What will happen if you charge the smartphone from the laptop

Modern phones have been significantly improved, but users have to pay for new functions of short autonomous work. If you constantly use the smartphone for entertainment, visiting the Internet or phone calls, then the battery usually discharges in half a day (5-7 hours).

A message appears on the screen with a request to connect the device to the electric network, and there is a problem. often there are no free outlets nearby. You can always recharge the phone from a computer or laptop. just use the USB port. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

How to charge a phone from a computer via USB?

Each device when buying in configuration has the following devices:

It is clear that each device has its own function and its own purpose, headphones. listen to music and conduct a conversation, a charger. for a cellular power from an electric network, but the USB cord has two functions at once. The first function of the cord (adapter) USB is to transfer data from the phone to the device from the computer to the mobile phone, and the second function is the ability to feed the device using not the charger included in the mains, but using the computer or at the worst of the laptop.

So, consider the option of how to feed a cell from the PC device: each computer has a USB 2 standard connector.0, and in your cord of the cable on the one hand there is a plug with the same nozzle of the USB entrance, and on the other hand, the cord has a connector plug for your model of the device. Now, this is what you need to do:

quickly, charge, smartphone, laptop
  • Plug with a standard for a standard cable yuzb 2.0 stick into an intended entrance to the device (more precisely on the system unit of your device).
  • You will immediately see that the dose of charging began to arrive on the device. the sticks or colored color on the battery will begin to move to speed up the operation, you can turn off the device so rather it will take power.
  • By the way, it would be very good for everyone to get a cord. the station wagon (these cords are still a novelty, but if you want to find them). The cord of the station wagon is such a USB cord from one end, which is located for connecting a PC device on the PC device, and on the other, it is equipped with many different output options, so to speak, for different mobile phone models. By the way, such cords have already appeared in computer workshops, since it is with their help that repairmen carry out computer diagnostics of broken phones.

Charging in sleep mode

In most cases, the computer is shutdown to the USB port disconnection. But in some computers, the charging function in sleep mode is implemented, which involves maintaining the voltage on the USB port and when the state is turned off. Such USB ports can be red or yellow, a single standard does not exist. Different companies can call this functionality in their own way, for example, Dell called its “PowerShare” technology, and such USB ports are marked with a lightning icon. TosHiba uses the term “usb Sleep-And-Charge” and marks such ports by the USB abbreviation over the battery drawing.

USB 3.1. type C connector

Like most other successful technologies, USB generated several versions of connectors and cables during its existence. USB chargers do not always show the expected performance results and charging time can be long. There is a problem of incompatibility between competing systems that arises both by chance and consciously.

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Companies faced with the problems of USB technology have developed their own connector and cable based on the USB 3 standard.one. Instead of using four contacts, as in classic connectors of type A and B, type C has 24 contacts and is bilateral, that is, it does not have different geometry of connectors for the host and periphery. The type S connecter supports both the standard 900 mA, and can provide 1.5 A and even 3.0 A through the power tire 5 B with data transmission streaming. This leads to the possibility of maintaining a power of 7.5 and 15 watts, respectively, which is somewhat more interesting than standard 2.5 watts. There are further improvements of type C, experimentally capable of ensuring current 5 A at a voltage of 12 V or 20 V (60 W and 100 W, respectively).

Despite the presence of devices on the market with USB-C and USB 3.1, consumers are still more focused on USB 3.0. While USB 3.1 back is compatible with older formats, for USB-C special adapters and adapters that limit the data transfer speed.

Jumper on the motherboard

To activate the supply of power on USB ports on some models of boards, it will be enough to move a small jumper to another position. On the motherboard, it is necessary to find connectors that are designated as USBPW1-4 or USBPW5-10. By numbers, you can understand what exactly the USB ports are responsible for this block of conclusions.

The jumper is from the plant in position 1–2, which indicates the value of 5V. You need to move it to position 2-3 to transfer the motherboard to 5V SB mode (Stand by). In this case, 5 volts from the power supply will be used.

The function is relevant for turning on the computer from the keyboard, from the modem or at the signal of the network card, and also fits the voltage on the USB, even when the computer is turned off.

Changing BIOS parameters

If the movement of the jumper does not give a result or it is absent on your motherboard, then you need to look into the BIOS settings.

