Create iPhone Ringtone with iTunes

Having dealt with the installation of iTunes, let’s start creating a ringtone. Stock up in advance with the very melody (in MP3 format) that you want to hear during an incoming call, you need to take care of this in advance.

If your iTunes library already has an MP3 music file from which you plan to make a ringtone, then you can skip step: 1. 2. 3, if iTunes is still empty, then we do it.

In the open iTunes program, select the section. Music (1). Here, in the left side panel, for convenience, go to the subsection. Songs (2). If your iTunes does not have a panel on the left, then you can turn it on, as it is written. here.

Now, in the computer, we are looking for our music file in MP3 format, grab it with the mouse and drag it to the music library with songs (3).

Our music file has appeared in your iTunes library. Now click on it with the right mouse button and select. Information (4).

In the window that opens, we are looking for. Parameters. We expose, the beginning is 0:00, the end is 0:30 and press OK. Thus, the length of our iPhone ringtone will be 30 seconds. I tried to make a ringtone with a duration of 3 minutes, iTunes did not miss it, gave the following:

“The ringtone was not copied to the iPhone because the duration is too long.”.

Therefore, 30 seconds is the best option.

We select our music track by clicking on the file in iTunes with the mouse, the track is highlighted in blue. Now we are looking for a tab:

  • File. Convert. Create AAC Version

I don’t know why Apple hid this function so far, it used to be easier. right-clicked on the file and converted, now the conversion path has become a little longer.

In a couple of seconds, we get our 30 second file, with the same name as the original file. Right-click on this 30-second melody and select Show in Windows Explorer (Show in Finder, Mac OS users press).

In the window that opens, we see our ringtone file, but still in M4A format, rename the M4A extension to the M4R extension. If you have any difficulties with renaming an extension or the extension is not displayed, then take a look at the instructions. “Features of renaming M4A to M4R”.

How To Make Custom Ringtones On Iphone 11

If you are not comfortable creating ringtones in iTunes, then you can use the following services and programs:

Then you can use the second part of this manual to sync these ringtones to your Apple iPhone.

Instructions for downloading ringtones to iPhone. iTunes 12

Ringtones for iPhone have not lost their relevance, because changing the ringtone brings a little variety to our everyday life. I decided the other day to create a new melody for myself and put it on the iPhone ring, but it turned out that the updated iTunes has small changes in the interface, which made the task a little more complicated. If you make and install ringtones in outdated versions of iTunes, then read the instructions here. “How to make a free ringtone for iPhone”. Well, we will understand the 12th version of Tuna.

For convenience, the instructions were made from two sections:

It is not necessary to have an Apple ID to create your own ringtones in iTunes, even if you just bought an iPhone and did not manage to get an ID, then you can download ringtones, like music. If you also decided to make your own iPhone ringtone, then you need to download and install the iTunes program on your computer, if you have not already done this, then keep a few step-by-step instructions:

Before you start, connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure there is a check mark in iTunes. Process music and videos manually.

Putting the ringtone on the iPhone

The renamed ringtone in M4R format is our created ringtone for iPhone. In fact, the ringtone is ready, now you need to put it in the iPhone by syncing.

Using the mouse, grab the finished M4R file, pull it into iTunes and release it directly into the program. Before that, it is advisable to transfer this ringtone to some of your own folder (and already pull it from it to iTunes), since it may still be useful in the future. There is another way how you can add ringtones to iTunes. read more here.

To make sure that the M4R ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes, do the following: at the top of the program, where we had the “Music” section, click and select “Sounds”. If there is no “Sounds” section, then in the same context menu, from the bottom, click. “Edit menu”, tick the “Sounds” checkbox and click Finish.

In iTunes 12.7, the developers removed the Edit Menu button, so some users may not be able to enable the Sounds section. Ringtone is now added to iTunes by drag and drop M4r ringtone. You can drag the ringtone. like this.

Once in the Sounds section, we should see our 30 second file. If we see it, and it is there, then the ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes. Sometimes, despite the correct steps above, the ringtone does not appear in the Sounds section, it happened in iTunes under MacOS, the removal of a 30-second file from the Songs section, which apparently somehow interfered with the M4R download, helped. But when deleting this file, you need to select the button. Leave File.

If your ringtone in M4R format does not appear in Sounds, then there may be problems with the original MP3 music file, in which case try other MP3 music files. Or try to make a ringtone not in iTunes, but with the help of other services and the links to which we indicated above in the text.

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If ringtones appeared in iTunes, in the Sounds section, then put them on the iPhone:

  • We take a USB cable, use it to connect the iPhone to the computer. In the top bar of the iTunes program, click on the iPhone icon that appears
  • In the left sidebar under the iPhone itself, click the section. Sounds
  • Check the box. Synchronize sounds
  • Choose: All Sounds or Selective Sounds
  • At the bottom of iTunes, click. Apply or Sync

A faster way to sync ringtones in iTunes is shown clearly. here, alternative sync not in iTunes here. Ringtones and i-FunBox.

We are waiting for all the stages of synchronization to pass, and iTunes will write the ringtone to the iPhone. Then we take the phone, go to Settings. Sounds. Ringtone, and we see our very first ringtone in the list.

If you want to turn on the iPhone backlight flashes on an incoming call, which will accompany your melody, then read the flash manual.

If you decide to delete ringtones from the iPhone, then we read. here. Well, if you still have questions about ringtones for iPhone or you want the same beautiful ringtone name as in the last picture, then welcome to our. “Questions and answers on ringtones for iPhone”.

How to Set Ringtone on iPhone in iTunes 11

ringtone, iphone

With the release of iTunes 11, the way of adding your own ringtones to iPhone has changed, now this task has become a little more complicated and we will tell you how to install ringtones now.

Attention! Adding ringtones to iPhone is explained using Mac OS. We hope you won’t have any problems if you are using Windows.

First, you must download or create a ringtone no longer than 39 seconds using any program from the AppStore. To create a ringtone, I used the Pimp Your Sound program, you can download it here.

ringtone, iphone

If you already have a ready-made ringtone, skip this step. After we have created the ringtone, we connect the iPhone to iTunes. Go to the “Programs” tab and in the “Shared files” section click on the application icon with which we cut the song. A file of the “m4r” format will appear in the right column.

ringtone, iphone

Now we need to create a folder in which we will save ringtones. Find the iTunes Media folder on your computer, on Mac you can find it along the path: Finder → Music → iTunes → iTunes Media. In it, create a folder called Tones.

ringtone, iphone

We return to iTunes, select the file I wrote about earlier, click “Save to” and save the ringtone in the Tones folder, or simply transfer the music file to this folder, if you did not create a ringtone using the iPhone program.

ringtone, iphone

In iTunes go to the Library, select the “Sounds” section.

If you do not see the “Sounds” section in you, then you need to go to the iTunes settings and in the “Basic” window put a checkmark in front of the item we need.

Now in the status bar, click “File” → “Add to Library”, find the Tones folder and select the previously saved file. The ringtone has now been added to your iTunes library.

We return to your iPhone in the “Sounds” section and select the ringtone that we are going to download to the iPhone. Now you can sync your device with your iTunes library.

You can set the ringtone you created for a call in the phone settings.

Create ringtone for iPhone 5 and other generations

To create your own inbox melody, you must:

  • first of all, we activate the iTunes application on the PC;
  • then we simultaneously hold down the 2nd Ctrl S buttons in order to “pop up” the side menu:
  • in the window that appears, click on the item “Music”, then another window appears, where you will need to copy the selected track;
  • select a new song and right-click, select “Options” in the context menu;
  • a window appears again, where we mark the lines “Start” and “Stop time”, in the last paragraph, mark half a minute and click OK:
  • select the edited audio, right-click on it, and select the item to change the format, convert to ACC:

ringtone, iphone

  • select a new file and send it to the desktop;
  • now you need to perform some actions for the PC to show all the adjusted objects. In this case, the iTunes application directory is used. through the control panel you will need to go to the “Explorer Options” (folders):
  • Further, on the “View” tab, we find a line that helps to hide extensions for registered types of files and uncheck the box next to it:
  • go to the Desktop, look for a previously saved composition, and rename. change the extension from “aac” to “m4r”.

After all this, you should go back to the application and select the “Sounds” sub-item in the window on the right side, transfer the changed audio from the previous place to the window that appears. Then you can connect your iPhone to the program and sync. The ringtone will be added to your device, all you have to do is set it as a ringtone. I’ll tell you about this below.

Other options

There are a few more methods to download the music of your choice. To do this, you will have to use file managers that allow you to upload objects without synchronizing with the iTunes application. For example, iFunBox software can be used. In order to use it, you first need to install the utility on your computer and run it. After that, the main interface opens, then:

  • click on the “Quick Toolbox” tab at the top;
  • in the file import section, select the Rington icon;
  • a menu for downloading audio will appear;
  • here click on “Click here” and mark the desired composition.

These actions help to download the song directly to your mobile device, you can find it later in the settings.

Will it be possible to install without a computer?

I have already described several options for creating and downloading audio for incoming to iPhone. But they can only be used by connecting a smartphone to a PC, which is not always possible or convenient. Is there a way that doesn’t need a computer? Yes, this method has existed for a very long time. But not all users could use it. Because GarageBand. thanks to which you can create a ringtone immediately on your gadget, it used to be paid. Not very long ago, Apple made it available, that is, you don’t have to pay anything to download it. So let’s consider this option in more detail.

But first, I will note a few disadvantages of this method:

  • the software will take up 1.44 GB, so not everyone can install it on their device;
  • create a ringtone from Apple Music collection using the app will not work.

If these two points do not matter to you, consider the instructions in more detail:

  • first you need to install the software on your iPhone and activate it;
  • go to the submenu of the Audio recorder;
  • click on the button where the layers are shown in the upper left corner;
  • deactivate the metronome by pressing the key where it is drawn;
  • press the key. it is on the right side of the recording track;
  • in the “Song Section” window that appears, select “Section A” and turn on “Automatic”:
  • click on the image of the eyelet on the right side of the top of the monitor, select the “Music” section;
  • we find the composition from which we plan to make a rinton, clamp it and transfer it to the track on the main screen of the program;
  • click on the transferred track to activate the editing mode;
  • change the length of the song by moving the edges of the beginning and end of the audio. It is worth remembering that the ringtone can be only thirty seconds long. To make it easier to create a melody, you can zoom in on the track by stretching it with two fingers;
  • after creating the ringtone, click the triangle in the upper corner on the left side;
  • click on the created audio and click “Share” → “Ringtone”, you should write the name of the melody and finish the operation by pressing export.
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You can set the resulting file in the settings menu, in the sounds sub-item. I have told you all the ways how to set ringtone on iPhone with and without PC. Which option do you use? Maybe you know someone else, share your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to download ringtone on iPhone 11

Let me now teach you how to make your own ringtone (music) to the iPhone call. Those. as a result, you can put your music to call all or a selected contact.

We will create a melody from an existing track.mp3 and use it in the iTunes process, as well as look at third-party applications.

This article is suitable for all iPhone 12/11 / XS (r) / X / 8/7 and Plus models on iOS 14. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

Create a ringtone to call the iPhone

You don’t need an Apple ID to create your own ringtones. Even if you just bought a gadget and did not manage to create an ID, you can download music and ringtones.

If you want to make your own ringtone on iPhone, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer. Before starting the process of creating a ringtone, you should make sure that in iTunes there is a check mark next to the line “Process music and video manually”.

  • Go to iTunes, select a song to create a ringtone.
  • Right-click on the selected composition, select “Information”, then in the upper part we indicate “Parameters”. A window should appear, as in the screenshot below, where we determine the time interval for the future ringtone. We set the checkboxes “Start”, “Stop” for this, set the time (no more than 40 seconds). Then click “OK”.

