Function screen time on iOS 12: What is it like to connect and use

In 2018, the Brand company Apple introduced to users an innovative version of iOS 12 for iPhone / iPad, in which she used new original functions, such as, for example, “Screen Time” (Screen Time). It is intended, first of all, for the self.control of the owner of the device, which can view the statistics of using various applications and limit its time to work with them. Additionally, “parental control” over the smartphones of their children is built into this section, provided that their account is registered in “family access”. In this case, it will be possible to view the reporting data with their iPhone and, if necessary, enter a full or temporary ban on access to certain sites or games.

The function helps the owner to purposefully control his time. The main attention is paid to the activity panel, where the distribution of time spent on specific applications at different times of the day is clearly indicated in the form of graphs and tabular data. Information is also issued in the form of weekly and monthly reports.

An important point. the “screen time” is installed not only on its gadget, but also on the children’s device with iOS 12. In this case, parents are available for detailed reports on the activity of their children, that is, the time spent in applications, the number of SMS and the “uplifts” of the device. Data for the function is synchronized through iCloud by binding to the account.

“Downtime). allows you to set a regular schedule during which no one can bother the owner of an extraneous encounter for his attention. It can be a time of sleep or important work. The time of the beginning and end of the regime, which will act daily, is set while it is turned on. Exceptions will be made only for permitted applications and phone calls. There is an option “ignore the limit” if you need to change the schedule of this particular day. For a child, you can also configure the schedule and determine what hour he can use his device. Calls, messages and selected applications will be available to him. If the child wants to get more time, he should seek permission to parents.

“Limit limits” (App Limit). limits the use of certain applications for a given time, and not in the time of day. There is a subtle difference with the previous regime, you can choose the most suitable of them. Certain applications categories are also indicated. Here, also after the message “reached the limit of time”, it can be ignored. It is convenient for parents to determine the maximum daily allowance for different types of children’s entertainment, for example, no more than 1 hour a day for games.

How to set Screen Time settings for your kids for Apple iPhone and Android phones

“Allways Allowed) is the definition of the most important programs that have constant access to the user, yourself and the child, respectively. The phone and messages are originally allowed, as well as Facetime, but the last two are still allowed to block.

“Content and Privacy” (Content Privacy Restricts). the function was already present in past versions of iOS, establishes a flexible option for the ban on any content, except for the programs of the previous point, of course. IOS 12 is mainly used to implement parental control, allows you to fully block access to music, news, games, as well as set age.related restrictions, including for videos and books. Mandatory blocking sites for adults. By the way, manual input is possible directly in Safari names for permitted or prohibited websites. Apple also turned on some controls to block Siri from an unwanted search on the Internet. Other restrictions are included in accounts, passwords, cellular data, a limited screen, multi.user games and volume restrictions, etc.D. The password in the “screen time” is installed so that the child cannot independently change the settings.

How to use the “screen time” in iOS 12 iPhone / iPad

Inclusion of the “screen time” function:

To start the work, you need to enable the function, then carefully and sequentially install all the required components one at a time. By default, in iOS 12 “screen time” is included, we will clarify how to turn it on yourself if necessary:

Go to the “Settings” open the “screen time” tab “Turn on the screen time”.

Select one of two options: an ordinary user or parent.

In order for no one to change the set settings, you need to enter the code: click “Use the screen password” Enter a new password click “Confirm”.

How to view the statistics of the “screen time” function:

Open the “Settings” Find the “screen time” section, click on it.

The amount of time spent will be displayed on the screen, divided into categories (social networks, messages, other) and the average time of this day. For the most actively used applications, its time will be indicated.

Click on the section with time to view details according to various applications with the schedule of hourly and daily data. Switching between information for “today” and “last 7 days” is available.

Below are data on the time distributed by categories “most used”, “upsurge”, “notifications”.

The “most used” section displays the most popular applications, perhaps statistics will make someone think.

The “Notifications” section informs about the number of notifications and applications, notifications from which come most often.

How to get quick access to statistics:

On the main screen, make a swipe to the right and open a page with widgets, scroll down, click “Change”. In the window that appears, find the “screen time”, press the green “” nearby, then “ready” on top right on the right.

screen, time, iphone

A widget will appear on the smartphone screen, which will display the time spent on a specific application. If you wish, tap this icon to view detailed statistics.

Set up the time “alone”:

Go to the “Settings” “screen time” go to the “at rest” mode, dial below the time code include “at rest” using a switch.

Press the Start button to set the start time, then the “end” button to enter the end time.

During the operating mode, the “home” screen becomes more dull, only approved applications will be highlighted brightly. When trying to open any other, different from the approved, the message “reached the time limit” will appear “. It can be ignored by pressing the “ignore the limit” and entering the access code. To add permitted applications, the green button “” is used, and red to delete. red.

Install program limits:

It is standard to open the “screen time” select this mode, enter the code.

You can choose programs or divide into categories. It is better to start with games and social networks. The Option “Social Networks” will work even in Safari.

Choose a category (limits entirely) to set time, including different times on different days.

If you need to limit a specific application, you will have to return to the “screen time”, the “most used” item, click the sand watch icon near the desired name, a window will open with time limitation.

When the time limit will come up to an end, the system will issue an appropriate warning. After the limit, the application will be blocked with the message that time has expired. An adult user can ignore it and add an additional 15 minutes or even all day.

Settings “Content and Privacy”:

Select this mode with password entering, similarly to the previous points.

Configure depending on needs, you can limit almost everything from specific content to purchases of applications, iTunes and much more from the list provided.

Parental control tuning:

The devices of the parent and the child should be available in “family access” through iCloud.

When turning on the “screen time” on the child’s iPhone, click “Continue” “This is my child’s iPhone”.

Create a password, establish the necessary restrictions, according to the above instructions.

In order to manage data on children’s gadgets, it’s enough to go to “Settings” and enter your name to go to “Family access” “Screen Time” “All devices” “Devices”.

Apple takes all possible measures to improve the quality of its products and comfort in handling it. Within the framework of this process, difficulties arise periodically with the integration of new software. If you want to be prepared for random unexpected malfunctions in the work of your family gadgets, pay attention to the multifunctional applications of Tenorshare:

How to set restrictions (block) on the operation of individual applications on iPhone and iPad

Add the “screen time” function to track and control the use of gadgets with your children, you can from the parameters of family access in the icloud account (unless, of course, the child uses an individual device that is added to family access by the parent).

You can also activate the “screen time” directly on any other common family device, for example, iPad, without the need to create family access.

In both cases, the child should not know the accounting data of the Apple ID of the parent.

Open the settings application and go to the “screen time” section.

On the next screen, select “Turn on the” screen time “.

After this action, a message will be displayed on the screen with a description of the function: ““ screen time ”. Get weekly reports with reliable information on screen time, and also set the time limits for actions that you want to manage ””.

On the next page, click on the “This iPhone (iPad) of my child” button.

At the next stage, it is necessary to set the rest time, indicating the period of time at which all applications will be blocked, except the most necessary, for example, phone, messages, etc.D. (Naturally, the parent will be able to use any applications at any time, you just need to enter the code).

During this period, calls and other permitted applications can still be used, and everything else, including notifications, will be disconnected. A icon in the form of a sand clock will appear next to blocked applications.

To go to the next screen, indicate the rest time and click the “at rest” button to maintain changes. You can also choose the item “Not now” if you are not sure what time should be set.

Next, a page will be displayed with the limit settings “Program Limits”. Choose the categories for which you want to set limits, for example, “All applications”, “Games”, “social networks” or others.

Having selected the categories of applications for which you need to set the limit, click the “set” button opposite the “amount of time” and indicate the time of the restriction, after which the applications will be blocked until the next day.

Upon completion, click “install the program limit” or select “Not now” if you are not sure.

Finally, you will see the “Content and Privacy” tab. In this section, you can establish restrictions for outright content or content intended for an adult audience, in iTunes, App Store, Apple Music or on sites, as well as request permission to change confidentiality settings.

Create a four.digit parental password. The code is needed in cases where you want to increase the use time or change the “screen time” settings. Using a digital keyboard, assign a password. Enter it again.

After performing the above actions on the screen, the final page with the settings of the “screen time” function for the device of your child will be displayed.

screen, time, iphone

In addition, on this page you can change the “screen time” access code or completely turn off the function.

Functions “Limits of Programs” and “Allowed Always

The “Programs Limits” section displays the temporary limit of the use of applications that you set in step 5 in the instructions above. In our example, a restriction of 3 hours for all programs has been established.

Click “Add the limit” to add new categories and time period.

In the “Allowed Always” section there is a list of applications available in the “at rest” mode or with a limited restriction for the “All Programs” category. By default, these are the “phone”, “messages”, maps and Facetime applications.

Click “” or “-” next to the application that you want to add or delete.

How to turn off the screen time on the iPhone with a password

When you think that the limits of the iPhone application do not satisfy your main needs, you can enter a password code for screen time to get more time. Therefore, you can turn off the screen time on the iPhone or iPad, which is quite simple and can be done in the settings.

screen, time, iphone

Click “Applications Limits” and find an application whose restrictions you want to delete. Click on it, and then remove the limit.

Click “Turn off the screen time” to remove all the limits that you set using this password code for screen time.

How to remove screen time on iPhone without password

You forgot the screen time password, and now you don’t know how to turn off the screen time on the iPhone? Do not worry, since there are several ways to lose the password of the screen time. One of them, the most reliable, is the use of software. Tenorshare 4ukey. And it can remove the screen time on the iPhone without password. Which is even more important, this process will not delete other data on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions below.

First of all, download Tenorshare 4ukey to PC and install it. After starting the program, click “Delete the password of the screen time”.

Now you need to disable the “Find My iPhone” option to remove the screen time password. To disable find my, go to the settings. Click on the button to find my (your device) and turn it off.

As soon as you turn off “Find the iPhone”, wait a few seconds, and the program will immediately start removing the screen password.

After that, your device will reboot. Do not forget to choose “not transmit applications and data” to avoid data loss when configuring the device. And then when setting up the screen time, select “Reference later” in the settings.

It’s how to remove the screen time on the iPhone without password and without data loss.

Changing the date and time in iOS settings

One of the desperate parents even turned to Apple’s support with the question of how to outwit the baby who learned to bypass the restrictions, changing time and date on the phone. Judging by the answers at the support forum, it will be difficult to cope with this problem.

In such a game in “cat mouse”, parents have little chance of winning. Whatever new restriction they establish, children will still learn to bypass them, this is only a matter of time. The only thing that works is to take away the phone from the child.

Below we will give the words of one of the parents who described the problem as well as possible:

“I have been working in the field of information security and I can say that over all these years I have seen children, including my own, who did such that the governments of advanced countries and professional“ white ”hackers did not dream of. Just humble yourself.

There is no such application in the world, the operating system, proxy, scanner, inter.sequences or settings that can protect from the complete determination of the child. In addition, children act together and in search of new khakov are able to coordinate their actions better adult opponents. This is a race of weapons that is not easy to win. You find the settings, and they find a way to bypass it. Apple is updated, and they find a new vulnerability.

Take the phones from them. Put in a box. Slow down on top and don’t take your eyes off. Buy a bag of Faradei or something else like. Watch how they cry and complain that because of you they will become social outcasts, and friends will make fun of them. Or listen to their lamentations that they need a phone for a school to check the page. where the teacher published a list of tasks. Pretend to be deaf. Remember that you do this for the sake of their own good, like parents who make their offspring have vegetables (which, by the way, are very tasty, thanks, mothers) “.

How to turn off the screen time

After performing the actions, a completely shutdown will occur. However, you can remove the specified parameters separately. For example, disconnect limit time.

How to disable the time limit on the iPhone

It is enough to move the sliders to the left at the “Program Limits” item, which is in the “Settings” under the “Exchange Time” tab. The shutdown will occur immediately after this action is performed.

Cleaning screen time

To clean the software memory, just turn off the screen time. This will reset all the available data. After repeated inclusion, the system begins to collect information from scratch.

How to increase or get around the screen time

How to remove the time limit on the iPhone? How to get around or adjust the specified parameters? Sooner or later, a child who is displeased by the policy of adults comes to resolving these issues.

Children found the solution quickly. To remove the temporary restriction, it turns out that it is enough to remove the application and upload it again. Another way is to change the date and time on the phone, thereby knocking down the software.

Worthy of attention! The Screen Time application was developed to help children develop a reasonable use of gadgets that would not cause addiction and not harm the health and development of the child. For parents. this is an opportunity to find out what the child is doing at a particular moment.

It seems that these are not all options to get around the software that the company’s avant-garde professionals in the field of IT-technologies of the company worked and repeatedly developed. However, this option was not conceived as a spy program, but is designed only to help adjust the time of use of iPhone. And she copes with this perfectly.

How to add time limit on the iPhone or iPad of a child through family access

You can set the time limit for the application on any child’s device, which is also part of your family. This is possible with the help of family access in iCloud, available for iPhone and iPad.

The process is the same as above, with the exception that you should touch the name of a person at a step 2 above. From this moment, the steps are identical.

  • Open the “Settings” application, then click “Screen Time”.
  • Click in the name of a person
  • Now click “Applications restrictions”.
  • Click “Add limit” to create a new limit for the application.
  • Touch the circle next to the application category to establish restrictions for applications categories. Recall that you can see which applications are included by directly touching the category. If you want to set a specific limitation of the screen time for a specific application, this is also done.
  • Click “Next” after you select the application (Y) or category to set the restrictions on the screen time for
  • Then set the limit using a time of choosing time, select hours and minutes to limit the use of the application, for example, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. D., You can additionally choose which days to set restrictions by choosing “configure days”
  • At the end of the settings, click “Add” to set a screen time limit.

As an alternative, if you do not use overall access to the iCloud family, you can set a time limit directly on their device using the same instructions as before.

Using the Family Access function to set the restrictions on screen time is especially useful for parents and guardians, because if you install them from your iPad or iPhone, you can do it without their knowledge, which is even more fun!

What will happen next with the restrictions on the screen for applications?

When the deadline expires, your iPhone will inform you of this.

At this stage, you decide whether you want to continue using the application or not.

If you do this, click “ignore the limit” and choose how long you want the limit not to act.

Ultimately largely depends on your willpower. If you really want to use the application, you just reduce the timer.

You can also remove the restrictions on the screen time on the iPhone or iPad if you want.

At least if you set the timer for the child, he will need to know the PIN-code of the screen time to cancel it. Speaking about the PIN-codes of the screen time, remember that you can change the screen password on the iPhone and iPad at any time.

Of course, if you turn off the screen time at any time, if you decide that you do not want to use this function.

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What is an screen time password?

Starting with the IOS 12 version, in the IPhone operating system and other devices with iOS, the “screen time” function has appeared. It is intended to control the time conducted by the owner of the smartphone in various applications, and setting restrictions on it. This function is especially relevant for parental monitoring of the pastime of their children behind the phone and the presence of access to certain content in the network. When setting restrictions on their phone or phones of their children, users can set a special code-paralle. Thus, you will protect the settings you set from changes by other persons. Code-Parol for screen time is a 4-digit digital code, which is entered when changing or canceling the set settings, as well as to resolve the time limit allotted to any applications.

