How to disable Windows 11 defender and whether it is worth leaving PC without protection

How to disable Windows 11 Defender? Use the capabilities and amending the register, use the Defender Control program or the Win Updates Disable utility. For antivirus, use the individual program integration. Below, we will consider in detail all the methods of inclusion of the / additional protective on forever or for a certain time, and we will also deal with the risk of such a step.

Immediately after the installation of the operating system, the user receives a full package of services, including protection against Microsoft, as in the case of a “ten”. Some users are not enough for the defender, and they set And in that and in another case, the question may arise how to turn off the antivirus on Windows 11 forever or for some time. It is not difficult to do this if you know a number of features and follow the instructions considered below. defender

In most cases, users are not satisfied with the already antivirus software, and they want to install a application. In this case, the question arises of how to disable Windows 11 defender forever. This can be done in three ways. through settings, through a special program or utility. Consider each of the options in more detail.


To begin with, we will figure out how to disable Windows Microsoft Defender in Windows 11 without installation of additional software. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Enter the Start menu, and then “Parameters”.
  • Click on the item “Privacy and Security”.
  • Go to the “Security Windows” section.
  • Click “Protection against viruses and threats”.
  • Enter the “settings management”.
  • Turn off the option “Protection against fake”.
  • Log in the launch and “execute”.
  • Enter GPEDIT.MSC and OK “.
  • Go to the “Computer Configuration”, and then “Administrative Templates” and “Windows Components”. Find the Microsoft Defender Antivirus Program.
  • To turn off the safety of Windows 11, click on the point “Turn off the antivirus program” with the right mouse button. Select “Change”.
  • Close the window using the OK button.
  • Click twice on the item “Resolve the constant work of the protection service”.
  • Indicate the parameter “disabled” and save the editing.
  • Select “Protection in Real Time” and click PKM, and then click “Turn off the defense in”, and then “change”.

If you need a complete shutdown of the Windows 11 defender forever, it is necessary to prevent the launch of some services. To do this, go into the “Start”, and in the “Search” section, enter the “Planner of Tasks”. After you go to the Library of the Planner of Tasks and Windows 11. Find Windows Defender in the list and turn off the following options in turn:

As you can see, disconnect the defender of Windows 11 completely. not the easiest task. At the end of all the steps discussed above, click on Winr and enter the GPUPDATE /Force item on the command line, and then “Entering”. The next step restart PC / laptop. At the same time, make sure you managed to turn off the Windows 11 defense. It does not start with the OS and it should also not be in the processes.

Defender Control

If the method considered above seems difficult, or something does not work out, you can use the program to turn off the defender Windows 11. We are talking about the portable utility Defender Control, which can turn on / off the system antivirus. The advantage is that in order to perform such a step, you do not need to restart PC.

To turn off the Windows defender, do the following:

  • Download the program to the Sordum and install it.
  • Run the application.
  • Click on the Disable Windows Defender button.
  • Make sure of the correctness of the work, thanks to the corresponding designation.

To turn off the defender in Windows 11, you must first add the program to the exception of the defender (it can “intercept” software before installation). To do this, go to Windows Safety, and then to “Protection from viruses and threats” and go to the “Protection Journal”. Here, allow the use of Defender Control and restore it from quarantine. Only after that can you turn off the antivirus.

Win Updated Disable

If the question is how to turn off the Windows 11 defender, you can use another program. Win Updated Disable. Unlike the above option for turning on / off, reloading is necessary, so this option is often used as a backup.

To deactivate the software to download the SITE2UNBLOCK link.COM/win-updates-disabler (ordinary or portable version), run the software and in the “Disable” section put the desired marks. Next, apply changes and restart PC / laptop. If the Windows defender seized the program after installation, you need to get it out of quarantine and allow it according to the scheme considered above.

How to turn off for a while

The methods considered above allow us to deactivate the defender completely. But what to do if you need to turn off the Windows 11 defender temporarily to perform a specific work, for example, installing the application. In this case, it is better to use the above programs. With their help, you can quickly turn on / off the software, and in the case of Defender Control, even without rebooting.


Sometimes the question arises of how to disable the enhanced protection of Windows 11, which implies the installation of additional antiviruses. In this case, the process of turning on / off is carried out taking into account the type of established. For example, for Avast, take the following steps:

  • Find the program icon on the right below.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button.
  • Put on “Avast’s Screens Management”.
  • Choose a suitable section.

Is it worth it to turn off

The computer must have a program in the form of a defender or additional. Previously, Windows defender showed not very good results, but in the 10th and 11th version it is very effective. To its features is the ability to isolate potentially dangerous programs even before they are installed on a PC / laptop. If you are not satisfied with functions, you can install any It can work in parallel with already available software or separately.

