will independently find the channels available for viewing in a particular region.

After that, it will be necessary in the corresponding section of the menu to indicate where the signal should come to the device. Then you will need to wait for the end of the search process. This will take a certain time. In most cases, about 5-10 minutes will be enough. In the case of Smart TV, there is another way to configure digital channels on the LG TV through the antenna. In this case, you will need to choose the right option in the list.

After the setting is completed, it will be necessary to confirm the completion of the process and switch to any channel for watching films or programs.

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Automatic search for channels on LG Smart TV TVs

AutoPoSISK channels is the fastest way to configure channels. It is only necessary to step by step to choose a number of parameters that the television receiver offers, start the search, wait until the technique will scan the frequency range and find the channels.

The procedure is equally performed for digital and analogue television. You just need to connect the antenna and set the desired type of signal when searching for search settings. For cable television settings a little more, but everything is done is also easy.

When automatic setting, you do not need to determine and set frequencies in the settings. The TV will do all the actions himself, what can not be said about manually configuration.

Unlike ether, cable broadcasting is paid. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with the provider and make the appropriate settings in the TV menu.

The purpose of the article is to find the channels of etheric broadcasting through the antenna. Below is a step.by.step instruction for different types of television receivers, with Smart TV and without.

Avtopoisk on LG Smart TV

To configure digital channels on the LG TV, follow the instructions below:

On the scanning method (auto or manually), after completing the setting, the “Signal Test” option will be available. TV will scan multiplexes and show the signal level for each. Choose the weakest channel in terms of receiving, go into it by pressing the central confirmation key. Based on the indications of the scale, do the adjustment to increase the level and quality of the signal. The main methods are a change in the location and direction of the antenna.

Setting a cable digital TV is done in the same way. The only difference is that instead of the antenna, when setting up, you need to choose a “cable”. Additionally, some steps will need to choose your television provider with which there is a contract. You can click on the list “others”, the type of search “complete” and marked only the search for digital programs. Then the TV will scan all frequencies, the search will take more time. If you select the “Fast” mode, then you need to specify the exact broadcast frequencies.

Auto on TV without Smart TV

  • Open the control panel by pressing the Settings key.
  • Select the “channels” section, which is indicated by a satellite plate.
  • Go to Avtopoisk subsection.
  • Select your connection. In the current case, it is an “antenna”.
  • So that the TV scans only digital frequencies, put a checkplace opposite the corresponding point. Click on “Perform” and setting channels will begin.
  • At the end of the process, the “Avtosisk is completed” will appear. Additionally, the number of channels will be displayed.

If the configuration of cable or satellite television is done, you will need to enter the frequencies of the provider. You can find out accurate data in technical support.

Search for TV channels on TV LG

And so, we assume that the antenna is connected, TV works. In the example below, the TV settings from LG to receive ordinary ethereal broadcasting will be shown (which most used).

1) The first step must be opened the settings menu (just press the Settings button on the remote control).

4) Put a checkmark next to the item “Ether TV” and press “Next”.

5) Further, TV will warn you about two things:

We just agree and click “Perform”.

6) Usually, the search for television channels takes 3-5 minutes. time. In Russia, you can catch 10-20 digital television channels in free access (depending on the area of ​​your residence).

In my case, it was possible to “catch” 20 television channels, and 3 radio stations.

Found 20 television channels and 3 radio stations

In general, then you can click “close” and start viewing TV.

How to set digital channels on LG TV through automatic search

Using the remote control, go to the menu by pressing the setting button. Select a section on the channels and click in the list of Auto Po.Poland.

Then you need to check the checkmark. It can be an antenna, cable or satellite and then press further.

Next, installing a checkmark in front of the parameter of only digital channels, you choose whether the previous channels will be deleted. Click execute and expect automatic settings.

After the full search is completed, this window will be reported how many channels are found and you just need to click and leave the menu to save the result.

Now you know how the easiest way to set up on digital channels LG TV. You can always contact the LG service center.

What you need to connect digital television. the necessary equipment

To view digital channels, you need to buy a TV that supports DVB-T2, or buy additional equipment for a conventional device. You will need a high.quality cable, a digital television receiver and an antenna capable of working in a decimeter range.

Free installation of digital television DVB-T2:

Choose the antenna

Any home antenna can take a digital signal. For residents of skyscrapers, the best option would be to install a common antenna (CET) for the whole house.

For the residents of the private sector, there are such options:

  • satellite antenna for receiving a signal. a reliable option that works regardless of the proximity of the location of the tower, relief and weather conditions;
  • The internal antenna is a standard model that is appropriate subject to the close location of the television tower;
  • Standard external antenna. if the signal is not too strong, the TV tape is located far or the terrain complicates the signal;
  • cable television. expands a package of available channels;. makes it possible to simultaneously use all the advantages of digital television in combination with Internet access.

TV set

The antenna alone is not enough. it is necessary that the TV can take a digital signal. For owners of modern equipment, which was released over the past 3 years, there is no need to purchase additional equipment. Manufacturers have provided the ability to connect digital television without the use of a prefix/receiver, so modern models go with built.in equipment for receiving such a signal.

When buying a new TV, you need to make sure that the selected model supports digital standards. The characteristics should contain a DVB-T2 item.


If a TV is used that does not support DVB-T2, you must additionally purchase a receiver-a prefix that connects to the TV and allows you to take a digital signal. The assortment of TV technology stores has prefixes that differ in their functionality:

    – addition to the TV for receiving digital signals and the Internet. Expands functionality. the TV can be used as a computer.

  • Settings for satellite antennas. equipped with a powerful processor, additional inputs.
  • Hybrid receivers. allow you to take a satellite and cable signal.
  • Ground broadcasting receivers. work in combination with standard antennas.
  • Prefixes with a built.in cartridge. for the use of cards purchased from the provider.
  • Receiver with CCAM slot. Such equipment can be easily reprogrammed, so you do not need to be afraid that it will be out of place and will not be able to receive a signal.
  • Combined receivers. Equipped with a cardberry, have a plum itself and have the ability to work for a fta channels. Such devices can work with standard multiplexes, as well as with encoded channels. It is enough to enable the keys in the settings menu or enter them using the remote control.
  • Receivers equipped with a conditional access system. This is a hardware and software complex that is used to gain access to a number of encoded, inaccessible in standard multiplexes of channels.

It is worth paying attention to the functionality of the prefix and its additional opportunities. The best option is the Smart resort that will significantly expand the capabilities of even the simplest TV.

When buying a digital receiver, it is necessary to clarify from the seller the possibility of a return or exchange of goods within 14 days. This is necessary even if the device was checked in the store and turned out to be completely serviceable. Perhaps when connecting the prefix at home, it will not be well received from the antenna. in this case, you will need to choose a more suitable model.


When choosing a prefix for the TV, you need to pay attention to the presence of a cable in the kit. In some cases, it may be necessary to buy an adapter if it is impossible to connect the cable present in the set to the TV.

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Types of antennas for receiving TV signal

I will not describe all types here, but I will recommend that only those that we use on installations and which did not fail us. Due to the fact that analogue television ceases to exist, we will consider the antennas for digital television simply a DMV range. We do not need meter waves (MV).

How Channel Scan or Auto Program an LG Smart TV

You may be interested in: a diagram of connecting several TVs without an amplifier

Number 6 (CIFRA 6) Producer Antex (Yekatihrenburg). You can install this antenna at the cottage near the city up to about 15 km. Under optimal conditions of admission and in the city (compact, small size). Strengthening 6 dB.

Number 9 (CIFRA 9) Producer Antex (Yekatihrenburg). As a previous one, you can reconcile for installation in the city and outside the city up to 25-30 km under optimal conditions of admission. Strengthening 9 dB.

Number 12 (CIFRA 12) Producer Antex (Yekatihrenburg). We use outside the city up to 35-40 km. Under the same conditions. It makes no sense to use it in the city if you do not connect several apartments to television. Strengthening 12 dB.

From practice! Installation of numbers 12 in the country was carried out, 67 km from the tower in a straight line (pos. Machurinskoye in the Leningrad region) The house was located on a hill plus the height of the house about 14 meters. The antenna is located almost above the forest (optimal conditions turned out) as a result, the first 10 out of twenty channels earned without an amplifier, but when the weather changes, the picture poured out. I wanted 20 channels and a more stable signal, since three TVs connected. Installed Alcad 200l amplifier, the problem was solved. On the same object at the number 9 plus the amplifier, only 1 multiplex worked steadily.

LP 14 (LANS). Logoperiodic production in China, but done well. Reinforcement coefficient 12-14 dB. We use only outside the city (traverse lengths are more than a meter). Distance to tower up to 40 km. It works well when the house is located in a forest.

How to Get Local Channels on LG Smart TV

Vector AR-806 analogue Televes, three times cheaper, but is not inferior in parameters. Strengthening 14-17 dB. We use an average of 50 km.

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The optimal conditions for receiving the signal is when there are no obstacles on the imaginary line from the installation site of the antenna to the transmitter transmitter.

All considered antennas, passive. Put the signal Aplifier, in extreme cases. The first thing that needs to be achieved the cleanest signal, and then strengthen it, if necessary. An amplifier may be required if you connect several TVs. TV connection schemes can be viewed in this heading (I hope I drew it clear). All workers’ schemes are tested on personal experience.


How to find digital channels on LG TV? We give the procedure:

  • On the remote control, click on the “Home” key (often depicted as a house), in the menu opened, go to the “Settings” item. In older devices, go to the “menu” item.
  • Open the section with options where the right country is in the list of states. If the TV was released in 2010 or earlier, choose the meaning “Russia”. In newer devices, it is necessary to set the meaning “Germany”.
  • In the language menu, select the Russian language.
  • Go to the “Settings” point and click the “Avtopoisk” button.
  • In a new window that opened, select the proposed point “Cable TV” (the name may vary a little). If it is absent, change the country. After that, press the “Next” button.

If the search for channels was successful, digital channels must be found.

In old TV models, a number of settings have to be performed.

  • In the Avtopoisk menu, indicate the following parameters: modulation-256, speed indicator 6750, frequency range from 274,000 to 770,000.
  • Install checks to obtain additional information.
  • Launch and search, wait for about 20 minutes, the channels will appear on the screen.

Manual setting of digital channels on the TV should be completed successfully.