You can go to this system menu when you turn on the computer before loading the operating system itself. To do this, constantly press the F2 or DEL key. They are in most computers are responsible for the transition to BIOS. In ASUS laptops, the F9 button can be used, and in products from Acer and Lenovo you will need to press F1 or F2 depending on the model.

Ami, Award BIOS

In old computers and laptops, these versions of the system menu are worth. Most points and sections of AMI and Award coincide, so consider them in one block. As soon as you went to the BIOS main menu, follow the following actions:

Using the keyboard keys, go to the Integrated Peripherals section.

Charging speed and current strength

Another problem appears, which consists in tension and current in USB ports. It often changes and creates greater thermal energy, which subsequently affects the service life of the battery. According to studies conducted in the United States, with regular heating of the battery up to 40 degrees Celsius for several months, its capacity drops to 65%.

We recommend choosing more modern intensees. they are often painted in blue, and more contacts on them. Obviously, charging the phone from the computer through the USB 3 port.0 will be carried out faster than through USB 2.0, but in most cases is still much slower than through the original charger.

In fact, you can charge a smartphone from a PC or laptop, but do not abuse it. it is better to choose an original power supply. It turns out that when charging a phone from a PC there are many more minuses than pluses. The latter refers only to the convenience of the user.

Using the charging laptop to recharge a smartphone or other electronic device

Hello! The question has arisen regarding the charges. There is a phone with fast charging 15W and a laptop with 65W charging. Devices feed through USB Type C, so there should not be problems with the fact that it should not be suitable.

In theory, if we connect charging from phone to laptop, we either get that the device is not charged, or there will be very slow charging.

From here the question follows. If we connect the charging from the laptop to the phone (that is, on the contrary), which is designed for a much smaller amount of bid, which will happen? Whether the battery controller will cope? After all, he needs to put excess energy somewhere, and it will turn into heat, which is why the controller can fail (my guesses).

Obviously, and the device would not be charged faster, but I would be interested to know what would happen. How safe it is? What will be the consequences with prolonged and repeated use of significantly more powerful charges?

Thank you very much for the clear and detailed explanation!

He picked OnePlus several times for charging from macbook. It was charged, of course, slowly, but everything was fine. power than the phone can accept, this exercise will still not give him

Ahahaha) then I will buy a mount for myself)

Look primarily at the voltage range. which can give out a charger, 5 volts are a standard safe option, some phones support 9 and 10. Do not look at the watts, the charger can give out at least 1000 watts, this is its capabilities and stock, well, as with compound sides of power

I don’t know how laptop charges, and telephone with type-s request supported charging modes from the device

In charging for a phone 5 volts, in the power supply units of laptops usually from 12 to 19. How did you just occur to you to insert this, guys?

It depends on what charging. If by USB-PD, then it can be able to 5 volts. Epppla so, for example

Shaome at first shows me that the charging has begun, and then immediately stops charging

In this case, if the charging connector USB Type C, then you can safely charge it with any device with a similar connector.

I can add about the experience with Apple devices. I charged the iPhone 11 and later 12 mini from the IPAD missile defense system, MacBook Air M1, the old charging from MacBook about 16, I don’t even remember what year, but before 2017-18. There is a large brick, into which forks from iPads are inserted in Lego, the old ones are natural. It gives usb, and I inserted the iPhone lace into it, USB on Lighting. It lies in the box, I can look at how much volt is there, but 100% both in logic and in size of the brick more than 12, t.to. There was no iPal charging of that time, so the charging from the iPad Air 2 or 3, rather 2, was 12 volts. And the next was already 10 volts. So, it is much larger than 12 volt charging. And iPhones were charged, and much faster than from default 5V/1a. Just in case, I’ll clarify that we are not talking about more or less modern iPhones to which I attribute at least what was after the iPhone X

I have such a case, the Huawei P30 (Ele L29) was drowned 6 months ago immediately opened and dried the screen of the swindle failed and now I bought the screen turned on all the norms loaded with Orig charging and the power supply unit and the power supply unit. In the evening I come home after Raotota forgot the charger from the phone. I put 65vatt type C for charging from a laptop, also from Huawei, in the morning the phone became like a stove, does not turn on. Opened again and there something burned out

Fast charging devices

If you use the flagship device, for example, one of the latest iPhone, you can buy a more powerful similar to the original charger and use the FAST ChaRGE function. Not everyone knows that manufacturers are increasingly using fast charging technology in their flagship smartphones.

Each battery is designed for a certain voltage and current strength. If the FAST Charge or Quick Charge function is supported, the device can be charged with greater voltage and current. The memory that is equipped with Apple iPhone is not suitable for its operation.

Therefore, in order to reduce charging time, you need to buy a more powerful charger, for example from iPad. The same principle concerns other smartphones. use only powerful compatible adapters.

However, it will only help it for fast charging if it is necessary to quickly make up for the battery energy to 50%.

After that, the charger will work as usual. To protect the device from overheating, manufacturers set such a restriction.

Power Bank portable battery

The use of portable batteries greatly simplifies life. The external battery will help when you are on the road or outside, and you do not have access to the outlet. It is enough to connect a USB-shnour to Power Bank.

Portable batteries can be equipped with two or three USB

However, the technical characteristics of portable batteries are very different. Cheap external batteries give out current strength only 1A, which is not enough for tablets and modern smartphones.

In addition, the actual current strength can differ greatly from the one indicated in the characteristics. To reduce the time required for charging from Power Bank, it is best to purchase models from trusted manufacturers, such as Samsung.

Portable batteries can be equipped with two or three USB for connecting several devices.

However, if you connect two or three smartphones at the same time, current strength will most likely be divided between them. In order not to waste extra time, it is best to charge only one device.

Wireless charging devices

It is easier to charge a smartphone without using wires. Wireless ZU is still inferior in the time of charging by network adapters. Therefore, if you need to urgently make up for the energy of the mobile apparatus, connect to the network.

So, if the smartphone supports FAST Charge technology, buy a suitable charger. If there is no such function, use other tips from this article.

The charging of the phone takes about an hour about an hour. But what if it lasts longer, and the phone needs to be charged urgently? Make sure you use all the rules of the quick charge described below.

Charging through a socket and a “native” power adapter

From the outlet, the device is charged much faster than from PowerBank, “frogs” (when the battery is pulled out of the phone and inserted into a special charger) or from the computer. Outlet and “native” (branded) charging will replenish the supply of energy in the battery as quickly as possible.

The USB connector supplies insufficient current to the phone. the battery is slowly charged

If you use charging another company, another device, the charge will be slow. Plus, this can harm the battery: the power cable can supply too large or too small current to the device. Branded charges know their business: with what current to supply energy. If your “native” charging broke, buy a new original one, which is suitable for your model.

Accelerated iPhone charging

If you are owners of Apple’s mobile gadget, then you also have to increase the quality of charging battery. However, there are several small nuances that must be taken into account when using the phone.

Use the following tips to know how to quickly charge the iPhone phone:

  • Turn on the energy saving mode. Everything happens here as simply as in the case of devices working on Android OS. The less energy you need to spend the gadget, the faster it will charge.
  • Do not use the device during charging, but rather turn it off at all.
  • If you turn on the air mode, you can quickly exercise up to 40%.
  • As in Android phones, with the iPhone you should also remove the cover that additionally heats the battery.
  • Apple insists that users of their gadgets use only an original charger that correctly charges the phone.

In addition, for the iPhone there is a special application that optimizes energy consumption and helps to quickly charge the device.

It is no secret that iPhones have a lithium-ion battery, which requires proper care. So, if you completely charge the phone to 100%once a month, and then discharge it to zero, then this will significantly increase the productivity of the gadget.

Quick Charge

To solve the problem how to speed up the charging of the phone, the developers have provided a new Quick Charge function. We will talk about her separately, because she also has a number of its characteristics. So that the energy of energy is restored in 30-40 minutes, a current with high power enters the battery. Due to this technology, the process has accelerated by 3 times, but the rate of wear of the battery is also growing.

quickly, charge, smartphone, laptop

A similar function is not installed initially on the phone, as it has a number of disadvantages. The first is the uneven energy restoration. The user may note that on average only 50% of the charge are generated in 30 minutes, and then the process is much slower. Yes, and if the user gets used to fast charging, then the battery will begin to degrade faster.

quickly, charge, smartphone, laptop

Thus, Quick Charge is best used only with acute necessity, we recommend traditional ways of restoring charge. Show caution with non.original cables and when charging inexpensive mobile devices.

How to charge your phone in sleeping or with a laptop cover closed.

