How to set ringtone on iPhone without a computer

The first thing to do is download the desired ringtone.

How to download any music to ringtone

1) First you need to find the desired song, this can be done, for example, on YouTube.

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2) Under the video, click on the “Share” button and copy the link.

3) Open Google or any other search engine and write “YouTube to MP3”. Choose any site, for example,

4) Next, insert the link into the appeared field and click the “Convert” button.

5) Then click on the “Download” button, and then in the “Download” dialog box.

Now we need to install the downloaded file for a call, this is done using the GarageBand application.

How to set a ringtone on an iPhone

There are many instructions on the Internet on how to set a ringtone, but in reality there are two ways: using a computer and without.

These two methods have many variations, I will tell you about the most modern, simple and understandable.

Install ringtone on iPhone using GarageBand

2) At the top right of the screen, click “” to create a song.

3) A list of instruments will appear in front of you, I usually choose keyboards, but in general it does not matter.

4) Next, in a new window, you must click on the “audio tracks” button, top, left.

5) The screen view will change to audio tracks and an additional button will appear on the right from the top, so we need it and click.

6) After that, in a new window, select the “Files” tab, and then click on the button below “View objects from the” Files “program”.

7) Find the previously downloaded song and click on it.

8) If you did everything correctly, then it will go to the application. Then press and hold the song and drag it to the bottom of the screen so that it goes to the audio track.

9) Crop the music to the required size by moving the sliders left and right.

10) In the upper left corner, click on the arrow and go to the item “my songs”

11) In the menu, you will see a list of your songs. Pick one and pinch your finger on it. A menu will open, in it you must select the “Share” item. To see it, swipe up.

12) Next, the export of files will open, select “Ringtone”.

13) After the export is completed, the message “Use sound as” will appear on the screen.

14) Click on this message and set the ringtone you created to a standard call, message or assign it to a specific contact.

If you are confused, then watch the detailed video instruction below.

How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung

Hey! Today I will show you how to put a ringtone on a contact on a Samsung Galaxy phone. For each contact you can set a specific melody or mp3 track. For example, if your friend Petya calls you, a jazz-style melody will play, and if your wife calls you, you will hear an alarm siren))) Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the main or secondary screen, find the Contacts icon and tap on it.

See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option to add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев). So, if you want to add music to a contact that is already in the database, delete it and create it again. On this page, at the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the round button with a plus.

Next, select where to save the contact and press Select.

On the page for creating a contact, at the bottom, click on the tab.

How to Change iPhone Ringtones (Default and Individual Contacts)

You will be presented with a page for choosing a default ringtone. If you want to add your song, click on the top right on the Add tab.

Next, you need to select an application to open the section with music. Click on Select Sound.

Next, you need to select the music and mark it by clicking on the circle on the left.

Select a song and click on the Done button at the top right.

All is ready. You just have to specify all the necessary contact information and click on the Save button at the top.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Hello. Such a problem. When choosing an action with the help, I mistakenly clicked on the cloud. now, when choosing a melody, it constantly sends through the account. how to return to make a choice through the choice of sound. Thank you. Tel. Samsung Galaxy A3.

Good day. So in the “Perform an action using” window, you clicked on the “Always” tab to perform an operation using this application. It was necessary to press “Only once.” Can be fixed easily. Open: Settings. Applications. Click on the name of the application (which you installed by default). In the app settings, at the bottom, find the Use by default option. There you need to click Reset defaults.

Hello there was such a problem, I have a Samsung J2 CORE phone and when I click on there is no such button

Good day. Most likely this smartphone does not have such a function. Especially if it’s an old model.

Hello. I have problems on j2, there are no more tabs after the phonetic name field

Good evening. What year is the smartphone? Android version?

crap deleted the contact, now not only a melody, but also an avatar not to add, I would have known I would not have read this nonsense

but such a problem Samsung haloxy cortex J2 is the same as shown here, but there is no contact melody. how to be or not to be. android 8.01

Either look elsewhere, or there is no such function on your smartphone.

Contacts where are saved, on a SIM card or phone?

You need to go to contacts management contacts import / export contacts and transfer all contacts from SIM to phone. And then you can put melodies on the selected contact

You can not delete a contact, but just click change contact.

