How to install a password, graphic key, pin or fingerprint to unlock the screen. How to configure automatic screen lock on Android.

On this page you will find information about how to configure the lock and unlock screen on Huawei. Perhaps this instruction will fit android devices. You can configure your smartphone or tablet so that when unlocking the Huawei screen, you need to enter the code, graphic key, PIN code or fingerprint. After you install any of these passwords, you reliably protect your data and besides you no one can unlock the phone if of course you do not say the password. Attention! Be sure to remember the saved passwords, if you forget, to unlock the Huawei and reset the password will have to do the Hard Reset, that is, a complete reset with the loss of all data, including contacts on the phone. Although not always and reset helps, as well, if there is a Google account, you must write down the password from the account, sometimes when unlocking requires log in to the account.

Let’s see how to put a password on Huawei. Open on Android “Settings” Next “Lock Screen and Passwords” and “Password”. If you need to put the graphical key, click “Graphic Key” you need to connect the minimum 4 points to save the graphical unlock key. To set the password, click on the “password“, you can also enter at least 4 characters. To install a PIN code, select “PIN code” and follow the following instructions on the screen, the pinkode must contain at least 4 digits. If you need to unlock the Huawei using the fingerprint, click on the “registration” and save your fingerprint. (Configure unlock using fingerprint only in those devices in which there is this function). You can turn off the screen unlocking password by clicking on “No” and following the instructions on the screen.

How to configure automatic screen lock on Android. To independently block the screen, simply click the “Power” button. You can set the settings to specify the time to automatically lock the HUAWEI screen. Open “Settings” Next “Screen” Next “Sleep Mode” and set the required time.

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How to configure unlock log on Honor and Huawei?

To independently choose a set of pictures for the screensaver, it is enough to use the smartphone inteeis. The section that allows you to manage the wallpaper is in the device menu, so it is enough to enter it to change its parameters and install your own settings. The developers have provided several functions at once to help customize the appearance of the screen, ranging from the preservation of such images and ending with the addition of their wallpaper.


To turn on the shift the topics on the smartphone, you need:

  • open screen, but not enter password, code or graphic key;
  • Open the control menu by spending a finger from below;
  • Start the change of pictures by pressing the corresponding button.

As a result, the image will start changing each time the phone is turned on. The main thing is that the owner of the phone adds to the list available to the screen saver. Setting up pictures occurs in a separate section of the menu in the gadget settings.

Adding Pictures

The simplest way to add to your own picture will require the following actions:

  • go to the settings of the smartphone and open the device dedicated to the safety device;
  • Go to password subsection and select the “Unlocking a magazine” item;
  • after which it will be left to subscribe and open the album “Added by me”;

As a result, the selected file will be available for use.

Update wallpaper list

It has already been mentioned above that basic albums are regularly updated. Developers sometimes add new albums and remove old (every 3 months). If the owner of the smartphone believes that the developers forgot to carry out another update, it can update albums yourself. To do this, you need to go to the “Upload” folder and click the “Update” button (in some models, this folder is capable of referring otherwise).

How to remove unnecessary pictures?

You can get rid of unnecessary pictures from the lock screen and calls using the menu already mentioned. Users will have:

  • enter the “Uploaded” folder;
  • allocate unnecessary files;
  • Press the “Delete” button in the list of available actions.

As a result, during calls and when you turn on the display, remote pictures will not appear, because they will completely disappear from the phone.

Built-in ability to close access to Honor applications

In earlier versions of Android, including Honor devices, it is possible to install a password without any special programs. But the screen should be active screen protection with a graphic key or password.

  • You need to go to the main screen with applications, select and hold the icon of the one that we want to “pass”;
  • Two icons will appear at the top: basket and lock. We need the second;
  • Transfer to the basket icon and confirm the key setting input of the current password. Transfer the application to the castle icon

If there are no icons on your phone, it means that this function is not supported in this version of Android on your Honor.

It can be useful: how to write a telephone conversation on honor.


The Screen Lock application was created as an effective tool for locking the screen of your phone. It supports administrative (“Admin Lock”) and smart (“Smart Lock”) Gadget Protection.

The application supports various types of protection

It is possible to install a widget, special notifications, vibration response phone and other.

The application can be convenient to adjust

It is useful to know: how to put a password on the Honor app and phone itself.

How to change the password on Huawei and Honor or remove it?

If you don’t need a password or you wanted to change it, do the following:

  • By analogy with the PIN code, go to the Security and Privacy Settings.
  • Here, select “Changing the screen lock password” or “Turning off the screen lock password” depending on what you need.


To change the password on the Huawei smartphone with EMUI firmware you need:

  • open the standard phone settings;
  • Find and click on the “Security” column in the “Personal Data” category;
  • Press the “Screen Lock” or “Screen Lock and Password” string depending on the version of EMUI;
  • From the open options to select “Password“;
  • After switching to the next page, enter a new numeric combination into the corresponding field;
  • Confirm the procedure by clicking OK;
  • Enter the backup PIN code in case you forget the password (optional);
  • Click on the line “Ready”.

In some cases, that new parameters entered into force, the mobile device must be restarted.

How to put a password for specific Android applications

Not every user wants to set a password for all applications. Someone needs to limit the access of foreign people to the messenger, and someone. to the banking program. After reading the material below, you will learn the principle of creating a PIN code for individual applications.


In general, to put a password for the gallery. You can use one of the utilities presented above. But there is also a specialized program called Gallery Lock. Let’s install it and then configure:

  • Open the utility and click on the “Next” button. After that, choose the option “Start”.
  • We provide the necessary permissions by clicking in the window that appears on the “Allow” button.
  • Next, go into the settings and open the “Edit Password” tab. Enter a new PIN and click on the “OK” button.

Now your photos and videos are protected, so no one can see them.


Would you like to limit other people’s access to your posts? MESSAGE LOCK utility will help you implement this task. We propose to install it from Google Play, and after customize. As usual, a step-by-step instruction will help you correctly:

  • Run the program and click on the big button “OFF”. The utility automatically determines the application installed on the phone, intended for sending messages.
  • Create a graphic key, and then confirm it.
  • Enter the email address to restore the password when it is lost, and click on the “OK” button.

password, phone, huawei, xiaomi, brand, device

It remains to provide the necessary permissions, and the utility will start performing its task.


The browser contains a large amount of data, including saved passwords from many sites. Therefore, on the web browser application, it is desirable to put a PIN or graphic key. Make it will help one of the above utilities, for example, AppLock. But you can also install a third-party browser with the already built-in password installation feature. As such a web browser Aloha Lite. Let’s install it from the Play Market, and then configure:

  • Open the browser and click on the settings icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the “Privacy Settings” section.
  • Transfer the slider to the right near the Password item.
  • Create a reliable PIN code, and then confirm it again.

Now when entering the browser, the system will request a password, which is known only to you. Such web browsers are a huge set, so you can choose some other program to access the Internet.


Unfortunately, the developer did not add to the youtube mobile application the ability to set the password to the entrance. That is why you have to refer to third-party utilities that were described in detail before. You can choose one of those programs, and may install another, for example, Touch Lock for YouTube. This software is perfect for locking the screen from small children. That is, you can run some kind of video, but the child cannot close it, as you need to enter the password you have installed. So let’s start the utility and configure it:

  • When you first open, click on the “ClickhereToEnable” row. And then provide permission to overlay over other windows.
  • Create a graphic key and confirm it.

password, phone, huawei, xiaomi, brand, device

And what will happen now? And now when viewing the video, it is enough to click on the program icon, and the screen will be blocked to the subsequent input of the graphics key.

Social network

Decided to protect their correspondence from prying eyes? Then setting a password to a specific messenger application or chat is the best solution. Below are step-by-step instructions for the most popular programs, so you can safely use them.


Open the Messenger’s mobile client and go to the execution of the instruction:

  • Open the desired chat or group in Viber.
  • Click on the “three points” located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the “Information” section and choose “Hide Chat”.
  • Create a secret PIN code, and then save it.

Now for access to the chat, you need to enter four units in the search for the messenger.

In contact with

Unfortunately, in the official application of the VC, there is no possibility to install a password for the entrance. But you can download a third-party customer of the social network, for example, Kate Mobile program. It is completely free and has much more extensive functionality than the official application from developers. After installation, it is enough to implement the instructions recommendations:

  • Click on the “three points” located in the upper right corner of the display.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the “Lock” tab.
  • We put a tick near the “Always block” item, and then click on the “Lock Password” line.
  • Create a reliable PIN code and choose “Change”.

As you can see, install the password on the application is not so difficult, as it seems. Similarly, you can protect mobile customers of social networks Odnoklassniki and Instagram.

Social network, though not very popular among Russian-speaking users, however, the need to set a password to this application arises. As in the previous case, the developers are such an opportunity not provided. Therefore, you will have to take advantage of one of the utilities described at the very beginning of the article. For example, let’s consider setting up the SMART AppLock program:

Built-in defense

Some models of tablets and smartphones provide users without installing additional utilities the ability to restrict access to certain programs. Here you need to carefully examine the menu with the settings, suddenly there is already a similar option on the gadget. Let’s take a clock function on the example of some popular firmware.


MEIZU Mobile Gadgets are equipped with Flyme firmware. There you must go to the “Security” menu, where the user can select applications for which password protection should be installed.


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Xiaomi on his gadgets installs MIUI firmware. The owners of tablets and smartphones from this manufacturer must go to the “Settings” section where to select “Application Castle”. There is a search function, which will allow you to quickly find the necessary application.


Zen UI

By installing the Zen UI firmware, Asus has been able to expand the standard Android system. In the firmware there is a function blocking function. Developers offer two options for users for users.

Extended protection includes a graphic password, as well as the definition of a hacker using a photo. In the basic version there is only the installation option for digital pin-code.

password, phone, huawei, xiaomi, brand, device


There are still many different firmware. The lock function is almost everywhere is the same, you only need to carefully examine the menu with settings. This method shows what can be achieved if used only built-in system instruments.

Ways unlocking smartphones

Unlock the Huawei phone without a password can be in several ways. Or rather. two. The first one is more sparing, and the second is recommended to be used exclusively in the most extreme cases. These are these ways. They are fundamentally different from each other.

  • Using Google account. If the access code is forgotten, you can try to restore access with the “Google” account. But this option does not always work. Only if the smartphone was tied to account in advance and there is access to the Internet.
  • Forced resetting settings. When using this option, the user will lose all data on the domestic drive of the device. This is done using the system recovery.

If, to use the first method, it is necessary that some conditions have been completed, the second will work in a hundred percent of cases. Unlock the Huawei phone without a password can only with the two options above. Differently do it will not work. We now turn to the detailed analysis of each of them.