How to lock apps on Honor and Huawei

So that children and colleagues do not have access to your confidential information, it is possible to set a password for applications on Huawei and Honor. Use the following instruction to carry out the planned.

  • Search Play Store for Smart AppLock and install it on your phone.
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  • At startup, hammer in the code 7777.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Select the folders you want to password-protect.
  • There should be a check mark next to each selected value.
  • Click “Add”.

Now, when opening the selected folders, the system will ask for a Pin-code. It is required to enter 7777. To complicate the combination of numbers, go to the step of modification.

  • Open Smart AppLock again.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Protection Settings” tab.
  • Click “Password” and enter the numbers.
  • Click “Save”.

Also in this program there is an opportunity, instead of a Pin-code, to set a picture template “by points” or an entrance by a fingerprint.

The second method involves the use of a similar program CM Security. Its functions allow you to turn off messages coming to Android, at the request of the user of the mobile device. The only thing is that access is hidden more in time and you have to watch advertising videos and banners. Both Honor and Huawei phones have a built-in Private Space system. It protects personal files by creating an additional user. Use the second finger to activate the folders.

There is also a third way. Define the tabs to which you want to leave access without the possibility of removing the block from the gadget. Another user will be able to open only the selected ones, the rest will be blocked.

  • Attach the required tabs.
  • In one moment, click the back button and multitask.

The operating system will send a request for a template, after which only pinned tabs will remain available.

How to block apps on Huawei and Honor. blocking a separate program

How to block applications on Honor and Huawei is a natural request of users of mobile devices with the Android operating system, who want to protect their personal information from outside interference. In such a case, it is possible to put a password or fingerprint login. You can also lock the required folders. Usually, this is done in order to protect important documents from the child who picks up the parent’s phone. Or for corporate devices that several people have access to. In this article, we will look at how to block an application on a smartphone and how to remove the restriction. Let’s get started.

How to unlock apps on a smartphone

The installed application restrictions will be canceled if Smart AppLock is removed on Huawei phones. To remove restrictions, follow these steps:

  • activate the “Dispatcher” shortcut to the working screen;
  • go to the “Blocking” tab;
  • find the required line, open the “Password” item;
  • after entering the previously set Pin-code, the unit will turn off.

Every user has the right to privacy. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to build privacy function even in not the most expensive smartphone models. In our material, we posted a guide on how to put a block on the files of Honor and Huawei devices, as well as how to remove the restriction. We hope the information posted was available, and you figured out how to secure your personal files.

App Lock

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Follow the instructions to put encryption to unlock the screen.

Honor 7C : How to Lock/Unlock Apps using Fingerprint Scanner

  • In the top menu bar, click on the “gear” icon. the “Settings” will open.
  • Find the section “Security and privacy”, open it.
  • Go to the “Lock screen password” tab and select the item “Set up a screen unlock password” “Set up a PIN code”.
  • Enter your six-digit PIN twice (a second time to confirm the code is correct).
  • After entering, the system will issue a proposal for setting up a fingerprint, which you can refuse by clicking “Cancel”.

We recommend that you do not use code that is easy for malicious users to figure out. For example, date of birth is not the best option.

If this method does not work, try other methods.

  • Graphic key. it is proposed to draw a figure point by point, which you can then unlock your smartphone.
  • Password. a combination of 6 or more characters is entered (choose the one that you will not forget, but do not make it easier for the scammers).
  • Face Unlock. a function available for the new models of Honor and Huawei. removes the display lock by scanning the face with the front camera (this method requires good lighting; dangerous if there is a twin or a person similar to you).
  • Fingerprint scanner. the phone retains the pattern of the fingertip, and as a result, you can unlock it with one touch (it is possible to save 2-3 fingerprints. for different fingers or a person you trust).

You can maintain all types of security and periodically change to be completely sure that confidential information will not go into the wrong hands.

How to set and change a password on Honor and Huawei phones

How to put a password on an Honor and Huawei phone is a request for those users who care about the safety of personal information. Protect yourself from people who often pick up your smartphone, be it a relative or a colleague. And thieves and scammers will have to work hard to hack a mobile device. In this article, we will look at how to install and change encryption on Honor and Huawei phones with the Android operating system.

