How to change the system date and time

Often we are faced with the need to change the system time and date. For example, when moving on the summer or traveling to the locality with another time zone. To date, the transition to summer in Russia is canceled. If the automatic transition for summer time is still produced, you need to remove the checkbox in the date and time settings “Automatic transition for summer time and back”. However, the operating systems of many users are not updated, there is no such check mark in the settings and this transition is carried out automatically.

Date settings can also be changed by users when traversing control licenses if they are tied to the date, as well as when using VPN. In this article, consider some ways to change the system dates and time.

For experienced users: Command line on behalf of the administrator

To set up time, via the command line, run it with administrator rights. In the Start menu, in the “Utilities Windows” section, click on the “Command Line” label Right-click. Next, select “Advanced”. “Run on the name of the administrator”.In the command-line console, enter the command (you can copy and paste) TIME: HH: MM. Instead of “HH” you need to specify a number indicating the clock, and “MM” means moments. Press Enter confirmation key. Time in the system will be changed.


The easiest way to set the correct time is to go to the settings window from the context menu (trait). To do this, right-click on the clock in the taskbar (in the lower right corner of the screen) and select the appropriate item.You will then find a dialog box similar to the above in which you can enter the required parameters.When working with time settings, always pay attention to the time zone. Maybe it is installed wrong? Precisely because of this and may occur in the OS. If the clock is knocked down after each restart of the computer, you should replace the power battery on the motherboard. 18 01 2019

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3 How to change the time format and date

If you want, you can change the date and time format in Windows 10. This will change the way to display time and date on the computer.

  • Go to the time and language parameters.
  • On the next screen, click the date and time in the side menu on the left. On the right pane, click Additional Date and Time Parameters, Regional Settings.
  • On the next screen, scroll down and click on the link change date, time and numbers.
  • On the next screen, you can change the time display format and date on your computer.

How to change the time on the computer

The time on the computer screen is shown in the lower right corner of the screen, and the fact that the clock shows the time constantly very convenient for work. Sometimes you have to change the time settings, especially when moving from winter time and vice versa, from summer on winter. In addition, the recent time is often changing, all this requires changing the date and time settings.

Change the time on the computer, you can click on the clock, which are in the extreme right of the string “Start”. At the same time, the computer will display the calendar, look into which is sometimes necessary, and the dial with arrows. In this window you need to click on the “Changing the date and time settings”. the “Date Time” window opens.

In the window that opens, you can change the date and time and set the time zone settings. After the next decree on the translation of the shooter, the time on my computer began to be periodically stopped: a few days after installation, the clock began to go for one hour ahead. After changing the time zone, this problem no longer manifested itself.

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Why did the watch showed incorrect time? It turns out in Windows 7, computer clock is synchronized with the Internet. The “Time On the Internet” tab can be found in the Date and Time window, where the computer is configured to synchronize with what site. You can change the synchronization settings by clicking on the corresponding “Edit Settings” button, and you can turn off the synchronization by removing the checkbox in the window that opens.

The “Additional Watch” tab allows you to customize the clock in another time zone, it will be necessary when, for example, you need to have time to connect to a remote seminar (webinar), which are usually held for Moscow time, or have time to start trading on the stock exchange if you are engaged in Internet Trading.

Thus, the calendar and watches are hiding in the lower right corner of the screen. All date and time settings are available when you click on the clock. The clock on the computer is not required to constantly check and bring the arrows, as they are synchronized with the Internet over the Internet.

Change dates and time through the control panel

In Windows 10, the control panel still remains and can also be used to change the date and time. In order to open the control panel, you can click the Windows-R key combination and execute the “Control” command.

Next, you need to open the section “Clock and Region. Date and Time”.

As a result, you will appear in front of the date and time settings. Here, first of all, you need to disable time synchronization with the Internet. To do this, go to the “Time on the Internet” tab, click on the “Change Parameters” button and turn off the “Synchronize with the time server on the Internet”. We also do not forget to save the settings by pressing the “OK” button.

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Further return to the “Date and Time” window and open the first tab. Here you need to click on the “Change Date and Time” button, after which the window will open in which you can specify the desired time and date.

After changing the time, close all windows by pressing the “OK” button.

How to configure the date and time in the system parameters?

To configure the date and time you need to go to the “Start” menu select “Parameters” or use the simultaneous press of the “WinI” keys. Click on the “Time and Language” icon

For manual administration of the date and time you need to disable the setting “Set the time automatically”

Make the current date and time and click on the “Edit” button

Sex battery CMOS

Do not everyone know that in any computer and laptop there is a special battery that is responsible for saving PC settings when it is turned off. Among these settings there are and setting up dates / time.

Cause CMOS Checksum Error Defaults. Sex Battery

If you have after the night shutdown to the computer, the date and time are knocked down, then most likely the problem with the battery. It needs to be changed. Very often, this is accompanied by the inscription “CMOS Checksum Bad” when turned on.

With a third-party program

A variety of programs have been developed to work with time. For example, you can use the free ATOMIC CLOCK SYNC. Download its free version, weighing less than megabyte, from the official site. https: // www.worldtimeserver.COM / ATOMIC-CLOCK /.

In the main program of the program you can always see the most accurate time. In an additional tab, you can manually change the gap, after which the time on the computer will be synchronized with the world.

Atomic Clock Sync you can find out the exact time