Is it possible to put a password on whatsapp on the iPhone?

To use the Touch ID or Face ID function, you need to enable it in the iPhone settings. Open whatsapp settings. Click Coverage Privacy Screen Lock. Enable Require Touch ID or require Face ID.

Password (Touch ID, Face ID) on WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Go to the settings;
  • Select the Account section. Privacy;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page yes, the screen locking point;
  • Move the slider to require Face ID or Touch ID;

Disable pop-up messages

When your smartphone is blocked, it still shows pop-up notifications. It is very convenient, but unsafe: If you are conducting a confidential correspondence, anyone can highlight the contents sent messages and the name of the addressee on the gadget left unattended. And for this you will not need a fingerprint or password.

Therefore, paranoid notifications are better disabled. There are two ways to do this: in whatsapp itself and in the settings of the smartphone. In the messenger, open the “Settings” → “Notifications”. Disable “Priority Notifications” in the “Messages” and “Group” sections.

In the smartphone parameters, the same is done like this: Open the system “Settings” → “Applications and Notifications” → WhatsApp → “Notifications”. Remove the checkbox from the “Show notifications” option.

If you do not want to completely refuse alerts, at least disconnect them on the lock screen. To do this, click “Settings” → “Lock Screen” → “Advanced” → “Notifications on the lock screen”. Here you can hide their contents so as not to show the text of your posts outsider, or simply disable.

How to hide chat in a telegraph?

You can hide chat on the right click on the desktop version and spending my finger to the left in the mobile version. Chats with enabled notifications are returned to the general list when new messages come in them, and the chats with the notifications will remain in the archive even if there are new messages.May 10, 2019.

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Opening a blocked contact card in whatsapp you want to delete, click the button to open the menu and select Delete Article, then confirm your intentions, by clicking on your voice to delete you will find in the field that appears on the screen.

How to put a password on whatsapp on the iPhone

The developers of the IOS operating system did not provide for the possibility of passing the messenger on the iPhone. Installing the WhatsApp protection can only be through third-party applications.

To put passwords using such an application, you need to install it and add to whatsapp list. Then, clicking on the name of the messenger, you should write 4 characters that will open access to the data. In the future, the system will request this combination at each attempt to open the selected service.

This method is not the only one. You can secure your data with the help of other utilities created by new technologies. FOLDER LOCK AND APPLOCK. Popular Applications that have already won user confidence from around the world.


Folder Lock protects not all service, but only separate folders (video recordings, music, contacts and t.D.). It can also help install or swap a password on whatsapp and transfer files to a computer.

This utility is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

System requirements for service:


Many use AppLock as a castle that protects their personal data.

  • Run the lock in the selected place using the GPS module;
  • Install a protective combination of characters for launching applications, email read, send SMS, viewing a list of contacts;
  • prohibit adjustment or delete service;
  • Disable outgoing calls and sending messages in social networks and messenger.

Lock for Whatsapp

This is an excellent smart protector that will help to protect your program and correspondence from strange eyes. It allows you to adjust the privacy level of the application in this way, to protect yourself from violators. Download Lock Fow WhatsApp here! Lock for Whatsapp has its own characteristics:

  • Takes a small amount of device memory.
  • It is easy enough to turn off and the protection turns on.
  • Digital lock will require a password at least 4 digits, and maximum. 8.
  • Can be updated, t.E. Change the specified digital combination.
  • Has a comfortable and simple design.
  • You can install an additional question that will be specified in the case when you forget the specified combination.
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We put a password on whatsapp in Android

  • First you need to install a free application to block access to the application, through Google Market.
  • Open Google Market and search WatchApp lock, select the application specified by the arrow in the picture.


After installing this application, it’s easy to go to whatsApp will not work, you will need to enter a password with each opening of the messenger. Also password will be required to open the phone settings and when trying to install a new application, these measures are enough to protect your correspondence from curious.

You need to hack the iPhone jailbreak, install Cydia and look for Tweak AppLocker. After installing it, you can protect any application code or Touch ID.

How to get around the password in witspach on the phone’s phone? If the password is set on the application, in T.C. In WhatsApp on Android, do the following: Enter the application among applications to lock whatsapp (maybe another application with keywords Lock, password, lock and t.D.) Click Stop Application Parland Progs will be open. After remember to start the blocker again so as not to call suspicions, just go to the application and close (in the menu it can be hidden, you can simply press Show hidden applications in the Settings menu, you can also hide it in the settings menu by clicking on Hide applications and highlight the blocker )

Tell me please!old phone broken, broken the screen there was a headswick. I bought a new set on him a rubber on the same number what in the old one.please tell me if the old phone will repair all the correspondence sent and incoming messages for all 8 months until he worked, that is, they came to a new phone whether they will be there??In a broken phone

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How to put a password on whatsapp on the iPhone

In this paragraph we will give the working instructions how to defense on whatsapp iPhone. So, let’s begin! First, the one who has not read this article can climb into the AppStore and try to independently find an application for protection there, but the search will issue paid and not quite high-quality versions, judging by the reviews.


AppLock. successfully cope with this application protection task. Program to install easy, inteeis simple. This program is very famous among those who want to hide their information from outsiders. In addition, it has a very necessary set of functions:

  • AppLock works with the GPS module (set the lock in a specific location on the map);
  • The blocking is made not only on the launch of any program, but also on the contact list, mail, SMS;
  • It allows you to block certain actions with applications (any changes, removal and adjustment);
  • There is a separate ban on outgoing calls and send SMS;

With this utility you definitely decide how to put a password on whatsapp.


Folder Lock. Protects a separate folder, not the application itself. You can also close music, gallery with photos, videos, documents, contacts and even voice messages. Allows you to set the lock on whatsapp and transmit files to a computer. Look at the technical requirements for this program.

Password on Whatsapp

Officially, whatsapp is not a separate function that would allow users to put a password on the application entirely or some of its capabilities. However, in fact, everything is much more rosy. you can pass the entrance to the application from the locked screen in WhatsApp. However, put the PIN code on separate hidden correspondence (as, for example, in Viber) will not.

On the official website, the developers claim that the password for their application does not put. but there is a very similar function that we use