Set audio to signal

To use the created melody as a ringtone, follow these steps:

  • go to the gadget settings;
  • click on the “Sounds” category, find the “Ringtone” section, press:
  • in the list that opens, select the entry you made and click on it.

As you already understood, this option will definitely require iTunes. All actions are first performed through the computer, and only after that the signal is installed on the iPhone.

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

Putting the ringtone on the iPhone

To check that the m4r ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes, do the following:

  • At the top of the application, where the “Music” section stood, click and select “Sounds”.
  • If the “Sounds” section is absent, then in this context menu at the bottom, select “Edit menu”, tick the “Sounds” checkbox, click “Finish”.

Developers in iTunes 12.7 removed the “Edit Menu” button. Therefore, some users cannot turn on the “Sounds” section. Now a ringtone in iTunes is added by dragging and dropping a music track in m4r format.

Set any Song as Ringtone on iPhone 11 Make custom ringtone in iOS 13

Going to the Sounds section, we should see our 40 second file. If it is there, then the ringtone has been added to iTunes successfully.

If “Sounds” does not display the ringtone in m4r format in any way, it is possible that the problem lies in the original mp3 music track. In this situation, you should try to use other mp3 files. You can also make a ringtone not in iTunes, but using other services for editing music files:

  • Audiko service.
  • IRinger App.
  • Online service

If ringtones appeared in the “Sounds” section in iTunes, then install them on the iPhone:

  • We take the USB cable. Using it, we connect the iPhone to the computer. At the top of the iTunes application, click on the displayed iPhone icon.
  • Under the iPhone itself, in the left sidebar, click on the “Sounds” section.
  • Next to “Synchronize sounds” put a tick.
  • Selecting “Selective Sounds” or “All Sounds”.
  • At the bottom of iTunes, click on “Sync” or “Apply”.

We are waiting for the completion of all stages of synchronization. iTunes will write the selected ringtone to the iPhone. Then you need to take the gadget, go to “Settings”, select “Sounds” and “Ringtone”. The created ringtone will be displayed first in the list.

Now you know how to make a ringtone in iTunes. This method is considered standard and can be used on all iPhone models.

An active user of “apple” products, able to repair any Apple gadget and give advice on the work.

How to set ringtone on iPhone iPhone

The iPhone has long become a faithful assistant for many users, but only some options, for example, installing your own melody on the device, still cause certain difficulties. Now we will talk about how to install a ringtone on an iPhone and what you need for this.

How I solved the problem with long ringtones on iPhone

We all know perfectly well one of the key features of iOS. it is the impossibility of a simple way to make a ringtone from any composition downloaded to the device to replace the wretched sounds preinstalled on our iPhones. While Android owners change many ringtones on their smartphones without effort, the owners of Apple pipes are content with the notorious “Entry” and other classic and not very sounds from Cupertin’s developers. The owners of the iPhone can be easily spotted by these pleasing melodies. Putting your own ringtone on iPhone for free is not an easy task

It has even become a kind of iconic sign of iPhone ownership. The owner of the device simply does not fundamentally change the default ringtone. Once upon a time something similar happened with a very famous melody from Nokia.

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ringtone, iphone

How to make iPhone ringtone online

You can create a ringtone online. For this, there are sites that allow you to do this. Let’s analyze several online services for creating a ringtone.

Free. GarageBand app

If you want to put a ringtone on your iPhone for free right from your smartphone, then the excellent GarageBand program is at your service.!

To set a ringtone, do the following:

  • open the “App store” on your iPhone;
  • find and download install GarageBand (it’s free!);
  • launch the GarageBand program on your device;
  • select tools in the main menu and click on them;
  • go to the pointer button in the upper left corner and click on it;
  • click on the “open file” function and select the song of interest by clicking;
  • after importing a track, the audio track will appear in the music field. Here you have the option to delete or trim it;
  • go to the function “my songs”, name the track and click “Save”;
  • sync.

Setting a ringtone to your phone

The last and the most pleasant thing, after all these procedures, is to set the ringtone on the iPhone.

To do this, in the iPhone in the “Parameters” open the items “Sounds” = “Ringtone”.

Here, instead of the standard set of Apple sounds, new ones created by you will appear. In order to put a melody on a call, follow these steps:

That’s it, creating iPhone ringtones will no longer be a problem for you.

Enjoy your favorite music on your favorite phone.

Setting your own ringtone created from a song as a ringtone on an iPhone running iOS 7 is not an easy task. Apple, with its scrupulous copyright and licensing agreements, was limited to purchasing pre-made sounds from the iTunes Store. However, there are some workarounds that can be used to fix this problem using iTunes.

So how to put your music to iPhone ringtone on iOS 7 using iTunes?

Create iPhone ringtone via iTunes

In a few words, the process of creating a ringtone for an iOS device via iTunes is very simple: you need to set the duration of the audio track to 30 seconds, create a version of the source in AAC format, manually change the format of the created file from “.m4a” to “.m4r” and add received ringtone to iTunes library. In practice, it looks like this:

  • Launch iTunes;
  • Add the source file you want to make iPhone ringtone to iTunes. To do this, in the File menu, select “Add File to Library” and open the source. The file will appear in the main program window.
  • Right-click on the name of the source and select the “Details” item in the context menu that appears;
  • In the window that opens with information about the file, go to the “Parameters” tab;
  • In the digital field opposite to “Stop time” enter the value “0:30” and click “OK”;
  • Once again, right-click on the name of the source for the ringtone and in the context menu that appears, select “Create version in AAC format”. Another file will appear in the main iTunes window with the same name as the source, with a duration of 30 seconds;
  • Call the context menu again by right-clicking on the file name for 30 seconds. and select “Show in Windows Explorer.”.
  • In order for the file extensions to be displayed in Explorer, go to the “Folder Options” section in the Windows Control Panel. “View” tab, scroll down the list in the “Additional parameters” field, uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types” and press the “Apply” button. File extensions will become available in Windows Explorer;
  • In the Explorer window with the ringtone file, right-click on the file name, open the context menu and select the item “Rename AltF2”;
  • Change the filerington extension from “m4a” to “m4r”. Ignore the system warning that after “changing the extension, this file may not be available.” Ringtone for iPhone is ready;
  • Add the ringtone to your iTunes library by File-Add File to Library-Open or press CtrlO. If you did everything correctly, the ringtone will appear in iTunes in the “Sounds” section;
  • and as a ringtone.

It may take up to 10 minutes to create your own ringtone the first time, but with each subsequent time, the time spent will be significantly reduced.

can be faster and easier via the Internet online, thanks to the guys at Audioscrobbler. Thanks to the service, creating your own ringtone will take a minimum of steps and only 3 minutes.

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The desire for uniqueness and individualization has become, perhaps, one of the most prevalent in the modern world. It manifests itself in almost everything, even in the desire to make your phone unique. Every day, thousands of users become owners of new iPhones, but most of them do not satisfy the standard monophonic trills that are installed as calls. How to create a ringtone for iPhone online, your own, made by yourself?

Many users probably know that a ringtone is a melody or sound that is played on a cell phone to alert you of an incoming call or message. In other words, ringtone and ringtone are essentially the same, only they have two limitations:

Today, on the Internet, the total number of various melodies that can be downloaded to a smartphone is tens of thousands, ranging from the simplest sounds to polyphonic compositions, from modern hits to classics. As they say, here everyone will find something to their liking. But how to make ringtone on iPhone,

if there is no favorite song to call? If only a small fragment from your favorite composition you would like to cut?

You can create your own version of the music signal for free and without registration

, using music recorded on a personal computer in a variety of formats. Just for this, you should use one of the many programs with which you can convert music to m4r, edit audio files and send the finished ringtone to your mobile phone.

But now it’s all in the past. You can easily set your own ringtone on your phone as a ringtone, alarm or SMS using this application

, which will help you do this quickly and completely without a computer. But before you enter the application, check if you have music in your iPhone, otherwise there will be nothing to download from and you will not be able to make a call on the iPhone. If your favorite melody is already there, then launch the application and begin a simple procedure.