We put the password on the folder

There are times when you only need to secure a specific folder. To do this, you need to download Launcher, since there is no special option on Honor and Huawei devices. There are many similar applications on Google Play for Android OS. We recommend downloading AppLock. After installation, open the program and through the gallery select the folder that you want to secure. You must enter a four-digit code.

Just remember, if you want to uninstall the application, folder encryption will fly off.

How to Change Password on Huawei and Honor Phone

If you want to change the password on your Huawei and Honor phone or remove it completely, follow these steps.

  • Go to “Settings” and open the “Security and Privacy” tab.
  • Click on “Customize Lock Screen”.
  • Here you need to select one of two values ​​- “Change” or “Turn off the screen lock password”.
  • In the first case, enter the old cipher, and then come up with a new one.
  • In the second, you only need to enter the previous value, after which it will be deleted.

So, in our material we talked about how to set and remove a password on Huawei and Honor mobile devices, as well as a way to install encryption on a separate folder. We hope you figured out how to do this correctly and your personal data is safe. Do not share your codes, passwords and keys with third parties.

How to put a password for a separate application on Huawei and Honor

How to block apps on Honor and Huawei? This question arises for people whose phone is often taken by children, friends, spouse, work colleagues, etc. In such cases, there is a need to restrict the access of unauthorized people to personal information. But users do not always know how to put a block and whether it is possible at all.

How to lock apps on Honor and Huawei

First, let’s figure out what ways to protect your information is provided by a smartphone.

  • Pin. This is a four-digit combination, which is placed on turning on the smartphone, on the lock screen or a separate software. Its risks are that four digits are easy enough to spy on or pick up.
  • Password. Here the value is longer. 8 characters or more. At the same time, the use of letters of the Latin alphabet is allowed, which reduces the risk of guessing by strangers.
  • Face ID. This is a new technology that allows you to recognize the owner of the gadget by facial features.
  • Touch ID. This is a fingerprint scanner that is usually found in mid to high price models.
  • Graphic key. Available in all Android devices. It consists in the fact that the user draws a geometric figure to access the program or desktop.

All of these parameters are found in the security settings. But you won’t be able to install any method on a specific program there, because on Huawei and Honor this is not provided for by the system settings. In this case, third-party software helps. In order to set a password for applications on Huawei and Honor:

  • install Smart Applock from the Play Store (or use any other program of a similar type);
  • open;
  • at the top right, click on the plus icon;
  • select a program or several items;
  • click on “Save”;
  • then draw the pattern that you would like to use;
  • re-enter it;
  • then in the dialog box select “No”.

Now the system will ask you to enter the access key every time you open it.

How to Remove App Lock on Huawei and Honor

If the need for increased security is gone, just uninstall the software. When deleted, all presets are erased.

How to lock apps on Honor and Huawei

Putting a password for apps on Huawei and Honor is easy. The user needs:

  • install and run Smart AppLock;
  • enter 7777;
  • open the “Applications” tab;
  • add the name of the folders for which you want to install the code;
  • click on it so that a checkmark appears opposite;
  • select “Add”;

In the future, to open, enter the standard combination. 7777. Since such a banal combination of numbers has a low level of secrecy, replace it.

  • Launch Smart AppLock.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Security Settings”.

At this point, you can change the password to any combination convenient for him for Android.

To block on Honor and Huawei you need:

  • press “Password”, enter numbers;
  • save settings.

The second way is to use CM Security, a program that works similarly to Smart AppLock. Feature. the ability to remove notifications on Android at the request of the owner of the smartphone. But CM Security hides access longer and invites the user to watch internal advertising.

Huawei and Honor have a built-in system. Private Space, which provides protection for internal files after creating a second user on the gadget. Use another finger to activate sections.

You can take a completely different approach. identify programs that are available to another person without unlocking the screen. That is, all others, except for the selected programs, will be unavailable for him.

  • Attach the app.
  • Press the back key and the multitasking key at the same time.

Android will ask for a template. After these steps, all programs on the phone are blocked, except for the pinned ones.

How to put a password for a separate application on Huawei and Honor

“How to block apps on Honor and Huawei?”. an important question when you want to restrict the access of others to folders with personal information. To prevent unauthorized use of the smartphone, you can set a password or a fingerprint request. Alternatively, you can immediately block selected folders. This is done so that the child, asking to play games on the phone, does not accidentally delete important files. And also for corporate gadgets that are used by several people. How to do it in this article.

