How to pay ICLOUD in 2022 after sanctions

After Apple suspended its sales in and also limited the operation of Apple Pay with cards issued banks. “Mir”, Visa and Mastercard, the owners of Apple technology have difficulties from replenishing the Apple ID balance to extend relevant subscriptions, including ICLOUD.

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We talk about the methods of replenishment of the Apple ID balance balance in May 2022 to pay icloud.

Using a phone number

Works with interruptions, but so far relevant.

This method still continues to be a worker, but from May 11 it is only suitable for owners of SIM cards of MTS and Beeline. The possibility of payment from a mobile account from Megafon, Yota and Tele2 from this number is disabled. If you have another mobile operator, you need to try.

In order to tie your phone balance, you need:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Next in Apple ID (from above).
  • Go to the payment and delivery point and select a mobile phone.
  • Enter the phone number and confirm it by SMS;
  • Draf this method of payment to the very top (above the cards).

That’s it, now you can pay for iCloud using your mobile phone account.

What kind of gift card App Store and iTunes?

To pay for Apple services even after disconnecting the payment function by phone number, you need to purchase a gift card. This is a map for which a certain amount is accrued according to the face value (for example, 500, 1000 or 3000). Typically, cards are sold in electronics stores, in online stores, at the cash desk of retail outlets. You definitely saw them on the racks in “M.Video “, Re: Store or DNS.

Gift cards can be bought in online stores-then instead of a plastic card you will receive a 16-digit code, which then you need to repay, that is, credit the money to the account.

How to extinguish a gift card?

If you have an App Store and iTunes gift card in your hands, then you need to remove the sticker or erase the protective layer. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, open the App Store application, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on the “extinguish a gift card or code” button. Next, enter the code manually or scan it using the camera.

If you bought a card on the Internet, then you will have a 16-digit number in your hands. Accordingly, it will need to be copy and enter into a special window in the App Store application. On different platforms, methods for repaying a card may differ, for example:

  • On the Mac computer. through the App Store application
  • On Windows computer. through the iTunes application
  • On the Android Smartphone-through the Apple Music application

How to make payment in App Store and ICLOUD from a mobile phone account

Previously, we have already been looking for a way to pay for purchases in the App Store, Mac App Store, ICLOD when Visa and MasterCard stop working when paying for goods and services outside the country. However, there is an easier way to do this. to tie as a payment method for a mobile phone account.

How to pay for Apple Music and pay ICloud in May 2022. instructions

Due to the imposition of sanctions by the West, iOS users can no longer use Apple Pay to pay for Apple Music and ICLOUD subscriptions. However, there are at least two popular ways that will help to solve this problem.

Pay the subscription through a cell phone number

Как платить в App Store, как купить VPN, когда все это кончится?

  • Go to the Apple Store (to your profile);
  • On the account tab, you need to select “Management of payment methods”;
  • Next, click on the section “Add methods of payment”;
  • After that, you will need to mark the item “Mobile phone” with a tick;
  • It is possible to use the main phone number or any other (for example, spouse or spouse, parents, etc.);
  • Enter the phone number without “7” and click “Send”;
  • After the changes made, you must wait for an SMS in which the code confirming the conduct of changes will be sent;
  • By sending this code, the user confirms the changes when paying for subscription.

To pay iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV, as well as the rest of the Apple and applications submitted in the App Store, an account will be used, tied to a given phone number. The service is available to subscribers Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Yota, Tele2.

Replenish the Apple ID account through the QIWI wallet

Qiwi will be a good alternative to payment of Apple services and other services from the account of the mobile operator. Using this tool, you can replenish the Apple ID account and further pay for the use of iCloud, pay for purchases in the App Store.

  • Create a QIWI wallet on an official website or in a mobile application from the App Store;
  • Get the “main” status for the QIWI wallet through authentication in public services through the “Identification” section;
  • Go to the “Payments” section and find the option of the App Store iTunes using a search line;
  • Indicate the personal number of a mobile phone, for which a secret ID account replenishment code will come in the form of SMS;
  • Make a payment of services through the inner account of the QIWI wallet;
  • Copy a secret replenishment code for Apple ID from an incoming SMS;
  • Open the App Store and go to your profile section by pressing the avatar in the corner of the screen;
  • Select the option “Putting off a gift card or code”.
  • Insert the secret code and confirm the operation.

Теперь и QIWI! Как пополнить счет Apple ID? Какие способы остались и как дальше покупать в AppStore?

Earlier, Sib.FM wrote that bus passengers cannot pay for travel through terminals. Mir and Visa cards were disconnected from Apple Pay, and Sberus also gave recommendations on the work of the Sberbank online application on the iOS platform.

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Why do you need a QIWI wallet?

Our life hack is based on the purchase of virtual gift cards for the App Store. These cards allow you to throw money to the account, which is tied to Apple ID, and then pay for applications and extend subscriptions to various services. Of course, if subscriptions were issued directly with Apple devices, and not on the sites of these services. We talked about gift cards in detail earlier:

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For example, I paid 249 every month for a pro-version of the application with traffic rules. After Apple cut its payment system and began to prohibit payment through the phone number, it became impossible to pay for the subscription. Here comes to the rescue of a QIWI wallet-get an account in QIWI if you do not have it.

How to open the correct account in QIWI?

To pay for purchases inside the application, you need to verify your account. To do this, open the service application, enter the App Store in the search, go to the section and find an invitation to identify in public services. After the account in Qiwi and the profile in public services will be connected, the wallet will receive the status of the main. Most likely, the check will take a matter of seconds.

Then we need to return to the App Store iTunes section and enter the phone number tied to the Apple ID account. After that, enter our cards and drive the amount for which we want to release a gift card.

We are waiting for SMS from QIWI. it will come a few seconds after payment. Copy the code from the message, go to the App Store, then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on the “extinguish the gift card or code” button. After that, insert the code into the line and click “Activate”. Everything, money is credited!

How to replenish Apple ID via QIWI wallet

Hi people! In this article I want to tell how to quickly replenish the Apple ID account using QIWI wallet.

Earlier I already wrote about how to replenish the Apple ID account using a mobile phone, the article is available on the link above. But since I recently had to have a kiwi wallet, I decided to experiment with it, as a result, this method was even more convenient!

In this article I will not talk about how to get a kiwi wallet, I just went through public services and the functions I needed immediately became available to me

How to buy ITUNES gift card.

You can replenish the Apple ID using the Apple or App Store and iTunes gift card, fortunately, such a card can be bought from kiwi!

In Kiwi wallets, we go into payments. show all services. I use a browser on a computer, but all this can be done in the QIWI application.

Gift code will come in the form of SMS to the mobile phone number, so close your phone carefully! You can choose payment from the phone account, bank card or phone balance.

I used the bank card, the minimum amount to replenish 200. The funniest, no commission (Tinkoff)!

Also, at first I wanted to pay from the Yumoney card, but Yumoney herself wanted a commission 100

After you confirm the payment in your bank, SMS will come to you to the mob number. phone.

The message will have the 16th code as in the screenshot above, copy it!

I activate the codes through iTunes or App Store, you just need to press your avatar in the upper right corner, and then go to extinguish the gift card or code.

You can pay from the Apple ID account, for example: iCloud, purchases on iTunes, App Store or start on items, in short, it is not for me to tell you where to spend your money!

How to replenish the App Store balance via QIWI. It works with sanctions!

Recall that after March 10, Apple stopped receiving bank cards to pay for services, subscriptions and purchases in the Apple ecosystem. How to replenish your balance? There are two previously described methods.

However, there is another way that was not voiced earlier. Replenishment of account via QIWI wallet. The method is quite working and even now with all kinds of sanctions, it works great.

How to replenish the iTunes and App Store account via QIWI

It is not known how much this method will work, but so far it is one of the most convenient.

Replenishing the Apple ID balance from the QIWI account will no longer be possible. But the alternatives remained

Clients of the QIWI pitch lost the opportunity to replenish the balance of AppStore and iTunes due to the decision of the service supplier. The supplier is not Apple itself, but a company that distributed codes for replenishment in the company explained in the company

New problems of iPhone owners. They now cannot replenish the balance of AppStore and iTunes from Qiwi wallet wallets. The payment system said that this service is “temporarily inaccessible”.

Messages that Qiwi wallets no longer work with Apple services began to appear a few days ago. May 6, the payment system recognized the presence of a problem. As Business FM told in the company’s press service, this is the requirement of the service provider, not Apple itself. The limitation is temporary, but how much it will act is unknown. Other details are also unknown.

Manager of RTM Group, expert in the field of information security and law to IT Evgeny Tsarev is sure that the initiative came from Apple:

Evgeny Tsarev manager RTM Group, expert in the field of information security and law in IT “Apparently, both Google and Apple fulfill the requirements of regulators in the United States, but at the same time it is surprising inconsistency, because at first they create alternative methods of translations, then they themselves Block. It can be assumed that they create a toolkit that the regulator in the future indicates not to use. Purely technically, you can limit the payment on any basis. If they have a desire not to accept the payment, including through a mobile phone, they can do it “.

Thus, the only way has the only way to replenish the Apple ID balance. from the account of the mobile phone. The owner of the iPhone Sergey Mamikonyan was not very upset due to the fact that the QIWI wallet now will not help to pay ITUNES subscription:

“When it became possible to get around the restrictions, many registered the QIWI-pose and began to use them. I do not think that the inability to pay through Qiwi can be a big problem, since you can still pay for subscriptions from the balance of the phone. Many are not ready to switch from these devices to others, no matter what. Already charging was removed from the box, they thought that now everyone would stop using Apple, but it wasn’t there “.

Apple itself traditionally does not comment on anything. However, even if the company generally blocks all payments from this can also be bypassed, explains Wylsacom blogger Valentin Petukhov:

Valentin Petukhov Blogger, founder of the Youlsacom YouTube channel “Mobile payments are still available, I want to believe that they will remain such, because if they are removed, the iPhone will turn into a brick, then into a very limited device. Again, some global problem will not happen, because you can always register an additional account in Europe or America and buy prepaid cards there. There are services in which this service provides. This is what people did somewhere in 2011-2012-we now roll back ten years ago: the iPhone can still be used, but, as at the start in 2007, this will be available, probably to those who are very very wants to bother with all this elite “.

Still, there is an impression that Apple is not ready to say goodbye to the market forever, although for the company’s business he is not so important. According to the results of 2020, Apple sales in amounted to only about 1% of global revenue.

Apple ID account can no longer be replenished using QIWI

The QIWI payment system service has stopped replenishing the balance of Apple ID account. The company of Khabru reported that the restrictions are related to the “decision of the service provider”.

At the end of March 2022, Apple turned off the Apple Pay service for users from this to users closed access to direct payment for applications and subscriptions to the App Store from a bank card, gift cards also disappeared from retail points of sale. At the same time, the company left the possibility of direct payment from the account of the mobile phone and replenish the balance of Apple ID using the QIWI service.

In the service it was possible to replenish the account using an internal wallet or a tied bank card. During payment, the user indicated the amount and number of the mobile phone to which the activation code came. Thus, the users had the opportunity to resume subscriptions to services and purchase applications.

Today the QIWI service has stopped receiving payments to replenish the balance of Apple ID. The possibility of choosing a tied bank card disappeared from the line of payment of the payment method, and when choosing an internal wallet, the system reports that the “provider is blocked”. While writing a note from the list of QIWI organizations, the App Store and iTunes services disappeared altogether.

App Store can no longer be found in the list of organizations

Yesterday, May 5, 2022, Qiwi processed payments on Apple ID accounts, and the balance sheet managed to replenish. On the morning of May 6, the App Store could be found on the list of organizations, but it was impossible to replenish the score.

Receipt of successful replenishment of Apple ID of May 5, 2022

Representatives of QIWI gave Habru an official comment on the situation. “At the moment, replenishment of the balance of the App Store and iTunes is temporarily inaccessible to QIWI wallet customers in connection with the decision of the service supplier,” the QIWI press service said. Payment from a mobile phone account continues to function.