How to transmit music between iPhone and Android (6 Quick Ways)

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Android and iPhone are autonomous operating systems for mobile phones, as well as Windows and Mac. Thus, it will be more difficult to transmit music between iPhone and Android. Some data transfer methods do not work. For example, you can transfer music from the old iPhone to a new iPhone without wires.

Tips: You can check how to transfer music from iPhone to a computer if you need.

However, it is impossible to convey music from iPhone on Android via Bluetooth.

Fortunately, you can transmit music from iPhone and Android without restrictions on operating systems. This article contains detailed instructions for the transfer of music from the iPhone on Android or with Android on iPhone. Regardless of how many music files you need to transfer, you can get a satisfactory result here.

How to throw a ringtone from iPhone to iPhone

AipP company believes that there are enough cloud storage facilities, e.mail and various messengers to transmit information. This, of course, is so, but what if there is no Internet at hand or it is very expensive, for example, in roaming? The Airdrop function has appeared in the iOS 7 operating system, it allows you to exchange information between devices nearby, without the need to make any additional settings. However, data can only be transmitted between Apple gadgets.

MP3 transfer to iPhone using iTunes

Itunes is still an official tool for recording an MP3 on the iPhone with PC or Mac. If you already have iTunes on your computer, follow the following actions to get it.

Automatically insert mp3 into the iPhone

Launch iTunes and select add the file to the library to the menu file. Then add the necessary mp3 files to the iTunes library.

Use Lightning cable to tie your iPhone and computer. Then click the device icon in the upper left corner.

In response to a request, press deletion and synchronization. Now select the entire music library or just MP3 files that you want to add to the iPhone. Finally, click apply or synchronization button to start adding mp3 to iPhone.

transfer mp3 to the iPhone manually

Press the device icon, head to conclude the tab on the left side and check manual control of music and video.

Open the conductor window and find the folder containing mp3 files. To avoid duplication of songs, you must remove iTunes duplicates before adding to the iPhone. Select all the necessary mp3 files and drag them to the music tab to the device section. After transferring mp3 to the iPhone, close iTunes and disconnect your iPhone.

Attention: iTunes cannot transfer MP3 files protected by copyright to your iPhone, and you need to purchase them in iTunes Store.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Homepod

Now you must understand how to transfer the MP3 to the iPhone from your computer with Windows or Mac. Listening to music. A good way to relax after daily work. However, Apple Music subscription or buying music in iTunes Store is expensive. Aiseesoft Mobiesync is able to satisfy all your needs by adding mp3 to the iPhone. On the other hand, Fonetrans. This is another alternative solution of iTunes. questions? Please leave the message below.

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Professional data manager iPhone / Android and transmission for transmitting various files between iOS / Android phone and computer and between two mobile phones in one click.

Music transmission using iTunes

If you purchased all the music on iTunes, your songs in the old iPhone will have a backup in iTunes. Therefore, you need to transfer your songs from iTunes to new iPhone. You can perform the following actions:

  • one. Before you transfer music to the iPhone, download iTunes and make sure that your iTunes is the last version.
  • 2. Connect the iPhone to your Mac.
  • 3. Click “Everything” to synchronize all the music. Click the selected playlists, performers, albums and genres to synchronize certain music.
  • 4. Click the “apply” button to start.

It is one thing to note that the synchronization process will remove all the original music on your iPhone. So you pass music from iTunes to iPhone.

Problem B solved now. How about the problem a? After several attempts, the author reveals the impossibility of transferring music from iPhone to iTunes. Checking this on the Internet, Google claims that Apple prohibits the transfer of music from iPhone to iTunes to intentionally protect copyrights to music. Alas, this method does not seem to work. So we can do?

For a simple solution, you can use the iPhone Music Transfer to help you transfer songs from the iPhone to your iPhone 12/11 / xs / x / x / 8/8/7 / se / 6 with just a few clicks of the mouse. Below is a guide for you.

Change Your Default Music App in iOS 14.5 (Spotify, Pandora, etc)

Music from iPhone to a computer using iPhone Transfer

Connect the iPhone

Download and install Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate, connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.

View music

Go to the Media tab on the left panel and open the Music tab in the upper menu. You will see all the music in the main window, and you can twice click a certain musical element to listen to it in advance.

Select music for transmission

Check the desired music and click “Export” to “- Export to PC” in the upper menu, select a folder in a pop-up dialog box to copy music.

Now you easily and quickly get music from the iPhone to the computer. Using this iPhone Transfer, you can also transmit iPhone data includes contacts from the iPhone to iPhone.

Share with others via Airdrop Music

It is also easy to exchange music with Airdrop. With AirDrop you can freely e song with friends without any trouble.

Step 2 Turn on Airdrop from the Control Center.

Step 3 Now go to your music application and click on a new menu.

Step 4 Go to the song you want to share. Choose another option in the lower right corner of the device screen.

music, iphone

Step 5 you will have five choice options. Choose to share a song then you can share a message, landing, and t.D. Click on Aridrop, this method requires that the people you share also turn on AirDrop.

How to transfer music from iPhone to Mac using iTunes/finder

The first option, which will surely occur to users, to transfer music or songs to a computer via iTunes or finder. However, you can transmit music from iPhone to Mac only if the songs are bought in iTunes Store. Itunes is also not available in later versions of MacOS if your MAC has an earlier operating system. If not, use the Finder app on. And you can transfer your music from your iPhone to Mac. Below are the steps that you can perform.

Steps on how to transfer music from iPhone to Mac using iTunes / Finder:

Step 1 First of all, run itunes or finder application on your Mac.

Step 2 then connect the iPhone to the Mac using a USB cable.

Step 3 on the ITUNES OR Finder left panel, click your device.

Step 3 Then click the music on the menu. Finally, click on synchronization button for synchronization and transfer of music from iPhone to Mac.

Well! Now you can also play your songs in the Apple Music or iTunes application on your Mac, as they were successfully transferred. Instead of this method, you were looking for an excellent alternative tool? You can go to the next part, because we presented one of the best programs for your IOS transmission needs.

How to make a backup iPhone ringtones for another iPhone without itunes

Without iTunes, you can still transmit ringtones to the iPhone from one iPhone using FoneCopy. FoneCopy A phone data transfer program designed to transmit contacts, photos and multimedia files from one device to another, for example, to transmit ringtones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, synchronization of contacts from the iPhone 5 on the iPhone 6 and t. D.

Download this software for free on your computer, install and start it immediately.

Connect two iPhone devices to PC using USB cables.

Please make sure that Target and Source iPhone are in the right place. For example, if you want to transfer the melody from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5, you need to make sure that the iPhone 4 is installed in the “source device”, and the iPhone 5. In the “target device”. If not, just click “Switch”.

music, iphone

Set the “Media” flag and click “Start copying” to copy the melodies from one iPhone to another iPhone.

But in this way you will transfer all your multimedia files to another iPhone, including calling melodies, music, playback list, films, audiobooks, etc. D.

Frequently asked questions about the exchange of music between iPhone

Can I send music through Airdrop?

Yes. If you subscribed to Apple Music, you can send music using Airdrop to people who have also subscribed to Apple Music. Just choose the song in Apple Music and tape “share the song”, and then tap the receiver to share it with Airdrop.

music, iphone

On your iPhone click “Settings” [Your name] “Access to the family”. If you use iOS 10.2 or earlier version, click the “Settings” “ICLOUD” “Family”. In the “General Functions” section, you can click “Exchange of purchases”. You need to activate the function “share your purchases” and make sure that your information is correct.

How to share iTunes playlist with another phone?

Find the song in Apple Music and press the button with three points. Then click “Share” to share the ITUNES playlist with friends through messages, mail. or using AirDrop.

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