Contacts are on the phone, but I can’t set a ringtone to a contact. The phonetic name is the last on the list. Samsung j2 core

I can only assume that there is no such feature on your phone. Or it is somewhere else. You can see in the properties of the track you want to call.

On Samsung C7, you do not need to delete the number. Press “Change”, if it does not show all the data, press “more”, scroll down and change the contact melody.

See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option to add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев). Before getting smart, you need to study the phone. it’s very simple to add a melody to an existing recording.

I know my phone well) But they are all different. If you do, this does not mean that everyone will have the same.

We re-create the contact without deleting the old one, and entering the same name. The phone immediately finds the existing one and offers to update it. Well, then there will be a change in the melody as when adding a contact

in my Samsung Galaxy I add a melody to a contact or group as follows: 1. Open a contact 2. press Edit 3. press Add field 4. select “ringtone” 5. in the appeared “Ringtone” field add a melody

Contacts where you have, on a SIM card or on your phone?

Hello Samsung Galaxy A40 ringtone is not installed. Added downloaded songs to the ringtones folder. In the settings, when choosing a ringtone, it says that “it was not possible to set as a melody.” Plays just standard. What can be done?

Hello. What melody, in what format? When you select a melody, it is the ringtones folder that opens?

I also have the last section “phonetic name” in Samsung j2 core and nothing else. After all, it cannot be that this function is not available in such a phone.

Good day. There are special applications, you can easily put any downloaded music on a Samsung Android call and on a separate contact. Everything is very simple. I found the simplest application especially for you.

Samsung J2 Core. Samsung’s official support service said: “Since this model is LIGHTWEIGHT, it has a similar function, adding a ringtone to contacts and groups is not provided.” 🙁

Samsung J2 Core. Download Ringtone maker-MP3cutter application from Play Store and install any ringtone for each subscriber separately from your arsenal. In the “Select files” section and by clicking three vertical dots opposite the song or melody, the “To contact” section. A list of your contacts opens, select the one you need.

SM-J260F With a melody to a separate contact, the issue is POSITIVE resolved. Who didn’t manage to install LIVE wallpaper (ANIMATED) on the main screen? If YES, link plizzz.

Everything is very simple. On the home screen, look for the Samsung Galaxy Themes app, open it. At the bottom, click Wallpaper. Next, find wallpaper with animation in the catalog. Install them. There is also an application in the Google Play market called Live Wallpapers HD / Backgrounds 4K WALLOOP. It can be downloaded and installed for free on the Google Play Store. Have questions?

Before that I had a “Samsung Galaxy 350 full” I bought it in the spring of 2015, it had about thirty Zh.O. and 99% worked great. I dragged everything onto the SM-J260F and only the candle worked, and that was not correct, no fire, only smoke. I downloaded 50 more pieces from INETA, I specifically chose to be friends with the software version of the phone and more than one Zh.O. didn’t work.

What version of Android do you have now? Tried installing from Samsung Galaxy Themes?

Android 8.1.0 Firmware version: J260FXXU3ASF2 We didn’t try it from Galaxy Themes, because I don’t use the Internet on my phone and don’t intend to. Oh, they want me to download to my phone.

How then can you download and install wallpaper on your phone without the Internet? You don’t have internet at home?

I have cable high-speed Internet in all my houses and apartments and even WI-FI modems for my guests.

And how we are communicating with you now?!

Cable, computer. mobile phone. And click on the phone to allow file sharing.

I just don’t understand why you don’t want to use the Internet on your phone? Why cable and computer, what’s the catch? Live wallpapers can be downloaded for free from the Google Play market directly on your smartphone. But the Internet is needed on the phone. Otherwise, why bother with a smartphone?

A smartphone with the Internet is needed for someone who loves to use an Internet on a smart phone and for whom there is a need for this or there is no computer at home. Ah, I don’t like it at 1x on the phone, but I like it when I have at least one 32 ″ monitor in front of me. In 2x there is no need for 3x I don’t want to give MTS an extra opportunity to try to steal money from me. In 4x, the total security of Kaspersky works perfectly on all windows, but on Android it does not work as I need it. From the black box, which I ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE I carry with me, I need a phone, an SMS, an audio recorder, a pedometer, sometimes a photo and video recording, and several computing programs. Live wallpaper, dolphins swam under water on my old phone. When, for example: you are standing in a traffic jam, open the lid for time to look, and there are also fish swimming, you look at them and you calm down. Ah, now they are gone and this is a little uncomfortable.

Connect the Internet to your phone via Wi-Fi for free, download the wallpaper, turn off the Internet, and that’s it. You don’t need Kaspersky on your smartphone, it’s a myth. I have my own protection and all the rules. I don’t see any problems here at all. The Internet is still needed in the phone to update. Without software updates, it gets old, the phone will slow down.

You either do not read or do not understand the meaning of the words I have written. What’s the difference in the way the software is delivered to the phone? The internet is full of resources that can be downloaded to a computer, then either using a cable or from a card reader to a phone flash drive. Kaspersky is not a MYTH. I’ve been using it for years

17 and the money spent on licenses is not a pity! If I do not connect the Internet on my SM, then I really need it! I have already visited the old Samsung, I had to REINSTALL the firmware, not update, but REINSTALLED! Your advice doesn’t suit me.

When setting a melody to a contact, for some reason after the line “phonetic name” there are no more lines, I tried everything.

The contact must be saved on the phone, then it will be possible to add a melody in the standard settings. Or install a special Android application and put any music on any contact.

To add a melody to a contact, go to “contacts”, select a contact, change, below “more” and look below.

After clicking on the “” button, the tab opens to “Phonetic name” and there is nothing else. Where did the “Ringtone” go and how to put it back in place?

Save your contacts on your phone. They are on your SIM card, so there is no such function.

I also have a model SM-J260F / DS, contacts on the phone, but there is no function of setting a ringtone to a contact anywhere, I dug everywhere, but where you write it should not be there. I click to change the contact, then another, and everything ends. First, the phonetic name. About the Ringtone and the word NO.

In my opinion, I already wrote 10 times above. Check where your contacts are stored, on the SIM card or phone? The contact must be saved to the phone, then you can add a melody. There is a special Android application, you can easily add any ringtone to any contact.

For a separate contact

Open the required contact in the phone book and click on the “Edit” button in the upper right part of the screen.

Scroll down the page a little. Here you will see two options. put your own ringtone on a call or change the sound of the message. Yes, you can even change the music to SMS for each contact. Select the option you want.

Further, from the list we already know, which we examined in the first chapter. select a ringtone from the already installed ones or go to the “Sound Store” and download something interesting.

The actions will take effect immediately. Now you can always find out who is calling you on the track, which will play on your smartphone when there is an incoming call.

How to put ringtone on iPhone

For all calls

The set melody will be played on all calls, except for those contacts on which a separate.

Open iPhone settings and go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” section. Here you will see all the options for which you can set your melody, these are:

  • Ringtone
  • On messages
  • Answering machine
  • New mail
  • Sent
  • Calendar notifications
  • Notifications
  • AirDrop

The volume also changes here. Open the required section to change the melody for an incoming call. this is a ringtone.

Select one of the options already available by simply clicking on it. To download additional ringtones, click on the Sound Store link.

Here you will find thousands of ready-made ringtones available for purchase. They can be sorted by genre and listened to in advance. Their price is like a cup of tea in the nearest cafe.

You can do the same with SMS, notifications and other sounds. If you have already purchased music, but do not see it in the list, then click on the link. “Download all purchased sounds”.

Via iTunes

Open the iTunes Store app on your phone, it’s installed by default. And go to the “Sounds” section.

Interesting! To create your own ringtones, you can use the GarageBand application, you can always download it from the App Store.

How to put music on a call on iPhone: set a ringtone

You can set a ringtone on the iPhone so that instead of the standard melody yours plays. you can either to a separate contact or to all incoming calls at once.

The function is very convenient and in demand among users. It is even possible to replace the signal that is played after receiving an SMS.

From the past material, you learned how to easily restore an iPhone. Now we will take a closer look at how to put a ringtone on an iPhone, as well as how to change it to SMS and other notifications.

Now you know how to set iPhone ringtone to your own ringtone. This is a really handy feature that allows you to identify the caller by the track that will play on the call.

How to set your own alarm ringtone on iPhone

Many users get bored with Apple’s default alarm ringtone. If you are tired of starting the day with the sounds of Marimba, we offer instructions on how to set your own melody. Agree that it is more pleasant to wake up to the sounds that you like.

First, you still need to download music to your iPhone.

Now that the music you want is on your device, you can proceed to the settings.

  • Open the “Clock” application, then select the “Alarm” section and go to its settings.
  • If you want to change the sound of existing alarms, click the “Change” button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the desired alarm.
  • If you want to create a new one, then click “” in the upper left.
  • In the alarm settings, select the “Sound” section.
  • After entering the “Sound” section, scroll up the screen to the “Songs” section. In this section, click “Select Song”.
  • A list of music in your library will open, and you can choose any ringtone you like for the alarm clock.
  • Go back and check that the song is set, like an alarm melody and there is a check mark next to it.
  • Click back again and save the changes by clicking “Save”.

Now, at the right time, your iPhone will play its own alarm melody.

If you have activated iTunes Match with iCloud sync turned on (subscription fee of RUB 799 per year), you can set a song from iCloud as an alarm. But here you need to be careful when choosing a song from the cloud when the Internet is turned off. the alarm won’t work.

The best thing is to download the song to your phone before setting it on the alarm. And be sure to check how everything works.

Hopefully your favorite iPhone alarm ringtone will stop being so.


Thanks to the options, you can only select standard ringtones. Here you can set an alarm not only for incoming calls, but also for SMS or alarm.

  • Open the options.
  • Find the section “Sound”. “Ringtone”.
  • If there are two slots for a SIM card, select the card used.
  • Next in the list, click on the option you like.

How to put a ringtone on a separate contact of Honor and Huawei

To link certain music to a specific subscriber, you will need to enter the “Contacts”. Find the desired number in the phone book, click on it and select the “Ringtone” option at the bottom. Thus, you can link a specific song to any number from the contacts in the device.

File manager

How to set a ringtone on Honor and Huawei using the file manager:

  • Open the internal memory of the smartphone.
  • Find the “Audio” folder or open the section with saved tracks through the file manager.
  • We make a long press on the composition you like to mark it.
  • Click the item “”.
  • Click “Install As”.
  • The next step is to select the SIM card to which we want to apply this ringtone.

How to set a ringtone for Honor and Huawei

There are several options that allow you to set the required signal for an incoming call. All methods involve the use of the built-in functionality in the phone. For example, for a standard signal, use the parameters, and if you want to link to a specific song, use the Music program. Let’s examine each method separately.

Music app

The second way is to use the standard Android Music app. It is located on the main screen, but sometimes it can be hidden in the “Tools” folder. This application allows you to listen to songs and collects all the music tracks stored in the phone. We go into the program and look for the desired song.

Then click on 3 dots. Click on the appropriate item.

The final step is to choose a SIM card. But, this criterion is relevant only for dual-SIM smartphones.

How to set a ringtone on Honor and Huawei

Tired of the standard Android ringtone? Modern smartphones have a wide range of functions and capabilities, which is why many cannot find the options they need right away. In this article, we will look at how to put music on the call on Honor and Huawei. You can replace the melody with another system one or put a specific track.

How to add ringtone to iPhone?

Adding a ringtone to iPhone and changing the music set to the call is no more difficult than downloading a video to iPhone. But before proceeding with the manipulations described below, you should take several measures to prepare the cut melody or song. otherwise, faced with a problem at one of the following stages, the user may lose his music, and he will have to start all over again.

An iPhone owner who decides to download and install a new sound on his phone is strongly advised to:

Setting iPhone Ringtones For Individual Contacts (#1178)

  • Open the folder with the ringtone, then go to the “View” tab.
  • And check the box “Show file name extensions”.
  • If the format of the cut melody or song differs from M4R. right-click on the file.
  • And select the “Rename” option in the context menu.

Tip: it doesn’t hurt to copy the “work” ringtones that the user wants to add to the iPhone and set as a call to a separate folder. then the originals of the music will remain intact in any subsequent actions.

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

To download a ringtone to iPhone memory and set it as a call sound, you do not need to create an Apple ID or register the device in any database; Listed below are some simple and quick ways that are equally suitable for all users.


Apple’s proprietary application helps not only to download a ringtone, purchase a movie or organize a collection of media files, but also to understand why the iPhone does not turn on. But it is necessary to act as soon as difficulties arise; the owner of the phone, who wants to copy the cut song or melody to the device’s memory, will need:

  • Launch iTunes and log in to the program using your account details.
  • And drag your ringtone into the program window.
  • Then make sure that the music has been successfully transferred to the “Media Library”.
  • If the first method did not work. call the drop-down menu “File”, select the item “Add file” in it.
  • Specify the path to the ringtone for iPhone and click on the “Open” button.
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync data. as a result, the ringtone will be on the device in a few seconds. If iTunes does not see the iPhone, you should try to connect your PC and phone via Wi-Fi, or expand the Help menu and select the Run Diagnostics option.
  • And start testing connectivity and synchronization in a new window. as a rule, these measures are enough to identify the problem and drop the ringtone on the iPhone.

Tip: you can remove a ringtone from the iTunes Library by right-clicking on the ringtone and selecting the appropriate option in the context menu.


The second way to add ringtone to iPhone is by using iCloud cloud services. The phone owner will need:

  • Install the iCloud client for a computer and log in to the system.
  • And copy the chopped song or melody into it.

Immediately after the next synchronization, the music that is planned to be installed instead of the system sounds will appear on the device. the main thing is not to forget to allow data exchange with the cloud storage on the iPhone.

How to put music on a call on an iPhone?

The owner of the iPhone can easily set the ringtone loaded in the device’s memory as a ringtone or text message. In the first case, in addition, you can choose whether the cut song will sound for all incoming, or set special signals for the “favorites”.

USB adapter

As you know, you cannot install a memory card inside an iPhone. But the user can purchase an adapter that allows you to connect flash drives and other removable media through the microUSB port, drop the cut ringtone onto the card, and then transfer it to the internal memory of the iPhone. There is nothing complicated here; in addition, the user does not need to perform synchronization and understand the complexities of connecting the phone to the computer via a cord.

Setting the melody

You need to install music for specific phone numbers through the Contacts application. Depending on the version and firmware of Android, the procedure may differ slightly, but the setup always begins with opening the phonebook entry on which you need to put the song.

  • Open “Contacts”, find the subscriber, when calling whom you want to hear another song, other than the standard ringtone. Open the post for editing.
  • Scroll down the subscriber information. You should find the “Ringtone” item. Click on it.
  • Select “Media Storage” and use it to specify the path to the music file that you want to put on the ringtone.

On some Android devices, there is no Ringtone option in the settings. But there is a button “Add field”, when you click on which a list of options appears. Select an item with a name like “Ringtone” or “Melody” and add it to the contact page. Then repeat the procedure for selecting a specific song for a phonebook entry. Recent versions of Android use a slightly different procedure for changing the sound of an individual phonebook entry:

  • Open the list, select the entry and go to the page for editing it.
  • Call additional settings by clicking on the button with three dots. Select “Set Ringtone”.
  • Android will offer to use the installed file manager or the built-in Media Storage tool to select a melody. Specify the path to the music file and save the changes.

The presence of a file manager is important when deciding how to put a melody on a separate contact on Android. Without a file manager, you simply cannot show the system where the track is located, which must be linked to an entry from the phone book and played when an incoming call from a specific person.

Setting a ringtone to a separate contact on Android

For each contact on Android, you can select a separate ringtone that will be used when calling only this subscriber. This can be done using standard system tools or third-party applications.

Using third-party applications

If you have already understood how you can set a ringtone to a contact in Android using the built-in tools, but for some reason you cannot complete the procedure, then use third-party applications to change the ringtone. One of the proven solutions is Ringtone Maker.

This is a handy alarm application that allows you to create and set a ringtone for all incoming or only certain calls.

  • Launch the application and find the song you want to install on the call.
  • Open the track control menu and select “Add to contact”.
  • Select an entry from the phone book and save changes.

Another cool feature of Ringtone Maker is ringtone creation. You can select any track, use the sliders to specify the fragment that should be played, and then set it as a ringtone.

You can use other programs to set ringtones for calls, including a large number of music players, which have a corresponding item in the context menu. So if the built-in Android tools are not up to the task, you can easily find an alternative solution to the problem.