Using a router

This is an easy way that many users turn to. To use the router as a connecting device, you will need to carry out the following procedures:

  • you need to open the menu of your Samsung TV;
  • then you need to click on the “Network” item and go to an additional subsection;
  • select “Wireless network”.

You should choose the required network, depending on its name. By clicking on the correct item, you will need to enter a security password (the security code of your Wi-Fi network). After that, it will turn out to connect the mobile phone to the home network.

Wi-Fi Direct

Let’s start with the most popular option. Pairing two devices can be done using modern technology Wi-Fi Direct. It is provided on almost all Smart TV models produced today.

This option is also supported on most modern smartphones.

The main task is to connect devices to each other without the need to get an access point. A smartphone is recognized by a TV in the form of a multimedia device.

To pair your phone with Smart TV using Wi-Fi Direct, you need a certain algorithm of actions.

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Select the section that contains the parameters of the wireless connection
  • Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • Next, you need to open the Samsung TV settings. Run the specified function and on this device.
  • A notification about the start of scanning will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • The television equipment will show the entire list of devices available for connection.
  • Find the name of your smartphone in the list.
  • A corresponding notification will be displayed on the display of the mobile phone with a request to synchronize devices.
  • You will need to confirm the connection.
  • Now you can start playing any selected files on your smartphone. everything will be broadcast from your phone to the large screen of your Samsung TV.

Connection diagram

If you decide to connect your phone to a Samsung TV, there is a certain pattern you should follow. There are several effective ways to transfer an image from a smartphone to a TV screen using Wi-Fi.

Broadcast via YouTube

Video files from a mobile phone can be streamed to a TV screen through a popular service. Let’s consider in stages how you can do this.

  • Before you start syncing your TV and smartphone, you need to make sure that the YouTube app is installed on the latter. If it is not in the device menu, you need to download the program from the market.
  • Launch the installed YouTube app on your smartphone. Open the settings menu. Activate the Watch on TV option. If you did everything right, an instruction will be displayed on the Samsung TV screen with prompts for all subsequent actions.
  • Launch YouTube on your TV. Go to settings. Designate the connection type. “In manual mode”.
  • A special code will appear on the screen of the South Korean TV, which must be entered in the corresponding field on the screen of your smartphone. After that, you need to click on the “Add” button.
  • In the list of detected devices, you need to find your Samsung TV. Once you find the equipment you need, agree to broadcast. After that, you will be able to watch the video not on the small display of the phone, but on the big screen of the TV.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV over Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi network opens up wide boundaries for its operation for users of modern media technology. Nowadays, a variety of devices can be synchronized with each other. Often there is a need to connect a smartphone to a TV. We will learn how to do it correctly, using the example of Samsung technology.


Modern models of mobile phones with Android operating system support Miracast technology. This wireless standard is released by Intel.

It is necessary for Honor that when working in this way, certain delays can occur. This applies only to those cases when the image is broadcast from the smartphone directly to the TV screen.

To connect the phone to the TV in this way, you will need to open the settings of both the TV and the smartphone. Activate Miracast function on both devices.

Why is it necessary?

Thanks to the Wi-Fi wireless network, modern users have the ability to connect a variety of technical devices to each other. These include televisions and smartphones. This synchronization option when using home equipment provides many interesting and useful functions.

When you connect a smartphone to a Samsung TV, its characteristics and options will remain the same, but a number of certain actions will be much more convenient and interesting.

  • You can connect your phone to a Samsung TV if you want to play your favorite games on the big screen of media technology. You can optionally connect a keyboard or joystick to the TV using the Bluetooth network for the most convenient game.
  • By connecting the phone to a Samsung TV via a Wi-Fi network, users can play their favorite movies, video clips, photos and other necessary content on the gadget and transfer them to the big screen, which is very convenient.
  • Often the need for this type of connection arises when you need to organize an impressive presentation on a large screen diagonal.
  • It is very convenient to browse interesting Internet pages by connecting your phone to a Samsung TV.
  • If you correctly connect the phone to the television equipment of the South Korean brand, it will be possible to control the latter using a smartphone, instead of a remote control. This is a very convenient solution, which is used by many owners of such devices.

The level of functionality of the considered technique increases if you correctly synchronize it via a Wi-Fi network. Such solutions make media devices not only multitasking, but also easy to use.

Possible problems

Usually, when connecting a mobile phone to a Samsung TV, serious problems do not arise, but there are times when the TV equipment does not see the smartphone. The device may not recognize or see existing Wi-Fi networks at all. In such cases, you do not need to be scared and think that you bought a low-quality or faulty TV.

Often, when it is impossible to connect the phone to the TV using a wireless Wi-Fi network, the case lies in the router. Perhaps the router is already overloaded and cannot cope with the loads. Perhaps the device is completely defective and requires repair or replacement.

Often, users are in a hurry to connect their phone to a TV using Wi-Fi, without bothering to make sure that this module is provided in their device. Today on sale you can find enough TV-equipment in the configurations of which Wi-Fi is not available. But this does not mean that such a problem cannot be solved. The situation will be corrected by installing a suitable Wi-Fi adapter.

If your smartphone fails to connect to your Samsung TV for one reason or another, a few simple steps are recommended. Perhaps they will solve the problem.

  • Turn off the TV equipment completely for 10-15 minutes. It is not enough to turn off the device just by pressing the button on the remote control. Unplug the power cord. There are widespread cases where restarting Samsung devices resolved Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • Unplug the router for about 30 seconds. Then connect the device again.
  • Make sure other devices in your home, such as a computer, laptop, or tablet, connect seamlessly to your Wi-Fi network.

Consider a few useful recommendations regarding connecting a smartphone to a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi.

  • Be prepared for the fact that when you connect devices using Miracast, the video will be transmitted in good quality, but games can be broadcast with a slight delay. 0.5-1 sec.
  • If you have a lot of smart devices in your home, you need a good router at home to sync them using Wi-Fi. Buy expensive and reliable equipment, as weak devices will not withstand heavy loads.
  • When choosing a Wi-Fi adapter for your Samsung TV, make sure that it is right for your model. Better to buy devices of the same name brand.

Next, watch a video on how to connect your phone to a Samsung TV using Smart View.

How to connect phone to Samsung TV via USB

  • Any TV from the manufacturer Samsung that has a USB input on one of the panels.
  • USB cable suitable for connecting to both a gadget and a TV.

Instead of a special wire, you can use the usual one used to recharge the phone. The applied technology does not allow duplicating the image in the full sense, as well as playing games or using Android applications. All you can do on your Samsung TV is to access the file system of your phone.

To be able to play media files on a wide screen, use the algorithm:

  • Consecutively connect the cable to the phone and then to the Samsung TV.
  • Select USB as the source of media transmitted from one device to another.
  • Confirm your choice. Now you know how to watch from your phone on a Samsung TV. and you can start playing any supported format.

Please note that some files that you find in the list will not be playable. These include applications, games, archived data stored on the phone, as well as scripts and part of text documents.

How to connect your phone to your TV

Want to connect your smartphone to your TV? We all have more gadgets and smart devices at home than ever before. But many of us don’t know how easy it is to share content between them. because we assume that this is a lot of hassle.

But connecting your TV to your smartphone or tablet opens up many convenient ways to stream and broadcast media. You might want to share some holiday shots with your friends and family, stream a YouTube clip or video in a higher resolution than your phone, or instead keep playing a Netflix show you’ve watched on the road on the big screen.

Most modern TVs. these are Smart TVs. This means it will already be connected to the internet with apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

But if you are receiving files specifically from your phone or tablet, want to use an application that is only available on a mobile phone, or prefer to continue the playback session on your phone rather than launching the corresponding application on your TV. we have the answers for you, read on to find out how to connect your phone to your TV via a wired or wireless connection.

Wait What is One Connect Box?

Have you met yet? Let me introduce you to your new best connection friend. Pick up an invisible connection and follow it to the end. There is no pot of gold, but QLED TV does have a One Connect Box, a small port box that sits at the end of an invisible connection. § This is what allows you to move devices out of sight. Let’s see what else you can connect to One Connect Box.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless)

DLNA connection

The described phone connection technology is suitable for Samsung TVs equipped with the appropriate module. Look in the manual or at the factory box: if there is a mention of SmartTV support, your TV is most likely ready to be set up. Among other things, you can get the necessary clarifications on the manufacturer’s website or on the hot mowing line in your region.

All you need to sync is a router that connects your phone and Samsung TV. In this case, the TV can be connected wired, and the phone. wirelessly.

So, make sure you have:

  • Any router currently running.
  • Smartphone connected to a wireless network.
  • Samsung TV connected to the same network.
  • An app on your phone that allows you to work with DLNA servers.

So that the broadcast from the phone to the Samsung TV does not “freeze”, we highly recommend using a power cord instead of a wireless connection: this way you will ensure minimal signal loss and delay. Note that, as with the USB connection, you can only access the media stored on your smartphone on the TV. This synchronization option does not allow duplicating a picture, but starting playback is quite.

To connect to a Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  • Activate DLNA option on your Samsung TV. On some models, it may be indicated as the ability to reproduce data from other sources.
  • Using the BubbleUPnP applet for Android phone, or more convenient analogs, mark on the smartphone what data should be transferred for playback.
  • Select from the list on which TV the signal will be broadcast. and start watching on a wide monitor.

How to set up a Screen Mirroring connection on a smartphone with Android 5 or 4

Configuration and initial synchronization are carried out in the following order:

  • For F, J-series, you select ScreenMirroring from the list of available functions using the Source key. If you have other Samsung TV series listed above, just skip this step.
  • Now, leaving the TV for a while, turn to the menu of the phone from which you are going to broadcast.
  • Here you need to tap on the shortcut that opens access to the “Settings” list.
  • Activate the Screen Mirroring sub-item. In some cases, it may have a different name, All Share Cast.
  • After a few seconds of searching, you will be presented with a list of devices with which you can synchronize. Choose your Samsung TV.
  • The connection of the phone to the TV will continue for a few more moments.
  • As a result, you will see a picture on the TV monitor that duplicates the screen of the gadget. therefore, the instructions on how to connect a phone to a Samsung TV brought the desired result.
pair, phone, samsung

Connecting to a TV via USB

Sounds simple enough? Most smartphone charging cables end with a USB connector to easily connect to laptops or power adapters, but if your TV has a USB port, this is an easy way to bring files to the screen.

Technically, you are transferring files for viewing on a TV, rather than transferring an image from a phone screen, so this is better for viewing your own photos and videos than anything else.

Just like on a laptop or desktop PC, you should be able to go to Source on the Smart TV platform and select USB. A message should appear on the smartphone screen allowing you to transfer files (and not just charge the device through the TV).

USB cable (Image credit: Future Publishing) (Image credit: Future Publishing)

Connect your audio system to your new TV

Want to get a surround sound effect? Good news for you: connecting your speakers is no problem because you can connect either a digital audio cable or an HDMI cable to the One Connect Box!

How to control a TV from a smartphone

Modern smartphones can almost completely replace the TV remote control. There are several ways how you can control your TV from your smartphone. These can be built-in tools or additional applications. This is not always possible, depending on the model of the mobile device and TV. Almost all TV series of recent years support full control via a smartphone.

TV control apps

Most smartphones require a third party app to control the TV. There are different types of such programs from different developers. They differ in functionality and user interface.

Samsung Universal Remote

The application was developed by Samsung specifically for its TVs. Focused on improving the convenience of interacting with the device and expanding functionality. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the program allows you not only to broadcast a picture from a smartphone to TV, but also in the opposite direction.

The advantage also lies in the ability to control other Samsung equipment. However, the smartphone and the device to be controlled must be equipped with an infrared port. Accordingly, this is more relevant for more modern models of household appliances of this brand. To establish a connection faster, the app has a device scan function. The option greatly simplifies the process of pairing devices.

The disadvantage is the lack of the ability to control TVs from other manufacturers. Users also report poor quality optimization, unstable performance, and bugs in the application.

TV Remote Control

The most common and functional program that supports work with almost any modern TV series. To establish a connection in the application, you must specify the IP address of the TV and select the appropriate model from the available list.

The application works seamlessly with all relatively modern TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and other well-known brands. The program has the following main functions:

  • turning on and off;
  • data entry from the keyboard on the phone;
  • setting up network connections;
  • adjusting sound parameters;
  • channel switching.

The disadvantage is that there is only an English version of the interface. But, the program is quite simple, so even a minimal understanding of basic English words is enough for interaction.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Another multifunctional application with a similar set of functions. The main difference is in the user interface. Through the program, you can also change channels, turn on and off the TV panel, adjust the sound and enter data using the numeric keypad.

Important! The program is downloaded for free, but for monetization, the developer has integrated advertising, which negatively affects the usability.

Onezap remote

The application is distributed on a paid basis. The advantage lies in the support for more than 200 different device models. It is possible to edit the control menu, due to which the user himself can customize the size, shape and position of the buttons, choose different color themes. It is possible to program additional buttons for switching between equipment and simultaneous control of several devices.

Important! The program is paid, the cost on Google Play is about 150 rubles. There is also a free version, but due to the presence of ads, it is inconvenient to use.

Ways to control the TV via a smartphone

There are 2 main options for controlling the TV using a smartphone:

  • broadcasting a picture from a phone to a TV display;
  • using the phone as a remote control, provided that a specialized application is installed.

The first method involves displaying content displayed on a mobile phone on TV. The advantage lies in the ability to view on a large display not only multimedia from the smartphone’s memory, but also any content available on the network. Any applications available on a smartphone or tablet can be launched and displayed on the TV panel. In fact, ordinary TV turns into Smart TV. The disadvantage is the need for a Wi-Fi connection, as a result of which the phone quickly runs out of power.

The second option involves using a mobile device as a TV remote control. A separate application download is required, but some manufacturers are releasing smartphones in which such a program is already built-in. Wi-Fi pairing is not always required, depending on the phone model. If the latter has an infrared port, there is no need for a wireless connection. But, this option does not expand the functionality of the TV, but only allows you to control the existing functions.

Advice! If the regular remote control from the TV is lost, and there are no new or analogs on sale, the smartphone can become its replacement, which will allow you to continue to use the TV comfortably.

Smart View App

The method of connection via the Smart View application is suitable for owners of smartphones of any brand running both on Android OS (version 4.1 and higher) and on iOS (starting from version 7.0). To complete the task, you must:

The presented instructions will help you understand how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV. Among the main functions of the application, the following are worth highlighting:

  • remote control;
  • “Dual View” mode, which provides display of the phone display on the TV and vice versa;
  • using Smart Hub widgets;
  • turning off the power of the TV via Bluetooth (not supported on all models);
  • game mode that turns your smartphone into a joystick;
  • activating TV sleep mode.

Considering the ease of installation and the number of useful functions, we can say that this is one of the most optimal ways to connect. However, there are others that have their own advantages.

Screen mirroring

Owners of Samsung smartphones have the ability to connect without installing additional software. The proprietary Screen Mirroring function connects two devices from the same manufacturer. It is supported by TVs of the F, J, K, M series, regarding the rest. you should clarify the information using one of the following sources:

  • Instruction. The Mobile Device Connection section should mention Screen Mirroring. If there is no such information, there is no support.
  • Company customer support chat. Follow the link and ask a question to the consultant.

The following will describe how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV, depending on the OS version of your smartphone.

For Android 4.x and 5.x, the steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the TV and call the “Source” menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Select “Screen Mirroring”.

Open mobile phone settings. Go to the “Connect and Send” section, then. “Screen Mirroring”.

Wait until the end of the search for available devices, select the required TV.

The connection process will begin, as a result of which the image from the smartphone display will be displayed on the large screen.

For Android 6.x, the instructions are a little simpler:

    Lower the quick settings shade on your phone.

Select the “Quick connection” item, then. the found TV from the list.

A list of available actions will open, where you should click on the line “Device screen. on TV “.

The pairing process starts. As a result, the picture will begin to duplicate.

Owners of smartphones running Android 7.x should do the following:

Pull down the quick access bar by swiping from the top of the phone screen. Then repeat the action to fully expand the list of available actions.

Swipe from left to right to open additional settings. There you should select the item “Smart View”.

  • Next, you need to wait until the end of the search for devices and select what you need. Connection will be made, the screen will be duplicated on TV.
  • Ways to Connect to Samsung Smart TV

    Android or iOS smartphones can be connected to Samsung TVs. To do this, the latter must have their own operating system and access to the Internet. Pairing devices is performed for displaying images and videos, controlling a TV, transferring files. The article will take a closer look at how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV.

    There are four ways to connect a mobile device to a Samsung TV: through the app, built-in Samsung smartphone function, Miracast and HDMI cable. The choice of method depends on the goals of the user, the OS of the phone and the TV model. So, for games, it is better to use a wired connection, as this will avoid delays in image transmission.

    Before proceeding with the description of the step-by-step guide, it should be noted that the TV must be connected to the Internet. This is done over a wired channel or using Wi-Fi. The smartphone must also be connected to the Internet and be on the same home network with the TV.

    TVs of the M, Q, K series already have a built-in Wi-Fi module. If you want to make a wireless connection in other models, you will have to purchase a special adapter that connects to the USB port.


    Displaying the smartphone screen via Miracast is in a sense repeating the process of using Bluetooth. To connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV in this way, you should:

    • Activate device search on TV and mobile device.
    • Allow data exchange.
    • Connection will occur automatically if the corresponding option is selected in the smartphone.

    This is a general pairing scheme, but a detailed example is the connection on a Sony Xperia M4 phone:

    • Open smartphone options.
    • Go to Xperia Connections, then Miracast Screen Mirroring.
    • Press the orange Start button. The TV will be searched.
    • Next, you should select its name. After connecting, the picture from the phone will be displayed on the TV screen.

    Miracast provides enough data transfer rate to display 4K video. With regard to games, the situation is worse. there is a 0.5-1 second delay, which is very noticeable in dynamic scenes.

    MHL technology

    This type of connection is carried out via a cable or a special adapter. Before purchasing peripherals, you should study the technical characteristics of both devices and make sure that the MHL technology is supported. If there is one, a cable will be enough, on one end of which there is an HDMI output, and on the other. Micro-USB.

    Otherwise, you will have to use an MHL-HDMI adapter. There are both branded adapters from Samsung and cheaper counterparts from other manufacturers on the market. A diagram of how to connect a phone to a Samsung Smart TV using an adapter will look like this:

    • The smartphone is connected to the adapter via the Micro-USB input.
    • The adapter is connected to a power cable that goes to an outlet or to the Power Bank, as well as an HDMI cable, the other end of which is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV.
    • When all the connectors are connected, it remains to select the signal source on the TV. After that, the picture will start to be displayed on the big screen.

    Although a wired connection requires additional equipment, it is the most optimal in terms of image quality and signal transmission speed.

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