How to check the battery level of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition headphones

It is not difficult. Each earphone is equipped with a multifunctional LED indicator (located on the outside of the earphone housing, it is difficult not to notice). Indicators indicate the status of the Bluetooth connection, as well as the charge level of the built-in batteries of the headphones.

Usually, the indicator does not manifest itself in any way, but if it lights up red, it means that the headphone has less than 10% charge. In addition, this model also has a voice prompt about a too low battery level (the main thing is not to turn it off and / or ignore it).

How to check the battery level of the charging case of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition

The case also has its own indicator, it is located on the front panel of the device and also knows how to signal the charge level of the built-in battery, moreover, there are several such signals. So when you put both earbuds in the case, and after that the case indicator:

  • blinked white several times and turned off. the case battery is completely discharged, and it’s time to charge it;
  • started blinking red every 3 seconds. the case battery is almost completely discharged and needs to be charged;
  • lights up white and does not blink. the case battery is fully charged and you can disconnect it from charging (after that, the indicator will immediately go out).

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Xiaomi wireless Mi AirDots Youth Edition: if they don’t charge, and how to charge them

The new Mi AirDots Youth Edition wireless headphones from Xiaomi, as expected, should be recharged automatically from the built-in battery of the case, as soon as you put them in this case. But, as practice shows, although they should be charged, they sometimes do not charge.

The reasons for this can be very different, therefore in this post. briefly about how to check the charge level of Mi AirDots batteries and the batteries of their case, how to charge them, what you need to pay attention to in the process, etc.

How to charge the charging case of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition model

Let’s clarify, just in case, the parameters of the case battery:

capacity: 300mAh input voltage (current): 5V (300mA) output voltage (current): 5V (150mA)

The case is charged via a USB-to-MicroUSB cable from a USB-port of a computer, a compatible mains charger (you need to choose it very carefully, see the battery parameters) or an external battery (it charges slowly from a “power bank”). Under normal conditions, from the USB port of the computer, the battery case of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Youth Edition headphones charges up to 100% in about 2.5-3 hours.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition headphones

Simply put both earbuds into their jacks in the charging case and close the lid. The case indicator will turn red, which means that the charging procedure has begun. When the earbuds are fully charged, the indicator will turn white and turn off after 1 minute. In the charging case with a fully charged battery, the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition headphones are charged up to 100% in about 1.5 hours.

  • new Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition headphones must be charged to 100% before use;
  • if you have not used your Mi AirDots for more than 2 months, then before using it, you must fully charge both the case and the headphones themselves.

How to connect both Tws i7 earphones?

  • Take out both earbuds.
  • Hold the buttons on both earbuds and hold until both of them start blinking.
  • Wait until one of the headphones stops blinking.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and select “TWS-i7”.
  • When you want to turn them off, put both headphones in the case and press the case button 2 times.

How to charge headphones without box?

To connect to a power source, the headphones are equipped with a microUSB / USB-A cable, one end of which is inserted into the socket of the case (microUSB), the other must be connected to the corresponding port of the charging device. You can charge the case with or without headphones installed. Charge indicator. three-digit. May 19, 2020.

How to charge wireless earbuds if you lost your case?

the headphones are fully charged. : Insert the power cable into the microUSB port. charging case, the indicator will glow red without blinking. Remove the power cable from the microUSB port.

How to charge wireless headphones from your phone?

  • Take Micro USB charging cable (included);
  • Connect one end of the cable to the headphones (jack may vary).
  • The other end, with a USB plug, plug into the USB port on your computer.
  • We are waiting for as long as indicated in the instructions (usually from 1-2 hours).

How to properly charge your i11 headphones?

  • Connect both plugs of one end of the cable to the headphones.
  • Insert the USB connector into the device through which you plan to charge the headphones.
  • Disconnect the headphones when the indicators change color (for example, from red to blue) or they stop blinking (different models differ).

Is it possible to charge the headphones from the outlet?

Can wireless headphones be charged from an outlet? Theoretically it is possible, but if the headphones are not equipped with an original charger from the mains (adapter), but only with a cable, then it will be safer to charge them from a computer, laptop or USB PowerBank.

How to charge Xiaomi earbuds?

To charge Redmi AirDots, you need to use the charging case. The case itself is charged from external power sources, to which it is connected using a microUSB cable.

How long does it take to charge wireless headphones?

How long do wireless headphones usually charge?

Most models take 1-2 hours to fully charge. Some models take up to 4 hours to charge. Most manufacturers indicate the time in the instructions. Charging time may take longer if using a non-original cable.

How to charge wireless TWS earbuds

Let’s figure out how to charge TWS earbuds. Fully wireless headphones are charged from the complete case, and the case is charged from the mains or an external power source (powerbank, laptop).

This guide will show you how to charge your TWS wireless earbuds and how to do it right. And separately, how long are the headphones charged and is it possible to charge TWS headphones from the outlet, from the phone, without a case (all methods).

How to charge TWS earbuds in a case (in a box)

TWS earbuds are charged from the complete case (box, case). And already it is charged from external sources. How to charge headphones in a box?

How to charge the TWS earbuds themselves:

  • We put the headphones in the case. They should automatically start charging. For some Chinese headphones (extremely budgetary), in order for charging to start, it is not enough to put the headphones in the case. You also need to press a special button. But this, thank gods, is rare.
  • We make sure that they are correctly placed in place and that the charging has started. The headphones are held in the case by magnets. And they are charged through the terminals without wires. Accordingly, it is important that the terminals on the earpiece fit correctly over the terminals in the case. The headphones should visually lie exactly in place. In addition, there is usually some kind of indication that charging has gone. The nuances of the indication for a particular model should be found in the instructions. Either in the bundled, or in the extended on the site, or in the application.
  • We wait. The time it takes to charge the earbuds should also be mentioned in the instructions. There is usually no indication of the end of charging the headphones themselves. But it’s okay, the headphones can not be fully charged, so to speak. And all modern models are protected from overcharge. When they are fully charged, the headphones will simply turn off and wait in the wings.

How to properly charge wireless headphones in a box? Obviously very simple. You just need to pay attention to the nuances.

How to charge TWS earbuds without a box? In short. nothing. They are charged only from a complete case or another box from the same model. In fact, the TWS headphone case is a complete power bank.

Which adapter to use

For those who really want to charge the headphones from the mains, but do not have this opportunity, it is recommended to study the technical specifications (including the current strength and the permissible voltage for a particular model) and choose an adapter in strict accordance with them. These parameters are usually indicated on the adapter body. If such data is not available (this applies to NoName models), it is dangerous to use the adapter.

How to charge wireless earbuds for the first time

A competent procedure for the first charging will increase the useful life of the gadget in the future. For the first time, it is recommended to do this as follows:

  • Discharge headphones and case to maximum.
  • Charge up to 100%.

For models without a case, the first charge is performed in the same sequence.

Important! With further use, it is necessary to avoid discharging the battery to zero, as this will negatively affect the duration of its operation.

How to charge wireless headphones. instructions for popular models

Wireless headphones are a convenient and useful gadget for those who lead an active lifestyle, are fond of sports, prefer to do household chores with music and not disturb anyone. They are easy to operate. But, like any device with a battery, they require careful handling. In order for them to work flawlessly and last as long as possible, you need to know how to charge your wireless headphones correctly. The main features of charging, which you need to know and apply in practice, are described in this article.

Charging for wireless headphones

In order for the devices to work for a long time and well, they must be recharged periodically. This requires a charging cable and strict adherence to the requirements of the operating instructions.

