How to record a telephone conversation on samsung

How to record a telephone conversation on Samsung in 2022 to be heard the interlocutor and that the file with the record is normal? What program will be able to make a full call recording?

The SAMSUNG entry is a function required to preserve important conversations in order to listen to them later. After all, it is often necessary to listen to the conversation once again, where the boss lists you tasks, wife / husband a list of important affairs or shopping, and grandmother list of drugs. How to remember all this, if the leaflet with the handle did not turn?

It is no secret that regular recordings can no longer record phone calls on Android 9 and 10 versions. This is due to the fact that the developers themselves of the ninth android have established a recording ban, in order to maintain the secret of personal conversations and not enable them to record them.

And if there is no mystery in conversations and you need to write it easy to listen to at the right time? Then what to do? Then to the aid and comes the VKurse program, which makes a stable recording of a telephone conversation on Samsung phones of any version of android

How to write a conversation on samsung galaxy a03s built-in tools

Samsung Galaxy A03S, like any other smartphone on Android, has everything you need to record a call without using auxiliary means. To perform the operation, you will need to call a subscriber or respond to an incoming call. After that, the call menu opens in front of the device owner.

Here you need to click the “Record” button so that it is dedicated. It will be direct evidence that the conversation is recorded. And no matter, a person talks through a conversational or multimedia speaker. In any case, Recording is conducted at the system level.

It should be noted that the “Recording” button is not always displayed on the Call Main Screen. Often it has to be activated through the additional item “”. Therefore, it is recommended to check all the settings of the standard dialer.

Record calls through third-party applications

Despite the fact that every next version of the firmware carries a lot of new features, after updating, some smartphones work unstable. This happens in the case when the user ignores the preparatory stage.

It happens that on the Samsung Galaxy A51 phone, the preset application for making calls does not have the audioff function. It takes time from time to time and depends on the specific version of the firmware. In such a situation, the restriction can be circumvented with the help of a third-party installation. For example, Call Rec programs:

  • Open Google Play App.
  • Use the search string to find CallRec and click the Install button.
  • After installation, run the program and agree with the terms of use.
  • Go to the “Record Rules” section and configure the settings for fixing telephone conversations at your discretion.

After performing these actions, all calls will be automatically recorded. At the end of the conversation, you only need to agree or refuse to save the call.

How to find and play recording

After the user manages to record on the Samsung Galaxy M12, the question will be asked to further listen to the conversation. To do this, you will need to find a fixed call.

If the recording of telephone conversations was made by the built-in tools of Samsung Galaxy M12, you must open the conductor of the files and move to the Recorder folder.

The next step is the opening of the Call directory where any recording of conversations automatically falls through the standard dialer.

In this folder you can see a list of MP3 files called in random order. Sometimes the recording date is used as a name. To play a fixed call, you must open the appropriate file.

In addition, you can find a recording file and through the standard Music application. Together with the songs saved in the memory of Samsung Galaxy M12, recorded calls will be displayed here.

If there are no conversations in the audio player, therefore, in the settings of the “Music” application, restrictions on the length or size of automatically added tracks. Parameters can be changed, after which MP3 recording files will be displayed displayed. In addition, to listen to the call, it is allowed to use any third-party audio player from Google Play.

Finally, in a situation where the callrec application was used to record a conversation on Samsung Galaxy M12, to look for a call file in the program itself. To do this, open it and move to the “All” section, “Inbox”, “Outgoing” or “Favorites” depending on the type of call.

If you use another call to fix the call, you should specify the location of the file saving from the developer. But most often the record will automatically enter the third-party intees or are in its folder located in the internal smartphone store.

Where the conversation recording is saved on Android

By default, the files can be found with the help of a conductor program, for example, an ES conductor (more on this application can be found in the article “How to open zip files”). Go to internal memory, click Audio. Recorder. The path may differ slightly depending on the brand and the specific model.

If you recorded a conversation with a third-party program, then files are stored in it. Usually these are “Inbox” folders, “Outgoing”, “Saved”. In the case of an instantaneous transfer of audio files to cloud storage facilities, look for materials there.

Recording a telephone conversation using third-party

If in your phone you did not find the built-in call recording function, then you are a direct path in Google Play. Here you will find many applications for recording conversations.

We will consider an example based on call call application (Automatic Call Recorder).

Install and run the application. Now when making calls, you will see a red icon in the top bar. This suggests that the automatic recording of the conversation began, you don’t need to press anything additionally.

After talking, you see recording a conversation.

Press it and you can save it, delete, share, listen and T.D. Very comfortably.

We write on the old manner on the voice recorder. an easy way for all

Record your conversation on the voice recorder built into your smartphone, it is impossible if the manufacturer initially did not allow you to record conversations (then no dances with a tambourine are needed). For example, in Samsung smartphones you will see the inscription that the voice recorder is not supported during the call.

But no one prevents the use of the same phone to record the conversation on the second device. Then it will be necessary to enable speakerphone mode. It’s uncomfortable, such a way is suitable at home, but he does not work on the street. Yes, and your interlocutor will understand what you say in the speakerphone mode, it is noticeable. If there is no other output, the conversation should be recorded here and now, then this way is reliable and working, but it is far from convenience and comfort.

BlackBox Call Recorder

The same applies to the program for recording calls BlackBox Call Recorder. As with the first software, Google Play did not allow writing conversations from new versions of Android. And now BlackBox Call Recorder uses only those who have smartphones below 8 version. Yes, and Internet calls for recording have never been available.

If you have an old mobile phone, then this program is for you. Free Download Auto Recording Calls on any Android smartphone can with Play Market. Then you need to make a certain (small) amount every month and enjoy the professional recording of telephone conversations.

How to install the VKURSE program to record calls

You can see the Installation Guide. which is on our website. If you need a more detailed guide. write to our consultants. they will give you a link to it.

On the site you can download the installation file for free. Install by manual and the entire test (trial) period to record conversations on the Samsung phone absolutely free.

After the test period, the Cabinet will need to pay. over, several telephones will be “tied up” to one cabinet. it does not affect payment.

Now you know how to record a telephone conversation on Samsung in 2022. VKURSE program. will write calls, even if on the phone 12 Android!