We all know that when the laptop is turned on (works), all USB ports receive power, and we can charge the phone by connecting them to the laptop. But what if you want to charge your phone when the laptop is turned off? That is, if you need to charge your iPhone or Android phone when your laptop is turned off or is in sleep mode?

As a rule, we charge our phones by connecting them to our computers. It works well if you work or play during charging. You probably noticed if you close the laptop cover or your computer has moved into sleep mode, your phone will stop charging.

You can charge your phone or any other USB device using a laptop, even when your laptop is turned off provided that your laptop supports this function. That is, not all laptops send power to USB ports when they are disconnected. The device turns off the battery, even if the phone remains connected to the laptop.

If your laptop supports this function, one or more USB ports on the laptop will continue to receive power even after turning off the laptop. Near the USB port there may be an icon indicating that the USB port receives power, even when the laptop is turned off. For example, ThinkPad 450S has an icon of the battery next to one of the USB ports on the left to indicate that it receives food even when the laptop does not work.

If none of the USB ports after turning off the laptop receives power, check the BIOS settings, usually BIOS has a settings to turn on and disconnect this function. You can also check the user manual for your laptop or contact the manufacturer to find out if your device has a USB ports when it does not work.

Here’s how you can continue charging a phone, even with a laptop closed or in a sleeping computer.

The method works in Windows 7, 8, 10.

Open the device manager, in the conductor, click the “This computer” with the right mouse button, select “Properties”, and click the “Device Manager” button on the left side of the window.

Find and expand the USB controllers section.

You will see several devices with the name of the “root USB concentrator”.

It is necessary to open properties in each “root USB concentrator”. In the properties window of a USB concentrator, go to the power supply control tab and remove the checkbox C “Allow the Determining of this Energy Equity”.

After you do this for everyone-devices of the “root USB concentrator”, you can charge the phone, even with a laptop closed or in sleep mode.

How to charge a phone from a laptop

Nowadays, portable devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, navigators, PDAs, and so on, are of great popularity. The main problem in working with them is the issue of recharging, since there is no way to recharge the device, since there is no outlet nearby.

5 Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster and Safer

Check if your phone model supports the possibility of charging via USB. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s website and read the characteristics of your mobile. For example, if you have a Samsung phone, go to the website http: // www.Samsung.COM/UA_ru/Consumer/Mobile-Phones/Mobile-Phones/Index.IDX?PageType = Type_P2. Most Nokia models do not support this function, but some models are an exception. A list of models that have this possibility: 3710 Fold, 5630 XPressMusic, 6500 Classic, 7900 Crystal Prism, 7900 Prism, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte, 8800 Carbon Arte, 8800 Gold Arte, 8800 Sapphire ARTE, E72, E75, N900. N97, n97 mini, x3.

Connect the phone using the cable to the USB USB connector of your laptop. On the phone, select the connection mode, for example, “Transfer of multimedia” or “Driver”. Next on the laptop screen, select the phone and open the conductor window. Look at the mobile screen and determine the charging indicator, whether your phone has begun to charge. Wait for the end of charging the phone from USB and disconnect the cable.

Use an additional battery for your portable computer, if you often have to charge the phone from the laptop, for example, on a train, a car. For example, connect an APC Universal Notebook Battle to it. This is a universal battery that is suitable for all laptops. It is an alternative option for extending the operating time for several hours, this device weighs 750 grams.

Laptop Hack (lighting up)

Consider when charging the phone from the laptop that the USB connector is able to provide only 500 mA charging currents, while the usual network charger feeds the phone with a current of about 800 mA. Therefore, the time of charging the phone from the computer will be greater than from the outlet.


Powerbank is an external battery for charging a smartphone. Although he does not always want to take him with you, but it is often worth it at hand. If the Pauerbank is high.quality, then it is definitely designed for quick charging. Let even the remaining capacity be enough for a smartphone charge at 50%, he will do it quickly.

True, a slightly used and seeing views of a smartphone from such an unexpected energy.capacity of Powerbank can be very hot. Therefore, it is better to monitor the process, not to let it go on its own, and even more so, do not put a smartphone when charging “under the pillow”, cover it, interfere with natural cooling.

High.quality charging wires

The native charger of a smartphone can be inaccessible for various reasons. In this case, they acquire a similar, but suitable in their parameters for a specific smartphone.

With a thick hose, there is always more water pressure, and so with charging mobile phones. About the wire up to 3 millimeters thick, it cannot be said that it complies with the parameters of the standard. The thick wire will allow you to pour more energy into the apparatus in a smaller period of time, and to be more accurate, then such a thick cable has less resistance, does not heat up, and most of the energy reaches the battery. And the stability of the power will be higher.

The thin wire charges poorly, the tension can jump during charging. So the thick high.quality cables of the purchased charger instead of the lost is not only charged faster, but also prolong the life of the smartphone.

What should not be done after the battery of the smartphone battery is over

It is worth disconnecting a smartphone from a charger of any type (native charging, computer port, Powerbank and the like) Field of the end of the charging process. No need to leave the smartphone connected to charging. There are security issues: there were even cases of deaths because of the use of smartphones connected to 220V, for example, in a bathroom where wet.

quickly, charge, smartphone, laptop

Immediately and issues of the safety of the battery of the smartphone. No matter how modern the technology for manufacturing batteries for a smartphone is, the constant connection of any battery to the charger shortens the life of the battery. She develops her entire resource faster. You have to change it to a new battery, nothing else helps. over, the new battery usually costs its owner for a significant amount of money. But it also serves much less than the native battery that stood in a once new device.

How to quickly charge your mobile phone

There are many tips on how to make the battery of the phone work longer, but not so many tips on how to charge the battery faster. These tips will come in handy when you eagerly suck on the outlet in the cafe or at the airport, when there are 30 minutes left before leaving the house, and the phone will be almost discharged. So, that’s how faster to charge the phone and any other mobile gadget.

Turn it off

When the gadget is turned on, it spends batteries energy. If you turn it off, then charging will go more vigorously. The introduction of the phone in the “Aircraft mode” also helps.

If you can’t stay without communication at all, then try not to use a smartphone while charging. In general, even the android shovel with a large screen can live for 3-4 days, if it is not to check Instagram on it and not correspond to Viber.

Use the charger

Apple’s official documentation says that the phone will charge faster not from a USB port, but from a charger coming in the kit. Logically it is worth assuming that every phone will charge so faster.

Do not overheat and not overcool

Batteries are charged longer and are faster discharged when overheating and hypothermia. Do not place the phone in the sun when charging and do not forget in the cold. Manufacturers call the ideal charge temperature 22 ° C. This is the usual room temperature in our area.

Optimization of charging by USB

If the charge of the phone on the USB from the computer is your only option, then stop the synchronization process that can begin immediately after connecting. This is a very energy.intensive process for the phone and the battery will be charged slowly.

Also, some types of PC when leaving for sleeping or in gibernation mode disconnect the current of USB ports and the phone may not be charged at the time when you think it does it. As for Mac laptops, they give current on USB and in sleep mode, but only if they are connected to the power source. If you are charging from an autonomous laptop, then remember that you need to keep it active, preventing it from falling asleep.

Battery care

Apple officially recommends that the iPhone battery is at least once a month:

For the correct functioning of the lithium-ion batteries, it is important to calibrate them. It is important to bring the battery to 100%at least once a month, and then discharge it until the phone is completely disconnected.

Charging from USB can be accelerated by half

The time required for charging gadgets from a USB port can be reduced by half and even four times. This requires only one small device called Chargedr, outwardly reminiscent of a flash drive or a small adapter.

Recharging devices through a USB port is very popular. This method of replenishing energy attracts with its simplicity and versatility, although it also has a pronounced drawback-due to the fact that the current issued by the USB-deposit differs in its characteristics from that which makes a charger of a particular gadget, a lot of battery charges from the USB. time or it becomes impossible at all. Gadget owners are forced to pour patience, and sometimes spend additional funds, for example, buy a voltage stabilizer Yekaterinburg or not to mention smaller settlements, cannot guarantee stable voltage in the mains of charging through a USB port if the power supply is a stationary source PC.

Fortunately, progress does not stand still, which, in this case, is expressed in the appearance of Chargedr-devices with a USB-deposit in the rear, where you need to insert a cable-adapter. Chargedr exchanges data with a gadget power control chip and adapts the outgoing current to its requirements. According to the developer, this procedure is absolutely harmless and allows you to reduce the charging time several times. So, to make up the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 battery, 350 minutes are required, through a USB port using Chargedr-only 250 minutes.