How to restore photos from a broken / dead iPhone

Conclusion: This post will show you how to restore photos from a broken / dead iPhone two best ways. One is restored from a broken device directly without backup, the other is restored from iTunes backup.

It often happens that your iPhone will break / damage randomly. However, the worst thing is that you have no idea to restore data from the broken iPhone, especially photos. It often happens that your iPhone will break / damage randomly. However, the worst thing is that you have no idea to restore data from the broken iPhone, especially photos. The forum has many similar questions that have not been corrected, for example “How to restore photos from a broken iPhone?”,” How to restore photos on the iPhone that do not turn on “,” How to restore photos. with an iPhone with a broken screen “and others. This manual will show you two solutions for recovering photos from a broken / dead iPhone with a few clicks with mouse.

Restoration of photos from a broken / dead iPhone

Actually, the recovery of iPhone data is designed to recover data from the iPhone for any data loss, including iPhone broke or iPhone is dead. Restored Data Types, Including Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Video, Notes, Call Logs, Calendars, WhatsApp messages, Application data, and T. D. This allows you to remove photos from a broken / dead iPhone for three modes: direct recovery from the device without backup, recovery from iTunes backup, recovery from the backup iCloud. The program supports almost all cases of broken / dead iPhone, for example, an iPhone that does not turn on, forgets the phone screen password, the iPhone with a broken screen, cannot enter the password on the iPhone broken screen, iPhone with a black screen, iPhone with an empty screen, iPhone with blocked Screen, iPhone with Apple logo and t. D. All iPhone models are compatible with iPhone Data Recovery, for example, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S / 6, iPhone 5S / 5C / 5.

When Assistive Touch Technology is used?

This list lists the main reasons for which users include this technology on their smartphone:

  • People with disabilities. Initially, the technology is intended for them;
  • Users who broke the Home button. Even if you have already gathered to attribute your device to the service center, I want to make a backup, save important data, to inform relatives and loved ones that for some time you can not communicate with them. That is why you can enable this technology and perform all actions even with a broken home button;
  • Of interest. Often people try to display the “home” button only to try it in work, and many of them are simply getting used, because it is really convenient.

In general, no matter how reasons, the principle of activation and work with this option is the same.

Where to buy an iPhone screen

There are two ways first. search in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and T.D. On local ads of ads or online stores for iPhone. Google will help you.

Second Way. Buy Screen for iPhone on Personally, I have already ordered the on-screen modules many times on Aliexpress, and it cost me this pleasure from 35 (for the iPhone 5C model).

The price was about two times cheaper than the same screen, but in Ukraine. When buying on this site, the buyer is provided for about 50 days for confirmation of the product of proper quality.

If the screen for some reason does not suit you, you can return 100% of the money spent.

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If you really want to save, I would advise to go on the second way and buy a screen for iPhone on Aliexpress, and then install it yourself.

The Chinese have learned to make good high-quality screens that are practically not distinguishable from the original. Replacing the iPhone Screen does not represent anything complicated only attentiveness is required and accuracy.

Included with the display usually go tools for replacing it. But I want to warn you from using at least screwdrivers. They are so cheap quality that you can with leakage. Better immediately these screwdrivers throw out.

But you will still need specific tools (Pentalobe screwdriver, sucker, blades, tweezers and t.P.) that can be purchased for a penny on the same aliexpress.

Better immediately buy one set that will include everything you need. For a beginner, a set, which I advise on the link below. It includes everything you need to disassemble the iPhone to the last screw.

Restoring iPhone data. Removing contacts with iPhone with broken screen

To do this, recover iPhone data is recommended to help you quickly access and remove contact with the iPhone with a broken screen. You can return your data from the broken iPhone directly, as well as from iTunes or ICloud backup. iPhone Data Recovery. Excellent assistant to restore data from a broken iPhone under any circumstances, including iPhone with a broken screen, iPhone, damaged by water, iPhone, which does not turn on, iPhone with black screen, iPhone with blank screen and t. D. Restored data types, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, call logs, calendars, WhatsApp messages, Application data.

Transfer components to a new module

If you reached it, the process will not seem difficult 🙂 The main thing is to put it as it was. The locations of the connectors on the loops do not leave much space for errors. The main thing is to put a metal shield not under the top of the top, but above it. Many are confused, therefore we can cause the formation of spots on the matrix.

Return a maximum of attention TouchID. Do not damage it in no case.

For reverse assembly of the upper module, two-way tape will also be needed. Get ready to cut thin strips of a small size and gently apply them to tweeze.

Remove the data from the iPhone locked

Baseline data: iPhone 6S with 6-valued unlock numeric unlock code, Lightning cable, computer.

Task: access the history of calls and the WhatsApp and Viber corresponds to the iPhone, as well as the ability to save them to the hard disk of the computer.

Solution: To recover data from the iPhone, we will use the iMyfone D-Back program (you can download the link above). You will need only a few simple steps.

iphone, screen, restore, itunes

Step 1. We connect the iPhone to a computer using the Lightning cable and launch imyfone d-back. iPhone while staying in a locked state.

Step 2. Select from the menu on the left item “Recover from iOS Device” then press the START button.

Step 3. At this stage, select the data you want to restore on the iPhone. As you can see, here are messages with contacts, and correspondence in the main messengers, and photos from the video and something else there.

In short, everything is valuable that you are interested in. here. Check ticks only opposite the data you want to restore.

Step 4. Press the Next button and wait until the program finishes scanning iPhone.

Step 5. And now see what we managed to get. Here she is all the correspondence in Viber with my sister and other friends, including pictures and videos that I sent. As well as call history, messages iMessage and regular SMS, correspondence in Whatsup and Skype.

You have not yet understood that this program allows? Yes, it’s just a find for a spy for example, a jealous wife. Husband came to the tailor and fell to sleep, and the wife take you to read with whom he was having fun there and why female perfume smells.

It is a pity that there will be many questions in the morning I hope there are little jealous wives among you?

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And here is another real story that happened in a crazy America recently. Remember the confrontation of the FBI and Apple in the court in the case of unlocking the iPhone 5C Arrow from San Bernardino, killed 14 people.

Apple refused to provide such a FBI service, although the court obliged them to this. And all that was necessary to investigators to access notes, call history and SMS criminal.

If they knew how easy it was to do, even if the phone is blocked by a numerical password, maybe it would still be caught a couple of broken villains.

But this is not all the possibilities of the program. Let’s list them better below:

  • 4 modes with almost 100% chance of data recovery: data recovery with iOS device, backup iTunes, icloud or Smart Recovery mode.
  • support 20 data types, including Whatsup, Viber, Wechat, photos, posts, contacts, notes, etc.
  • Correction of various iOS glitches without data loss from the device.

Separately, I want to pay attention to the SMART Recovery mode, which will help to decide in which of the sections you should restore the data. Inscriptions on buttons in English, but even an eighth grader will understand their importance. You have already finished the seventh class?

Also, the program allows you to restore data from the iPhone, which is stuck in the reboot mode, or with a white / black screen, or the Eternal Apple Logo and T.P. To do this, the program provides a special section “Fix iOS System”.

In a nutshell: App. Agond! True paid. 49.95, but there is a free trial version. The reference to the application is somewhere higher in the article.

That’s how it just removed the data from the locked iPhone. Developers from China did the impossible. I still do not understand how it turned out.

Most likely, this program allows you to learn information and with a saved backup in iTunes. It will be necessary, by the way, try.

Well, on this everything seems to. Save regular data to a backup to a computer and will not come to run and tear hair. Be presented!

Just put on it a waterproof case

I have seen dozens of iPhone with a broken screen, which is interesting:

  • Some turn into a cobweb of sharp fragments, but react to touch throughout the screen area
  • On the other all pair of cracks, but the sensor does not work in whole or in part

In the first case, as a temporary solution, I recommend a waterproof case.

LIFEPROOF FRCE on iPhone 6S Plus

The case is needed in order not to cut down the fragments during use.

Any of the options can be bought in the nearest store of accessories and calmly stretch a few more days.

And he will help preserve hermeticity. Dust and moisture can fall inside the iPhone case. This will negatively affect the performance of its components.

How directly unlock the iPhone with a broken screen

If you can no longer use a broken iPhone or you just need to erase the data from the iPhone, FoneLab Unlock for iOS. Effective way to unlock iPhone with broken screen. This allows you to enter the iPhone without a password and delete the contents and settings before sending the iPhone to the repair shop, including the access code.

  • Unlock a broken and not responding screen and log in to the iPhone.
  • Remove Apple ID and password to enter the locked iPhone.
  • Owl of screen restriction password without data loss.
  • Compatible with the latest version of iOS 14, as well as with previous versions.

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

Step 1 Download and install Fonelab iOS Unlocker, you can run a program on your computer and select the Wipe Password option to remove the iPhone screen lock. Make sure you have connected iPhone to a computer using an original USB cable.

Step 2 He will detect information about the broken iPhone. You must confirm the device category, device type, device model and IOS version before pressing the Start button to download the firmware package to unlock the iPhone with a broken screen.

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Step 3 After successfully downloading the firmware package, you can click the “Unlock” button to erase the password. When you delete the screen lock password on your iPhone, all data and settings will be removed from the original iPhone.

Step 4 After completing the firmware download, click the Unlock button and enter 0000. After that, you can press the “Unlock” button again to confirm the unlock process. It will start to erase passwords from your iPhone with a broken screen.

How to fix dead iphone

After recovering photos iPhone, you can do something to save the device as shown below.

Forcibly restart iPhone

The iPhone restart can easily solve most problems with the iPhone if you cannot simply press and hold the power button, please read the alternatives below.

For iPhone X and later, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

Step 1 Press and release the volume before and then the volume down button.

Step 2 Press and hold the button to the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Step 1 Press and hold both volumes down and power button.

Step 2 Press and hold the buttons to Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and 6s Plus, iPhone SE or iPhone 5:

Step 1 Press and hold both power and home button.

Step 2 Press and hold the buttons to Apple logo appears.

Iphone reset via iTunes

iTunes. This is the default method that allows you to manage data between the computer and iOS devices. In addition, it will also help you effectively solve some common problems.

Option 1. Restore iPhone

Step 1 Start iTunes on your computer, then connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable.

Step 2 Tap Device icon Conclusion Restore iPhone.

Step 3 Confirm the recovery and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

Option 2. Move the iPhone to recovery mode

Recovery mode is a simple and safe troubleshooting step that you can do to solve the iPhone problem. Below is described how to do it.

iphone, screen, restore, itunes

Step 1 Update iTunes to the latest version, and then close it. First connect the iPhone to the computer, and then run iTunes.

Step 3 If you are using iPhone 8 and later versions, connect the iPhone to a computer while holding the button. If you use iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, holding down and connect it to the computer. If you use iPhone 6 and earlier versions, holding the home button and connect your device instead. Please do not let go buttons until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 4 Select Update in the pop-up window, and then wait until iTunes download software for your iPhone. Then repeat step 3.

Restore iPhone on ICloud webpage

iCloud can be the last method that you can try to restore the iPhone without making anything on your device. It is not difficult, but requires that you have already included the “Find My iPhone” function on your device.

Step 1 Log in ICloud.COM, then log in to your account with Apple ID and Right Password.

Step 2 Enter the iPhone, then select your device from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Press Wash iPhone and then confirm the hearing.

Step 4 Then you can continue setting up a new iPhone or restore it from a backup file if you have it.

Using the aforementioned methods, you can restore data from the iPad that does not turn on.

If you have any questions about the textbook, please feel free to contact us by Комментарии и мнения владельцев or email. We will reply you as soon as possible.

With FoneLab for iOS, you can restore lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Wechat and other data from the backup iCloud or iTunes or device.