How and where should it be installed

Later in the article, we will look at how to install a rear view camera. There is more than enough space in the car to install a video camera, but we need the most advantageous position. The camera peephole must have a good view, which is not limited by any part of the machine. Any camera will reach its full potential if it is installed in the most favorable place.

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In our case, such a place is a niche above the rear bumper of the car, the camera should be placed in its upper part above the state number of the car. What this gives. viewing angles, your car radio will show only the road, and not parts of your car. But it must be positioned so that it is not strongly recessed, but also does not stick out.

However, there is a minus here. your camera is accessible to dirt and the hands of others. If you place it inside the cabin on the rear window, then half of the screen will be occupied by the trunk, the viewing angles will decrease and the image quality will suffer to some extent due to the glass. But on the other hand, it will be clean and inaccessible to strangers.

So you personally have to calculate all the pros and cons of the external and external location of the camera.

And the truth is, no matter how experienced the driver is, there is a subtle little thing that will cause trouble. In such a situation, a rear view camera comes in handy. It significantly improves visibility and avoids unpleasant excesses.

Today, many cars are equipped with this useful gadget, especially the premium segment. But early models lack this function, which means there is a reason to pick up a tool.

How to connect a rear view camera to a Chinese radio tape recorder today will be discussed.

Connecting two car cameras to the monitor

The principle of operation is such that when the reverse gear is turned on, voltage is applied to the coil, the rear camera turns on, the power contacts of the front camera are open. When the rear camera is turned off, the relay is turned off and through contact 87a plus is fed to the button. Turn on the button. the front camera works.

Ways to connect two Chinese cameras to the radio tape recorder

There are models on the market for two-zone monitoring of the vehicle space. front and rear. This solution allows you to register possible emergency situations on the road, and to record the state of the car in the absence of the owner.

Connection and configuration is carried out in the following order:

  • the on-board network of the machine is de-energized;
  • the front camera is mounted on the rear-view mirror holder;
  • mount the back;
  • for aesthetics, connecting wires are led to the head unit under the interior trim;
  • if the head unit has two Video In inputs, connect the signal wires to them. In the case when the kit has its own recorder, choose the place of its installation, connect it to the network and cameras;
  • we check the connections according to the installation diagram, turn on the battery;
  • configure the parameters of the cameras.

It remains only to test the system in motion and, if necessary, make corrections.

Sometimes it happens that one of the cameras does not provide adequate coverage of the space in front of it. The way out is to purchase a “Fish Eye” patch. It acts as a wide-angle lens and widens the angle of view.

Connecting a Chinese rear view camera to a Japanese radio

Lovers of high-quality audio systems Japanese equipment. But they have their own nuances when connecting video cameras.

Consider an example on a Pioneer 2din radio tape recorder. The installation has a similar procedure:

  • The camera is powered from the reversing light.
  • The signal cable is connected to the Video In connector. Usually, in this model, a brown tulip is responsible for capturing video.
  • We check in the settings the inclusion of the camera and its operation.

The system works, but will not turn on automatically when driving backwards. It is enough to connect the purple wire of the head unit to the rear light, where the camera is. The problem will be fixed when the reverse gear is engaged. The radio tape recorder will understand that you need to activate the shooting mode.

How To Wire Your Rear View Camera With An Override Switch

The rest of the installation points of the device remain the same.

How to choose a camera

The modern electronics market, and especially China, is overflowing with a variety of cameras, and this makes the choice of the right thing more complicated. In order to make your job easier, decide on your priorities, which worries you more. price or quality. Not everyone needs high definition cameras, or cameras that can show even in low light. For some drivers, an inexpensive rear-view camera for a radio tape recorder is enough.

  • In what resolution the camera writes, the higher the video resolution, the better the recording quality. And high definition of the image is not always needed.
  • The next point is the sensitivity of the camera to lighting. In cheaper models, recording quality in low light can be very poor. Therefore, if, due to circumstances, you often use the car at night, then you should pay attention to this moment.
  • If you have already decided where to put the rear view camera before buying, then you need to pay attention to the installation method of this particular model.

Replacing the rear view camera. instructions

Like any other electronic device, these camcorders sometimes burn out (especially if they are powered constantly). Then the replacement actions will be as follows:

Cut off the standard harness from the camera, closer to the camera. It will be in a shielding braid, prepare the braid for soldering with another same braid from the new camera.

Installing rear view camera. Peugeot 308

A cord with a tulip connector leaves the new camera. A long cord is attached to it, which should stretch all the way to the screen itself. We will not need all of it, since there is standard wiring to our screen, to which we are connected. Cut off the connector with a small piece from the long wire and clean it. There will be a central core inside the braid. We’ll need both.

We solder the wires of the cut-off standard harness to the new camera:

  • Yellow on the regular one. to the central vein, cut by a new camera.
  • Braid from standard to braid from a cut new camera
  • Black on standard. to the negative wire on the new camera (usually black)
  • The red from the new camera must be connected to the positive wire supplying the reversing light (green with a white stripe)

We turn on the ignition, put the automatic transmission selector in position R. If there is an image, everything is done correctly.

If you power the camera from the reversing light, there may be ripples on the screen when you turn on the camera. you will have to connect it from the supply plus through a relay. Disabling it is mandatory, because if you constantly supply 12V to the video camera (for example, from the license plate light), then sooner or later its voltage converter will burn out.

Do not forget to carefully solder and insulate everything, preferably by heat shrinkage. It is advisable to cut the cords with a margin so that you can quickly replace the camera in the future without disassembling the casing. Before cutting the cords on a standard camera, you need to be sure that it is inoperable. The issue of fixing a new camera is purely a locksmith’s and is solved without problems. It is better to take an infrared camera. it “sees” better in low light.

4-wire rear view camera pinout