Whether Apple is currently working in the introduction of antisanctions in March 2022, “Apple Pay” was one of the most popular payment systems in the amount of its active users in our country was more than 20 million people, which made the second in the world by the number of “Apple Pay” after USA. The introduction of antisanctions in March 2022 caused the departure of the American payment system from the market. What is the situation with Apple Drink a state of 2022 on September, and is it possible to pay for purchases using Apple Drink in our material.

After the start of the conflict, several packets of American sanctions against the American company were prohibited from having a business with, the Visa payment system left the market, the import of American goods in many positions was discontinued.

On March 2, 2022, Apple announced the suspension of sales of its products in due to the special operation in Ukraine. In addition to the suspension of importing “Apple”, it was announced to restricting work in the Apple Pay payment system. The latter ceased to support not only cards of the departed payment systems “Visa” and “Mastercard”, but also cards of the domestic payment system “Mir”. The last step was to break the agreement between Apple and the domestic “national payment card system” (NSPK) responsible for the processing of payment transactions.

At the moment, “Apple Pay” does not work in, and payments in it do not pass. Small loopholes found by users and allow you to pay using Apple Pay, are currently closed by company specialists.

However, there is an alternative that allows you to pay with your iPhone. Let’s look at it more closely.

Use a quick payment system

In recent years, the bank has been actively developing a “fast payments system” that allows you to pay for the necessary payments using the use of the QR code. It is enough to launch your banking application (for example, from Tinkoff), select the “Payments” section there, and in it the “Pay on QR” option. Put your phone camera on the seller’s QR code, after which the code will be scored. It remains to click on the payment confirmation button for payment.

QR codes used in the system of fast payments are statistical and dynamic. Statistical are used in the case of a fixed price for a product or service, and for such a QR code, the recipient details and the cost of translation are hidden. Often such codes are printed in advance on paper sheets for the convenience of payment.

Dynamic QR codes each time are formed again for each payment. I will need to tell the seller (waiter, cashier) that you want to pay for the goods using a system of quick payments. The seller will form such a code on the screen, after which you will have to scan it with your payment application and confirm the payment.

What the national system of quick payments?

National System of Fast Payments (NSBP). the Central Bank service that allows you to quickly transfer money between banks by phone number. Surely you used this service. Its advantage is that transactions pass instantly and without a commission. And to know the card number and details is optional.

It is also possible to pay for goods and services with it. Almost all large banks are connected to the NSBP; Actual list is available here. In the applications of many of them, an option of payment for QR is provided. However, it is necessary that the seller supports operations using QR codes.

What kind of “SBPAI”?

This is a mobile application for contactless payment in online and offline stores, developed and released NSBP. Now the main method of calculations in SBPEI is based on QR codes.

The usual NFC-option of transactions is planned to be added in the near future. And then it will be possible to simply apply the phone to the terminal to pay for the goods using SBPEI. Another feature: the system interacts directly with your bank account. That is, the card. physical or virtual Visa, MasterCard or the “world”. is not required for payment.

“The service differs from Apple Pay and Google Pay in that they need to use a bank card. Data from it must be stored in the application. In the case of “SBPEI” only a bank account is used, ”explains Mikhail Sergeyev, leading engineer Corpsoft24.


Sberpay, he is Sberbank Pay. a system of the bank of the same name, which works only with its cards. A good alternative to pay a smartphone instead of a Sberbank card.

The payment service became available in July 2020 and does not have a separate application, but integrated into the program of the Sberbank Mobile Bank Online.

To tie the card to Sberpay, do the following:

  • Open the application of the mobile bank and select your card.
  • Tap the “Settings” button.
  • Select the “Payment of Sberpay” option and confirm the connection.
  • If another non.contact payment service by default was already used on the smartphone, for example, Google Pay, the application will ask if you want to change it for Sberi Pay.
  • Next, make sure that NFC is included. and you can pay for purchases with one touch.

Update: from March 10, add to Sberpay you can only cards of the payment system of the world.

Mir Pay

Mir Pay. Service created specifically for contactless payment using cards of the world. With it, you can pay a telephone in 2022 in any terminal where the world is accepted. that is, in all of all the banks are issued cards of this payment system: Sber, Opening, Gazprombank, Alpha. You can also release a virtual card, if you do not need plastic, such an option is offered by Tinkoff.

To use the Pay world to pay the phone, you need to install the appendix of the same name on it-it can be downloaded from Play Market or App Gallery (even Huawei smartphones without Google services). The main thing is that the gadget works on the Android version 6.0 or higher and supported NFC technology.

  • Install Mir Pay on a smartphone from an application store convenient for you.
  • Open the program and scan your world card or add its data manually.
  • Following the tips on the screen, activate the card in the service and make it the main way of contactless payment.
  • To make a payment, you just need to unlock and bring the smartphone to the terminal. Additionally, the application of the world is not have to open the application.

How to pay iPhone without Apple Pay

On March 02, 2022, in connection with the Apple introduced against the sanctions, it announced its departure from the market, and suspended the work of the Apple Pay payment system. Millions of owners of apple smartphones have lost a convenient service that allows you to make many daily payments. Is there a way out in the current situation, and how to pay your iPhone without the “Apple Pay” service? We will tell in our material.

As you know, with the beginning of February 24, 2022, a number of economic sanctions were adopted by Western states aimed at causing tangible harm to the economy to Western companies it was forbidden to have business in the Visa and MasterCard payment systems and Mastercard. Many banks were disconnected from the Swift payment system. At the beginning of March 2022, the Apple Pay payment system stopped working, the contactless payment in which was provided using cards of the mentioned payment systems.

Due to the disconnection of “Apple Pay”, many iPhone owners lost the opportunity to pay their phones everyday payments in stores and online. Because of this, many had to return to paying payments by bank cards, or purchase Android telephones that support payment in the Mir Paunity System.

However, there are alternative ways to pay for your iPhone payments besides “Apple Pay”. Let’s look at them more closely.

Use the QR Plati system from Sberbank

“Pay QR”. This is a Sberbank service that allows you to pay for payments in stores using your iPhone. Using the Sberbank mobile application (or launching Sberbank Online on your phone), you will need to form a special QR code for payment. This code will need to show the seller when paying the right product in the store.

As an alternative, the reverse process is possible. You scan with your application Sberbank online (or Sberbank online in your phone browser) QR code shown by the seller.

Service “Pay QR” allows you to pay for purchases both on the iPhone and on the Android Smartphone. Supported payment with debit and credit card. The QR code you formed is constantly updated, which avoids fakes. When scanning the seller’s code, you see who exactly you are paying for the purchase.

iphone, contactless, sbpei

An important feature of the service is that in the case of scanning the seller of the QR code on the buyer’s phone, the Internet connection on this phone is not required.

Is it possible to connect the Mir card to “Apple Pay”?

Having figured out whether it is possible to use the world drink on the iPhone, we will also consider the issue of adding cards of the Mir system to Apple drink. Before the sanctions, the owner of the Mir card could easily tie it to his wallet on the iPhone. It was enough to go to “Wallet”, click on a plusk, and add to your wallet your mirker payment card using a pair of simple actions.

After the introduction of antisancions, Apple took a number of Apple Pay care steps from the market. In particular, on March 24, the possibility of making payment through “Apple Pay” by cards of the Mir Payment System was limited. Users could not add new cards, and already attached cards stopped working.

Users began to look for loopholes in the system, and several of them were found. In particular, it was proposed:

  • Put the iPhone into the loss mode;
  • Go to iCloud.com, enter your account, open the section “Find iPhone”;
  • In the list of devices, select your smartphone, click on it, then select the option “Lost mode”;
  • Wait a couple of seconds until the notification “Loss mode” is notified near the name of the smartphone;
  • On the iPhone enter a password from Apple ID;
  • After passing the authorization, a notification from “Wallet” will be displayed on the successful addition of cards. Payments with the Mir card will begin to pass.

Typically, this method worked for several hours (days), after which Apple again blocked for this user the possibility of payment using the Mir card. Also, during March-April, other holes were blocked in the functionality of the system, allowing you to pay the world with Apple Pay.

Thus, on the date of writing this material (18.08.2022) You can not use either the MIR PAY mobile application on the iPhone, or to tie up the “Apple Pay” payment system “Mir”. It is not worth expecting progress until the end of the military conflict in Ukraine is.

Is Sberpay working on iPhone

In short, Sberpay works on “apple” smartphones. Another thing is that the function does not fully replace the Apple Pay functionality, and may not always be used. What should you know “Sberpay” work with cards issued only by Sberbank Bank. In other cases, they need to choose other alternative options, for example, a system of quick payments.

At the same time, Sberpay is still a legal way to pay for purchases of goods or services with iPhone without the physical participation of a bank card. “Fail” can function with cards issued in working systems “Mir”, Visa and Mastercard.

Another thing is that Sberpay does not fully copy Apple Pay functionality and may have various flaws compared to foreign mobile payments. But in March 2022, Apple first announced that she was not going to support Visa and MasterCard issued by banks. And subsequently, the “apple” company broke the contract with the national system of payment cards. This act immediately put a cross on the cooperation of the American company with Mir cards, based on the domestic payment system.

First, iPhone users have disappeared the ability to add new Mir cards to Apple Pay, after which the Mir cards already added from the service and previously added and previously added. At the moment, the service is almost inactive in the territory in combination with cards, so users are forced to look for analogues.

What are the restrictions

The main restriction has already been announced. Sberpay works in conjunction only with cards issued by Sberbank. Since the function does not provide for the installation of another application, there is no need to look for it in the App Store. It will be enough to use the already installed banking application.

Thus, Sberpay will not work with cards of other banks and cards issued in other countries. The service does not imply the addition of other cards, except for banking. It is not intended for the introduction of discount or transport cards.

Important! It will not be possible to pay with the help of Sberpe by contactless payment in offline terminals. This is prevented by the fact that iPhones do not allow third.party applications to use the NFC function in the smartphone.

How Sberpay differs from Apple Pay

Sberi is a banking application, while Apple Pay is among the software developed by the telephone manufacturer. Sberpay for a smartphone of this manufacturer is a third.party developer with limited functions.

iphone, contactless, sbpei

Apple Pay also does not directly transmit cards data when paying online. During payment by the system, real data is replaced by a token. Sberpay does not have such an advantage. So payment using domestic software must be made only on those resources online, in the crystal honesty of which the user has no doubt.

On a note! Also, in the course of payment of online, domestic service will not ask for special identification, as the apple software did. Which can also be the reason for doubts about the safety of the card and the means stored on it.

System connection and setting up

In order to start working with Sberpay, he will bring up and install the Sberbank application.Online. To do this, you may need to be installed by a QR code, or you can try to find the search application in the App Store.

You can activate the card in Sberpay in two ways:

How to connect sberpay to iPhone

Sberpay is currently used on iPhone only for payment in stores and marketplaces online, since the smartphone does not give the application access to NFS. There may also be problems with finding a bank application in the App Store and downloading, Visa and MasterCard cards may not work. But even such limited use to pay for purchases online makes this product a demanded alternative and allows you not to enter all the data of the card on third.party sites.

How to add a card to a contactless payment system

So, in order to activate the necessary card from the smartphone desktop, you must press the label of the already installed banking application Sberbank.Online. During this step, it becomes possible to choose sberpay. Next, click on the “Connect” button that appears. If there is a single card available to the application, the user will not provide a choice of cards. If there are several of them, then the next step the application will offer to choose an active card with which the funds will be written off in the default priority. A priority card can always be changed in the application.

Another option for starting work with a card is the entrance to the banking application Sberbank.Online. After entering and entering the password, it is necessary to focus on the map that must be connected to the Sberpay service. Next, you need to go into the settings of the selected card, enable and activate the Sberpei function for it. A priority card can also always be changed by going into the settings of one of the cards.

On the operation of the Apple Pay system on iPhone in 2022

In March 2022, Apple Pay made it impossible to add new Mir cards to this system of mobile payments. Almost immediately, the “apple” company turned off the possibility of payments for the Mir cards already instituted in the system. Thus, the Mir cards have ceased to be service by Apple Pay.

Later, the national payment cards system made a statement that Apple has stopped cooperation unilaterally. Any payments and money transfers using iPhone and Apple Watch became impossible overnight.

Important! Experts at the moment do not predict any possible time for the resumption of the work of the “apple” company with the Mir map. over, Apple Pay cannot carry out operations with cards based on Visa and MasterCard payment systems due to the corresponding solution to the systems themselves.

At the moment, Apple Pay remains a “dead” application when it comes to interaction with bank cards. Those who have the Mir card have not yet disappeared from the virtual wallet of the mobile payment system, you should be wary of. After all, such a change is a matter of time, and it remains to take care of the search for analogues and alternatives.

Users accustomed to paying for purchases with a smartphone took up the search for alternative mobile payments systems. Samsung Pay first announced the departure from the market, like their “apple” competitor. Nevertheless, today Samsung does not support work with Visa and MasterCard cards, although it is still working in conjunction with the Mir card. In addition, there are at least two domestic software products that carry out similar functions. Here they are:

If Sberpay opens as a function in the card settings in the banking application of Sberbank.Online, then the Mir Pay application will be downloaded separately. In addition, there is no need to repeated authorization and identification of the card in Sberpay, while Mirpei will demand the commission of all these actions.

On a note! To ensure the operation of the function and application, NFC and the possibility of contactless payment for the smartphone are necessary.

However, not all of the Mir cards belong to Sberbank, and other banks cooperate with Mir Pay. A list of banks that allow you to introduce their own Mir cards into Mirpei is great and includes all the most important and most famous banks: Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, VTB-Bank and many others. A full and relevant list of banks can always be found on the Mir Pay website, but the probability of not finding your bank in the list is extremely small.

At the moment, Sberpay and the MIR Pay application occupy the niche that used to belong to more common mobile payment systems. In addition, in Crimea you can also pay for purchases using the Mirpei system. But to replace the Apple Pay “Mirpei” in the near future, probably, will not be able to, and there are reasons for this.

Apple Pay earned on Yamal?

A resident of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug placed a video in his social networks, how he orders pizza in a local pizzeria without any problems and pays for the purchase of Apple Pay.

The video clearly traces the order process in the company’s application:

  • The user selects pizza and puts it in a basket;
  • presses “place an order”;
  • selects the method of payment “Apple Drink”;
  • presses “pay”.

Payment takes place without any problems. The system writes that the order is accepted.

That is, it turns out that, formally in this pizzeria on Yamal, one can calculate the foreign mobile payment system, which today has suspended activities on the territory

But, without linings, of course, there were not. The pizza was never delivered to the client, since the restaurant did not receive payment. The order was canceled. Thus, it makes no sense that Apple drink formally on Yamal, there is no.

told whether it is possible to pay Apple Pay and Google Pay

PAYQR project manager Gleb Markov said that Apple Pay partially works in but only you can pay with cards of the Mir Payment System, which did not fall under sanctions.

As for Visa and MasterCard, you will not work out by bank cards of such payment systems either via Apple Pay or using Google Pay. In the near future, making assumptions when everything returns “to its own” is not rational. The political situation is so aggravated that foreign companies are not just afraid to work with even the detriment of themselves and their income, they are afraid to make forecasts about a possible return to the market.

What does the suspension of Visa and MasterCard mean? In fact, cards issued in, still work without any problems. True, it is impossible to pay them using the usual mobile applications.

Such plastic can not be paid for the purchase on foreign sites and foreign online stores. Cards released in you cannot pay abroad.

SPB SPBpei Contactless Payments on ANDROID and IOS

It is currently known that VISA and MasterCard payment tools will continue to operate before their expiration. It is possible that after this the card will be re.released, but the payment system will change to the world.

But do not be upset. They will not be left without the usual way to pay for purchases by phone.

Android owner can use the MIR PAY payment service. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or Appgallery.

Sberbank also developed its own Sberpay service. With it, it is convenient to pay for purchases at the checkout and on the Internet.

iphone, contactless, sbpei

As for the iPhone, Sberpay and Mir Pay Vytratli will appear on them. According to Markov, the iPhone is arranged in such a way that only Apple itself has access to NFC Chip.

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What is SBPEI

Paying a QR code is not as convenient as NFC, but at least 1% in money is more profitable, but the cashback will not be

SBPAI is not an abbreviated name from Sberpey, as many think. This is a completely different product, albeit oriented to pay for purchases with a phone. The name of the SBPEI comes from the system of quick payments, which allows you to transfer money by phone number, but you should pay for purchases through it differently.

Unlike Sberpay, which when paying at the checkout uses NFC technology, SBPEI uses the QR codes system. It works equally in online and offline. Just point the camera, scan the QR code into which information with the details of the recipient and the amount of payment is sewn and confirm the transaction.

But how is it, you ask? After all, the application of almost every bank has already built the function of payment by QR from the fast payments system. Yes this is true. But, SBPEI has several advantages over direct payment from a bank client:

Now the system of quick payments and payment by QR from its own applications is supported by more than 80 banks. But many of them are ignored directly, although about 60 credit organizations have already connected to it. However, starting on June 1, support for the payment service will become mandatory for everyone, so you can set the SBPEI application, combine the accounts of all the banks that you use in it and pay for purchases, choosing the right account before payment.

SBPEI. how to use

SBPEI supports less popular banks than Apple Pay

Currently, more than 60 banks support SBPEI. I will not list them all, if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with their list on the SBP website. However, I must say that most of the popular banks are not yet in the system. That is, neither Sberbank, nor Tinkoff Bank, nor RSHB, nor KhKF, nor Alpha, nor Raiffeisenbank here. Apparently, they will connect immediately after June 1.

Не работает Apple Pay и Google Pay в Решение ��

Is it convenient to use SBPay on the iPhone? I guess, yes. I have already tried to pay them and was satisfied. Payment passes quickly, there is no need to tie a card, which means that there is no risk that it will be stolen if you pay on an unfamiliar site, and in some places when paying for QR give a discount of 1%. For example, such a proposal operates on Wildberries and on the Red and White network. True, there will be no cashback in this case either, and SBPEI does not support credit cards.

Despite the fact that to pay for SBPEI you need a QR code, the distribution of the service turned out to be quite wide. Such payments are accepted in many catering establishments, in parks and retail chains. Just tell me that you want to pay for the purchase according to the quick payments system if you see the appropriate banner at the checkout, or ask the seller if they accept QR.

Is it convenient? In general, yes, it is better than carrying a card with you, but without negative moments it was not: