We publish post in Instagram using a computer: three methods

Hundreds of millions of publications is downloaded daily on social networks. The trend is such that the majority. from the smartphone, and the figure continues to grow. But you probably know that officially in Instagram is not possible to publish with PC. Today we will solve this problem, and now, knowing how to publish a post in Instagram through a computer, it is optional to have a phone.

The method is quite simple, but with its task copes excellent. Enough to have one of the popular browsers and materials for publication.

  • Open any browser, in our case Google Chrome, and go to the instagram site.
  • Press on your empty place right mouse button and select “View Code”.
  • We look at the icon in the right corner, if it is inactive (there should be blue). clay on it.
  • We choose any convenient device from above and reboot the page (you can press F5).
  • The usual inteeis booted, you can pour post.

Online services for download

It is possible to add video to instagram through a computer, thanks to online services. The method does not require installation of additional applications or extensions. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Go to the site Instmsk.Ru. click “Log in” and through one of the accounts of any social. Networks get access.
  • Click “Add Account”, in a new window again “Add Account”.
  • We enter data from the profile in Instagram and go further.
  • On top of clay on the camcorder icon and download video.

There are the following sites with similar functionality: Publbox, SMMPLANNER, INSTAP.

We publish a photo using the official Instagram application

Bluestacks and NoxPlayer emulators. programs thanks to which you can install all those applications on a computer as on a smartphone. Consider on the example of BlueStacks:

Setting the expansion for the browser, the posting publishing can be made easier than in the first way. We show the example of two applications:

Downloader for Instagram Direct Message

This extension allows you to download a photo with instagram and download it there:

How to upload photos from a computer in the Mozilla Firefox browser (old version)

In the old version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, the process of using the mobile web version instagram is somewhat different from what is happening in the new browser version.

  • Open Instagram website in the browser.
  • Press “Ctrl” “SHIFT” “I” or “F12” to start developer tools.
  • Click on the “Adaptive Design Mode” icon (mobile device image).
  • In the “Configure User Agent” field, located above the display of the mobile version of the site, enter this code:
  • Click on the Mobile Screen Resolution button. After that, the code of the code will change in the User Agent code field (it means that the code has earned).
  • In the Instagram window, the Upload photo button will appear, select the image on your computer, send a photo to Instagram.
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How to add a publication in the history of Instagram from the phone and PC

Section Stories (in Russian History) appeared in Instagram not so long ago. Feature of this option. Family Life Publication. From the appearance of history in the account before its disappearance passes only 24 hours. And she disappears by itself. True, you can save your photo or video list in the “Actual” section. Then he will decorate your profile as much as you want.

Let’s figure out how to add a publication in the history of Instagram in a mobile application:

Open Instagram, click on the “camera” symbol, which is located in the upper left side of the screen, or spend your finger right at any time of the tape;

How to add a publication in the history of Instagram from the phone and PC

Touch the white round button downstairs to remove the photo, and for the shooting video we hold it;

Or get a photo from the phone’s memory, for this we spend up on any part of the screen;

Then create a story using new options: Press on special acquisitions; “Pencils” makes drawing, “aa”. To overlay text, “Square Smile” adds stickers;

If you need to remove anything, drag the object in the “basket”, the icon is at the bottom of the screen;

After completing the design of the story, concern the words “Your History”, they are left and below the screen.

If your story is long, you can lay out a number of photos. Snapshots during viewing will be shown in turn.

Very favorable and efficient purchase of likes in Instagram waiting for you right now ! It is enough to make one click on the link, and you will receive any number of positive estimates for the dear pennies with the ability to choose a personal offer that will allow you to make the most optimal acquisition.

Find out how to add a publication to the Instagram history, using the computer capabilities. As you notice, the icon of this function “camera” in the web version is missing. But for the essay of stories, you can use almost all the ways that are stated in the first chapter. Perhaps the most convenient option to do it through the official web application. It will be more difficult with the method where the developer panel is used. This method is applicable only for a laptop, and in the stationary PC will not work. And the programs-emulators will cope with the task. Consider how to use bluestacks:

Download BlueStacks from the official site to the computer and run;

We enter the “My Applications” section, insert “Instagram” in search;

Install the mobile application imitation on your computer;

At the top and right click on the “camera” for the creation of history, then everything is performed, as in a mobile application.

You have learned about different ways to place publications in Instagram, including Stories. As you understand, it is not at all necessary to do it from the phone, it will come up and computer.

Use special posting services

Such services on the Internet a lot. Personally, I use SMMPlanner and Creator Studio, which you will tell you in detail.

