How to open the phone key?

You just need to find a special hole for the key on the side surface of the smartphone housing. Insert the key and click on it. Pull out the extended tray in which the SIM card will lie.

Locate the tool to insert the SIM card inside the box of your phone. If you lost, you can use something like a clip. Insert the tool into the hole, rigidly press and slot must jump out. Remove the SIM card from the tray or carefully place the SIM card or flash drive into it.

How to insert sim card in samsung galaxy a3

Ejector insert in the sim holder hole


This instruction consists of five steps. You will need a special plastic blade, long nails or some comfortable and soft thin object that you can improve some details.

Patty the left edge of the back cover of samsung C4 nail or blade. Special connector for this is at the level of the main chamber and power management buttons.

In the gap that was formed now, insert a plastic blade and push it from left to right, the blurring latches consistently (these latches are around the perimeter of the inner part of the telephone housing). At that moment, when the back cover completely moved away, remove it and set aside.

After removing the back cover, it is necessary to pull the memory card from a special slot located directly under the main chamber of the device:

  • Gently push the edge of the memory card to a characteristic click.
  • Remove the shovel or finger from the card. Click was preceded by automatic sliding memory card with its locking tray.
  • As soon as it happened, remove the memory card and carefully put it in such a place where it does not lose.
  • When assembling samsung s4, insert it, performing action in reverse order.

Patty the phone battery, remove it and postpone.

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To get SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 Sims, press it inside, as it did with the memory card:

  • You need to go nuts carefully and a click.
  • Hearing clicking, release the holder so that it can automatically pull out the socket tray.
  • When the Simka tray seemed completely, the time to remove the SIM card from it.
  • Now you can insert another card into the connector and collect the phone back.

As can be seen, Microsim is not more difficult in circulation than the most common SIM card. there was nothing to be afraid!

How to get a SIM card from the slot

In order to make a reverse operation, that is, pull out the SIM card from the device, you need to do the following:

  • To avoid data loss or incorrect phone operation, first disconnect your device.
  • Take the key that walked with your Samsung Galaxy S7, or the usual clip. Do not forget to preheat it. Insert the key or paper clinch into a special hole in the tray cover for SIM-cards. Slightly push and when the tray will come out a bit from the body, pull it on yourself.
  • After the card slot turns out to be in your hands, pull out the memory card or the second SIM card from it (if it is installed).
  • Already then you can pull out the desired SIM. Performing these actions be careful, because the coarse treatment of equipment can damage the contacts and will lead to the improper operation of the device.
  • Once you pulled out Sims, carefully install the card tray back to the phone. To do this, you just need to paste it in the right side into the slot and press a little so that the tray is fixed in the housing.

As a result, it turned out that inserting Sims in Samsung Galaxy S7 in reality is not so hard. It is enough to know where the card slot is located, and also to show a bit of patient and accuracy when installing.

How many in samsung a12 sim cards, what and how to insert or get

I’ll start with how much samsung a12 sims. It is all good in it. You can at the same time insert 2 SIM cards and memory card.

In many others, it is not so possible, for example, at the very very steep in terms of price quality A52.

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Which sim card in samsung a12? Not the least easier ESIM, which will soon begin to be embedded, but very small. Nano SIM with size 2.30 x 8.80 mm.

How to get SIM card now I will not be described because you will learn about it in the course of the description how to insert, except that you do not open a tray, then I told about it in the past record.

Now how to insert SIM card in Samsung A12. The manufacturer recommends that you turn off the phone before.

But I, honestly, laziness to do it and never turning off, at the same time I got it and inserted hundreds of times and so far there were no problems.

Now open the packaging and find the key there. He is exactly there, although it is possible and, for example, a clip.

Next on the housing on the left side almost at the top, find a small hole, insert the key there and press it slightly.

Press while slightly, somewhere 2-3 millimeters will not push the tray. He is definitely false a little to jump out.

After that, hook it with your fingers (nails) and pull it on what to fully pull out the “core”.

Then carefully inspect it and find the protrusion (not cut angle). Then locate the cut corner on the SIM card.

These corners when you want to insert should coincide. Neat that everything cloth failed align them. However, there are two places where to insert. Choose anyone and put two at once.

After that, place the “core” in the tray and plunder slightly so that everything slammed and did nothing.

Do not press much. If not entering everything back, look, correct and try to insert again. It is necessary. Success.

Check the warranty

Before trying to pull the stuck SIM card, check the guarantee on the phone. Guaranteed as a rule does not apply to extract.

If the warranty does not apply to this action, the phone damage can quickly lead to financial losses.

If the phone is old with a removable lid, it is not necessary to remove the sim card, and the service is not needed, although cell phone repair professionals have a system to remove stuck cards.

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If you delete the card yourself one or the best option, share the minute to think about the process before trying to pull out.

Using a proven strategy increases chances of safe extraction without damage to SIM card or tray.

How to pull SIM card from samsung galaxy s 4?

If you have a Micro SD memory card, you will need to be removed, It directly closes access to SIM. We do it with a neat sliding thumb down.

All: Access to SIM card Samsung Galaxy S5 We got and can now get it and replace another. This is also done with a sliding movement of the finger down. If that, you can make something thin on the side of the tray and push it forward to be more convenient to get.

  • insert sim card and memory card (if required);
  • Install the battery (pay attention where the contacts on it and insert the correctly into the phone. to contacts);
  • neatly snatch the back cover of the phone so that no gaps remain

Mobile phone market is now saturated with a huge number of new devices, and many do not immediately understand how to contact them. Therefore, questions. “How to replace the SIM card Samsung Galaxy S5″ or “how to properly pull out the battery”, a lot.

Modern youth follows the newest trends in the field of high technology. Almost every teenager is versed in technical nuances new devices. But if young people are all clear, then the older generation is already harder to deal with “trusted” phones, although they are with great pleasure acquire modern accessories.

It happens that it is very difficult to understand how to extract any item in a mobile device or pull out, for example, a battery from the phone. In order for people who are interested in how to insert a SIM card in Samsung C5 do not wait for third-party help, and independently cope with everything, reading the detailed instructions for working with this item.