How to remove a dark theme on samsung?

To go to them, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the “Dimming Mode” table, you can turn on a black theme, while clicking on the name of the point. go to the additional options.

  • You need to go to the mobile phone settings and run the “display” (or “screen”). The name of the section varies depending on the model of the smartphone and the version of the installed firmware.
  • Then you need to go to the “Night mode” tab (or “dark”) and move the slider into inactive position.

How to activate a dark topic in all applications on Android 10

Dark mode, or as it is also called, a dark topic is already available on Android 10 for a number of applications as an option. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, not every program supports this opportunity, which strongly upsets fans of this popular regime. Fortunately, already now there is a way to bring together all applications by making them the same dark. At the same time, it is absolutely no need to raise root and do with your smartphone other terrible things. It is reliably known that the method is guaranteed working on Google Pixel 3 and OnePlus 7 Pro. It is worth noting that in order to activate the dark theme in all applications, you will need to include the developer mode on the phone, in addition, the option in a number of applications may not work.

The developer mode is accurately present in each smartphone running Android 10, but by default it is usually hidden, although sometimes exceptions can meet.

Before continuing, keeping up that the developer mode is quite dangerous in inept hand. If you are not sure about something, you see an unfamiliar point, which was not in the settings earlier, do not touch anything better, leave it alone. Do not activate random options, do not click on the submenu, the names of which you do not say anything. All this is intended for experienced software developers. Our goal is to include a fashionable topic for all applications. If you are ready, you can read more.

We go to the developer parameters submenu, looking for the search for the search and enter the Override Force Dark phrase. We see a switch and activate. All, now even applications that do not yet support dark mode officially, should turn. If this did not happen with some kind of program, try to wait until new parameters apply to it. If it did not help. just reinstall the program.

Keep in mind that some applications can start “buggy” due to unusual settings, so if something goes wrong, return the switch to OFF mode, or disconnect the dark theme in the settings of the working incorrectly.

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And what to do those who have a smartphone does not support the installation of Android 10? Fortunately, partially solve the problem can be on older versions of the OS.

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How to quickly activate a dark topic in all applications on Android Pie? Two scenarios

Dark topic. trend of modernity. Developers actively add this feature into their applications, and Google is also not lagging behind. For example, in November the night regime was acquired “Contacts”, after which a few days later, a similar design appeared in the “Phone”. But activate the setting in each application separately tedious. Fortunately, there is a more efficient method that will allow to obtain a maximum of dark intees in several clicks.

It is important to note that the dark topic is not just beautiful, but also a useful feature. In the case of Pixel screens, it retains up to 60 percent of electricity at maximum brightness in comparison with iPhone. The result is achieved by disconnecting individual points of the screen.

To activate Dark Inteeis in Android Pie there are two methods. The first is hidden in advanced display settings and is called the “Theme of the device”. The owner of the smartphone can switch between bright and dark themes, as well as their automatic shift.

However, this option does not activate dark shades in all possible places. At the moment, the option only makes changes to the quick settings menu, the volume slider and some other windows by Google Discover tape.

According to representatives of the 9To5Google, there is a more advanced method. We are talking about Night Mode mode, which is hidden in the developer options. The procedure is simple:

Open the developer options; 2. choose “Night Mode”; 3. Activate “ALWAYS ON”.

To unlock the developer settings, select the “On Smartphone” item in the system settings. Then leaf at the bottom of the page, we see the “Bild number” and quickly click on it many times. A notification will tell about availability.

Finding the night mode will help the search box: just enter the “Night Mode” line in the string. Latest Barcode. Switching to Always ON.

The use of two options will introduce a dark topic wherever the system allows.

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How to enable Dark Mode on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and Note 9

How do you understand from this instruction, turn on the dark mode, or Night Mode, on the Galaxy S10 and on any other Samsung smartphone with One UI inteeis is quite simple. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the phone settings, taping on the appropriate icon.
  • Scroll down the menu until you see the “Display” section, and then tap it on it.
  • Go to “Night Mode” and then click on the right side switch to turn it on.

That’s all you need to do. Samsung has stated that in the future ONE UI update, it will be possible to set up the night mode so that it automatically turn on at night and turned off during the day. When this useful update for the “night regime” will be affordable, we will write the material in which we will tell how to configure this parameter. In the meantime, you are waiting for the appearance of a new parameter from Samsung, read our interesting material with detailed instructions on how to get root rights to Galaxy S10 or how to improve the fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S10.

Will you use “Night Mode” on your Galaxy S10?

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Activation of the Dark Topics on Android Smartphone

The inclusion procedure for the dark background is often performed through the device settings. You can also use third-party programs that will be installed from Google Play. Below are detailed instructions for activating the desired mode.

In the settings on Android 9

To turn on the dark theme on Android 9, first start the settings, then:

  • Go to the “Screen” section.
  • Leafing down and click “Advanced”.
  • On the page that opens, click on the item “Theme of the Device”.
  • From the proposed list, choose “Dark”.

After performing these actions, the screen design will change. To return the display of the original view, do the instructions in the last point select “Light”.

Using third-party applications

This method is universal and suitable for any version of the operating system. Now in Google Play there are many applications capable of realizing the missing function. With the most qualitative of them can be found below.

Black and gray theme

The program is completely free and works without advertising. The installation principle is reduced to changing the standard theme on the device, which may affect the display icon display. In the process of using no departures and freezes were detected. The launcher works smoothly and stable, while not slowing down the system.

Dark theme ponder

After starting the application, you will need to install on the CM Launcher smartphone. It is with this launcher that the topic will work correctly. According to reviews, no design problems are observed, however there are complaints about a large number of advertising. Unfortunately, such utilities are not able to replace official black design. They can change the style of the desktop, but not system programs. But if there are no other options, then such a software can become a good alternative.


Pretty comfortable launcher, characterized by speed and smooth operation. To turn on the topic you need to download to the Me Launcher device. You can do it yourself, or by clicking the “Download from Google Play” button in the application. After that, change the standard Loncher to just installed. Exterior design of the desktop must change significantly.

Huawei (Honor)

Click on the switch in the “Dark Mode” string.

You can also put the dark mode icon in the curtain. We call it and tap on a pencil icon.

Transfer the “Dark Topic” icon in the top of the window.

Incl. Dark mode

If the Android version 10

Two cherished options appeared in the modern version of Android 10:

  • Light and dark modes (see. Screen below: “Settings / Display” branch);
  • Night mode (brightness adjustment depending on time and illumination in the room).

Actually, you only need to activate one of them.

Settings. display. Dark mode // Android 10.0

If there are no such options. you will have to resort to DR. Fashion. About them below.

If version Android

As a rule, for many brands of telephones there are several topics: among them, usually meet both bright options and dark. For example, Samsung has hundreds of them. There are also paid, and free. Cm. Example below.

There are also special. applications that help darken most of the programs in auto mode (which allow it). For example, one of these. Dark Mode (Link to Play Market).

This app is quite universal (compatible with DR. On the phone), supported by all popular versions of Android 4.4 (and higher). Well, no complex settings are enough to install and enable “Night Mode” (Night mode).

How to turn on the dimming mode?

Touch your avatar in the upper right corner of the application screen. Touch the “Settings” item with a gear icon. Open the “Dark Topic” option.

How to make a bright theme on samsung?

To go to them, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the “Dimming Mode” table, you can turn on a black theme, while clicking on the name of the point. go to the additional options.

To activate the night theme, run “Settings”, and then go to the “Advanced” section, in which you should select “Special Features”. At the very bottom of this section, you should activate the toggle switch in front of the “Inversion of Flowers”, as a result of which the entire Android operating system will become dark.