How to pay a telephone instead of a card (payments for purchases using a smartphone)

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Modern technologies, of course, walk forward with sevenmile steps. It came to the point that you can pay the purchase in the store using an ordinary phone (and some are managed and with the help of wristwatches! ). Actually, after such a single case (and the surprise of the seller), I decided to clarify some moments.

And so, if you have a modern smartphone on Android (this is this platform and I will continue to consider). I inform you that the payments of Android Pay: t not so long ago.E. the possibility of payment directly from the phone (which, by the way, is translated from the English.).

It should be immediately noted that not all phones are equipped with specials. The NFC module that allows you to work this “piece” (I will say even more, until every bank card can be used for this. But there are less and less!).

Whatever it was, make the phone “money” simply, below I will consider all the nuances.

How to pay the phone instead of a card

Due to sanctions against Russian banks, foreign mobile payments, which allowed smartphones paying, work with interruptions, and sometimes not at all. RIA Novosti, 03.03.2022

Moscow, 3 Mar. RIA Novosti, Kirill Karimov. Due to sanctions against Russian banks, foreign mobile payments, which allowed smartphones to pay, work with interruptions, and sometimes they do not act at all. What are there alternatives. in the material RIA Novosti.Back to plastics For most cases on smartphones, foreign developers payment applications are installed: Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Tied bank cards, plastic or virtual, supported by international VISA or MasterCard systems. Sanctions against Russian banks can greatly complicate the payment of goods and services as a smartphone and online.Apple has already limited its services in Russia, including Apple Pay. The owners of the iPhone experience difficulties in contactless payment.Lost the opportunity to pay smartphones and users of Visa and MasterCard bank cards released in VTB, FC Opening, Sovcombank, Promsvyazbank and Novikombank. Failures with contactless payment in the Moscow metro are not excluded, where VTB acts as an Equiler Bank, that is, it provides and serves terminals. So it is better to go to the map “Troika.”In any case, according to the recommendation of the Central Bank of Russia, it is worthwhile to carry a bank card with you. regardless of whether Visa is or MasterCard, whether it has been released by a bank who fell under sanctions, or not. Only, unlike Apple Pay and Google Pay, when paying plastic service or product more expensive than 1000 will have to enter a PIN code.We pay a smartphone in a new one-day Google Pay and Samsung Pay so far have been operating in Russia, there are no former stability and hope for them. Therefore, if you do not want to go back to the archaic plastic, you need to search for an alternative.The path is the first (and most reliable). to order a map of the Patriotic payment system the world in any Russian bank, plastic or digital, that is, existing exclusively in virtual space. SAMSUNG PAY and Apple Pay work with them, and payment. by phone with NFC. Owners of Android-Smartphones Available Domestic Mir Pay Service. At first, the inteeis may not seem so familiar, but the software performs the main function and interacts with any POS terminal in the country. The application is available on Google Play Store and the Appgallery store from Huawei.Way of the second. for the “Sber” customers: Sberpay service. It turns on literally in a pair of clicks in the mobile application of the bank without installing additional software. When activated, the smartphone lock is required. biometrics or password. But there are two limitations. First, Sberpay does not always recognize Visa and MasterCard. Secondly, the service is not available for Smart Apple devices. due to the internal restrictions of the American manufacturer. In fact, apple gadgets lost contactless payment in Russia.Payment on sitesMnogy Russians faced the fact that it cannot buy goods and services using Apple Pay and Google Pay online. on sites or in applications from smartphones.Here are the first to hit the clients of mineal banks. So, gamers attending the online stores Steam and Nintendo complain that it is impossible to make in-game purchases. services give the error and offer to take another card.However, the popular online site of Aliexpresses reported that despite sanctions, buyers from Russia will be able to use marketer.And, as reminded in the Central Bank, all the means of customers of any banks in accounts attached to the map are available at any time.

NFC on the phone to pay for the subway

Any of SIM cards with a NFC chip from a megaphone, biline and MTS can be used to contactless fares in public transport. One touch of phone to the validator. and the doors, once so cruelly clutched wolf from the cartoon “Well, wait!”, Submissively open before you. By the way, such a SIM card can pay for travel and in ground transport.

To subordinate all the doors of the subway, follow the instructions below:

  • Replace your SIM card to a new one, with a NFC chip. You can do it in any communication salon.
  • Connect the Mobile ticket service. The operator does not charge an additional charge fee, however, from your mobile account spikes 150. Do not panic. this money will go to the account of your mobile ticket “.

Ready! Enjoy the contactless opportunity to keep in obedience of the metro (and not only).

  • Before use, make sure that the Mobile ticket service has been working in the transport of your city. This service is guaranteed.
  • Note that on the “mobile ticket” in land transport, several people can not pass at once. after payment of the passage you need to wait a few minutes.

Purchase payment procedure using the phone without a Sberbank card

Without smartphones today does not seem life. This is not only a means of communication, but also a mobile assistant. To pay for purchases through a mobile phone without a card of Sberbank of Russia, it is enough to configure your gadget. The newer phone, the easier it is to connect the function under consideration. The possibility of contactless payment by phone Sberbank is built on NFC technology.

The base laid the principle of wireless communication with a small radius of action. To activate devices providing for a similar option, they must come into contact. Thanks to this, you can provide a payment transaction, because the signal in practice is impossible to intercept.

This is due to the fact that a virtual account is applied during the transaction, and the bank card information is not displayed anywhere, thereby you can provide the highest level of privacy.

To enable the transaction, you must have a phone with the built-in in it:

The process itself does not entail difficulties:

To determine, supports the Sberbank Customer Smartphone, contactless payment technology or not, one of the following options should be used:

  • NFC symbolic designation can be placed on the phone case or battery;
  • Go to Android settings, in the “Wireless Network” subsection, which indicates NFC.

By default, the phones of the latest models are equipped with such an adapter.

The main advantages of the use of the payment option in question include:

  • Instant transaction. do not expect standard 3 banking days to transfer funds to the seller’s account;
  • The highest level of security. the likelihood of fraudulent actions is eliminated;
  • Reliability. technical failures in work occur quite rarely, compared with other payment options;
  • can be used in any country where there is support for the technology under consideration;
  • no need to have cards and pr. Documents. just use the functions of a mobile application.

Additional advantage is free use of the application.

Payment through Google Pei

Each Customer Sberbank of Russia has the right to pay for anything without a card through a telephone operating on the Android system. To do this, just download the appropriate mobile application with GooglePlay.

The mobile application will work stable only subject to the following requirements:

  • Installed OS Android version 4.4 or higher. if necessary, you can update the operating system to the required minimum;
  • the presence of the NFC module. in the absence of further actions meaningless;
  • There is no open unlimited access to the phone system (root-access).

Additionally, there are several conditions under which it is not possible to use the Android Pay system:

  • On the phone was not unlocked OS loader;
  • the presence of samsung myknox;
  • Smartphone is a fake, because of what could not go to google approval procedure.

Before proceeding with the payment under consideration, you must install and configure the mobile application.

To be able to pay for purchases via the phone without a Sberbank card, you must:

  • Download and install service. takes no more than 1 minute of time.
  • After opening an application, find a personal account.
  • In the lower right corner, click on “”, which symbolizes the addition.
  • Select a subsection “Add Map” and fill out all available fields.
  • Confirm the specified information by pressing the appropriate button and specify the code sent to the phone by the message.

Before paying a contactless way, customers should make sure that the terminal supports such an option. Often you can learn about it from a specialized sticker in the form of radio waves or the Android Pay logo. Pay with your smartphone if there is such a possibility very simple. It is enough to bring the device from the standby mode and bring it back to the appropriate place to read the terminal.

Android Peies not necessarily output from sleep mode. Activation is carried out automatically. After the transaction, you need to wait no more than 3 seconds to make sure.

Further priority of actions directly depends on what kind of bank card from Sberbank was tied to the phone for contactless payment. In the case of payment by credit card with an exception of the established limit, it is necessary to additionally put a personal signature on receipts. When paying a debit. you only need to specify a PIN code.

How to add a map? In adding a map for contactless payment with the help of the phone there are no difficulties. Just only after entering the account on the smartphone:

  • Press “”. located at the bottom of the page.
  • Next click on the button of adding a bank card from Sberbank.
  • Point Personal Requisites Plastic.

After that, the card is considered tied, and you can make payments only with the help of the phone.

Installing and configuring the Samsung Pay application

To date, the Korean company is an impressive competition to other developers. This is largely due to numerous advantages that are laid in favor of Sumsung Pay.

  • the presence of 6 models (more than the rest), which support contactless payment technology;
  • relatively low cost per smartphones;
  • The developer provides the ability to use a chip to work with numerous mobile applications;
  • The presence of support for the imitation of the magnetic strip, so that the device can be used in standard terminals;
  • numerous selection of partner banks;

In fact, the main advantage of Sumsung Pay is not the features of the developed system, but in numerous capabilities of the manufacturer models themselves. The key plus it is customary to consider the possibility of payment of goods and services in the terminals of any varieties.


This method, as is clear from the title, is intended for Customers “Sberbank”. His slight advantage over the previous decision. work directly through the mobile bank application, that is, Sberbank online.

In the appendix you also need a world map, which can be released in electronic form. To do this, click on “” above your score (“Wallet”) and select the desired Card option. Next. “Digital SberCard” and the “World” payment system.

Card can be tied to a new account. At the execution confirmation stage, you should turn off paid notifications if you do not need extra spending.

To use a new map as a payment facility with NFC payment, click on the icon of your profile in Sberbank online, select Settings (gear) and “Payment by phone Sberpay”. Add your “world” there.

In case of success, the number 900 will come to your number, and the smartphone will offer to update the main payment application. do it if you plan to constantly use Sberpay.

Order and program for payment from the phone of the Sberbank card

Before paying for the phone instead of the Sberbank card your purchases, you need to properly configure the phone. The newer and modern gadget, the easier it is to use this feature to the owner. As for Sberbank, he has long been providing this service to all customers without exception.

Shopping online through online stores has long been familiar to Russian citizens. For this you do not even need to start a bank card, it is enough to start an electronic wallet and a virtual card. But in real life, many continue to make payments with a credit card or cash.

But thanks to new technologies, the calculation can be calculated using the phone. That is, the buyer needs only a mobile phone configured to contactless payment. All banking or virtual card data is already made to it, so the owner does not need to be specified when paying.

To pay for purchases or other services (for example, travel in the subway) in this way, you need a telephone that supports NFC technology. Modern manufacturers try to equip gadgets with this feature so that users do not need to exercise additional setting.

Contactless payment is possible using iPhone (Apple Pay), as well as Android OS phones. SAMSUNG PAY payable service is also widely known, which works on smartphones of this company.

How to setup

Sberbank was one of the first banks in Russia, who supported the technology of contactless payments and provided this opportunity to its customers. Therefore, any owner of a smartphone having a card of this bank can connect this feature. By the way, it is absolutely free.

To set up NFC to pay for a Sberbank card, you need to do the following:

  • Find and enable NFC feature on your device. For example, on Android it is in the section “Wireless Networks”.
  • Download and install the appropriate application.
  • Tie a card Sberbank.

As for programs for using contactless payments, their choice depends on the phone manufacturer.

If the user is going to pay the Sberbank card, then it will be needed:

  • Official application from the bank. Installed with Google Play.
  • Program from the developer. The owners of the iPhone can use the Wallet application, and for android needs to be installed the program. The same exists for those who use Samsung Pay.
  • Next, you need to configure the payment system so that the payment is carried out from the bank card. By the way, you can bind several credit cards, but only one will be the basic default. In order for money to be removed from another account, you need to change the cards in the settings.

How to pay

Some modern gadgets allow owners to photograph credit cards, and not to make data manually. After that, the user will only need to confirm the operation using the code. As soon as the credit card is added to the application, the owner can pay for any purchase.

To date, a large number of shops, shopping centers, cafes or restaurants already have special terminals for contactless payment. You need to buy the buyer only to bring the phone to the device to implement the financial operation. If the purchase amount exceeds 1 thousand. rubles, the removal of money will need to confirm with the help of SMS code.

No additional commissions are provided. The user does not pay any can or seller. On the contrary, a small commission is charged from the owner of a point where contactless payments are carried out. To replenish your account, you can use any standard way to replenish a bank card. That is, make the necessary amount through a bank terminal or using an electronic payment system.


It is believed that if you pay a purchase using a phone, then all data can be in the hands of intruders. In fact, it is much safer to use NFC technologies than a real credit card.

Features of payment are as follows:

  • Payment for payment is not used map information. The system is arranged in such a way that the operation passes on the basis of a unique code read by the terminal. It is impossible to know it, as well as used in the future, since a unique set of numbers is formed for each payment.
  • If the phone is lost, then the found can use the application. Many phones are now equipped with Touch ID technology checking the fingerprints of the owner. In addition, access to the application is carried out using a special code.
  • Money can not write off the account twice. After the payment passed, the terminal will turn off.

To pay for the goods or service using the phone, you only need to connect the NFC module, log in in the appropriate application and bind a credit card. Contactless payments are used not only for the purchase of certain goods, but also for paying. And if you connect the technology to your tablet or laptop, you can buy online purchases.

Pay smartphone easily

So, how to pay the phone instead of a card in principle it is clear, there is nothing difficult about it. It makes no sense to delve into the technical nuances of the process for the average alone, since this is a field of activity for a narrow profile specialists.

No need to be afraid to pay for the purchase by the phone. After all, the process itself is not complicated, and for its implementation, only the presence of a smartphone and software application.

At the same time, the security level of the operation is not lower than on calculating payment cards. So worrying for theft of data with hackers also does not make sense. Equipment of mobile phones is the next stage of the development of contactless financial technologies. Today, clocks, bracelets, rings and other mobile gadgets have such properties.

Recently, in the news flashed the plot, where they tested a special chip, which was seen into the human body. He contained all the necessary information about his owner, including account numbers. And with his help, a person could be calculated in the cash desks of shops and supermarkets. Therefore, it is possible that after a while, such technologies will be used everywhere.

phone, instead, card, working

Does the Internet need a phone?

Frequent question: Does the Internet connection required for contactless payment without a map in Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay? The answer is simple: a smartphone with NFC technology does not require a network connection for payments for purchases.

Conducting cash transactions without cards is carried out at the magnetic level and does not require the Internet. If the user disables mobile data transmission, the card payment will still be performed, only the owner will not receive information about changing the card balance. The system formed by the purchase check from the card will come when the device owner will enter online mode.

Does the Internet need a phone?

Frequent question: Does the Internet connection required for contactless payment without a map in Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay? The answer is simple: a smartphone with NFC technology does not require a network connection for payments for purchases.

Conducting cash transactions without cards is carried out at the magnetic level and does not require the Internet. If the user disables mobile data transmission, the card payment will still be performed, only the owner will not receive information about changing the card balance. The system formed by the purchase check from the card will come when the device owner will enter online mode.