How to change a ringtone on the phone Meizu M5S

MEIZU M5S smartphone has a basic melody that begins to play when entering an incoming call. Many people have a standard signal annoying, because of what you want to change the call melody on Meizu M5S. You can perform operation in several ways.

Settings section of any smartphone based on the Android operating system, including Meizu M5S, allows you to change the most different parameters. In particular, the melody can be changed, which sounds when the call is received:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to the “Sound and Vibration” section.

Note that the names of some menu items may differ depending on the firmware version. But this will not affect the process of replacing the beep, since the settings section has an intuitive inteeis, and if desired, you can use the search string.

With player

If you want to put on the phone as a call is not a standard melody, but a loaded song, then the optimal method of performing the operation will appeal to the built-in player Meizu C9 Pro. Of course, the same can be done through the settings, but in this case the search for the desired composition will be difficult. To replace the audio signal, refer to the instructions:

  • Open the Standard Music Application.
  • Find the composition of interest and open it.
  • Press the button in the form of three points.
  • Select the option “Set the call”.

Third-party players also allow you to configure the call melody at your discretion. But then you have to make sure that you gave all the necessary permissions in advance. For example, without access to contacts or files, the player from a third-party developer will block the ability to install the sound signal you like.

Change contact melody

This option is suitable for those who want to distinguish the sound signals depending on who comes. The standard phone application allows you to choose a ringtone or a song for a specific subscriber. To perform the operation, it will be necessary:

  • Run the phone application.
  • Go to the contact list.
  • Open a subscriber card whose number is recorded in the phone book.
  • In the “Melody by default” tab, select the composition of interest.
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In the case of changing ringtone for a particular person, you need to make an important clarification. The option of replacing the beep is available only for those subscribers who are presented in the contact list. That is, set up a melody to an unfamiliar number will not work. Previously have it to add to the notebook.

How to set a melody to a certain contact in Meizu

Consider ways to install the melody for separate contact on Meizu devices.

through the list of contacts

  • Transfer the desired audio file to the “Ringtones” folder (also copy to “Music”).
  • Then go to “Contacts”, select the desired contact, tap to “Edit”. “Add Field”, and select the “Melody” field.
  • All ringtones from the Music folder will be available here.
  • Select the desired one, and install it as a call for the desired contact.

Install through right

  • Copy the melody in the “Ringtones” folder (Copy also in “Music”).
  • Then go to the card you need, click on “Edit”. “Add Field”. “Ringtone”.
  • Select the music you need, and install it as a call for this contact.
  • In some cases, instead of the Rington point, you will need to click on the “ringing melody”, and select the desired composition from the existing list.

Option ringtone call

Rington Replacement in Smartphone Settings

This method is suitable for MEIZU models: M3, M3 mini, M5, M5 Note, M5C, MX5, etc. The easiest way to install the song of the incoming call, entering the smartphone settings menu. Use the algorithm:

  • Go to the section “Sound and Vibration”.
  • Choose the category “Ringtones”. (Using this feature, it is possible to establish standard and local sounds on Meizu, which the user loaded on its own on the USB flash drive or threw into the internal memory of the smartphone.)
  • After selecting the ringtone, you can simply close the settings. you do not need to save and confirm.

Songs are automatically sorted in alphabetical order, so the search becomes easier.

Please note that in this section you can additionally configure the volume installed on the incoming challenge of the song, as well as the sounds of media and notifications. If the user is interested, you can change the SMS, email and other notifications on the smartphone in a similar way.

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Put a melody through the conductor or music player

Most players manufactured for Android contain a standard listening, cutting and music installation feature. It is very convenient, because a person does not need to additionally look for the melody you like in the list of music files: set it on the call directly when listening to your favorite music. Put the melody on the bell Meizu U10, U20, MX6, M5S and other models you can:

  • Through the conductor or player, select the desired file and call an optional menu.
  • In the list of menu items, we find the “Set Call Sound” or “On Ringtone”.

This installation takes less than a minute and does not require additional save settings and reboot smartphone. Put a ringtone for a call simply, with this to cope any user.

Increase volume with Viper4Android FX drivers

If the previous ways did not answer the question, how to make Meizu louder or how to increase the sound on Meizu, you will have to seek help to third-party programs.

Good way. Viper4android FX. It is designed to strengthen the existing sound level. Driver file can be downloaded here (https: // res.MYMEIZU.RU / CONTENT / APPLICATION / 258473460C2692FFF8E384C1F72E7916 / Viper4Android_FX_V2505_A4.X-A7.X.Apk).

After the file is loaded, you will need to open it and install the drivers.

Next is recommended to restart the smartphone. Now in the Viper4android application you need to click on the symbol with three strips in the upper left corner and go to the settings. In the FX Compatible Mode paragraph, select “Compatible”. This action is combined on the driver’s smartphone with downloaded.

Put a melody for all contacts

To begin with, we will analyze how to put your favorite music for all contacts. There are several ways, we will examine them below.

Installation via Ringtones

Before implementing the actions below, you need a favorite song to transfer to the “Ringtones” directory. Otherwise, this way will not be able to use.

  • You must enter the phone settings, and find the “Sound and Vibration” tab. Next, open the “ringtones” and the “Local Music” tab.
  • In the window that opens, leave the page and find the desired music track. To set the track on Meizu on the call you need to install a check mark.
  • After all the manipulations made, the selected musical composition will be played with an incoming call.

Setting a call through sound profiles

An option to install your musical composition is quite simple, several actions should be performed.

  • You must log in in the menu, which is called “Incoming Auditing Profiles”. It is in the smartphone settings in the “Sound Profiles” tab.
  • To make a favorite call to Meizu installed, you must select the “Audio Selection of the list” menu. Here you click on the melody that we want to hear with an incoming call, and click “OK”.
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Choosing music through the “Music” folder

The third option implies installation through the “Music” folder. Would need:

  • In the internal memory of the phone we find a folder with music, and put in it the selected composition that we want to hear on the call.
  • In the device settings you need to open the “Sound” tab. “Ringtone”. “Music Flyme”. In the last tab, choose a favorite track, he will sound on the call.

Using third-party applications

For changing melodies, you can use third-party utilities. Often they make this process a little more comfortable. We recommend Talking Rings Extended, GO SMS Pro and Ringtone Slicer FX. All of them differ in their functionality, providing more advanced Rington Installation Opportunities.

Google argue that about 2.3 billion people in the world enjoys phones based on Android OS. In most cases, people quickly get used to the peculiarities of this operation. However, sometimes even banal actions cause a lot of problems and difficulties. For example, many do not know how to put a new melody on the call and change the standard ringtone to your music.

Note: Learn how to download a movie for your phone.

Change the melody through the built-in conductor

In almost every gadget on Android there is a conductor (often this application is called “Files”), if you do not have it. you can download from Google Play, for example, “X-plore” or “ES Explorer”. With their help you can also set the melody as a call. Go:

We go to the conductor, we find in the internal memory or on the microSD map folder with music;

We also hold the finger on one of the tracks until the context menu appears;

As you see, in our case, there is no item “Set a ringtone to a call”, however, you should be tapped on a three-way (“” button) how it will appear. Click on the inscription and the track installed!