Review of the best programs for imposing music on video [2022]

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If you want to publish a video clip on the network, then a good idea will add a background melody. For an interesting video, the sound is no less important than the visual series, so when processing bonds and conversational clips, insert a beautiful musical composition.

Stromae. Papaoutai (Official Music Video)

To edit content, you will need a convenient application to a computer or smartphone. In this article, we have collected the best programs for imposing music on video that are suitable for beginner and medium.level users. When choosing software, we took into account several criteria:

Check out the top 10 programs and select a suitable solution for yourself.

To replace audio with a new track, you do not need to have special skills. Thanks to a simple and understandable interaction in Russian, the application is suitable for novice users.

To impose music, perform a few simple actions:

Install the program on the computer. Go to the official website of the developer and download the installer. Launch it and go through the standard stages of installation: familiarization with the user agreement, choosing a folder, creating a shortcut on your desktop and fixing the editor on the taskbar panel.

Download the video file. Run the converter and in the left menu click “Add”. Select the desired action: you can import a video clip from a computer, download a whole folder, capture the material from a webcam or a DVD-disk.

post, music, video, computer

Add the melody. On the top panel, click on the section “Processing”. Then select the action “Work with sound”. You can replace the original audio with a new one, apply a background melody, write a voice from a microphone. The first two options are suitable for adding music.

In the new window, click “Add Audio”, specify the file, set up the parameters and save the changes.

Export the result in suitable video format. In the lower part of the software you can choose a ready.made profile or expansion. To change the clip settings, click “Parameters”. Then specify the folder and start the conversion.

post, music, video, computer

Using a video editor, the user can also:

  • Write a video from webcams or import materials from sites and social networks.
  • Cut the beginning and end of the video, cut the moment from the middle or divide the file into separate fragments.
  • Connect several videos together.
  • Apply effects: add a video of saturation, make it black and white or embossed, stylize it under the old cinema and negativity.
  • Cut the frame: you can enter the finished dimensions or set up manually using a frame.
  • Place the text: At the inscription you can configure the font, size, color, degree of transparency, italics and fat content.
  • Add JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and other formats on top of the image of the image.
  • Configure brightness, contrast, color tone at video clip.
  • Enable automatic improvements: auto levels, complex processing, stabilization.
  • Change playback speed and turn the frame.
  • Select the finished export profile for devices or sites. You can also configure all the parameters independently format, codec, size and frequency of personnel, bitrate.

Volume growth

By default, all sound files have a smooth increase and attenuation of the volume at the beginning and at the end.

For all files on the sound path, this is regulated by the values ​​of “growth” and “attenuation” in the parameter “transitions”.

The transitions are set common for a layer or for a separate file in the editor.

How to post music on a video on a computer in Movavi Video Suite?

Acquaintance with the program

Nowadays, many people like to add a bright atmosphere to their clips, for example, when they make a slide show from photos from relaxation or from some trip. Thanks to a huge base of effects and filters, a variety of video editing settings, an application from Movavi will help convey emotions as plausible as possible.

Creating a project

After preparing songs and videos, click “Create a project in an expanded mode”. You can also use the standard mode. It is more simple, but provides less editing opportunities. We recommend spending a little time on experiments and independently find out what is more suitable for your purposes.

Import of sources

After you need to click on the “Add Files” button and add a video to which you want to attach background music, then select the audio file file. Objects will be automatically added to the time scale in the application. If desired, you can insert several videos and compositions at once, and then combine them. The number of paths allows.

Setting up duration

Adjust the duration of the image and musical accompaniment, since in the process you may face the fact that the video will be too long and the sound path is too short or vice versa. Fortunately, the toolbar has appropriate pruning functions. You can also configure the transition effect. If you decide to insert several songs in a row or combine the source sound of the video and the audio file.

How to Upload Music to YouTube

Removing an extra fragment of music

If the song is longer, then you need to do the following actions. Click on audio and move the runner to the end of the file. Click on the button with the image of the scissors, then click on the excessive fragment and click on the “Delete” button on the keyboard in order to get rid of part of the track.

If the video is longer than the song

If the video turned out to be longer than the sound, you can simply copy the existing part of the soundtrack and cut it to your timeline. Please note that in this way you can not only add music, but also replace the sound with a video from a photo or any other video.

Project export

Now it remains only to save your project. Press the “Save” button, then the utility will offer you to choose a place and device under which your video is optimized and press “Start”. Wait for the end of the process for several minutes and everything is ready! The file will appear on the desktop or in any other conservation folder. By the way, in the application you will find presets for exporting videos for all popular models of mobile devices, and you can also record a DVD-disc.

Wondershare Filmora

Import the clip

Having launched a video editor, first open the Media tab in the upper menu, where you find Project Media. Next, add the necessary videos to the project: you can do this with dragging from the folder or by pressing the IMPORT button. By loading the video, transfer it to the mounting table at the lower part of the intense with the clamped mouse closed.

Add your music

If you do not know how to insert the sound in the video, then this is done exactly according to the same principle as adding the clip to the mounting table: transfer the audio file to the project window, then under the video clip. To adjust the volume, move the horizontal fishing line for the trimmer on the track of the audio composition: the lower it is, the quieter playing.

Select tracks from the Filmora library

An alternative way to insert a song in the video is to use a pre.installed library of musical compositions. To open it, go to the Audio tab, then click included. Free tracks provided by developers are posted here. Select anyone you like and transfer it to the installation table.

We make music using a video editorial package

Video Modontal program: Advantages

This application has a friendly integration, Russian.speaking menu and low system requirements for a computer. His arsenal has many settings and modes that allow you to create spectacular and beautiful clips. In addition to imposing music in the video, you can also convert, capture the image from the camera, screen, add steep effects of transitions to your video and much more.

Adding a video

After starting the application, the starting menu immediately appears in which we need to choose a “new project”. The next stage is the import of the video in which it is necessary to replace the sound track. To download the file, select the first “Add” tab and find the target clip in the conductor.

Audiorer insertion, volume control

Now you need to add audio. The application allows you to use tracks from your own base or import any file saved on PC. Click on the “Add music” button. In the same window, the possibility of changing the volume and imposition of a new track for use as the main path (shown on the screen) is available in the same window.


After that, it remains only to save the resulting clip. To get started in the editor, click on the “Create” panel. Here you can change parameters such as the format, frame size and the quality of the new file. Select the mode or indicate all the parameters manually, then click on the “Create video” button located at the bottom of the window.

Preparation for work

Download the distribution on your computer. After jumping twice, click on the file icon and run the installation master. Check out the license agreement, follow the instructions and indicate the folder in which the program for imposing music will be installed. Do not forget to mark the item “Create a shortcut on the desktop”. it will be much more convenient to find software and quickly start it.

Open the video master with a double click. You will be met by the main menu of the program with control elements and the pre.examination screen. Select the “Add” block on the left panel and click on the option you need:

  • Download a single video file,
  • Add all the contents of one folder,
  • record from webcams,
  • download video from the Internet,
  • Open a DVD-disk and work with its contents.

To get started, add a video to which you want to apply music

You may not worry about compatibility of formats. the program is absolutely “omnivorous” regarding all running video broadcasts.

In the programs

Consider free installation programs through which you can impose a sound on the video. Their advantage is that there are no restrictions on the loaded volume and at the output you can set the quality and resolution of the preserved material.


VirtualDub. old, but effective utility for working with video. Its volume is only 2 MB, but this does not affect the functionality.

By default, software is loaded in English. Russian versions can be found in unofficial sources.

In the File menu, select Open Video File and download the clip into the program.

In the “Video” menu, install “Direct Stream Copy” so that at the output the file does not lose quality and save all the frames of the original.

Open the Audio menu. Click “Audio from Other File” and download a song for application.

Ready! Now save the project. To do this, click on Save as Avi in ​​the File menu.


Free software working on any platform, including Windows. A distinctive feature is the omnivorousness of formats and ease of work. Another plus is the ability to load the portable version (not requiring installation).

At the first launch, come up with a name for the future project and click on the “beginning”.

Press the “Open File” button and download both files at once. Video and Audio (Ctrl key for isolation).

Click on the icon to add a video to the mounting panel.

Click on the sound icon to turn off the original sound in the video.

Open the menu (“Three Diera” icon) and select “Add audio track” item.

Pull the composition on the audio track.

Press the “file”. “export video” to save.

Select one of the formats or leave the proposed. Click on the “Export” button.

Wait for the end of rendering and preservation.


An intuitively understandable program that is suitable for beginners who want to master the basics of installation.

In the “File” menu, select “import files”. Add the video and sound for it.

Pull the clip on the mounting panel.

Click the roller with the right mouse button, in the “Separate Sound” menu, select “One Fragment (all channels)”.

The path will move to a separate channel

Click on the separated audio with the right mouse button and select “Delete the clip”.

Drag on the mounting panel new audio track.

Ready! In the “File” menu, select “Export Project”. “Export Video”.

Indicate one of the profiles or set the desired quality manually. To launch rendering, click “Export video“.

Windows Film Studio

Perhaps this program is already installed on your computer. Then software will not be needed. All actions can be performed in it.

Until recently, the film studio was part of the components of Microsoft, and it could be downloaded from the official website for free. But now support is stopped, and you can download the program only from unofficial sources.

In the main window, click on “Add Video and Photos” and select the file.

Click on “Add music” and select audio for replacement.

To remove your native path, click on the clip twice, in the “volume” menu, drag the sliders into the very edge.

Open the “File” menu. “save the film”. “recommended for this project”.

Indicate the way for loading and save the result.

In addition to the programs considered in the lesson, there are professional editors. Such as Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas Pro, Power Director and others. To work with them will require a more powerful computer and paid subscription. But for the test they can be tested in a free trial version.

Practical tips: how to voice video at home

In addition to using the right software, you need to know several basic, but important things that play an important role in volatile video at home. Let’s look at what is needed for your own recording:

Proper equipment and its configuration. Before starting to voice the video, you should make sure of two things. The first is the presence of a good microphone, headphones and a quiet room without extraneous noise. The second is the correct interaction of equipment and software on PC. Make sure the drivers for all devices and sound card are updated.

Clear and volume of the voice. The intelligibility of your voice and comfortable volume can be the most important components of excellent sound. First you need to remove the sound from the video or make it quiet so that you can be safely heard. If you voice the video fuzzy or too loud, it will be difficult for people to understand you. The audience will be distracted and will not be able to catch information. And if the total volume of the sound in the video is too high, it can be difficult for people to hear you.

The correct voice acting speed. Speaking too fast, the viewer may not have time to perceive your words, being at the same time a passionate video. Too slow speech can make the audience get bored. The ideal pace of speech when voice acting video is medium, with semantic intonations and logical accents in the right places. Train on changing your voice several times so that your speech behind the scenes has a natural and thoughtful pace.

Now that you have trained and are sure that you are ready, it’s time to start recording. Check yourself according to the following checklist:

  • Write all your speech in accordance with the Timescode video by marking logical pauses, lowering and increasing intonation. Make sure that the length of the alleged sound path will coincide with the length of the video, and the necessary words are on the necessary fragments of the clip.
  • Open the video in the video master, check the microphone and turn off the original audio. Start a test of voice acting, a long one third of the general video. Listen to the result in the pre.examination window. It will take time to learn how to get into timing
  • Full voice acting, then turn on the original sound of the video or add background music. Do not forget to configure her volume so that she does not interrupt the voice acting.
  • Save the finished video on a computer, iPhone or Android, or share it on YouTube.