How long do wireless headphones charge

How much specifically to charge Bluetooth headphones is indicated in the technical specifications of the model. This is how long it takes to fully charge when using the original cords. Usually it takes from 1 to 4 hours. But there are branded models that take less than an hour to fully charge (for example, for Beats BeatsX).

Note! Earbuds charge faster when using the native cable.

The compact in-ear devices are recharged when placed in the case from the battery located in the case. Its capacity is on average from 85 to 150 mAh. With this method, gadgets are charged quickly. In top models, it is enough to hold the earbuds for 5-10 minutes. in the charging case, and then listen to music for another hour.

When the headphones are in the case, the battery holds a charge for the time specified in the technical specifications. Usually, a full charge is enough for 12-30 hours of passive work. The case must be put on charge, without waiting for a complete discharge.

Visually, the charging level can be checked by the indicator lights located on the headphone case and on the case. At 100% charge, the color of the indicators changes.

For headphones with direct connection to a power source, charge indicators are located on the body.

Note! When you pair the earbuds with a mobile phone, the charge level is displayed on the screen. The phone will show the battery level incorrectly if the headphones have battery problems.

The headphone charge level is displayed on the phone screen

How to charge Xiaomi, Haylou, QCY wireless earbuds

Xiaomi wireless earbuds are charged in the case. Cases differ in shape and size. They only charge the model they are sold with. Some earbuds (such as QCY T2 Black) use a docking station for charging. Xiaomi also has models that do not need a case, these are Bluetooth headsets with neck cords and more massive models with on-ear headphones and a headband, recharged directly from a power source.

Full-size earbuds connect to a power source via a cable

The most common models of wireless headphones from Chinese manufacturers Haylou and QCY are recharged in a charging case. These brands also have a Bluetooth headset with direct charging via USB cable (for example, the sports model Haylou C10 with a neckband or in-ear QCY E1 headphones with a lanyard).

Which cable to choose

Ideally, the cable should be the original one from the kit. As a rule, these cords are visually easy to distinguish from the rest, they are shorter.

Note! If the original cord is not available, it is preferable to use a cable from the same manufacturer. In the absence of such, it is better to take a high-quality wire of some well-known brand.

Continuous use of NoName cords causes the headphone battery to lose capacity

Those who want to extend the life of their gadgets should stop using cheap NoName cords altogether for the following reasons:

  • incomprehensible technical characteristics;
  • as a rule, poor quality and quick failure;
  • increase in charge time (especially noticeable in models with a large battery capacity);
  • NoName has flimsy plugs, and they are dangerous when used.

Important! Charging devices through low-quality NoName cords damages the headphones, damages the battery and can even start a fire.

JBL Model Charging Features

According to the configuration, the JBL wireless headset is divided into two types: compact models with a charging case (case) and overall models without a charging case. Charging methods for each type are standard. In the first case, the headphones are placed in a charging case, which is connected via a USB cable to a power source, and in the second, they are connected directly to the power supply via a cable with a USB connector.

To monitor the charge level, JBL headphones have indicator lights: red for low battery and green for 100%.

The red indicator light on JBL models indicates charging is not yet complete

How to charge wireless headphones. this instruction is in video format:

How to charge wireless earbuds.:

How long are the headphones charged

  • You can find the exact or approximate charging time in the instructions for your model, in the reviews on this site (type in the model name in the search at the top) or on the Internet.
  • When most Bluetooth headphones are connected to the phone, it displays the charge level. So you can understand not only how much charging is on the headphones, but also how long the wireless headphones take to charge.
  • This article discusses applications for displaying the battery level on a smartphone. Convenient function, useful when using headphones.

In some models of headphones (starting from 2017), the possibility of fast charging has appeared. When you put the headphones on charge for 5-15 minutes, you get 1-3 hours of work. The easiest and most effective way to do this is in models with USB Type-C. However, fast charging is also possible for microUSB. This feature is always mentioned on the box or in the instructions. She makes life very easy.

Is it possible to charge the headphones from the outlet

Modern charging adapters for the phone have more or less the same characteristics (current and voltage are important). However, there is a possibility that due to a mismatch, for example, the permissible current for the headphone battery and the output current on the adapter, the battery will be damaged: it will become worse to hold the charge or even “swell” and become unusable.

What kind of charging to charge the headphones? Information on the recommended values ​​of current and voltage for a particular model can be found in the instructions. This is rarely indicated in a short manual. Usually full. And / or safety instructions. If they are not included, they can be found on the headphone manufacturer’s website. In 90% of cases, an adapter from a phone (not from a tablet) will work. Exceptions can only be for models that support very fast charging (high amperage).

How to properly charge your wireless headphones?

How do I charge my headphones correctly? Everything is very simple, but sometimes there can be nuances. Here’s a complete guide on how to charge your wireless earbuds:

  • Take the charging cable from the kit. Usually this is USB to microUSB, Type-C or Lightning.
  • We connect one end to the headphones.
  • The other end of the cable (USB plug) is connected to a computer, laptop, power bank or adapter (also known as a headphone charger) for charging from the mains. Can be used with cases and adapter in the car. The magnitudes of the current and voltage (see the instructions or on the charging cable) must match.
  • The LED lights up or changes color.
  • We are waiting for as long as indicated in the instructions. Usually 2 to 6 hours.
  • The headphones are fully charged when the indicator changes color, stops blinking, or goes out. However, there are exceptions.

After the end of charging, you can check if everything turned out right. How do I view the charging of the headphones? The charge level is usually displayed (when connected to the phone) in the “shutter” or in the proprietary application.

Do I need to charge wireless headphones? Yes, wireless headphones need to be charged just like any device with a built-in battery.

Wireless charging capability

In order to charge the headphones with wireless charging, you need to install / put the headphones on the charger with the right side. This nuance will certainly be indicated in the instructions, because wireless charging for headphones (and a phone or watch) is a “fashionable feature”. And, of course, the charger itself must be connected to the mains. Or, if it is a power bank, have a sufficient charge.

If, with the correct installation of the headphones on the charger, the process did not go (we are guided the same way. by the indicators), try to gently move, twist the headphones. The only thing left to add is that the headphones take longer to charge wirelessly than via a wire from the network. Depends on the model, but on average 1-1.5 hours.

Can wireless earbuds be charged from a wall outlet, from a phone and without charging? (all ways)

How can I charge wireless headphones? First, I recommend using the supplied cable. If it is lost or short (which is often the case), you can take a good replacement with the same connectors. The most logical thing is from your smartphone. They are usually equipped with good wires. The main thing is not to use cheap Chinese wires. They can indirectly harm the battery in the future.

And the easiest way to connect the complete cable is to the USB connector of a computer, laptop or power bank. But you can also take a network adapter. Best of all. also from the phone.

How to understand / find out that the headphones are charged?

There is no definite recipe for how to understand that wireless headphones are charged or discharged. The indication for different companies (or different models of the same company) is often different. Most often, the situation is as follows:

  • In working condition (headphones are connected to the phone via Bluetooth), the indicator is lit or blinking blue. It could be white. Sometimes it is red, which is generally embarrassing. But more often it is blue.
  • The state when the headphones are discharged (or almost discharged) can be understood by how the indicator has changed, most often it blinked. Sometimes the color changes. In almost 100% of cases, an additional signal (voice or just sound) is sounded about a low battery level.
  • When the wireless headphones are charging, the indication changes again: the LEDs are shining or blinking red or green. The most common options. But there are also exceptions. Usually, the display features are highlighted in the documentation for a specific model.
  • Often the fact that the headphones are charged can be understood simply. they are charging, and the indicator has gone out. Or blinked, and then began to shine evenly. Or was red and turned green.

However, there are models in which there is no indication of the end of charging. That is, we put it on charge, the indicator turned green. And it hasn’t changed anymore. How do you know if the headphones are charged in this case? Wait for the time stated in the instructions or connect to the phone and see the charge level there: in the application or simply in the list of connected devices.

How to charge headphones without a case

If the headset is equipped with a charging case, then it is not possible to connect it to the power supply without the case. However, it is allowed to charge the case without a headset.

If the case fulfills a purely aesthetic function (that is, it makes it easier to carry), then a USB connector should be located on the body of the “ears”.

How long do the earbuds work on battery

There is no unambiguous answer to this question, since the autonomy of the headset depends solely on its type and battery capacity.

Bluetooth headphones like Airpods, Xiaomi Redmi, Boost, QCY and Hiper TWS last up to 3-5 hours of continuous listening on average on a single charge. This headset is called True wireless (completely wireless) and is equipped with a wireless case, from which it receives a charge. Those. the battery is in the earbuds themselves and in the charging box.

A Bluetooth headset equipped with a short wire connecting the plugs will work for 5-8 hours on a single charge, depending on the battery capacity.

On-ear headphones (Basic, Telefunken, Haylou, Digma, etc.) have an arc connecting the structure. The average autonomy of such devices is from 5 to 12 hours. Also on sale are models that can work for a day on a single charge.

Full-size headphones (Defender, Forza, Dialog, Beats, etc.) are similar in design to overhead headphones, but differ in that they completely wrap the ear. As a rule, capacious batteries are built into such devices, the charge of which should be enough for 12-24 hours of continuous use. But such a headset will also charge from 2-3 hours.

How to properly charge wireless Bluetooth headphones. instructions

Wireless headphones are powered by a battery built into the design as a whole or in each earplug separately. The average autonomy of a Bluetooth headset is from 3 to 12 hours, so for the device to work, it must be connected to the network periodically. From the article, the reader will learn how to properly charge wireless headphones, and how long this process should take.

  • How long do the earbuds work on battery
  • Is it possible to charge wireless headphones from an outlet
  • Is it possible to charge Bluetooth headphones by charging from the phone
  • How to properly charge Bluetooth headphones
  • Features of charging wireless earbuds (True Wireless)
  • JBL charging features
  • Features of charging Chinese TWS headphones (i9s, i7 and i11) with Aliexpress
  • Features of charging Bluetooth headphones Apple Airpods
  • Features of charging Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones (Redmi AirDots)
  • Features of charging other models of headphones
  • How to charge headphones without a case
  • Is it possible to charge headphones from the phone
  • How long should wireless headphones charge?
  • For the first time
  • Constantly
  • How to tell if your wireless headphones are charged
  • Conclusion

How to charge the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic Case

Features of charging Chinese TWS headphones (i9s, i7 and i11) with Aliexpress

The TWS i7, i9s and i11 earphone modifications are copies of Airpods from China, which are infected in a similar way to the original. But specifically in TVS i7, it is possible to charge the headphones separately through the second cord that goes in the box (it is recommended to watch the video).

Also, some copies of Airpods from Aliexpress are charged differently from the prototype. A button is provided on the cases of such headsets. And in order for the headphones to start charging, the user needs to insert them into the case, and then press this button. If you do not do this, the headset will not charge, even while in the case.

Is it possible to charge headphones from the phone

If you don’t have a charger at hand, you can also connect the headset to power via your smartphone. There are 2 ways:

  • By USB. This requires the appropriate cable and / or adapters (if the wire connectors are not suitable). As soon as the headset is connected to the gadget, it will start to gain charge.
  • Wireless charging. If the headset is True Wireless and the phone supports wireless charging, then you can do without wires. To do this, install the case in the dedicated part of the phone, and wait for the indication to appear.

This is often not recommended. Therefore, we power the headset from the smartphone only if there is no charger at hand.

Is it possible to charge wireless headphones from an outlet

If the headset comes with its own charging adapter, you can plug it into a power outlet. If there is no power supply in the box (most models come with only a cable), then it is safer to charge the device from a computer, laptop or power bank. In addition, it is recommended to use only factory-supplied chargers. third-party cables and adapters can reduce battery life.

How to tell if your wireless headphones are charged

It is impossible to say exactly how to understand if the headphone battery is charged. The LED works differently for different manufacturers. In general, the situation is as follows:

On a True wireless headset, the indication is located on the case, so you need to look at it.


The headset is of good quality and relatively inexpensive. The battery works without recharging for a day. “Ears” are easy to recharge from the network, as well as a power bank.

A big plus is that partial battery charging is possible. If you have ten minutes and the battery runs low, you can keep it running for two hours. When filled, the indicator will turn red. When the headphones are fully charged, the light will be of a different color.

All about local area networks and network equipment


But there are also disadvantages. Charging the headset and using it at the same time will not work. “Ears” are not meant for this kind of work. However, they charge easily within one and a half to two hours with the power adapter and cable. Charging via power bank will take several hours.

Whether the headset is charged or not, it will be seen on the display. Full charge is indicated by five white indicators. If charging ends, the red light turns on when it blinks, the battery is almost empty. Full discharge. the indicator will not turn on.

How to charge wireless headphones: rules and instructions

The wireless headset is becoming more and more popular. It allows you to use various functions of gadgets without bothering with wires. Wireless headphones are also convenient. The sound quality does not suffer, and they are much more convenient to use than conventional ones. However, you need to know how to charge your wireless headphones correctly.

Since any Bluetooth device needs charging, you need to be able to charge them so that they do not break and serve for a long time. There are rules for this, the observance of which will save you unnecessary problems. Also note that they differ slightly from model to model. Today we’ll show you how to charge the most popular Bluetooth devices for audio playback.

Charging Bluetooth headphones and its secrets

Bluetooth headphones charge in much the same way as other gadgets, but there are still some differences. The main ones are connectors and the design of the devices themselves. They are charged as follows:

  • via micro USB;
  • via Tour C.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Basic Earbuds

Some models have other types of connectors.

Sometimes they use special cases in which charging is done through contact of the contacts. over, the boxes themselves also need charging, they need not one full charge, like headphones, but several. Similar technology is used in Airpods.

Wireless chargers are now widespread, for example, Qi, which are easy to purchase on the Internet, including at Aliexpress.

Haylou, Xiaomi, QCY

All models are also charged using the box. But before starting the process, you must:

  • remove protective covers from contacts;
  • check if the box is charged;
  • check if the headset is fully inserted into the box.

If all conditions are met, the battery will start to fill.

Apple Airpods

A special box is used to fill the battery. When the headphones are inserted into it, they touch their contacts with the contacts of the box. The box is designed in such a way that it is impossible to put the headset in it incorrectly.

When charging is in progress, a beep is heard at regular intervals. The device signals the end twice.

The earbuds have a fast charging function. That is, in fifteen minutes the battery will be charged for eleven hours of talking on the phone or three hours of listening to music. To charge the battery:

  • put the headset in the box without closing the lid;
  • watch the indicators (when fully charged, the green light turns on).

The case contains 2 indicators: external and internal. If they flash yellow when there are no headphones, then the box needs to be recharged too.

The case itself is charged using a cable via a USB connector or from a wireless device. And it doesn’t matter if the headphones are in the box at this time or not.

How to charge your headset via a USB cable

The right earphone jack plugs into one end of the cord. The other connects to a device: laptop, power supply, etc. Do not touch the headphones until the time specified in the instructions has passed. They will charge. When the charging time is over, look at the indicator. It should flash differently. If so, then the device is charged.

If recharging is done through the box, it is enough to put headphones in it. Please note that the case is charged via a USB cable.

However, there are features of charging different headphones that are good to take into account. Let’s talk about each of the common models separately.