How to Remove App Lock on Huawei and Honor

Removing Smart AppLock on Huawei automatically removes the installed protection. To remove the restriction, the user needs:

  • activate the “phone manager, the shortcut of which is on the work screen;
  • open “Lock”;
  • find the desired shortcut, go to “Password”;
  • enter the previously used secret code, remove the lock.

Privacy is one of the main values ​​of the smartphone owner, as people do not want personal data to become public. Gadget manufacturers even install a protection option in budget models. Therefore, it is important to understand how it works.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Setting a password through built-in capabilities

If we are talking about phones where the latest versions of the latest firmware are installed, then there is the ability to set a password for the application by default. For example, the option is available on Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones. And in order to activate it correctly, we suggest following the steps from the step-by-step instructions:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to the “Applications” or “Security” tab.
  • We go to the section “Application protection”, and then come up with a pattern. You can also set a PIN-code in numerical format by clicking on the item “Security methods”.
  • We choose which applications will be protected. We recommend securing only those programs that contain your personal information (banking applications, e-wallets, social networks and instant messengers).
  • We confirm the activation of protection and turn off the settings.

In principle, the presented guide is relevant for most smartphones, and if you cannot find the section you need, use the search box. And also remember that many applications have settings through which it is also possible to install a security code. As a rule, this is relevant for banking programs.

How to put a password on an Android app?

People have dozens and sometimes hundreds of different applications installed on smartphones. In many cases, they store personal data, such as bank card numbers, photographs, and some notes. To access such information, just open the program and then go to the appropriate section. But how do you put a password on an Android app to keep your privacy? First, it can be done through the built-in capabilities of the smartphone. And secondly, using a special program. Read on for each method in detail.

How to set a password using apps?

Now, when you try to run the selected utilities, you will need to enter the pattern that you installed earlier. But the disadvantage of this method is that after uninstalling the program, all protection will be automatically reset. If we talk about a system feature, then to disable the option, you will need to enter a verification code.

Thus, we have covered in detail how to put a password on an Android application. It turned out that this can be done both through the settings of the smartphone, and with the help of additional programs. Which option to choose is up to you. Still have additional questions about the article? Then feel free to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.!

Lock your phone’s home screen using settings

To use this method, you will not need to download additional programs, extensions, etc. All you need is your phone settings:

Interesting: for each version of android, its own options for locking the work screen will be available. For older devices, you will be able to lock using a pincode and pattern. On the newer versions of the phone and android, you can lock your phone in other ways, such as using a fingerprint scanner and using a lock, by recognizing your face. So:

  • go to the settings of your smartphone;
  • then go to the “security” tab;
  • select the item “screen lock”;
  • choose a blocking method (using a graphic key, a fingerprint scanner, etc.) and then follow the instructions that will be offered to you.

The advantages of this method:

  • with the help of a screen lock, you completely protect all data on the phone, in order to access them, you need to know the password that you specified when locking, and if you specified a complex password, then no one will guess it;
  • you do not need to download additional programs;
  • since this is a system lock, it will be difficult to bypass it, but it is still possible.
  • If you suddenly forget your password, you will have to reset your phone to factory settings, which threatens the loss of your files on the phone.

Important! So that, after resetting to factory settings, your photos, music, applications do not disappear anywhere, move everything to the memory card, then everything that will be on it will be saved. Therefore, move all media files and programs to an SD flash drive in advance, this will help you out well. You can find out how to do this here.

How to put a password on an Android app

Each of us, there were cases when our friends or relatives took our phone in hand and began to monitor our personal photos, applications, etc. This annoys everyone, because this is our personal and we ourselves decide what to show for general viewing and what not. Indeed, often, our phone can store important legal information, documents, which all the more need to be hidden from prying eyes.

In this article, we will look at two of the most “powerful” and relevant methods at the time of this writing. These methods are very simple and will be useful to everyone, regardless of their knowledge and skills in the field of mobile devices. The first method will be the easiest and at the same time will solve all privacy problems at once. With it, you can protect not only your Android applications, but also all the content in it. Let’s take a closer look at this method:

Locking apps with LOCKit

Let’s consider the functions and advantages of this method:

This powerful tool has a number of useful and at the same time “spy” functions. The program makes it possible to lock with a password not only any applications, but also “put in the safe” your photos and videos so that they are not displayed in the gallery and are hidden from prying eyes. Useful!

In addition, when blocking an application, you can use the cool “disguise” function. This means that when entering a password-protected application, a person will see an alleged application error and he will think that it does not work and will exit from it. And you, since you know this trick, double-click in the window with an error on the button “close” and you will see a field with a password, after entering which, you will enter the application.

Or, instead of an error window, you can choose to open the application using a fingerprint scanner, as in the first method.

Now, let’s take a look at the coolest and spy feature of this program. On the main LOCKit screen, click on the “more” tab, then activate the “intruder’s photo” section. Now, when someone takes your phone and starts entering the wrong unlock password, the application will take pictures of the intruder’s face on the front camera, which you can then easily see in the corresponding tab.

LOCKit is not just an application blocker with interesting features, but also a performance booster for your gadget, which helps it work better, without freezing and overheating, and also save battery.

So, to put a password on the application, we need:

  • install the application from the Play Market using the link below;
  • open the application, after which it immediately prompts you to enter a password to lock the application. You can choose either a pattern or a pin code;
  • in case you forget your password, the application prompts you to choose one of the questions to which you need to indicate the answer. And then, if you forget your code, you can easily restore it thanks to such a question (most importantly, choose such a question so that you can easily answer it and so that others do not know the answer);
  • now, in the main menu of the utility, select any of the items that interest you, for us it is “Application Lock”;
  • Select the Android applications that you want to protect and click on the lock icon.

Done. Also, you can go to the application settings and customize it completely for yourself. For example, you can choose after how many unsuccessful attempts, you need to take a photo of the burglar, etc.

The application is very easy to use and at the same time it is worth its weight in gold, as few applications boast of this kind of “goodies”.

That’s all for us, thank you for being with us!


Another good program that makes it easy to perform the lock we need. Management is as simple as possible, plus in Russian.

  • Home Screen Locker
  • Ban on WI-FI, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Topics
  • Free of charge
  • Miscellaneous locks


One of the most popular blocking solutions in different ways. It works very simply in Russian. Allows you to set a password for almost everything on your smartphone or tablet.

How to put a password on an application. on Android

Let’s start with the built-in ways to do this. But not every device has such an opportunity. This feature is definitely in: Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and ASUS. You can watch it on your own, even if you have a device from another company.

Open device settings. Next on Xiaomi. go to the “Application Protection” group. On Honor, Huawei, Meizu. Go to Security & Privacy. App Lock.

Check the boxes for those programs and games that need to be password protected and click on the “Set password” button.

Specify it or set a pattern if possible. Now when you open something from this list, you will be asked to enter the code.

There is only one minus here. the general password for everything in this list. This is not always convenient, so you can use third-party software that allows you to do this.

Important! Many programs, especially instant messengers, already have a built-in function for setting a password when they are opened, for example, the same Telegram. So, additional software may not be required at all. Just look at the required parameter in the program settings.

How to put a password on an application on an Android phone

Putting a password on the application so that no one else but you can launch it is a fairly simple task on smartphones and tablets with Android.

This is a really convenient feature, especially if several people are using the device at once. This can be done both by built-in tools and by third-party applications.

In the previous article, we took a closer look at how to reset your phone to factory settings. Now we will analyze in no less detail and with pictures how to password-protect an application on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Smart AppLock

Completely free program that allows you to easily password-protect the necessary data on your device. Operation is simple, thanks to an easy and intuitive interface.

  • Personal data protection
  • Password protection for applications
  • Settings and calls block
  • Banning Google Play

Set a password using applications

After you make such a block, no one except you will be able to run any software or games on your device anymore. It is really convenient.

How to put an app password on Honor or Huawei?

If you often pass your smartphone into the hands of another person, it makes sense to take care of setting a password for some applications. of course, if there is a need for this, and as practice shows, such a need arises very often. We will tell you how to “screw up” the application on an Honor or Huawei smartphone.

Open “Settings” using the application on the desktop. If there is no inscription on the application, then look for this gear:

In the menu go to the section “Security and privacy”.

On the next page, find the line “App Lock”.

And select the applications that you want to block. move the switch opposite their name.

In the example above, we have set a password for the Gallery app. Go to the desktop and click on the icon.

