Connecting a phone to a Wi-Fi TV for watching movies-broadcast from Android on Smart TV Samsung and LG

Today I will clearly show how to connect the phone on Android to the Wi-Fi TV to broadcast the image and transmit the video to the large monitor Smart TV. This is convenient for watching films, as well as for games, as a tablet or smartphone turns into a semblance of a game console, and TV is used as a screen. This instruction is suitable for connecting any Android phone, including Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Redmi, to the Smart TV TV from Samsung and LG to Philips, Sony, Xiaomi, Dexp, Haier and the rest.

As always, you first need to decide on what exactly you need to connect a smartphone to the TV.

  • You want to play files recorded in the phone’s memory (music, films, photos) on the TV screen, or broadcast the smartphone screen onto the TV, thereby turning it into an additional monitor?
  • The second thing you need to understand is how to connect the Android phone with TV (or Smart TV)-by cable or without wires via Wi-Fi?

Depending on the goal, one of the following methods will choose:

  • By USB cable. suitable for the case if you need to connect the phone to TV as an outer disk and see on the monitor all files available for reading.
  • Through the HDMI wire. used for the second option to duplicate the smartphone screen onto the TV
  • Using the DLNA server, the essence is that the application is installed on the smartphone that turns it into a media server for distributing files by Wi-Fi. Then you can connect to it from any device from a local network, including TV.
  • According to Miracast technology, a universal wireless way that is suitable for broadcasting films and cloning the screen on TV

How to connect a phone with a LG TV through a wire

Connection via HDMI

The easiest way to send a video from a smartphone to a TV is to use the HDMI cable and connect it to both devices. It’s good if your phone has an exit of HDMI, but not all models have it. Otherwise, it is necessary to purchase an HDMI-MicroUSB adapter.

Connection can be installed using the HDMI cable and a special adapter.

  • Connect two HDMI cable plugs to the phone and TV. Pay attention to the HDMI port number on the TV, to which the cable is connected. If you need an adapter, connect the other end of the cable to the adapter nest and connect the adapter to the phone through MicroUSB output. Connect the cable to the HDMI connector
  • Turn on TV. Open the device menu and go to the section to select the current source. You can immediately press the input button on the remote control control.
  • Select the HDMI output with a number that was previously saved on the menu. Both devices will be automatically associated with each other. As a result, an image of the phone (its desktop) will appear on the TV screen). Select an active HDMI source

HDMI connection is more reliable and stable than any other wireless method, but it introduces additional wires into your house, which is not always convenient.

Connection via USB

If you just want to transfer some files to the TV, connect it as a flash drive to the TV using a regular USB cable that comes with the phone:

  • Connect a large cable plug to the USB output on the rear panel of the TV. Connect Mircousb to the phone.
  • On the smartphone, indicate the connection as a USB drive.
  • In the TV sources, select a USB output and select the phone model.

This method is suitable for almost all phones and TVs. However, this is inconvenient-the USB cable is usually short. You need to place the phone somewhere next to the TV.

Use a USB cable if you want to connect the phone to the TV as a regular flash drive

An additional way is to install a DLNA application

An interesting solution proposed by modern Smart TV models is to create your own media server from which you can broadcast. Thus, you can connect a smartphone to Smart TV with the following necessary devices:

  • The router is configured to transmit a wireless signal.
  • TV (can be connected by wired or wireless).
  • Phone (connected, as a rule, using Wi-Fi technology).

In addition, to play multimedia content, you need to download special software. To be able to launch a “heavy” file without constant freezing, we recommend connecting a TV using an Internet cable. It should be noted right away that with this technology you will not be able to start online playing.

  • Launch the application and create a new server. Then, going to the root, get a check with a checkmate those catalogs that should be in the public property.
  • Return to the main page, run the server.
  • Select the desired source on Smart TV. Now you can go to any of the folders displayed on the screen. and start playing.

Below we will discuss several applications that are an excellent alternative to what was discussed in the previous lesson.

AllCast TV app

There are no questions in this program on how to connect to Smart TV by phone. The most significant drawback is the absolute absence of Russian localization, which may ever be improved. You can use the product for free, but in this mode you cannot play in the slide show.

  • From the list that will appear in the new window, select one of the sections: watching video files (videos), photos (photos), playing music (music) or watching the Internet (browser).
  • As an example, we will choose the first section. Here you can start playing content already saved in the phone’s memory, or open a live broadcast.
  • In most cases, just select the next mini-manager option to reproduce the original film for the launch of reproduction without preliminary transformation. In other cases, click the video playing button with conversion. and give the system a little time to process the video stream.

On this we are completing the instructions. You can play any compatible content on the big screen. We warn you that in the browser section you can lose clips right in the browser window without addressing the internal memory of the smartphone. Unfortunately, even if you understand how to connect to Smart TV from the phone, you will not be able to lose the video in Flash format, only html5. On the other hand, the latter acquires, while the first was almost the past.

Appendix TV Assist

Another very good application, which, unlike the previously discussed, boasts complete Russification. It spreads free, but it has a drawback: the applet simply does not work on many TV models.

  • Go to the corresponding section and select the files that you want to play on the TV monitor.
  • If necessary. provide all the necessary permits, and then turn on the playback on Smart TV.

As we warned earlier, you may face a situation where the software either does not see Smart TV at all, or cannot broadcast media files on it. And the same situation is preserved with wired and wireless connection. We hope that in your case such problems will not arise, and you can without problems view any content.

Also, if you cannot control Smart TV from the phone, try to start playback from the remote control: sometimes it helps.

We will finish the story of how to connect the phone to Smart TV using the method you have chosen by mentioning another application, C5 Stream Dlna. It is also Russified, available in free mode. and, unfortunately, sometimes fails.

The unpleasant thing you have to deal with is periodically appearing ads that you cannot turn off without paid subscription. The connection error can occur both from the side of the phone and from the Smart TV; In this case, we advise you to try another application. or choose another connection method.

How to connect a phone to a TV via DLNA

Connecting a smartphone to a TV via DLNA is not particularly different from using Wi-Fi Direct for the same. The main difference in this case is to use the general Wi-Fi network from the router, to which both devices must be connected.

In order to use DLNA, you must first activate the appropriate opportunity on a TV with technology support. it is usually hidden in wireless parameters. After that, it’s enough to go to the gallery with a photo and video on your mobile device, select the necessary content and determine the TV in the section of players. Content will immediately appear on a large display. Yes, the repetition of the screen through DLNA will not work. however, the need for this is most often secondary, so I will not highlight it as a serious minus of this method of connecting.

Why connect the phone to the TV

When the user connects the phone to the TV, he can automatically:

  • Play various videos, photos or audio, project them on a large screen, which is much more convenient than doing everything through a small screen of a smartphone;
  • Run various applications, including games, messengers, social networks and so on;
  • Visit the Internet, different sites and resources;
  • Make project presentations, shows, read even literary works through the TV;
  • Talk on Skype, while seeing the interlocutor on the big screen so that other people see him.

Important! The best connection option is through Wi-Fi, since in this case all the necessary information is transmitted through the air. If there is no way to use the Internet, then a special cable will be required.

There are specialized applications that will help make the phone with a remote control. With it, it will be possible to control the TV, while the remote. Special program from the company. LG Remote will help the user. You can download it both through Google Play, and through the AppStore.

How to connect a phone to a LG TV without wires

Connect a smartphone to a TV and transmit information without using wires in several ways. You need to understand that the quality of the picture and the work of a certain application will depend on the selected method. The methods are as follows.

[LG TV]. Sharing mobile phone content with your TV

Wi-Fi Direct

Only subscribers are able to use the connection option whose TV is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter with a Wi-Fi Direct function. It is necessary that Android 4 is on the phone.0 and above.

Connecting a smartphone to the LG TV using this method takes place according to the following instructions:

  • The main menu opens in the phone, you need to go to the “Settings” item;
  • The “Wireless Networks” tab is selected, the “Wi-Fi” section;
  • In the upper right corner there are 3 points, they need to click on them and select “Wi-Fi Direct”;

How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

  • The device system will automatically start the search for networks for connecting using Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • The remote control is taken and the main menu opens on the TV, where you need to click on the section “Network”, the Wi-Fi Direct tab;
  • The TV system will launch the search available for synchronization of devices;
  • The model of the required mobile device is selected from the list, a request for confirmation of the connection will come to the phone, it is necessary to confirm it.

After the actions performed, the smartphone and TV are synchronized. The signal from the phone will be transmitted to the large screen.

This method has significant advantages. For example, you do not need to stretch wires, a Wi-Fi router is not required, content is reproduced in various formats, the connectors on the device are free, you can put the phone for charging.

play, phone

It must be remembered that the Wi-Fi Direct function is present only in new phones and mobile devices. If the old equipment is required to use another connection methods.


Miracast is a modern information transmission standard, the essence of which is to use wireless channels. In the event that the TV has support for this technology, the user will be able to broadcast any content on the screen, spend time in games and launch applications.

When using this option, the main requirement must be observed-the TV and the gadget must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

You can connect the phone to the television transmitter using Miracast using the following algorithm:

  • Activate the TV, go to the main menu and open the settings;
  • click on the “Network” section and enable the miracast function;
  • Open the phone settings, go to the Miracast tab and turn on the option, if there is no such function, you need to download the Miracast-Wi-Fi Display from the Software application store;
  • In the TV menu, select a mobile device and confirm communication installation, synchronization will begin.

After the end of the connection process, the data transfer from the phone will begin. If the images are not displayed on the entire TV screen, you just need to turn the smartphone, transfer it to a horizontal position.

The advantage of using this technology is that the Miracast option transmits information in better quality, the sound enters 3D, the smartphone battery sits more slowly than with any other option.

Smart Share

This feature is a proprietary LG integration. It makes it possible to view files, videos and photos on the Smart-TV television transmitter from any phone. You only need to comply with the connection to one local network from both devices.

When connecting, you must act according to the following instructions:

  • The equipment is connected to one Wi-Fi network;
  • The LG TV SmartShare program is installed on the mobile device;
  • In the TV menu, you need to find the “Smart Share” item and go to the “connected device” section;
  • Find your smartphone in the list, connects to it.

After that, synchronization will automatically begin. You can view any files, photos and videos.

You Tube

You Tube Service is a video hosting where you can view and download video files. To broadcast them on TV from the phone, you need to do the following:

  • install YouTube application on a smartphone;
  • run the service, go to settings, select the “View on TV” section, then you need to follow the tips of the system;
  • The same program is launched on a television transmitter, you need to select the type of connection “in manual mode” in the settings;
  • The code from the TV display is entered on the phone, the “Add” key is pressed;
  • In the presented list “Broad for the device” is selected LG TV, connection is allowed.

After that, you can broadcast the videos from the You Tube site on the large screen.

DLNA connection

The DLNA method is suitable only for phones that use the Android system. In order for the DLNA technology to work correctly, it is necessary to install a special program on the mobile device, a popular application that supports this connection protocol is Bubbleupnp.

In addition to installing the program, you need to make sure that the TV supports this technology. The connection between the equipment occurs through the router, the TV can be connected to the home network with a wire, and a smartphone by Wi-Fi. Next, follow the following instructions:

  • Activate a TV, a network to which it must coincide with the one that the gadget uses;
  • Download the Bubbleupnp program if it is not yet installed on the phone;
  • Go to the application, click on the button with three stripes in the upper left corner and go to the main menu;
play, phone
  • Go to the Library tab and select those video files that need to be viewed on TV;
  • After that, selected files will start on the TV.

When the phone is able to connect, and when not?

Most of the well.known brands of smartphones (Lenovo, Asus, Honor, Huawei, Samsung or others) can be connected by wireless connection to TVs. Problems may occur when trying to connect via cable. The TV will not determine the connected smartphone, or the picture will not be displayed.

One of the main reasons for the absence of a signal is the incompatibility of information transmission format between devices. To solve the problem, you need to purchase a special adapter. It is best to use the Mobile High-Definition Link adapter, as it is supported by all smartphones.

But still most devices on Android are connected to the TV without any problems.

play, phone

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all modern technologies, this development has its strengths and weaknesses. For clarity, they are displayed as a table.

Lack of the need to use wires, splitter for connecting to a local network. Data transfer is carried out via wireless Wi-Fi network;

The image can be broadcast in low quality. This situation is typical for outdated TV models purchased several years ago.

Features of connection to LG TVs of different models

Phones of different manufacturers (Lenovo, Asus, Honor, Huawei, Samsung and others) are connected to the LG TV according to the same instructions as described above. The only thing is that there are some differences when setting up a connection between TV and “iPhone”.

For the iPhone you will need to buy an additional Lightning. HDMI adapter if you are going to connect a mobile device with TV by HDMI.

Buy Lightning adapter. HDMI if you have an IPhone

You can also use an additional connection method for the iPhone. AirPlay prefix.

play, phone

Using the AirPlay console, you can connect the iPhone with LG TV

If you need a complete duplication of the phone screen on the TV, use HDMI or Smart Share. If you just need to transfer some files for viewing on TV, you can use a simple USB cable or a Wi-Fi Direct function.