The status of the battery on the iPhone: how to check and improve

In any portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, one of the most important parameters is the battery state. If a smartphone cannot withstand a whole working day under load on an autonomous battery with full charge, his user will experience a lot of problems and inconvenience. It is important, for example, when buying used iPhone or iPad, check the condition of its battery. In this article we will talk about how to check the condition of the battery on the device, how to improve it and understand why a smartphone or tablet quickly sits down.

The instructions below are relevant for iPhone and iPad. But more often in the text and screenshots, examples will be dismantled precisely on the iPhone.

How to check the status of the battery on the iPhone

There are two ways to check the state of the battery on the iPhone. One of the ways does not exclude the other.


In the latest versions of the iPhone operating system, Apple allowed the user to control the status of the device battery. A separate item appeared in the settings where you can find out about the current state of the battery and some other parameters that are associated with it.

To check the condition of the battery on the iPhone, open the settings and go to the “battery” section.

Next, go to the “battery state” item.

The value of the maximum capacity will be displayed here.

If the maximum battery capacity on the iPhone is 100% at a level of 100%. this suggests that the battery is almost new. At a level of 80% and below the discharge of the iPhone battery can occur faster than the expected.


The second method of checking the status of the battery is a physical inspection of the rear cover of the iPhone. If the smartphone battery has serious defects, it swells and deforms the rear cover of the iPhone slightly.

Try pressing on the sides on the rear cover of the iPhone and find a swollen battery.

If the device has a glass case, detect a battery defect in this way, most likely it will not work.

Reduce the brightness of the display

As you know, the display eats the lion’s lion’s charge of the battery. You can call a swipe from the bottom up at the control point or purposefully going to the settings section. screen and brightness.

How to extend the IPhone operating time ? “Energy Saving mode” allows you to extend the autonomous operation of the iPhone for three additional hours. The mode is activated in the “Settings” menu → “Battery”.

Accelerate auto.blocking

Having reduced the time to automatic blocking, we will reduce the display time and at the same time increase the lifetime without recharging. Go to the settings menu. screen and brightness. auto.blocking and reduce the current value to a minute or even 30 seconds.

If you download many applications, Kesha files can be accumulated. Every time you launch the application, these Kesha files will also be uploaded. The more undesirable files in the application, the more energy will be consumed. Try a simple Tenorshare icarefone tool for free, professional cleaning software or files. To clean and move all unnecessary files from your iPhone using simple clicks.

Energy saving mode

The energy saving mode limits some functions that consume iPhone charging greatly. Among them are the renewal of mail, auto.renewal, background update of applications, etc. He is able to significantly extend the time of the iPhone. You can ask Siri to enable energy saving or do it through the “settings” “Battery”.

Note: when the charge of your iPhone battery reaches 80%, the energy saving mode will be automatically disconnected.

Disconnect the background update

The background update of applications constantly loads new content into the applications and consumes charging. Go to the “Settings” “Basic” “Contain Update” and turn off the function.

If you download new email letters manually or just less often, this will extend the work of your iPhone. Go to the “Settings” “Post” “Complexing” “Data download”. Disconnect the Push option and for all accounts, select the option “Manually”.

Sometimes reboot the iOS device

Despite the fact that iOS is the most stable mobile operating system, sometimes allowed by the developers of the OS itself and applications, shortcomings lead to inconspicuous for the user, but having negative consequences of errors.

For example, some programs can cyclically perform unnecessary processes in automatic mode, load data from the Internet, update geolocation, etc.D. In addition, due to the long-term operation of the iPhone without rebooting, the device may turn off and unreventure on the buttons (solution to the problem). For the prevention of such initiative applications, the iPhone or iPad should be regularly (every 2-3 weeks).

Do not use iPhone or iPad in the cold

The vast majority of Apple mobile devices are made of aluminum, and the latest models have such thin cases that the battery is literally clamped in a metal sandwich with high thermal conductivity. At temperatures below zero, this leads to cooling the battery and thickening the electrolyte in it. As a result, a change in the density of the substance and the drop in the charge level occurs.

To ensure maximum battery life, iPhone or iPad should be operated at a temperature of 16-22 degrees Celsius above zero.

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iOS 15 iPhone Battery Drain? Here is the Fix!

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Turn off Wi-Fi

If you are, for example, on the street, then most likely a Wi-Fi connection in the near future you will definitely not need. Therefore, turn off Wi-Fi, since when the Wi-Fi mode is on your Idevice will constantly look for available networks, which will not affect the duration of its work for the better.

Turn off the geolocation service for programs that this service is completely unnecessary. As you can see in the screenshot, many programs use data from the geolocation service, while consuming a lot of the energy of the battery of your device. Also pay attention to the item “System Services” (settings.Geolocation. System services). It is necessary to disable the following points: “Search in cellular networks”, “Diagnostal. and use “,” Geolocation IAD “. If you do not go beyond your country, t.e. You are within only one time zone, you should also turn off the “time zone” item.

Disconnect automatic program loading

Automatic loading programs for loading through Wi-Fi Connecting programs and music purchased on another device. Often this function is used quite rarely, so it is better to turn it off. To do this, go to the settings. Score.

Do not forget about the automatic blocking of your device. this will help prevent the device reaction to touching its screen, and will also significantly reduce the consumption of its battery. Go to the settings. Basic, and turn on the auto.locking of the device if possible for a shorter period of time.

Battle HD

IPhone battery application for iPhone. Battle HD is useful for iPad. With this application, you can quickly find out the remaining time to talk, listen to music, watch the Internet, watch video, etc. D. The application will also help you track the level of battery charge. In addition, the application also warns you when your iPhone is completely charged. This avoids problems that arise due to reloading devices. In addition, Battle HD supports several languages, including Afrikans, English, Bulgarian, Arabic, Croatian, Catalan, Danish, Czech, Estonian, Dutch, Finnish, Filipino, etc. D.

Battle Life Doctor

Battle Life Doctor. A very simple application with an attractive and convenient integration. The application provides accurate information about the system, providing you with accurate information so that you can track your actions that discharge the battery of your device. Important data on the battery can also be obtained from the application to find out the actual battery life. Therefore, you can also check the available battery life time.

What does the optimized battery charging do?

Starting with iOS 13, a new algorithm is used, which will keep the level of the iPhone battery at around 80% over the night. The algorithm will determine when you usually wake up and start your day and by this moment it will restart charging, so that by the beginning of the day a smartphone with a 100% battery is in your hands.

The enormous battery enforcement function can help extend the battery life by reducing the time that the iPhone spends with a full charge.

iPhone uses machine learning functions to study regular charging scenarios. The device will learn to wait for the moment whom it will need and end charging at a level above 80 percent.

This should increase the service life of the battery by reducing its wear.

Even if you have this function, it will become relevant only when the iPhone calculates charging scenarios for a long time.

In other words, iOS will make sure that the iPhone does not spend all night charging, which the device does not need at least due to the risks of overheating. The program will provide 100% battery charge by the beginning of the active day.

When activating this function, a notification of the time when the iPhone battery is completely charged will appear on the lock screen. If you need to make the smartphone be charged earlier, press and hold your finger on the notification, and then click the “charge now” button.

How to enable optimized battery charging on iPhone or iPad

Open the settings application and go to the battery section.

Select the battery state.

Install the switch optimized charging the battery to the inclusive position.

The problem with the quick discharge of the iOS 15: 10 professional tips to increase the battery life of iOS 15

The unexpected category of the iPhone battery after updating the iOS 15 software is a problem that I almost expected at some point. Although I was a little surprised to see a more or less stable battery life with the initial use of iOS 15, I did not expect that it would continue for a long time. And guess, the problem has really returned with even more poison, since many iPhone users are now experiencing a problem of quick battery discharge in iOS 15. If you are the owner of the iPhone, who is concerned about this problem, read these 10 best tips and techniques for improving iOS 15. Battery service life.

Councils of professionals to increase the battery life of iOS 15 on iPhone (2021.)

It makes sense to understand the secret of the category of the iOS 15 battery in advance. So, let’s first delve into the fact that it can be the cause of unusual energy consumption on your iPhone, and then get acquainted with some useful tips to eliminate the problem. It goes without saying that you can use the table below for quick navigation for management.

The reasons for the unexpected discharge of the battery in iOS 15 on the iPhone

Well, this is usually a software error that causes several problems, including the discharge of the battery, from nowhere. Although this is not the only culprit that you need to remember. Outdated applications, cluttered storage and many functions consuming energy can also eat a large piece of battery on your iOS 15 device.

So, how to find out which iPhone applications kill the most battery charge? iOS 15 allows you to incredibly simply track the use of battery. Thus, you can determine the applications that discharge your iPhone battery the most. Go to the “Battery” section in the “Settings” application and carefully look at the use of the battery over the past 24 hours or 10 days.

If you find that any applications are discharging an unusually high battery level, take them under control. You may even have to remove/reinstall them if you need. Recently, the popular application for streaming music Spotify has been causing a significant category of battery and problems with overheating in iOS 15. Users go to social networks to report the problem, and the company is already exploring it and is working on its solution.

In addition, you must also make sure that energy.intensive functions do not work madly behind the scenes. You need to either completely turn off these functions, or limit their use. These simple but effective measures will be of great importance to increase the autonomous operation of your iOS 15 device.

Disconnect the update of the application in the background

The background update of applications has long been a very energy.intensive function requiring smart control. Otherwise, he alone can eat the lion’s share of the battery. Therefore, you must effectively manage it on your iPhone and iPad. Go to the “Settings” application on your device and select “Basic”. “Update the background application”. “Update the background application”. Now you can choose to turn off this function completely, what I advised, or disable the background update for applications selectively. You need to turn off the Spotify switch to iOS 15 to solve the problem with the discharge of the battery.

At the same time, I would also advise you to be forcibly close the applications as soon as you no longer need them. Spend up from the “home” panel at the bottom and hold it in the center of the screen (on the Face ID models) or twice press the “home” button (on the Touch ID models) to open the application switch. Then brush up the application card to close the application. This can play an important role in the extension of your iPhone battery service life.

Disconnect geolocation services.

Geolocation services are another sad energy.intensive function that requires better management. Otherwise, this can cause an unexpected category of battery on your iOS 15 device. In my opinion, the best way to manage GPS-sales is to allow only certain applications to use data on your location, and this is also in your conditions. over, make sure that the applications allow access to your location only when you use the application or when access to the location is required every time.

To do this, open the “Settings” application on your iOS 15 device and go to “Privacy”. “Geolocation services”. Now you can completely turn off the location determination services or choose a preferred setting for each application selectively, depending on your needs.

Reduce the movement of the user intese.

When the saving of the battery charge becomes a necessity, I prefer to reduce the movement of the user integration, including the effect of the parallax of the icons. If you do not mind abandoning the animation and effect of parallax of application icons, use this effective technique to increase the battery life of your iPhone. Go to the settings. Availability. Traffic. Now turn on the switch next to reduce movement.

Include low energy consumption mode.

Since the low energy consumption mode has returned to iOS 9 (2015), I used it to extend the autonomous time of my iPhone. What makes this function of energy conservation so effective is the ability to automatically reduce background activity, such as receiving mail and loading, to extend the service life of the battery. Therefore, be sure to use this function to maximize the autonomous time of your iOS 15 device.

To enable this function, go to the settings. Battery. Then turn on the switch for low energy consumption mode. Please note that iOS 15 automatically turns off low energy consumption mode when the battery is quite charged (more than 80%). Since this is temporarily and remains active only until the next proper charge, you will need to manually turn it on every time you want to extend the battery life.

How to Fix iPhone Battery Sudden Drops