To quickly go online, you will need a lot of tools. At the end of the article or right now download the free selection of 116 services that will make it easier to work with texts, images, video and audio

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This is a third-party service that connects to your account and allows you to place posts and storm from a computer. To start using them, go to the site, register and give permission to connect to your account.


The work makers have prepared several recommendations for safe operation through posting service. They are simple and aimed at combating spam. Check out them before starting work. Their execution will protect you from account lock.

Also, the creators of the service are guaranteed that if you have a clean account and you do not use spam methods of promotion, then the ban is excluded.

If you have an assistant, it is not necessary to give it a login and password to access your working account in Instagram. It is enough to give a login and password from your account in the service. So an employee can post posts and storms in Instagram, without going into it. And you will not worry about the security of the account.

From conditional minuses: this is not an official Instagram program, and he is very reverent about the invasion. Therefore, the risk of blocking is still there, at least a service team and convinces in the opposite. But for several years of work, I and my colleagues did not have any problems.

Publication of Content

Through the SMMMPLER can be published immediately or make a postponed posting. For the second option, you need to download the text of the post and the picture through the computer and install the desired date and time. Deferred posts always go on time. I never had failures.

The service monitors the number of characters in the post and will tell if you have not exceeded the rate of 2,200 characters.

When planning a post, you can add a geometry, Комментарии и мнения владельцев (I usually write Hestegi there), as well as note in the photo other accounts.

Delayed posting is convenient to use when you need to leave for a couple of days and not to be tied to the phone, Internet or work. Prepare posts in advance, schedule their publication and you are free. Will only check Комментарии и мнения владельцев and huskies.

You can also place posts in other social networks and messengers:. Odnoklassniki, Telegraph Viber. If you have work platforms in different social networks, you optimize your working time, as you can publish posts, without moving from the account to the account.

Also, through the SMMMLER, you can plan a storage show. Service functionality is limited compared to the phone, so this publication is not suitable for all.

  • Less choice of Emodzi. You can choose only smiles, but pictures of food, buildings, characters are no longer available.
  • No possibility Add stickers “Food Order”, “Support Small Business”, Gif images, time, temperature and date.

Creator Studio from

If you are still afraid of sanctions, although we manage your accounts for all the rules, then to work in Instagram and in through a computer, use the official service from Studio Creator.

Through this application, you can also post posts directly or plan on a specific date, note accounts in the photo and put geolocation.

When posting the post you will also see how many characters you have left to not exceed the limit.

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Minus Service: Cannot post Storsis and add Комментарии и мнения владельцев. This means that hashtags will have to add to the post, and not put them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In the publication you can use up to 30 hashtegov.

Plus Service: No blocking threatens.

Publication in Instagram from a computer or laptop through a browser

Previously, entering your Instagram account on the official website https: // www.Instagram.COM / You could not publish photos and videos, but you could watch other photos, commenting, subscriptions, likes and others were available.

Starting from May 2017, when entering the site from a mobile device. tablet or phone, you can add a photo to Instagram, even without installing the appropriate application. This feature can be used for publishing from browser.

  • Go to your browser (Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Edge, Opera) on Instagram site.COM and sign in your account. Next Actions are described for Google Chrome.
  • Press the CtrlShifti keys. the developer console will open (you can open it by clicking anywhere with the right mouse button and selecting the “view of the element code” item, the same item is present in most browsers).
  • In the developer console, click on the mobile device emulation icon (image of the tablet and phone), and then in the top of the line, set a convenient device, resolution and scale (so that it is convenient to view the instagram tape).
  • Update the page using the browser update button.
  • Immediately after the emulation of the tablet or phone is turned on, and the page is updated, the Add photo button will appear in the open Instagram (if not appeared, update the page). When it is pressed, you will be selected from files on your computer. just choose the photo and publish as usual.

Here is such a new way that simplifies the task.

Official version of Instagram for Windows 10

Windows 10 allows users to shoot rollers, send messages to Direct and upload Stories.

  • Look at the desktop version of Instagram.
  • Click on camera icon.
  • Select photos in folders.
  • Allow access to the microphone and camera if you are going to broadcast.

Add photos is not yet possible, but it is possible that in the future this function will be implemented at the request of many users.

In this article, I have not mentioned expansion for browsers, but often it is a semi-legal way, so it’s better to resort to it.

  • If you need to pour a ready-made picture or static storage one, we turn on mobile layout in the browser.
  • If you need to schedule posting posts for a week / month ahead, we use Creator Studio.
  • If you need full access to all Instagram functions from a computer, where you need to post video, storage, IgTV and work a lot with content. then choose the service of auto access and pay money for it.

Here I have observations and impressions of posting through a computer. By the way, I often encountered SMM-flaps that are not fundamentally postponed through PC, they say “sensations are not those”