How to put a password on the iPad application

Mobile devices from the American company Apple are among the most reliable and functional gadgets that are used by their owners not only as a means of communication and multimedia goals, but also for storing important information. That is why many apple devices owners are interested in how to install a password on iPad applications or restrict access to folders available in its memory.

Restrict access to the program in the IOS operating system in several ways:

  • by standard system setup (the option works exclusively for pre-installed standard software);
  • Using third-party application.

In order to pass the application on the iPad standard method, you must go to the device settings, go to the “Basic” item, and then “restrictions”. After that, you need to click on the “Enable Limit” button and enter a password consisting of four digits. Next, the system will propose to choose from the list of installed programs, when you start which you need to enter the set password.

In order to establish restrictions on the programs that were installed by the user of the device, you will need to use a special software, among which you can allocate:

All these programs can be downloaded from Cydia Store. It should be noted that their use involves the preliminary installation of the jailbreak. Such programs are able not only to install a password on iOS applications, but also have a certain additional functional: set the password to open folders and individual files, rename the program icons, adjust various system parameters (for example, volume and brightness) and so on. Application data is absolutely free and very easy to use.

Video instructions for protecting folders and applications on iPad and iPhone:

Now you know how to pass the application on the iPad, and you can do it in any time you need.

What password to choose?

In the Touch ID and password settings you can set / change your password. Most often, users choose a combination of four or six characters. it is the most convenient, since when working with the iPad you often need to enter your password: every time you want to unlock the tablet, buy something in the App Store or change some settings.

When it comes to security, the easiest choice is not the best. Therefore, it is better to change a short combination to a more reliable option. Open Touch ID and Password. Change Password. Password Settings and select “Arbitrary Code (Numbers)”. Now you can enter a traditional combination of numbers, letters and other characters, which is much more reliable than the usual “Pina”. On how to come up with a good password, which is easy to remember, we tell in this post.

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If you are important than the speed and you do not want to spend time on entering a complex combination, select the option “Arbitrary code (numbers)” and enter a password consisting of at least eight digits. Reaches a little, you will learn to enter it as fast as the shortest pin of four digits.

If you forgot the password on the lock screen

If accidentally forgot the password to unlock your iPad, you can use one of two methods to restore it:

  • Unlock the iPad using a quick Internet (quick and stable network access is required);
  • Remove the lock using a slow connection with the Internet.
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Important! Before restoring the password from the lock screen, you need to create backup important data, as the IOS password reset process will be reinstalled, and all data will erase.

The first method involves loading a new firmware for the device and is performed as follows:

  • Turn off the iPad, connect it to the computer and enter it into recovery mode (Recovery Mode).
  • In the iTunes menu that appears click “Restore iPad”, and then. “Restore and update”.
  • It remains only to wait until the program establishes and update the new firmware. After that you need to enable the tablet and create a new password.

If the Internet is slow, you will have to be represented by iPad in manual mode. To do this, you need to download the appropriate firmware in advance, for example, from the AppStudio firmware table, and save it in the iPhone Software Updates computer directory. It is located at C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \.

Next, you need to perform all the same actions as when the password is first reset, only click the “Restore iPad” button with the SHIFT key. It remains only to specify the path to the downloaded firmware, click “OK” and wait for the termination of the device.

How to block a note on the iPhone

After the password for notes is configured, you need to do the following for blocking:

Discover the note that you want to block.

On the Share menu, select Block.

Enter the set password to lock or log in through Touch ID / Face ID.

The lock indicator will appear at the top of the note, click on it to block the notes.

Now to access the note it will be necessary to pass authorization.

Password on programs

Ways to make a password for the application installed on the phone, there are several. But the provided by the device is not very convenient to use. One of the few posses is the lack of need to install additional software, allowing you to save more free space.

To set the password with a standard way, you must go to the “Settings” menu, where the item “Main” and “restrictions” should be selected. In the default window that opens, the “Enable Limitations” button will be active. after pressing it will be prompted to enter the code of 4 digits. This password will be requested every time you launch the selected applications. To determine the list of programs that will be protected, it is necessary, the frabit is lower, note the necessary list of the proposed list. It is worth noting that in addition to opening programs, you can pass and install or delete applications on the device.

How to enable Touch ID or Face ID

On the Automation tab, select Create Automation for yourself.

Select the condition. application.

Mark the option is open and specify the application in which we turn on the lock.

Select Action. Start Timer for 1 Second.

Be sure to disconnect the switch to ask before starting.

Save the automation, and in the clock application, install the timer at the end. stop.

Now when you start the specified program, automation will be activated, which sets the timer for one second. When the timer is triggered, the iPhone screen will be blocked. So someone else’s person will not be able to use the application and when trying to run it, the locked gadget will receive.

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The owner of the smartphone will simply be authorized using Face ID or Touch ID and will continue to enjoy the gadget.

To bookmarks

How to transfer photos from the gallery to the protected storage

The popular application with the functionality that allows you to pass the folder on the iPhone, is Files.

On the iPhone when installing Files, a special secure storage is formed, where any files and photos are loaded. The folder structure is configured, the album is created and set in the Settings menu. Unlock method: Password or Touch ID Sensor.

Consider the work algorithm with “Poket File”.

Hide the photo on the iPhone is still in several ways.

How to install a password for a group of applications in iOS 12

Go to Settings. Open time and select Open time.

Below you press the password code and set the four-digit code, it will be used to block applications.

Go to Settings. Screen Time. Program Limits.

Click Add Limit and specify the category of applications (Social Networks, Games, Other).

We specify the limit to use. 1 minute, we note the block to block at the end of the limit.

Application icons will be darkened, and a special symbol will appear near the name.

Now after using any of the marked programs, the limit is activated 1 minute per day. When the application is started, you will need to enter a four-digit code.

After that, the limit can be extended for 15 minutes, an hour or day.

How to put a password on the application on the iPhone

Read if you can put a password for the application in the iPhone. What version of iOS allows, and which no. All ways to protect your access programs. If you want your confidential data to be maximally protected from prying eyes, then the best way to install the application password. Many owners have a question, you can put a password on the application on the iPhone or not. This feature is implemented in the default iPhone, it is enough to correctly set the smartphone settings.

Before putting the password to the iPhone application, you need to clarify its version of the operating system, since the possibilities of old and new options are slightly different. To determine the IOS version, it is necessary:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • You need using the list that appears to go to the main options of your device.
  • Using the next menu, click the “About Device” tab.
  • Almost at the bottom there is an item version, look in it the first digits.

Suppose in your device IOS 8 version, then you will be suitable for working with the device, given in the next part of our article. If iOS 12, then skip the following part and read the third immediately.

How to put a password for the application in iPhone 5, 6, 7

Before the eleventh version as such is not possible to solve the problem, how to put a password for iPhone applications. You may only prohibit show standard applications on the desktop so that strangers cannot use them. To display the icons, you have to enter a password.

  • To apply this option, go through the main menu in the settings.
  • Go to the main section and open the “Restrictions” item.
  • First you need to enable this feature, and then using the crawls in the greater half of the screen to select applications that will not be displayed. After you activate the restriction mode, you must come up and enter the four-digit code twice. It will be used when you want to output the desired programs on the screen.
  • By default, the function will be turned off for all standard applications of your phone. If you protect part of the programs, then you need to move their sliders to the left.
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After activating this feature, you will not see hidden applications on the iPhone and can not find them using the search. To go to the application, you need to return to configure restrictions, enter the code and move the slider from the right program to the right. This method has a lot of flaws that have made a function unpopular: to hide it is impossible third-party software, each time to appeal to the desired program you need to dig in the settings. Nevertheless, this is the only way to solve the problem, how to put a password for iPhone 6 applications.

How to install a password for an application in iOS 12?

If you have a modern 12 version of the operating system, then you have more features for configuring the device. You can put a password for the desired application, as well as track the amount of time spent in it, and if necessary, limit it. But first we will understand with the question, how to put a password on the iPhone 8. This feature must be implemented with the installation limit setting:

  • Open the list of basic options and select “Screen Time”.
  • In the list of options, find the link “Use code”.
  • Set the password out of 4 digits that you will use when accessing screen time and other restrictions. If you need to replace it, use the “Setup” reference.
  • After installing the code, set the time limit for the software with the help of the same name in the section.
  • You will need to confirm the installation of the limit by clicking on the blue link.
  • You will open the window with the name of the groups of applications that you will limit. Select the desired option and click “Forward”.
  • Now you need to choose the desired limit. If you want to use this feature for time management or as a parental control, specify any acceptable time interval. In the case when time limit is used to protect applications from prying eyes, set the limit for 1 minute.
  • Translate the slider to the active mode next to the phrase “Block upon the expiration of the limit A”. Then tap on the word “add” in the upper corner to the right.

After activating this feature, the selected groups of applications will update shortcuts for darker options, and the “Hourglass” icon will appear next to the name of the program. Ask the device to extend the term upon reaching the limit, but for this you will have to enter the control code. After making it in a special field, you will need to specify for what time you want to unlock the application.

As well as in more younger versions of iOS, in the 12th there is an opportunity to hide applications. This feature is configured as well as in more junior versions of operating systems, but you need to make adjustments in the “Screen Time” section. To access this feature, select the “Privacy” option from the list of options.

Now you know how to put a password on the iPhone 7 or any other model. Share this information with friends, additional protection will be useful for everyone. If you have any questions about the use of the device options, you can set them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.