The system asks to enter the code that was specified earlier. If Fingerprint Unlock is installed, you can use the scanner.

You can remove the password from the application in the reverse order.

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How to put a password on the Xiaomi Mi a2 Lite app?

  • Find the item “Application Protection”.
  • Specify the key twice.
  • Or pin code (password).
  • Log into your Mi account to be able to recover your password if you forget it.
  • Specify the application to be flashed.

How to set a password for an application in Windows 10?

  • Go to the Security basics page and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Select Advanced Security Options.
  • Under App Passwords, select Create New App Password.

How to put password on Huawei app?

Let’s see how to set a password on Huawei. Open on Android “Settings” then “Screen lock and passwords” and “Password”. Banking applications

  • Click on the account name.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Change access code”.
  • Set a new password and save the changes.

How to set a password for apps on Samsung?

Instructions on how to set a password for any application in Android:

  • Launching Smart Applock.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the plus sign
  • Check the boxes to mark the required programs and click on the “Save” button.
  • We draw a pattern for you, confirm it again.

How to put a password on the Instagram application?

So, how to set a password for a specific application?

  • The first step is to make sure that you have the “Screen Time” option activated;
  • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Screen Time” section;
  • Select “Use password-code” and set the access code;

How to put a password on the Play Store application?

How to add password protection for purchases in the Google Play Store app:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Press the Menu button, then select the Settings.
  • In the PERSONAL section, check the box next to Password. Use a password to restrict purchases.
  • Enter your password when prompted.

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor smartphones

To set the lock method on your phone, follow these steps:

  • open the settings;
  • go to the security section;
  • then select the screen unlock setting;
  • enter a password with a length of 6 characters or more;
  • re-enter;
  • ready.

In addition to the password, there are several more types of blocking in phones.

  • PIN is a four-digit short code. If you choose this method, it is better not to indicate the standard set of combinations or the date of birth. Come up with something tricky to keep intruders from guessing.
  • A graphic key is a shape or element of a geometric shape that is drawn from point to point. To access the desktop, you will need to draw a simple image that the owner of the device installed.
  • Face ID is an option found in modern Honor and Huawei devices. The high-quality front camera scans your face, recognizing its features and unique features. Further, the information is processed and stored. When looking at the device, it opens the desktop on its own. To use this method, you always need good lighting and a clear image of your face. The risky way when you have twins or people who look very similar to you.
  • Fingerprint scanner. Such a tool is possessed by gadgets of the middle or high price segment. You touch the sensor several times, it recognizes the patterns on the ball of your finger and saves them. Further, when unlocking, just a touch is enough.

We put the password on the folder

Sometimes there is a need to secure not the entire smartphone, but its individual elements. folders. In this case, you will need to download a special Launcher, since there is no built-in option. Among dozens of applications on Google Play, AppLock will be effective.

Download, install, open. Then, using simple settings, go to the main section, select a folder to block, install a reliable code.

We emphasize that if you erase AppLock, the folder will no longer be locked.

How to set and change password on Huawei and Honor

How to put password on Honor and Huawei phone? This question is asked by both new smartphone owners and advanced users. Safety is one of the first and most important points in the life of every person. Since almost everyone has phones, we will talk about how to protect information on this carrier. It is possible to protect both from relatives or colleagues who often take your device, and from scammers and intruders.

How to Change Password on Huawei and Honor Phone

Here’s another practical step-by-step guide. how to change the password on Huawei and Honor phones.

  • Go to privacy settings.
  • Select the item “Change the code to unlock the screen”.
  • Enter the old version.
  • Come up with a new.
  • Done.

Do not share your passwords and keys with anyone. So you run the risk of canceling the protection action and transferring important information to third parties.

Android functions for locking apps

If you do not like the capabilities of the smartphone OS shell, you can use the capabilities of Android itself. In many ways, this method will be even more reliable.

Creating an additional account is a good option. To do this, go to “Settings” and in the “Users and Accounts” section, find “Users” and select the desired option.

Choosing an individual user can solve a lot of security problems.

If you create a guest, then he will be able to install applications from Google Play with his account, but will not be able to view your SMS or access calls.

When creating a new user, he will have much more rights. This can be done if you share the same phone with someone and want to have a more functional device for each user.

You can change the user between the main and guest or additional user when unlocking the phone. There will be a user icon in the upper corner. If you click on it, you can select the one you need and go with its data. If you select a guest, then each time you will be prompted to restart the session or continue it with the specified settings.

How to set a password for any Android smartphone app

Security of literally everything has become a priority today. People use passwords to unlock their phone, place additional locks on accounts, and encrypt all other parts of the phone that can be encrypted. As a result, there are only applications that are not always able to set a password for themselves and this leads to the fact that they are less protected. Users do not like this, so I want to tell you how to block applications from prying eyes and how it can be done using standard Android tools, as well as using third-party applications. In some cases, manufacturers took the trouble themselves and did the right thing. True, few people know how to use these functions.

Locking applications with code is sometimes very useful.

Lock Apps on Samsung Phone

Samsung smartphones offer their own message blocking tools that are easy to find. But most importantly, they will be much more reliable than third-party apps.

In the protected folder, you can store not only applications, but also images and other files. Everything will be protected from your main account with a separate code. Such protection will not even allow you to see files by connecting to a computer via a wire.

The new Samsung Galaxy Folds can use Gorilla Glass

All notifications will be sent from the protected folder to your main profile. The settings menu allows you to choose whatever you want for more flexible adaptation of protection to the needs of each user. To some, the settings may seem a little complicated, but you can be calm about the safety of your data, since all locks work at the system level and an ordinary person will definitely not be able to bypass them.

How to block apps on Huawei and Honor

To block applications on Huawei and Honor, you can also use the standard utility called “App Lock”. It is located in the settings. It is necessary to find the item “Security”, and inside already find the section “Blocking applications”. All that remains is to choose a separate password or use the main one and you can choose the applications that will be blocked. When you start them, you will be prompted to enter a password.

It is very easy to block applications by standard means.

You can make it even easier and create a separate user, but in this case you will need to configure everything from scratch. If you just need to protect the application from a child or someone else, then the first option will be preferable.

Apps to lock apps on Android

It is also important to remember that third-party tools often cannot fully and reliably protect access to your applications. Many users, with minimal skill, will be able to bypass the protection, and some blockers even block the application altogether only a few seconds after launch. During this time, you can learn a lot.

I do not trust such applications and therefore I will not advise, but I could not say that this is possible. In any case, it is better to first try using one of the methods below.

Sometimes an additional password for applications is useful.

Can I lock apps with a password?

As you can see from the above, application and data blocking is possible. This can be done in three ways.

The first is third-party blockers. You should not rely heavily on them and it is better to use the standard tools that many manufacturers and Android itself offer.

After you block everything, the main thing is not to forget your password.

The second method consists in blocking applications and data with the standard means of the operating system shell. Almost all famous smartphones have such functions, and you just need to search in the phone settings in the “Security” or “Privacy” sections. Everything you need to lock apps or data is there.

The third method is to create a separate user, within which you can transfer your smartphone to another person without worrying about your data. Everything is simple and there is no need to complicate anything.

Reverse charging is a technology that allows smartphones to charge external accessories that support wireless charging. It can be anything: headphones, smart watches, and even other smartphones. The main thing is that the charged gadget supports the Qi standard, and everything else is practically irrelevant. All you need is to put the smartphone with the display down and place the device that needs recharging on its back. Sounds cool, but how applicable is this technology in real-world use??

Samsung has had processor issues for years. It’s not all bad, but the non-Snapdragon versions raise too many questions from users. Now the situation may change, because the company has introduced a new Exynos 1080 chip, which should solve the existing difficulties. It is modern, with a relatively new architecture, powerful and even productive (do not confuse the last two concepts), and Russian users should be even more pleased with it. Indeed, in all markets, except for the American one, it is the new chip that will make the smartphone more complete. Apparently, the time has come to change something.

Support for the vast majority of Android smartphones is limited to two. well, a maximum of three. years. Even after Samsung announced its intention to extend the life cycle of branded devices, nothing fundamentally changed. After all, even three years is too little for 500 smartphones, let alone more expensive ones that can be scrapped after that time. But it turns out that even old smartphones can be used after the end of support, albeit not for their intended purpose.

How to set a password for the application on different phone models

How to set a password for the application on Android? We hear this question more and more often. Previously, privacy was not thought about, but now it seems to be much more important.

How to put a password on the phone through programs

It’s easy to set a password for Android apps. Often, a large set of OS features allows you to avoid additional Google Play fuss, but not always. It will be lucky if the firmware of a particular phone supports this feature, but more often you cannot do without third-party programs.

Among them are Smart AppLock, CM Locker and Tasker. Let’s consider each of them.

How to put a password on the application: all methods

A friend asked to give him a phone while you are standing in line, a child demands to play, a colleague wakes up curiosity. there are many cases when you want to be completely calm while giving your device to others. Let’s figure out what the options are. By default, most Android skins do not allow any application to be password protected. How to set a password for the application?

It is wrong to underestimate the lock screen. It really helps when using additional security methods such as a password, PIN, a certain pattern, fingerprint.

With Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is often approached primarily due to its popularity, popularity and free-of-charge. How to set a password for Android apps:

  • Download it from Google Play.
  • We set the protection of the application. a graphic pattern or a key. We recommend you remember it.
  • Enter the email address. If the pattern is still forgotten, mail will help restore access. But you can stay without insurance. this is everyone’s business.
  • And now. a list of all programs. Everywhere you can “hang a lock”.

It’s simple. But this method is not without flaws. it is a convenient insurance, but not protection from criminals or especially gifted young hackers. Why? If you remove AppLock, then all passwords will fly off immediately.

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With CM Locker

How does CM Locker differ from AppLock? Basically. nothing. But he has even more opportunities.

  • Download CM Locker from Google Play. The program itself will write down all the actions.
  • Set your own pattern, or key.
  • Choosing a security issue. He will help restore access.
  • Choosing the right application.

CM Locker has specific features. It offloads RAM, adjusts notifications so that the phone does not jerk over trifles.

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor phones: setting, changing

How to put a password on an Honor and Huawei phone is a question every smartphone owner should know the answer to. In this case, you need to forget about the inconvenient code entry every time you unlock the screen and put safety first. over, without a password on the display, you will not be able to use Google Pay, because the application will require you to protect your device from loss or theft. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor smartphones

The instructions for setting a password will be as follows:

  • We go into the parameters.
  • We open the section “Security and privacy”.
  • We find the item “Setting the screen unlock password”.
  • Choose. PIN.
  • Next, we come up with a six-digit code, and confirm it by re-entering.
  • When the procedure for creating a PIN is completed, the system will prompt the user to set up a fingerprint.

It is not necessary to use a strict PIN. On Android, you can select one of the following available options:

  • Graphic key. It is a shape connected by dots. It is not necessary to come up with a complex figure, otherwise you risk forgetting it.
  • Password. This is the pin code discussed above.
  • Face ID. This function involves scanning a face through the front camera.
  • Fingerprint. It is considered the most convenient way to quickly unlock your phone screen. You can add multiple fingers, for example 2-3, to use the function and the other hand too.

It doesn’t matter which of the options is preferable for you. The main thing is to establish protection that will protect user information from strangers. Especially, this must be done by those who use banking applications or electronic wallets in their smartphones.

We put the password on the folder

An option that allows you to set a password for a specific folder is not provided in the Android system. Although this does not mean that you cannot realize this opportunity. On Google Play, you will find many applications that allow you to block access to specific applications or files on your phone.

We would recommend downloading the AppLock program. Why? One of the main reasons is a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as wide functionality. How to use it?

  • First of all, install the utility from the market.
  • Click the “Open” button.
  • A page opens where the application immediately asks to come up with a pattern.
  • We come up with any and confirm the choice.
  • In the main menu, you will see the entire list of available options. But, since we need to hide and protect the files, we click on the “Storage” item.
  • Choose a section, for example, photos or files.
  • A page will open where the program will offer to select specific documents to move to the repository.
  • To move, click on the image of the lock on the bottom panel. If you want to select all documents at once, then click on the checkboxes below.

As you already understood, the selected files will be moved to this application. That is, to access them, you need to open AppLock, enter the pattern and go to the store.

How to Change Password on Huawei and Honor Phone

How to change the password on Huawei and Honor phones:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Security and Privacy” tab again.
  • Select the section “Change the screen lock password”.
  • Before changing the code, you will need to specify the old one, thereby confirming your identity.

In the same section, you can completely turn off protection and no longer enter the code, but in this case, uninvited guests can easily enter your phone.