How to put a ringtone on the samsung a51

Smartphones from the store shelves have a standard ringtone. If you do not learn how to change its settings, it will sound for a long time in your device. From this manual you can read about how to put a ringtone on the Samsung A51 phone.

The default call melody can be any of the list available. As a rule, monotonous sounds for ringtone in the memory of the smartphone a large number. They can be put on SMS, sound notifications, calls. But sometimes I want to play a favorite melody with incoming challenges.

To change the standard sound, it is necessary that the song is already loaded in the phone. If you can open it through a general list of tracks, you can start it as a call as a call.

    On the master screen of the smartphone, find the “Settings” icon;

When a user chooses a track, it will appear in the ringtone list. It needs to be installed and exit settings. Check if you managed to put a ringtone. To do this, lend from a close smartphone and make a call to your phone number. You must call the SIM card that was chosen by you in the settings. It is also possible to install the ringtone for another card by the same way. And in the settings of the melody, select Ringtone for SMS messages and notifications on the phone.

Changing the audio notification of individual Android 9 and 8 applications

In the latest versions of Android, there is a built-in ability to set different sounds of notifications for different applications.

Setting is very simple. Next, screenshots and paths in the settings are given for Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 9 PIE, but also on the “clean” system all the necessary steps are almost exactly the same.

  • Go to Settings. Notifications.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of applications sending notifications. If not all applications are displayed, click the “View All” button.
  • Click on the application, the sound of the notification you want to change.
  • The screen will show different types of notifications that can send this application. For example, in the screenshot below we see the parameters of the Gmail application. If we need to change the sound of notifications for incoming mail to the specified mailbox, click on the “Mail. With sound”.
  • In the “With Sound” point, select the desired sound for the selected notice.
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Similarly, you can change the sounds of notifications for various applications and for different events in them or, on the contrary, disable such notifications.

I note that there are applications for which such settings are not available. From those who met personally me. only hangouts, t.E. they are not so much and they usually use their own sounds of notifications instead of systemic.

How to put Ringtone on the room in the early Samsung phones

In the early models of Samsung phones, add a music track to a separate contact with the following operations:

  • Run the phone application and go to the Contacts subsection;
  • Add a new contact to the “device” (phone) or select the editing of the already existing;
  • Select “Ring Melody“;

How to change SMS sound on Samsung A50 or Samsung A51 to your melody

To do this, just go to the settings. There is “sound and vibration”, and in it the sound of notification. You can step out there and go here along the built-in.

Only the melodies there will not find only tone all the annoying, but the use of any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy A50 or A51 is not as difficult as you think you think.

You do not need to download special applications or tools You just need to have a mp3 music file on your phone.

If you already have on a memory card, you most likely already have something to go and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

Then the application “My Files”. Open the “Memory Card” folder (or another place) and find the music file you want to use.

Press and hold the file until you appear at the bottom of different parameters. At the bottom of this menu, click “Copy” or “Transfer”. Then select the phone’s memory, look for the Notifications directory.

Move it there or copy. Now your melody is ready for installation as Rington SMS.

Open the “Settings”, then “Sounds and Vib”., At the same time, pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the melody at once on two. one ringtone on 2 sims.

Go to “Notification Sounds”. Choose your music file and voila! Now it is automatically installed as a default audible notice.

Samsung A50 and Samsung A51 Everything happens in one scheme despite the fact that the first uses Android 9, and the second Android 10.

Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

The procedure may differ depending on each application, although. We will show you an example with whatsapp:

As you can see, you should not limit yourself with standard sounds or tunes of notifications, you can also create and use your own.

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All you need to do is put the desired sound files in the right place, and they will be selected as SMS messages sounds. Success.

The first way to put your SMS melody in the phone Samsung Galaxy

Very easy way to write in the search store Play. “SMS melodies”. You will immediately imagine many applications.

Install and can almost instantly change the SMS melody. there are standard, cool, short, whistles and others.

Perhaps in all one click will not change, then it will be necessary to do as described in the section below.

In a word, be prepared to resume sounds in the Samsung phone and enrich it with the best SMS sounds.

Can you change at least every day if you like it. Choose cool and you will laugh every time you get a message.

In addition, this method is safe and the fastest, do not have to scroll on the network in search of a certain sound or music.

How to change the sound of the SMS melody on samsung

To install your melody on Samsung A12, M21, M31, A32, A31, A11, A10, A40 At first download it.

Then go to “My Files”. Who does not know how, then go to the application menu (pull the screen from the bottom up and touch the “samsung” folder).

There will be a category “Download”. It should be your downloaded melody. If it is elsewhere, then go there.

In any way you need to touch it and slightly detain your finger to appear at the bottom of the menu. If it appears, select the first item “Move”.

Next, you can return “back” or other way to choose “Device Memory”. Locate the “Notifications” folder there.

Go back. Bottom will be a line “Move here”. Click on it.

Now go to the settings and press “sound and vibration”, and then “sound notifications”.

Now your melody will be displayed at the top of this tab. Find it and put in front of the “Bruis”.

All now, with all SMS, which will come, you will hear exactly what they themselves have established.

Similarly, you can add another melody and, in addition, there is still a bunch of other parameters and tricks, but about them already in another record.

How to download a melody on samsung?

To download a ringtone from the Internet, first of all it is necessary to go to one of the specialized sites, such as Ringon.Pro, choose the track you like and upload it to the smartphone memory.

After that, you can use the instructions above and add a melody as the main one, but if you want to load the melodies to be in one list together with the standard, you must perform a number of actions.

Open the application “My Files” or any other file manager, in the folder “My files \ memory device \ download” We are looking for a loaded file and allocate it long.

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In the upper right corner of the screen, click on a three-way and select “Copy” (or “transfer” if you want the file to be deleted from the “Downloads” folder, but stayed where you take it).

Go to the “Device Memory” and select “Ringtones” (to install as a call melody) or the “Notifications” folder (for installation as a ringtone notification).

Click on the “Done” button and wait for the completion of copying (or transfer) a file to a specified folder.


Another way to add a melody to SMS on Samsung. Log in to Play Market and dial in the search bar SMS Melody. The system issues several applications offering a large selection of files for the message. It remains to choose one of the proposed options and put it on SMS in Samsung.

For convenience, such programs have several categories, namely whistle, short, cool and t. D. If you wish, you can change the melody at least every day. This method is distinguished by universality and is suitable for all devices with Android OS. It will not have to look for other solutions and spend time on the search for melodies for Samsung.

How to install your ringtone on samsung galaxy

Because on the Questions page, there are more and more often about the same seemingly insoluble tasks, we decided to create such a series of publications, according to the most asked questions. In every news, we will disassemble 1-3 frequently asked questions, showing visuality, in pictures, how to do it. Today is one hero. how to install your ringtone on the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A, J, S series and other devices.

So, in fact, everything is simple. Android system originally has such an opportunity, it is enough to spend 2 minutes of your time and you will have a folder with your favorite ringtones. You need any file manager to find the Notifications folder in the phone and download the right ringtones or music files that you want to use in their quality. No longer a secret for anyone that almost for each model of modern phones has a spy program that allows you to collect personal data.

It is located at SDCARD / NOTIFICATIONS. If not, then you need to create it yourself. You can use the built-in file manager or any third-party, such as Solid Explorer. Also, you can be different, for example, on my Samsung Galaxy S3, the full way looks like this: storage / sdcard0 / notifications.

Now you are downloaded mp3 melodies will be in the overall list. As you can see. everything is simple.