Is there a standard screen password on iPhone/iPad?

What is the standard screen password on iPhone/iPad? Unfortunately, there is no standard password for this function. However, if suddenly your iPhone requests you a code of screen time, and you definitely did not install it on your device, try to enter the combination of 1234 or 0000. Some users note that, without knowing the right password, they successfully solved such a problem using these options.

In addition, if before the update to the IOS 12 version, you have a “restriction” function, then after it the “screen time” option will be automatically activated on your device. In this case, the password for this function will be the password used for the “restriction” function.

How to get detailed statistics on the use of iPhone or iPad

Go to the screen time section and click the link-cover Turn on the screen time.

Check out the description of the capabilities and press the button further.

Indicate whose device you set up. yours or child.

  • If you personally plan to use this device, click this my iPhone (iPad). The preliminary setting of the function on the screen time will be completed.
  • If you have chosen the option is my child iPhone (iPad), then you will be invited to continue the preliminary setting of the function, which we described in detail in this material.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the application provides very extensive information on how the device was used. You can find out how much time you spent almost every application, however, some can be combined into wider categories, such as “Books and Directory”, “Sotroxes” and “Entertainment”.

The ability to find out how much time you worked with a particular application, IOS 11 also appeared, however, the “Raising” function and notifications are available only for iOS 12 users. The “Raising” section allows you to find out how many times you took your iPhone or iPad in your hands, calculates the average number of lifts of the device in a certain period of time and even indicates the clock when you used it most actively.

Click on the “last 7 days” in order to see data on the use of iPhone or iPad in the last week. The data on the number of notifications will allow you to identify applications, notifications from which it is better to turn off.

The screen time function is a very powerful and convenient tool that allows you to see a complete picture of your interaction with the device.

How to track the use of an iPhone or iPad child and establish prohibitions

In addition to opportunities that allow you to get detailed statistics of the use of iPhone or iPad, the screen time is an excellent tool for monitoring the actions of the child on iOS device.

How to Use Screen Time: Set Up iPhone and iPad Parental Controls

Function on the screen time allows the parent to set temporary limits for the child to use selective applications.

About how to track, control and put prohibitions for a child for use iPhone or iPad, we told in detail here.

How to disable

If the “screen time” option is no longer needed, and it must be turned off, you can do it in a few clicks from your smartphone. It is done very easily. In the “Settings”, having entered the “screen time” section, you need to scroll to the end of the list. There you can see the item “Turn off the screen time”. The function will be completely turned off after confirming the action. Now it is impossible to track your own actions.

And what to do if you accidentally forgot the password? Apple offers a solution by dropping the firmware using iTunes. It really helps. However, along with this, all personal data will be removed.What to do in such a situation?

The password practically unprotected is stored in a backup copy. From there it can be easily obtained. This method is very simple and affordable. They are used by children whose parents put restrictions on their devices.

At the same time, the method is effective. The source of the utility is the GITHUB service. On this portal you need to download the new version of the program.

Next, connect the device to the computer and go to iTunes. You need to change the method of creating a backup from ICLOUD in the connected devices to “this computer” and create it in iTunes.

Then you need to start the downloaded program. After some time, the utility will open a window in which the desired password will be.

Prospects for the development of the application

But another, justified, question. for why the introduction of time control in the phone was needed by the campaign itself, because in fact they created a function whose goal is to pull their smartphone out of the user’s hands. Most likely, the whole thing is the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle campaign, which is also associated with a number of special functionality that has appeared in recent years in their devices.

The smart watches of Apple Watch have a heart rate monitor and an ACG analysis system and entirely try to promote a sports pastime. A large amount of software has been created on the iPhone, including from the Nike campaign, published with the support of Apple, also aimed at sports.

The campaign actively promotes the topic of improving the quality of life and health. And the “screen time” function, oddly enough at first glance, is the next step in this direction.: