Transfer of installed applications from one android to another

The beginning and mid-2000s were the heyday of mobile phones. Schoolchildren then calmly handed each other Java games. I remember how, in between the lessons, I sent friends from his Siemens C75 different games through an infrared port. Now the situation has changed dramatically. The ball is ruled by smartphones. Of course, it is almost impossible to transmit games with three-dimensional graphics due to the presence of a cache in them, but this does not concern ordinary programs, well, and games without a cache (suddenly for some reason there is no way to download even such a toy).

Want to convey to your friend an excellent graphic editor? This is not a problem as it seems at first glance. Of course, it is impossible to directly transfer the installed application, you will not find such a item in any Android menu. But there is a workaround, for this you only need to install a high.quality file manager. We recommend using the ES application for these purposes. This is the simplest file manager with a Russian.speaking integral and complete free. You can download ES Explorer on Google Play. at this link.

How to transfer files from Android to a computer via USB

USB cable today is complete with all Android devices, most often it is part of the charger. If you need to throw files on Android from a computer or vice versa, do the following:

  • Connect the smartphone to PC via USB cable
  • Select smartphone settings mode connection mode
  • Go to my computer on PC and select the device that appears

There are several available smartphone connection modes to PC. It can be a removable disk, media device (MTP) or camera (PTP). The camera makes it possible to use a smartphone camera for a photo or video, other options give access to all open folders.

Different smartphones and tablets on Android when connected through the cable are displayed on the computer in different ways, most often-as a media device or a removable disk. If two removable disks are displayed. this is the internal memory of the Android device and the external memory card.

Now you can transfer files with Android or to it like a regular flash drive. If the Android device is blocked by a password, graphic key or fingerprint scanner. unlock it, after which folders from the smartphone will become available on the computer.


Perhaps, due to a lack of free space on the phone, you cannot install a program for transmitting content. What to do then? How can I pump the game from the phone to the phone without using additional programs?

To do this, you should resort to an old and proven method. via the SD card. We will analyze the instructions:

  • We go to “Settings”.
  • In the “Appendix” tab, we find a program or a game that we want to throw.
  • In the window that appears, we will be invited to move it to the SD card.

After that, we move the memory card, after turning off the device, in another phone or tablet and install this application.

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How to transfer files to the phone by Wi-Fi

Now many devices are equipped with Wi-Fi technology, phones and computers are no exception. Some computers do not have a built-in Wi-Fi, but you can buy a special external adapter that is inserted into a USB slot. The cost of such an adapter varies from 300-4000, however, the easiest option is suitable for transmitting materials. The method of transmission via Wi-Fi is convenient for those users who have a working and configured router who gives the Internet. There are several ways to copy files through Wi-Fi technologies.

File transfer via Web server. Step-by-step instruction:

  • For copying, you will need to download the special software “Web File Transfer”. The application can be found in Google Market, download and wait for installation. After loading, you need to click on the label of the software with your finger, go into the intese. You will also need a Wi-Fi network on both devices;
  • After receiving access on the Internet, the user will see in the window of the installed IP address application. You need to copy the digital value or rewrite it manually;
  • The user will need to open any web browser on a computer, for example, Yandex or Google Chrome. In the address line you need to enter the address from the phone’s application, and click Enter. So the phone integration will open. Now the user can select and copy the necessary files on the computer, and then transfer them to the gadget. On the right side there is a “file transfer to the device” folder by clicking on the icon, the user will be able to start transmitting. The only inconvenience is the restriction, it is possible to transfer only 5MB.

The next method allows you to copy large files. File transfer algorithm:

  • You will need to go to the application market and download the software “FTP server”. After loading and installing the software, the user enters the “Settings” application, then clicks on the “Wireless Connection” section on the phone;
  • Further, the owner of the phone clicks on the command of Wi-Fi, you will need to create a new access point. Any network name is introduced into the name. The default gadget is set by default. Be sure to come up with a password and establish a secure connection;
  • You need to synchronize with this access point on the computer. You should click on the wireless networks on the badge and notifications panel, the list of access points found will open. You need to put the mouse cursor on the desired network, enter the password, log in and connect;
  • After authorization, press the label of the installed application, turn on the server and rewrite digital values ​​from the line “URL address of server”. It will be necessary to continue the synchronization setting on PC, you should click on the “My Computer” folder. When opening a window with devices and disks, the user presses the right mouse button, a window appears with options. You need to click on the command “Add a new element to the network environment”. In the new window “The location of the website” you need to write an address that was previously displayed in the application on the phone;
  • After you need to click on the “Next” button. In the next window, mark the point “Anonymous input” with a checkmark. The next step is the introduction of IP address So the user will create a new server, where will access to the phone files. You can copy any files into this folder (to make the materials easier to find, the user creates another folder for images, video and audio).

Below is a table that indicates the pros and cons of transmission through modern Wi-Fi technology:

Cables are not needed for synchronization. Even if you need to purchase an adapter, it does not take up much space on the user’s table

Bluetooth method

The final way to transfer the game is through Bluetooth. It is worth noting that this method appeared one of the first, so it is particularly popular. Many users do not even know that there are other methods, considering this method. the most correct and correct. For him, you only need to have two phones with connected bluetooth and all.

  • First you need to enable Bluetooth on both devices. This is done in the control panel, which opens with a simple wave down. You can also do this through the settings. The user chooses the most convenient and comfortable method for himself;
  • After that, you can proceed to the transfer itself. It is also worth checking, the general access is delivered in the Bluetooth device, that is, so that the device see all the bluetuses, as well as so that everyone can see the phone;
  • Now it is necessary to create conjugation with devices. To do this, go into the Blutuz settings themselves and click on the button in order to create a conjugation between the devices. As a rule, the device is also called, like a phone model. In the future, the user can change his name.
  • After conjugation, select the file that I would like to throw. This is done in the phone dispatcher;
  • By holding the program, you can click on the “Send” item. After that, the game will automatically go to a device that is connected via Bluetooth.

A simple simple algorithm that each user can use to transfer certain files, as well as games can be used.

How to transfer applications from phone to phone

How to transfer applications from phone to phone:

Before starting, I would like to note that the first two methods carry only the apk files, and also do not work with games that keep the cache in the inner folder of the device. The third method allows you to restore the application, including all its data using a pre.created backup copy.

Using the Google backup method

You can use your Google account to back up software (programs and toys) on Google disc. To do this, you need to turn on in the old Google Backup phone.

Activation of Google Backup

To activate this function, you need to do the following actions:

After performing this operation, you can transfer software to a new gadget.

The process of transferring software with a backup to a new gadget

When the new or dropped to the factory state of the gadget is first turned on, the system will offer the user to restore important data (including programs and games) from a backup stored on a “Google disk”.

Below is a detailed instruction to restore software with Google disk, which may differ depending on the version of the Android gadget.

To transfer software using the Google disk backup, you need to perform the following:

After restoring games and applications, you can use them as on the old device.

Transfer from Android to Android

At the moment, there are 3 popular options on how to transfer the application from the Android phone to a smartphone or tablet with the same operating system.

You can use the following services:

The latter option can also be used to transfer data from devices that operate on the basis of iOS or Windows.

It is also worth considering that smartphone manufacturers also offer their own solutions for “moving” to a new smartphone. So, if you bought a new Samsung Galaxy, then copy data from another phone on Android and iOS using the Smart Switch application.

ES conductor

ES A conductor is a popular service that allows you to remotely control files on smartphones and tablets.

Here’s how you can transfer the APK application to the new phone using this service:

  • Activate Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Install and run ES conductor.
  • Click on the “Apps” button in the main menu.
  • Hold your finger on the desired icon until a check box appears. After click the “Send” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the “Send using” window, select “Bluetooth”.
  • Find the right device in the list and connect to it.
  • Confirm the receipt of the file on the second gadget by clicking on the “Accept” button.

When the load is completed, you will find a saved APK in a special folder. Click on a file to start installing it on a new device.

Important point: in this way you can exclusively be an apk file. The application itself will not be postponed. If the cache of the game is stored in the inner folder of the device, with this method it will be lost. It is also worth considering that, depending on the size of the transmitted file, this may take a long time.

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APK Extractor

Instead of ES, you can use APK Extractor. this is a program that is “sharpened” exclusively for transferring files and not loaded with excess functionality. instructions on how to transfer the program from phone to phone via APK Extractor, it looks like this:

  • Install APK Extractor using Google Play.
  • Run the file, find the desired program in it, click on it and wait until the drop.down menu appears.
  • Select the item “Send”, the transmission method. Bluetooth.
  • Find the second gadget in the list of devices available for connecting via Bluetooth.
  • Confirm the file reception.

As in the previous version, there is no way to transfer the cache, settings and applications data. Only the part of the information that was stored in the “cloud” of the program will be preserved.

Part of paid or secure programs may not be available for copying. If an error occurs when you try to transmit data, you should try another method.

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The file will not appear on the smartphone right away. Sometimes it is enough to wait a few minutes, in other cases. from an hour and longer. This is due to the fact that sometimes apk files weigh a lot.

Synchronization with Google

Most of the functionality of Android devices are inactive if you are not included in your Google account.

Without registration in it, you will not be able to download applications from the Play Market, use mail, create backups of the system and use Google branded services.

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After entering the Google account, your gadget will start:

  • Synchronize data between devices that are tied to one account;
  • Save data in the cloud service;
  • Back up the system.

It is synchronization with Google services that is responsible for how to transfer these applications to another phone. It allows you to copy the settings, cache and saving in the “cloud”, and then restores them on any of your devices.

Unlike special programs, Google synchronization easily copies the data of paid and “protected” applications. The main condition is that both devices must be entered into one account.

Alternative solution if Bluetooth does not work

The aforementioned process may seem too complicated, despite the fact that we make every effort to make it as simple as possible to fulfill. We understand; In the end, we are not all technical wizards, and all of us do not have time to go through this process.

That is why we have another solution that requires minimal effort, can be used to be a complete beginner and transmit all kinds of files with without loss. We are talking about the mobile translation of Echoshare Switch and we will show you how to use this incredible application to transfer applications from one Android to another quickly and easily.

With Echoshare Switch Mobile Transfer, you get many incredible advantages, including, among other things: