How to charge Airpods wireless headphones

In the last article, we told how to check Airpods for originality, today we will tell you how to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones (one box or together with headphones) so that they last longer, how long they need to be charged, how long the charge holds and how to check the charge of Airpods for phone.

Perhaps the main innovation of Airpods headphones is the complete absence of wires, the headphones are connected to the device via Bluetooth, are not connected to each other in any way, and are even charged using a special box. At the first acquaintance with this technology, many users have a quite reasonable question “How to charge Airpods wireless headphones?”. The answer to this question is given by this article.

Airpods headphones: how long does the charge hold

First, let’s figure out how long your headphones can last without recharging. The battery built into the earbuds is quite powerful and in a static state (the earbuds are on, but not playing sound) can last up to two weeks. If you use them to listen to music, then the charge will be enough for five hours of continuous work. The battery runs out the fastest when talking, it only lasts for two hours of communication.

The battery consumption of the headphones is also affected by the volume set. The data above is for average sound volume. A higher volume will make the earbuds use up faster, and a lower volume will make the headphone drain slower.

Of course, it would be extremely inconvenient to count the time left until the headphones are turned off. Therefore, Apple has provided two ways to check the charge of Airpods on your phone.

  • The first is the beep. The first time you will hear it, when the charge level drops to fifteen percent. If you hear that the sound was played twice, then you should know that the charge of the headphones has reached a critical level and it will only last for a few minutes of active work.
  • The second way is the battery indicator. It appears at the top of the phone screen after you connect headphones to it.

There are two more ways to find out the battery level of the headphones using the box. We will talk about them a little later.

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How to charge the Airpods case

The Airpods case is charged via a regular USB cable. How do I charge Airpods one box or with the earbuds? Some users mistakenly believe that this method can harm the headphones. but this is not the case. At the time of charging, you can easily put headphones inside the box, then they will be charged at the same time. Even company representatives are of the opinion that in the question “How to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones?” there is no correct answer, and it is suggested to use both methods.

The charging time of the case varies greatly depending on the quality of the cable used and the connection method. Charging the box from the mains using the original cable will be much faster than from the USB port. In general, charging takes much less time than charging a phone.

So it is worth mentioning the new technology that Apple announced relatively recently. This technology allows you to charge your AirPods wirelessly.

How to charge wireless Airpods from the box

As you most likely know, the Airpods box is not just a convenient case, but a real PowerBank. It has its own battery built into it, which is refilled when charging from the mains, stores energy and then transfers it to the headphones when you insert them into the box. I think you have already figured out how to charge Airpods wireless headphones, you just need to insert them into the box, so further we will talk about some of the features and parameters of the case.

Let’s start with the size of its battery. It is significantly larger than in headphones. The energy stored in the box is enough for four full charges of Airpods. Therefore, if you put the headphones in the box on time, then the charge in them will be enough for eleven hours of calls or for a whole day of listening to music.

How long does it take to charge the Airpods wireless headphones

Now about how long it takes to charge Airpods wireless headphones. Charging is very fast, you will receive a full battery in half an hour after you put the headphones in the box.

As mentioned earlier, boxing has one more interesting function (or rather, even two). It gives two more additional ways to check the charging level of the headphones.

Inside the box, you can see a small indicator light. This indicator performs two functions at once. When there are no headphones inside, it tells us about the state of the box’s battery (green. high charge level, yellow. energy left for one charge, red. box is discharged). If there are headphones inside, then by the color of the indicator you can understand whether they are charged or not.

Another interesting feature is provided on the iPhone. If you bring the box to the smartphone screen, then after a while a window will appear on it showing the box’s charge level. If at this moment there are Airpods inside, then you will also see their charging.

The same function is available for the macOS operating system. Here you need to open the lid of the box, bring it to the screen and click on the Bluetooth icon, then select your device from the list.

How to charge in a case

The easiest way to charge the earbuds is by placing them in the case. over, he must be charged himself.

To reach 100% charge, Earpods need to be kept in the case for about 15 minutes.

How long they will work after that depends on the functionality that they implement. If this is listening to audio or video files, then the headphones will work up to 3 hours. With a phone call, they are able to function after a full charge for up to 2 hours.

How to properly charge Apple headphones?

Airpods working in tandem with Athos are a premium accessory. Their laconic design emphasizes the taste of the owner and demonstrates a love of style. Airpods deliver perfect, smooth performance and sound quality without any noise or interference. But in order to enjoy audio and video for a long time through this accessory, you need to know exactly how to charge Apple headphones.

Is it possible to charge the case without headphones

The case can self-charge from the electrical outlet without the included Airpods. It takes him a few minutes, and he will be ready to continue working with the headphones offline. You can use it for recharging several times. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it provides an 18 hour cycle of headphone talk on the phone or a 24 hour cycle of music or video playback.

How much the case is discharged can be determined by the indicator located in the charger:

  • Green indicates that the headphones are fully charged. The charge is 100%.
  • Orange indicates an incomplete charge. There is not enough work for one charge cycle.

Earpods cannot be charged on their own. They need a wireless way through a case.

What are the charging methods?

There are several ways how to charge your earpods for long-term operation:

  • Through the case included in the kit. Headphones are put in a box and left for a certain period of time. The case must be pre-charged.
  • It is possible to charge the headphones inserted in the case directly connected to the network via the Lightning-USB cable.

On Android

With Android, the Airpods are somewhat limited. But in this case, users can control the level of performance of the headset. To do this, you need to download a special Air Battery application to your smartphone in the PlayStore.

After activating the utility, the sequence of steps performed is similar to the previous option. And this method will enable the user to understand how much more the headphones need to be charged.

How to Put Apple iPhone Ear-pods / Earphones back to travel case correctly

On an iOS device

In this option, you can use any gadgets and devices from Apple:

  • The accessory is being synchronized with an additional device to display information on it.
  • Place the earpods in the case and bring the box to the gadget. The earbuds are charged immediately.
  • Open the lid on the case and wait until the monitor prompts you to connect.
  • The charge level of the headphones and case will be displayed, displayed as a percentage.

This use of an additional device can always be used in order to make sure that the headphones and case can work for some more period of time. All manipulations will take no more than 15 seconds.

Best way to carry your headphones

Correct carrying and storage is a guarantee of long service life of the equipment. The basic rules for storing and carrying the device, allowing it to extend its life, are as follows:

  • Take care of the wires. First of all, this concerns the fact that you cannot leave the device anywhere. It is best to put your headphones in a bag in a special container. So the wires will be less likely to get tangled, frayed and become unusable.
  • Do not carry them in pants or back s of jeans. Pinching the wires is almost one hundred percent damage.
  • Do not overcool the device. That is why, in winter, the wires must be under the clothes. Do not leave the device in the cold or in the car during the cold season.
  • Keep children and pets away from wires. The latter just love to gnaw them.

What to do if iPhone earbuds get tangled

How to roll up iPhone earbuds so that they no longer get tangled in your ? This question arises not only among users of Apple products, but also other people. There are many options and methods for how you can twist headphones so that they do not get confused.

On the Internet, it is proposed to twist the wires with a special knot, remove them from them in plastic boxes or fabric covers. If desired, storage space can be made with your own hands.

Several options suitable for storage and carrying:

  • Use an old plastic card or thick cardboard. A pair of holes are made for the earbuds and the plug. The wire is wrapped around a cardboard (card).
  • A container from an old (ended) lipstick is also suitable as a case. The wires are wrapped around three fingers. The earbuds and plug remain on the top, while the bottom stays in the lipstick cap. So the device is easy to carry and take out at the right time.
  • Another option with a plastic card and a thick rubber band. The wires are twisted around the fingers, then fixed to the card with an elastic band.

There are really a lot of options, but it is worth remembering that the conversation is not about ordinary headphones bought for 100 rubles, but about those intended specifically for the iPhone. How to pack iPhone headphones so that they do not get tangled, in a box or tied according to a certain method?

How to fold your iPhone headphones into a box

The well-known company Apple produces branded devices for its products, including headphones. This is a quality product that allows you to listen to music and audio books. Branded devices are expensive and it becomes a shame if they become unusable due to improper storage and transportation. The article addresses the question: how to roll iPhone headphones into a box, what needs to be done to extend the life of the device.

How to pack Airpods in a box

Devices from the iPhone XR or 5 S, or any other version of the phone have special, factory boxes in which it is very convenient to store and carry them. In addition, it is a wonderful gift case that does not need additional packaging.

It is best to fold branded headphones in the original packaging. This will help increase their shelf life.

Step-by-step instructions on how to put iPhone headphones into a box is as follows:

  • Insert the inserts directly into the slots of the package. It’s not difficult, just remember how they were originally when you bought.
  • The wires are wrapped around the case. You need to reel counterclockwise. Given the depth of the gutter, they will fit perfectly as well.
  • The volume control is retracted into a dedicated place for it.
  • It remains only to wrap the rest of the cable around the box.
  • From above, everything is covered with a lid. The packaging process is complete.

Important! Tying and tying the device in a knot is highly discouraged. Such handling will inevitably lead to deformation of the cable and quick breakdown.

How to roll and stow the EarPods in the box

Packing your EarPods is easy. Having practiced just a couple of times, a person will be able to do this constantly and without any problems. The packaging process is as follows:

  • The cable must be fully extended. There should be no knots or tangled elements on it.
  • The inserts are installed in place. Nothing can be confused here. If for some reason difficulties arise, you can look at what kind of device it had initially (at the time of purchase).
  • Start winding the cable around the special cable gutter counterclockwise. This is done until it comes to the volume control.
  • There is also a special place for the regulator in the box, in which it fits perfectly. It is very important to ensure that the wire is not pinched anywhere.
  • It remains only to twist the remaining amount of wire and remove the plug.
  • The assembled headphones are closed with a lid and stowed away in the carrying area.

Important! It is best if the headphone box is in a bag or inside a jacket It is not recommended to put them in jeans or pants. When walking or squatting, the plastic structure may crack and become unusable.

How to put EarPods back in the factory box

Where to put the headphones

The most reasonable solution for storing headphones is to use a branded box. It is ideal for packing and storing fixtures. In addition, with its help, you can neatly roll the wires so that they do not get confused in the future.

How to properly fold your iPhone headphones into a box

The process of packing iPhone earbuds into a box is not as complicated as it might seem. You can just use the branded box and not worry about another container.

Alternatively, if you do not want to constantly suffer with winding and putting all the elements in the nests, you can use the same Airpods box as a case.

Important! It is not necessary to use the original box. For the same purpose, a small cardboard or plastic container will do. The main thing is that there is a reliable cover that would not allow falling out.

Double tap

In general, all control of Apple headphones. Airpods is reduced to a double tap right on the center of the earphone. With this movement you can

  • enable or disable playback of audio content;
  • switch to a call or from one telephone line to another;
  • using siri.

It may seem to someone that the functionality of such an expensive item is very limited, but the Siri system will be able to do everything the user needs, for example:

  • report the weather;
  • remind about the meeting;
  • set an alarm;
  • turn on music;
  • make it louder or quieter;
  • accept or disconnect from a call, etc.

A microphone is located at the bottom of each earphone, which picks up commands intended for Siri. You can also switch to using this system by double-clicking, which can be configured in the “Siri and Search” menu.

Connecting headphones to the device

This operation is quite simple. It is enough just to open the box in which the headphones are stored and bring it to the device on which Bluetooth is pre-enabled. As soon as you open the box, the headphones turn on. By the way, it is from a small case that the device is charged. On the official Apple website, it is recommended to put the headphones next to the device to which the connection will be made. At the same time, you have the opportunity to connect headphones not only with the iPhone, but also with ipod, ipad and mac. Finally, the earbuds not only pair with Apple products, but also connect on Android.

When the devices are brought together in the menu of the phone, tablet, etc. the conjugation menu will open, where the user himself will only have to confirm the connection. In the future, the operation is performed automatically when the headphones are turned on.

How to use Apple wireless headphones correctly

Wireless headphones from Apple began to interest many smartphone users since the presentation of the latest iPhone model, where these gadgets were also presented. I liked the presentation of the headphones so much that they were especially eagerly awaiting their appearance on sale, but the first white boxes with headphones came to their customers after more than six months, only at the end of 2018. In this article, we will look at the basic and additional functions and find out how to use Apple wireless headphones.

Charging the earbuds

How to use Apple wireless headphones on an iPhone is generally clear, all that remains is to understand how to use the case for them correctly and how to charge the case itself and the headphones.

The case can be charged separately from the device, but the headphones themselves only from the box in which they are stored. However, the charging process does not take much time, literally 15 minutes of being on the “base” will be enough for the headphones to work for several hours without interruptions and at optimum volume. Carrying case can be charged using Apple Lightning to USB cable or Qi device.

At the same time, the developers pay attention that at the moment there are two generations of headphones. 1 and 2, respectively, if you have both versions of the device, then you should not charge them in one case, since they simply will not be charged.

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Special packaging

In this case, you will have to forget about the neat boxes into which any item can be easily folded. It’s enough just to show your imagination.

You can take a regular jar and use it as a chest. This is where the scarf is folded. You can tie it in some original way or put it inside. You can always festively decorate the jar. This will require a bow, rhinestones and sequins, nice appliques or beads. All this decor is attached to the jar with PVA glue.

If possible, you can independently put together a small box from small wooden slats. This will be a stylish frame for a delicate scarf. For greater secrecy, the box can be decorated with a ribbon, tied with twine, or even glue a few strips of lace. And from above, reinforce everything with a seal, as on old parcels. It is easy to make it from plasticine, which hardens quickly.

A pouch is another option for an unusual packaging for a scarf. Because the accessory itself is small and does not take up much space; you can fold it into a bag made of velvet, lace, satin or any other fabric with your own hands. You can make it the way you want, as far as imagination is enough. By the way, it will be easy to decorate it by sewing on all kinds of beads and beads, making embroidery or attaching the initials of the hero of the occasion.

Plastic box. Do you still have an ice cream box? It can be pasted over with fabric, tape and other decorative elements. So from an unnecessary thing, it will turn into an elegant work of art, in which there will be an equally charming scarf.

The envelope. Of course, you will have to work hard to glue it from several large sheets of cardboard at once. It is worth noting that the external design of such packaging also depends solely on the flight of the donor’s imagination.

A very popular and fun way of packaging is a balloon. The scarf is put in it. The balloon is inflated, tied with a beautiful ribbon, to which it is better to attach instructions for using the balloon and directly congratulations. The flight of a light scarf from a burst ball will look spectacular.

How to pack a scarf as a gift? Original and classic options

It can be difficult to figure out how to wrap a scarf as a gift. Although it can be a very pleasant surprise for a mom, grandmother or even a work colleague. I would like to make a present with a soul and create the most original, unusual version, but no one canceled the classics either.

How to pack a scarf as a gift in a non-standard way? There are many ideas and variations.

Classics of the genre

Packing a scarf in a box is a banal but effective option. over, there is always an opportunity to do it in an original way. So, for example, you can glue it on top with sweets. You will get not only a beautiful, but also a very tasty gift. Sweets, confetti and other small treats can be put inside the box. While the hero of the occasion delves into them, in search of a gift, there will be no limit to happiness and emotions.

You can always decorate a classic box in some original way. For example, it can be:

  • Drawings made by yourself;
  • Written wishes in the Honor of the holiday;

Finally, you can simply wrap some bright and cheerful woolen threads around it.

It is very important that such a gift brings a lot of emotions and a lot of joy to the addressee. Believe me, if you just do the packaging with your own hands, it will already be a piece of warmth and your soul, transferred with a present. Therefore, it does not matter how to pack the scarf as a gift. It will be a balloon, a box or an ordinary textile bag, the main thing is to be creative, experiment and get the most wonderful addition to your surprise.

Such a gift will be the most original and non-trivial, even if there is a very simple scarf inside.

I’m not one of those who constantly lose headphones and they don’t break every three months, although I always use them actively. Music is love

I had to stuff it in a box so you can understand my feelings

Oh yeah, there was also a headphone bag in the box. But as it is, it is worthless.

On this box, only an external resemblance is visible. Why is it important to me?

How to Wind / Unwind iPhone Earpods with Paper Packaging (iPhone 7 / 8 / X / XS XS Plus)

I hope that I’m not the only one in the world that THESE YOUR SILICONE does not fit. Whatever size of the “plug” I tried, it falls out and that’s it. And it doesn’t matter to me that silicone gives the best insulation and sound feel, I can’t listen to them in any way. Therefore, for me there is only the world of in-ear headphones.

Here they are, woven, original and analog. Outwardly no different

I want to add that all buttons are working properly.

Well, what is it in reality? How do they work?

Unfortunately, with the similarity in sound, everything is much more complicated. In general, not so bad, but there are a few nuances.

Generally good sound (especially if the quality of the track is good). I liked electronics

Like many replicas, the volume is slightly higher

In Apple headphones, I really feel sound panorama, I can clearly hear a huge variety of sounds. Here I hear some sounds stronger, others are almost eaten. From extreme to extreme.

The vocals are bad (it seems to be closed in a box from you), dull.

With bass, I hear a buzz in one ear. Mild, comparable to strong vibration from the subwoofer.

I would still advise you to take a closer look at them. They are as comfortable in shape as the original Apple. They are quite good for watching TV series / movies. However, they cost 900 rubles, and not from 2000 or more

Place of purchase: I bought in Know-How, but recently I saw it in Megafon and they stood there for 800 rubles, eh