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WhatsApp on iPad. How to install? (instruction, video)

It’s no secret that in recent years, various services for communicating over the Internet, such as WhatsApp, Viber or iMessage, are gaining immense popularity. Traditionally, the most popular “messenger” is WhatsApp, mainly due to its availability on all popular platforms for mobile devices.

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is registration by phone number, but this also leads to difficulties in using the service on the iPad. In this article, we’ll show you how to get around the restrictions and start using WhatsApp on iPad.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

Surely, the first problem that iPad users have when installing WhatsAapp on iPad is the lack of a tablet version in the App Store. over, unlike other programs available for the iPhone, the application cannot be found when you turn on the display of programs only on the iPhone.

To get around all these obstacles, we will have to perform a few simple steps:

  • Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer and transfer to the iTunes Store section.
  • In it, find the WhatsApp program itself and download it to your computer.

After that, you need to resort to the help of a third-party program iFunBox (you can download it here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices, similar to iTunes.

  • Connect iPad to computer and make sure it is detected in iFunBox.
  • Click on the Install Application button and search for the WhatsApp installation.ipa file that was downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • After successful completion of the procedure, WhatsApp will appear on the iPad screen.

However, it will still not be possible to use the program on the iPad, since upon launch it will report that it is not intended to work on the tablet:

Now you need an iPhone on which either WhatsApp is not installed or has been removed. Please note that after deleting WhatsApp from iPhone during subsequent installation, you cannot restore a copy of the chat data from iCloud. A standard window for registering a number should appear on the phone.

After the application confirms your phone number and sends a message with a confirmation code in SMS, finish the setup and connect the iPhone to the computer running the iFunBox program.

  • Go to the Applications section and search for WhatsApp.
  • Copy Documents and Library folders from iPhone to Mac or Windows computer.
  • Disconnect iPhone.

Now reconnect your iPad to your computer and launch the iFunBox program. Similarly, go to the folder of the WhatsApp program and load the folders copied from the iPhone into it.

All that remains is to reload the program on the iPad and start using it.

Please note that WhatsApp will not work on both devices in parallel, messages will only be sent to the device on which WhatsApp was last used.

How to download and install WhatsApp on iPad

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What is WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp Messenger. messaging app. It uses internet connection (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or Wi-Fi as available) to friends / family / friends.

WhatsApp can only work on different types of phones like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others. And there is no official version for iPad / iPod. Have you ever asked, “Can I use WhatsApp on my iPad?”

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get WhatsApp to work on your iPad. Here’s how to download and install it for iPad.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

use WhatsApp Web on your iPad

You can visit the WhatsApp website in Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It will still work in Safari and Windows Edge. But there are still limitations of this service. not all WhatsApp features will be available.

Base notes: iPad doesn’t have a phone number, so you can’t register for an account.

Launch WhatsApp Web from iPad using Safari. Do the following:

How to get & use Whatsapp on your iPad

  • 1. Go to Safari on your iPad and download After that, you can see the home page of WhatsApp.
  • 2. Tap the URL, swipe down to access the “top drawer” of the favorites menu that appears when you enter a web address. Click Load Desktop.
  • 3. And then you can see a page displaying the WhatsApp web interface with a QR code that can match with your iPhone. At this time, you need to use your iPhone, go to Settings. WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code.
  • 4. You can find a page that will reload and display your posts or other information recently received.

There are some disadvantages with this method.

The browser is not officially supported by WhatsApp to prevent you from sending voice memos. The notification received by web browsers is not supported by iOS, and you cannot receive notification of incoming messages. Plus it still has more bugs.

get WhatsApp on iPad with iTunes and iFunBox

Note: If you are using a Mac, open Finder. Home. Music. iTunes. iTunes Media. Mobile applications. WhatsApp.ipa.

If you are using Windows, search for C :. Users. User. My music. iTunes. iTunes Media. Mobile applications WhatsApp.ipa

  • 5. Move WhatsApp.ipa to desktop
  • 6. It’s time to open iFunBox and click Install App
  • 7. Open the WhatsApp.ipa file
  • 8.iFunBox helps you install WhatsApp messenger on iPad
  • 9. Pick up your iPhone, if you have installed WhatsApp, you need to uninstall it
  • 10. Enter the iPhone numbers and check the text message code by following the process
  • 11. Connect your iPhone to your computer if you finish all of the above steps
  • 12. Find Custom iPhone Apps. WhatsApp. copies library and document files to the desktop
  • 13. Next step. get your iPhone off the computer and reconnect the iPad to the PC
  • 14. Find custom iPad apps. WhatsApp. delete document and library folder and copy two iPhone files from desktop. completion of their replacement
  • It’s all. WhatsApp has been successfully installed on iPad and you can test your app to see if it works or not.

    How to use WhatsApp on your iPad

    Does WhatsApp work on iPad? You may be surprised to know that it is possible to get WhatsApp on iPad. However, the way to do this is not straightforward. By default, WhatsApp Web does not work on iPad. However, there is a workaround that allows you to use it.

    By following these steps, you will be able to use WhatsApp on your iPad in no time. Please note that due to some of the inherent limitations of iPadOS, there are some things you cannot do. However, you will get the basic WhatsApp experience.

    How to get WhatsApp on iPad running iPadOS 13

    Visit the WhatsApp website on your iPad using the Safari browser. This is the URL for WhatsApp Web:

    You will see the QR code displayed on the site.

    On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp, tap the Settings icon, then tap WhatsApp Web.

    If you have an Android device, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, then click on “WhatsApp Web”.

    Step Click “Scan QR Code” on your phone, then scan the QR code on your iPad.

    Please note that there are some restrictions on using the WhatsApp website on iPad. We will list it for you here.

    • Due to the way iOS handles notifications, you won’t receive notifications from WhatsApp Web.
    • You will see contacts on your iPhone or Android device, not contacts on the iPad itself.
    • You can add a WhatsApp Web icon to your desktop. Do this by clicking the Share button and then Add to Home Screen. Please note, however, that this will open the WhatsApp website as a regular browser page and not as a full-screen web application.
    • Photos and media from your iPad can be transferred via WhatsApp Web. You can also save media to your iPad.
    • You can send and record voice memos from your iPad on WhatsApp website.

    Despite these limitations, most of the main features of WhatsApp are right here. You can still use incredibly handy features like font formatting.

    Using WhatsApp on iPad isn’t as easy as it should be. However, you should be able to do it with these steps.

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    How to install WhatsApp on iPad (finally!)

    The popular messenger WhatsApp turns nine this year. The monthly active audience of the service has more than one billion people.

    But in. who owns the messenger are in no hurry to expand their client base. WhatsApp is available for Android smartphones, iPhones, Windows and macOS-compatible laptops and computers, but still cannot be installed on iPads.

    Officially not. But there is an unofficial way to launch WhatsApp on iPad, and we will tell you about it today.

    Why do I need WhatsApp on iPad

    For many, iPad is more than just a device for watching videos, playing games and reading. A number of users use the tablet as a work tool.

    During correspondence in the messenger, it is very inconvenient to be constantly distracted by a smartphone. Agree, it is much more convenient to receive notifications directly on iPad.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad

    Note: This method provides for the installation of an unofficial WhatsApp client and we do not undertake to guarantee the security and confidentiality of correspondence.

    On iPad, open the Safari browser and go to

    Click on the “Download App” button. An icon with a loading TweakBox application will appear on the Springboard.

    Wait for the download to finish. During installation, TwekBox will ask for permission to install the profile. Select “Install” and enter your master password.

    If such a request does not appear, go to Settings. Profiles and select “Trust this application” in the TweakBox settings.

    After finishing the installation, launch TweakBox and go to the Apps tab. Tweaked Apps.

    Install the Watusi app. After the installation is complete, the long-awaited WhatsApp messenger will appear on the screen.

    Run the application, enter your phone number and enter the verification code. A few seconds, and the setup of WhatsApp on iPad can be considered complete.

    Of the obvious disadvantages of this installation method, there remains the lack of proper adaptation of the messenger to the iPad screen and the periodically appearing advertising strip.

    On the other hand, today this is the only way to launch WhatsApp on iPad until she herself decides to release a full-fledged client.

    How to make calls from iPad?

    How to use iPhone (Cellular) on iPad

    In order to call a specific number, you need to launch the FaceTime application, enter the phone number in the search field and click “Call”. To accept a call on the iPad, you just need to move the slider in the incoming call window in the traditional iPhone way.

    Is it possible to download WhatsApp on iPad?

    WhatsApp is available for Android smartphones, iPhones, Windows and macOS-compatible laptops and computers, but it still cannot be installed on iPads. Officially it is impossible.

    How to make calls from WhatsApp to iPad?

    To do this, go to the messenger settings, the WhatsApp Web item. Scan QR code. Now all contacts and correspondence available on the phone will appear on the tablet. It turns out that you can use the messenger on the iPad only when there is a phone with this messenger nearby, and the phone should always be on-line.

    How to Install 2 WhatsApp on iPhone?

    • We go to the settings of your iPhone and go to the “General” section. Select the item “Device Management” and click on the inscription “FoxtoCo. LTD ”.
    • The next step is to open TuTuApp and select WhatsAppGold or its analogue WhatsApp in the list of applications.
    • Install one of the programs.

    How to install whats app on iPad?

    Connect your iPad to your computer and make sure it is detected in the iFunBox. Click on the Install application button and search for the installation file. ipa of WhatsApp, which was downloaded from the iTunes Store. After successful completion of the procedure, WhatsApp will appear on the iPad screen.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4?

    Download the application of interest in the iTunes Store for this iPhone model. Then, we launch iFunBox on the PC and connect the device to the program. Click on the “Install” icon, find the WhatsApp installation wizard and click on the “Open” or “Install” button.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch without jailbreak [instructions]

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers on the iOS platform. Unfortunately, the program is officially available only for iPhone smartphones. Our guide to installing WhatsApp on iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak will help solve this problem.

    In the process of installing WhatsApp on iPad and iPod touch, you need a computer and an Apple smartphone to register the application. The procedure for tablets and players is absolutely identical. You can use a computer running OS X or Windows. the differences between platforms are minor. So let’s get started.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch without jailbreak

    Download iFunBox for your operating system. The program is available on the developers website

    Launch iTunes and download the official WhatsApp app from the App Store.

    Open the folder with the IPA file of the application on the computer and transfer the file to the desktop.

    / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Applications /.

  • On Windows, look for ipa files here: C: \ Users \ Username \ My Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications \.
  • Connect your iPad or iPod touch to your computer and launch iFunBox.

    Click the Install App button on the top panel and in the window that opens, specify the WhatsApp IPA file from the desktop, click the Open button.

    At this step, the application will download WhatsApp to your gadget, but before using the program, you must first activate it.

    Launch WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch and activate the app via SMS on your iPhone.

    Now connect the iPhone with the activated version of WhatsApp to the computer.

    Start iFunBox. In the left pane, select the smartphone, the User Application section, and on the right. WhatsApp.

    Copy the Documents and Library folders to your desktop.

    Disconnect iPhone from computer and connect iPad or iPod touch with WhatsApp installed.

    Return to the iFunBox. In the left pane, select a tablet or player, the User Application section, and on the right. WhatsApp.

    Delete the two folders Documents and Library and copy here the Documents and Library folders from the desktop.

    Launch WhatsApp on your iPad or iPod touch.

    If you have a jailbroken iPad, just install the WhatsPad tweak. With its help, any tablet owner can effortlessly use all the advantages of the popular messenger.

    Update 1: Method tested and guaranteed to work for iOS 7.

    Update 2: Method tested and guaranteed to work for iOS 7.1.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch with jailbreak

    Until now, the WhatsApp developers have not released the megapopular messenger client for the iPad or iPod touch. Why can’t developers follow Viber’s lead? In this article, we will tell you how to fix this injustice and install WhatsApp on these devices using a tweak from Cydia called WhatsPad.

    To install the messenger, you need a jailbroken iPad or iPod touch, PC or Mac and a sync cable.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch with jailbreak?

    Open Cydia on iPad or iPod touch and go to the Search tab.

    Find the WhatsPad tweak distributed through the BigBoss repository. Install it. The tweak for download is available absolutely free.

    Download and install the free iFunBox file manager for PC or Mac.

    Connect iPad or iPod touch to PC or Mac via USB cable.

    Launch iTunes and go to the App Store tab. Find the WhatsApp app and download it on your PC or Mac.

    Open iFunBox and click the Install App button.

    • for Windows: C: \ Users \ Username \ My Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications \;
    • for OS X:

    / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Applications /.

    and click the “Open” button, after which the process of installing the application on the iOS device will begin.

    After completing the installation process, safely launch the WhatsPad Cydia app on your iPad or iPod touch. On first launch, just like on iPhone, you will need to enter a valid mobile phone number.

    How to Install WhatsApp on iPad? Get WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak (2021)

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad

    If you search the App Store for the official WhatsApp iPad app, you won’t find anything. For some reason, the company still hasn’t released an iPad version of WhatsApp. Accordingly, on the tablet you will have to use either the WhatsApp web client or a third-party application.

    Best WhatsApp App for iPad?

    We’ve finally found the best WhatsApp app for iPad. ChatMate adds a familiar application interface to the web client. There are tons of different WhatsApp apps for iPad, but most of them are bad. They just provide the web interface of the messenger in an awkward and ugly design.

    In addition, almost all of these apps contain ads. And due to the fact that the applications are based on the website, sometimes even the chat opens with only 3 or 4 attempts. This does not apply to ChatMate.

    If you seriously want to use WhatsApp on your iPad, the 229 is worth paying. And download ChatMate. The application works very well and is a pleasure to use.

    It is based on everything that is in the WhatsApp web client. The app essentially displays all the data from WhatsApp on your iPhone. Open the app, scan the QR code and you’re done! Now, just put your iPhone down and keep texting on iPad. And yes, ChatMate supports Split View and Slide Over on iPad.

    The application has no ads, it loads quickly and does not freeze when switching between dialogs.

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    In addition, it also has additional functions. Dark Mode looks amazing on iPad Pro with Retina display. You can also protect the app with Touch ID. In the settings, you can change the font size, change the background, and more. The application supports notifications, you can send voice messages, photos, documents, and view WhatsApp status.

    It is unknown when the official WhatsApp iPad app will be released. It’s worth noting that in order to use WhatsApp on a tablet, you still need a phone. Fortunately, there is ChatMate, which is almost exactly the same as the official app.


    This method allows you to quickly install the application, however, jailbreaking the tablet will void the right to warranty service. The jailbreak procedure reflashes the device by adding the BigBoss repository. Launch the utility, select WhatsApp from the list of proposed programs. Click the “Install” button.

    WhatsApp on iPad without iPhone using Cydia Impactor

    Installing the application in this way is done as follows:

    • Download the WhatsPad installation file to your computer. To complete the installation download Cydia Impactor.
    • Synchronize the laptop with the tablet. Open the previously downloaded utility. After that, you need to put the cursor on the WhatsPad icon, press the left mouse button, move the shortcut to the Cydia Impactor working field.
    • Enter your Apple ID and password. After that, the process of installing “Watsap” will begin. The corresponding icon appears on the screen.
    • Before opening WhatsApp, set up a profile. Do this using the device control section of the tablet settings menu.
    • Open the profile, allow all actions. Return to the desktop, open the messenger.

    How to download and install “WhatsApp” on iPad

    You can install “WhatsApp” on “iPad” using auxiliary software.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad

    “WhatsApp” is a popular communication application. It allows you to create single or group chats, make audio calls or share files. The messenger is not supported by some devices and operating systems, so it can be difficult to install WhatsApp for iPad.

    Using WhatsApp Web on the iPad

    WhatsApp Web can be opened using any browser, but in this case, you need to synchronize the “iPad” with your phone. The use of the desktop version of the application is possible provided that the operating system iOS 8 2 is installed. The program is used as follows:

    • Open a browser. Enter into the address bar.
    • The WhatsApp window will open. After that, the application is launched on the smartphone. In the upper right corner, click on the menu icon. In the “Settings” section, select the item WhatsApp Web.
    • They bring the smartphone camera to the QR code, wait for the completion of the reading procedure. After that, you can send messages, audio and video, change status, view friends’ profiles.

    WhatsApp for iPad mini via iFunbox

    The Russified version of WhatsApp for iPad mini is also installed on laptops running on Mac OS. The messaging app is loaded like this:

    • Download the version of “Vatsap” designed for “iPad mini”.
    • Install the iFunbox utility by downloading it from the official website of the developers.
    • Find the “WhatsApp” file that has the ipa extension. They are trying to install the application on the device. An error message appears.
    • Remove iFunbox. Download the same program to the “iPhone”.
    • Open “WhatsApp” on a tablet, register by entering a phone number and a verification code.
    • Synchronize the “iPad” with the smartphone. Copies the Library and Documents folders to the desktop. Set up a profile in the messenger.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers, the audience of which has already exceeded a billion users and is growing every day. Its popularity is due to its convenient, simple interface and the absence of the need to pay for each message or file sent.

    Many users do not want to be limited to installing WhatsApp on their smartphone. So, it is convenient to have your favorite application on the tablet, especially when the phone is either not at hand, or it is discharged. The developers have optimized WhatsApp for use on Android and iOS smartphones, but installation on tablets with the same operating systems is problematic. So, it will not be possible to download WhatsApp for ipad from the App Store, as is the case with the iPhone, but this problem can be solved using a computer and a phone for free.

    Installing WhatsApp on ipad

    To download and install WhatsApp on ipad and ipad mini, just go through a few steps: 1. Download iTunes from the official website and enter WhatsApp Messenger in the search bar. Open the required application and click “download”. We are waiting for the file to download completely. The download status can be seen in the upper right corner of the interface.

    We open the location of the file and for the convenience of further use we transfer it to the desktop or to a separate folder.

    Download the program from the website, with which we will transfer WhatsApp from computer to iPad.

    We connect the iPad to the computer and launch the i-funbox program. In the top line, click Install App and open the application file with the IPA extension from the desktop or folder. After that, WhatsApp will load on the ipad, but it is still impossible to work with it.

    The next step is to activate WhatsApp using iPhone.

    To do this, you need to use a smartphone that does not have the application installed, or uninstall it. Download WhatsApp from the App Store and go through the standard settings. The last step is to enter the confirmation code and immediately connect the iPhone to the computer where the i-funbox program is running.

    Open the “Applications from the App Store” section and copy the Documents and Library folders to your computer.

    Disconnect the iPhone from the PC and reconnect the iPad or iPad mini. Open the same section, select WhatsApp and delete the Documents and Library folders. We copy in their place taken from the iPhone, thus getting all the necessary components. Since the phone number is activated, the files transferred from the smartphone to the tablet will be able to ensure the full functioning of the application.

    Now after clicking on the application icon on the ipad, it will open and work without any errors.


    • after downloading TweakBox from the official site, press the “Install” button;
    • enter the password, press the “Finish” button;
    • open the “Settings” on the tablet, go to the “Basic” item and look for the line “Shenzhen Span Logistiks Limited IEAP”;
    • tap on it, press the “Trust” button;
    • launch TweakBox, agree to the terms of the user agreement;
    • select the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen, tap on the “Tweaked Apps” item in the submenu;
    • a list will appear in which we are looking for the line “Watusi for WhatsApp”, install this application in Russian;
    • all that remains is to go through the launch of the messenger and go through the registration procedure. You don’t need an iPhone for this, but you will have to get a separate SIM card for your tablet.


    When using this utility, you need an iPhone to install WhatsApp on iPad, as the application activation procedure will require backing up your files. You can’t do without a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

    • if iTunes is not yet installed on your computer, download the program and install it;
    • we are looking for a WhatsApp file with the ipa extension in the downloads folder. The name of the installer may contain numbers indicating the version of the messenger;
    • download i-FunBox to the tablet, install and activate the utility;
    • we connect the iPad to the computer via a USB cable;
    • copy the WhatsApp installer to the tablet, install the application;
    • the installer, after the end of the installation procedure, will inform you that the iPad is not supported by the messenger, but we already know that;
    • we transfer the Documents and Library folders along with the contents from the smartphone to the tablet, but this cannot be done directly, you will need to use the computer again as an intermediary;
    • after completing the procedure for backing up chats from your smartphone, you can start using the messenger on your tablet.

    Once launched, WhatsApp will be able to read the data present in the root directory, which will help it become a full-fledged application on your tablet.

    Ways to Install WhatsApp on iPad

    Messenger programs for mobile devices are very popular, providing users with the opportunity not only to exchange messages, but also to make calls, send media data and perform many other operations. The cross-platform WhatsApp application is undoubtedly one of the most popular programs in this category, as evidenced by the statistics. It is estimated that about 30 billion messages are sent through this messenger every year. The developer of the application keeps secret the data on the number of registered active users, but, according to experts, this is about 300 million people, representing over 120 countries.

    The direct competitor of the product is the equally well-known Viber, but the supporters of the latter have no problems installing the application on Apple tablets. But WhatsApp, despite its focus on mobile devices and the declared cross-platform, does not have such an opportunity, so the question of how to install WhatsApp on an iPad tablet is quite relevant.

    Cydia Impactor

    The purpose of this utility is the same. the ability to install applications on devices running under iOS, if it is impossible to install them through the AppStore.

    Although we won’t need a smartphone here either, we won’t be able to install WhatsApp on iPad without a computer. Another prerequisite is the presence of iTunes installed on the PC, and the latest version of the program is required. You can download it directly from the developer’s website. Now you need to find and download the WhatsApp installer (file with the IPA extension) to your tablet, as well as the Cydia Impactor installer. Install the last program immediately.

    • go to, enter your account. Go to the settings, go to the “Security” tab, select the “Application passwords” section and tap on the “Create password” button;
    • enter a name for the password, and after clicking on the “Create” button, it will be automatically generated by the program;
    • launch Cydia Impactor, then connect the tablet to the PC. A small menu will appear in the Cydia application, select the “Newly connected device” item;
    • open the directory with the WhatsApp installer, transfer it to Cydia Impactor, press the “Start” button;
    • in the window that opens, enter your Apple ID and password generated by the site.
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    Before you can start using the app, you need to activate the trust feature on your tablet. This is done as follows:

    • go to “Settings”, select the sub-item “Basic”;
    • go to the “Profiles, device management” tab;
    • we are looking for the subsection “developer software”, in which your Apple ID will be displayed, tap on it;
    • click on the “Trust” button twice.

    It is advisable to restart the device after the messenger icon appears on the tablet desktop.

    Web version

    This is the simplest, most legal, but definitely not the most comfortable method from the point of view of using the messenger. In principle, many desktop PC users use this method, but it cannot be called the most successful.

    Launching the web version of WhatsApp is really easy using the system browser, but compared to a standalone product, it has many drawbacks that will make it difficult to use the communicator. So, in the web version, double-tapping leads to the operation of the zoom, and there are many such trifles. But you don’t have to jailbreak it. True, you won’t be able to turn on the messenger just like that, even this method requires a smartphone with a registered account.

    So, how to launch the web version of WhatsApp:

    • go to the messenger on the iPhone;
    • open the last tab (it is located at the bottom right);
    • tap on the button in the form of a QR code located at the top right;
    • a QR code scanner will appear on the screen;
    • on a tablet in a browser, open the WhatsApp website and click on the login button;
    • a QR code scanner will open;
    • use your smartphone to read the issued QR code, then sync both devices.

    This will allow you to log into your account and legally use the messenger on the iPad. The functionality will be almost the same as in a full-fledged application, but still stripped down. It is worth turning on notifications right away, because without this, new messages will go unnoticed.

    Ways to Install WhatsApp on iPad

    Let’s take a look at the main ways to install WhatsApp on an iPad, from legal to Apple policy.

    Is it possible to put WhatsApp on iPad

    By and large, this messenger is not inferior to Viber in its capabilities, and in some positions it surpasses it. But the lack of a version for installation on the iPad is considered by many to be the main drawback of this popular application.

    Why there is no version of WhatsApp for iPad, the application developer does not say. There is no official information on this from Apple either. They say that the reason is the lack of specialists responsible for promoting the messenger on this platform, and the company is currently recruiting personnel. There are also rumors that development is already underway, but 2021 is on the nose, and there is no mention of a possible date for the appearance of an option for the iPad. So when WhatsApp for iPad comes out, we can only guess and guess.

    Many consider the version with a shortage of qualified personnel unlikely, since the amateur version of the messenger, as well as the phone version, installed “correctly”, works flawlessly on the apple tablet. This means that any hardware limitations have nothing to do with it, like the version of the operating system.

    Consequently, the question of whether there is a version of WhatsApp for iPad hangs in the air: officially. no, but the possibility of installing the application exists, and even without an iPhone, without an Apple Mac, without the need to use a jailbreak.

    Of course, trying to install WhatsApp on a tablet from the App Store will fail. To achieve what you want, you will have to use a number of manipulations, which we will talk about. Should you try? Of course, because working on a big screen is many times more comfortable, including with messages.

    Cydia Impactor

    A utility similar to TweakBox using Sideload technology. It assumes that having a paid developer account, the user can download and install applications bypassing the App Store.

    First, we need to install the program on the computer and download the file with the IPA extension (the format used for archiving programs and games for Apple devices).

    Before installing Cydia, make sure you already have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

    Please note that some applications and their versions may not work correctly (crash, slow down, etc.). If you have problems, try downloading a newer IPA file.

    Before working with Sidia, we need to generate a special password.

    • Go to the Apple website and enter your Apple ID login / password.
    • In the opened window of the “Application password” section, click “Create password”. Enter any name for the shortcut and click “Create”.

    WhatsApp installation process in Cydia Impactor

      Open Sidia and connect the iPad to your computer. In the Cydia window, select the device you just connected. Transfer the IPA file to the program window and click “Start”.

    In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID login and click “OK”.

    Enter the password generated on the Apple website.

  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Before opening the application, you must enable the trust function in the iPad settings.

      Open the settings, go to “General”. “Profiles and controls. device “.

    In the “Developer Software” section, find your Apple ID and tap on it.

    Now the user can find the WhatsApp icon on the desktop and use it. Unfortunately, the app is not adapted for iPad.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad

    Today WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers that allows you to exchange messages, photos, videos and documents. Especially often this application is used on smartphones and tablets for greater mobility.

    Web version

    Almost all popular instant messengers have their own web version, which can be viewed through any browser. All basic functions for working with dialogs, files and documents are the same as on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the user will not receive notifications about new messages, which some will not like.

      Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the WhatsApp web site. Click the Share icon on the top bar. Then click “Full Site”.

    The next window will contain a QR code. It needs to be scanned through a phone that has WhatsApp installed and an active profile.

    Take your phone, go to the app and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Scan the code displayed on the iPad.

    The open tab on the iPad will be updated and the user will see all the usual functionality of the mobile messenger on the tablet screen.

    The advantage of this method is that the web version is convenient to use, since the image is adapted to the iPad screen.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad


    Using TweakBox, iPhone and iPad owners can download and install various mods and applications that cannot be run on this device or are not available in the App Store. TweekBox works without jailbreak the system, being its alternative. TweakBox uses developer tools for its work.

    It is worth noting that with this application, the user will receive an unofficial WhatsApp client. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality and security of correspondence, as well as the safety of data.

    First, download, install and configure TweekBox correctly, as its normal performance depends on it.

    Select “Allow” to go to profile setting.

    In the window that opens, click “Install” and enter the password to confirm.

    Tap “Install” and then “Finish” to exit the settings.

    Go to “General”. “Shenzhen Span Logistics Limited IEAP”.

    Press “Trust” and then again a similar button. We have completed the initial TweakBox setup.

    Now let’s move on to the installation of Wotsap itself.

      Open the downloaded and configured TweakBox app.

    Agree to the privacy policy with the “I accept” option.

    Scroll down the list and find “Watusi for WhatsApp“. Click on it.

    Tap on the “Install” button. Confirm the installation by choosing the appropriate option.

    Find the WhatsApp icon on your desktop and click on it. You will see the standard initial setup of your profile with a phone number entered.

    After installing and activating the application, the user will receive message notifications even on the locked screen. However, this unofficial WhatsApp client has several drawbacks: the presence of ads in the messenger and the lack of adaptation to the large iPad screen.


    It is easiest to install applications on jailbroken Apple devices bypassing the App Store. This can be done through such file managers as iTools, iFunBox and iMazing. For more information on how to use them to download IPA files to your device, we talked in Method 5 of the next article.

    So, in the article we have covered all the ways to install the WhatsApp application on the iPad. This can be done both through the standard App Store and using third-party programs.

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