Now you know how to disable Windows 11 defender for a while or completely, and how is the work performed for In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us which of the options suited to you, and how else you can deactivate the / additional antivirus on.

How to get Windows safety in Windows 11?

In most cases, you just need to enable Windows security components from the parameters application to get access to them. Here’s how to enable Windows defender:

  • Click the key combination win i. To open Windows settings.
  • Click confidentiality and safety on the left.
  • Next on the right, click Windows safety.
  • Now click “open Windows safety” to the right.
  • When the application opens, switch between safety parameters on the right and turn on the protection in real time.
  • For example, click the protection against viruses and threats.
  • Scroll down on the next screen and click “Settings Management”.

Window Defender. Virus and Threat Protection Page not Available | Problem Solved | Techfinity Lab

  • Now go to the protection in real time and turn it on.

However, Windows defender components are more, so you can access each of them to enable their functions.

But if the Windows Security application is absent on your PC with Windows 11, you need to reinstall it.

In the next section, we listed some solutions that can help you download and install Windows Security on your Windows 11 device.

How to reinstall Windows safety in Windows 11?

one.1 Install the Windows Security application

  • Click the Start menu with the right mouse button and select the Windows terminal (administrator).
  • This will open Windows PowerShell in administrator mode.
  • Now follow the following teams one after another in the terminal and press Enter after each: Set-Executionpolicy UnrestricTEDGET-AppaccAGE.Allusers | Foreach
  • As soon as you see a message about successful completion, close the PowerShell and reboot the computer.

This will turn off the development mode for all applications. Now try to open the Windows security application and it should work fine.

one.2 Restoration and reinstallation of the Windows Security System

  • Click the “Start” button with the right mouse button and select Windows terminal in the menu (Administrator).
  • Copy and insert the command below to the terminal and click Enter: Get-Appxpackage Microsoft.Secealthui.Allusers | Reset-Appxpackage
  • As soon as the team is successfully executed and it generates a message about success, leave the terminal.

This will eliminate any problems in a situation where the application has been installed, but installed incorrectly. Thus, helping you reinstall the Windows Security application in Windows 11.

Restore the appropriate service

  • Go to the “Start” menu, click it with the right mouse button and select “Perform”.
  • Enter Services.MSC in the search field “Contract” and click “OK” to open the service manager.
  • Go to the right side and in the column “Names” Find the Safety Center service.
  • Click the service with the right mouse button and select “restart”.

At each PC load, the Security Center service is automatically launched.

But if it does not start from time to time or turns off for any reason, you will not be able to open the Windows security application in Windows 11.

When you finish the restart of the service, check if you can open the Windows security application now.

Turn on the Antispyware from the registry.

  • Click the “Start” icon with the right mouse button and select “Perform” to open the “Perform” console.
  • In the search bar, enter regedit and click Enter. To open the registry editor.
  • Now follow the list below in the registry editor: Computer \ Hkey_Local_machine \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender
  • Then go to the right side and Disableantispyware.
  • If Disableantispyware is not available, click the empty place with the right mouse button, select “Create”, and then select “Dword Value (32-bit)”.
  • Rename the new Dword value to Disableantispyware. Click twice to open it.
  • Now the pop-up window “Edit the Dword (32-bit)” will appear “. Here, set the data value to 0.
  • Click OK to save changes.

Now close the registry editor and reboot the computer. Now the Windows security application should work.

Sometimes changes in registry parameters can turn off Windows security components. These can be random changes made by the user or application on your PC.

In addition, if a antivirus software is installed and works in your system, you can temporarily turn it off so that it does not interfere with work.

Now you can check if you can open the Windows security application on PC with Windows 11.

Why is Windows safety does not work at Windows 11?

The Windows Security app is not opened. a common problem, especially in Windows 11 Insider assemblies. Usually you notice this problem after updating Windows OS or by chance.

You can turn to our detailed guidance on other Windows security issues. Although this is a Windows 10 guide, it works in Windows 11.

You can find that the Windows security application is not installed in Windows 11 when:

  • System files are damaged
  • Related services do not work
  • There are interference from antivirus
  • Windows updates are expected
  • System settings are changed due to internal failure
  • The registry parameters are changed

In most cases, the Windows safety problem that does not work in Windows 11 appears in the last assembly. So, if you recently updated to Windows 11, you may face this problem.

If Windows Security still does not open on your PC with Windows 11, you can leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below in the comment field, and we can find a workaround.

Group policy editor

Some Windows users cannot change WindEfend service parameters. You can see the message “This program is blocked by group policy”.

If you also encounter this problem, you need to change the parameters of group policy. For different versions of OS, there are different methods.

Sometimes such a lock may indicate infection of PC viruses. Therefore, the first thing, if you do not know the reason for the appearance of the lock, you should check the computer with antivirus.

Solution for users 8 and 10 versions

Important! This parameter turns off the work of Defender. It needs to be activated if you want to turn off the antivirus, and vice versa. Do not confuse!

How to enable Windows Defender and what it is

Windows defender is a program that helps to avoid the appearance and damage of viruses. Users are debatable for it: the utility has both a number of advantages and a number of minuses. Often she stops working, and for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is important to understand how to enable Windows Defender.

This program was originally present in the latest operating system. As updated, it was improved and was called “Security Windows”. The functionality of the firewall has expanded significantly. The utility supports security with:

  • warnings about the presence or manifestation of malicious software;
  • scanning of several types followed by removal of dangerous applications;
  • schedules set by the user.

Despite all the advantages, many people still refuse the defender in favor of other antiviruses. Usually they substantiate it with its too low efficiency. In addition, quite often there is such a problem as turning off the program. One of the most common reasons for this is to update the OS.

Why manually disconnect the program

According to Windows Defender statistics, it has unenviable performance and, most importantly, does not notice a significant part of the malicious. However, the utility conflicts with any other antiviruses, but you can’t just remove it. Therefore, the owners of the new operating system are forced to use many ways to completely disconnect the program.

How to configure Windows Defender

The utility is made so that the user spends a minimum of time on it. The defender works automatically, and therefore human intervention is usually not required. You can configure the program in parameters (open with a combination of Wini). Most often this is used to add exceptions to the defender.

How to enable “defender” in Windows 10

There are several methods to enable the program. Depending on the cause of the problem, version and editorial office of the OS, some of them may be useless. It should also be noted that all of the listed options are quite simple so that even an inexperienced computer owner copes with them.


You can open the desired window in two ways. First and fastest: find “Windows safety” in the “Start” menu. The second is to open it directly through the parameters themselves.

To enable the defender, you must first open it. Once in the corresponding section, you need to click on the following button:

Next, a window will appear where it will be possible to activate protection against malicious software. It is important to consider that in some cases the service only after several presses on the power button.

Registry editor

You need to press Winr, and then write in the only line “Regedit”. Next, it is required to find the section responsible for the firewall. It is located the following path:

Having twice clicking on the LKM on the point on the right side of the window (circled in the screenshot), you should put in the field “Value”. Also, if necessary, the procedure must be repeated in the parameter responsible for protection in real time. Upon completion, it is recommended to restart PC.

Group policy editor

It is important to immediately pay attention to the fact that this method is not suitable for the editors of Home. First you should open the “Perform” window by pressing the combination of the Winr keys. The team calling this editor is GPEDIT.MSC. Antivirus is at the following address:

In the specified folder among the parameters, you can easily notice a item that allows you to turn off the defender (it is located almost immediately after folders). To open the settings, you need to press the parameter twice. Next, a large window will appear, in which you need to select “disabled” in the upper left corner.


Highlight many programs that make it possible to disable updates, intrusive notifications, etc. D. Including they can affect the firewall. To enable it, you can use Win Updates Disabler. This popular program is easy to master and does not require large time costs, unlike a couple of previous ways. However, it is important to download it only with proven sources, otherwise there is a risk of infection with viruses.

The utility is completely in Russian. There are several points in the window that opened, next to which you can put or remove the checkmarks.

It should be noted that sometimes after turning on the parameters of the antivirus, they are still displayed incorrectly. In this case, a change in values ​​in the register will help (how to open it, has already been indicated earlier). To do this, go to the address indicated in the screenshot and select the following parameter:

Install values ​​2 in the line, and then restart the device.

Windows Defender is a useful utility, but in some cases it may be ineffective. If the defender does not work, it is recommended to start with the simplest way, namely, turn it on through security parameters.

Local group policy editor

If you did not disconnect Windows Defender yourself, then when trying to start the Windows antivirus, you can see such a window with the message that the application is turned off in group policy. Most likely you previously used the special shutdown program.

  • We go to the “Local Group Policy Editor”. for this, click on the keys and R and “Enter” the command: GPEDIT.MSC. The editor can also be launched through the search line in the lower left corner of the system. simple enter the name of the service in the line and start.
  • On the left we find the main section “Computer Configuration”, then go to the “Administrative Templates” folder, we find “Windows” components there and go to the “Antivirus Program Defender Windows” (in the old versions of the Windu can be called “Endpoint Protection”). There will be a parameter that begins with the word “turn off”. go into it with a double click of the left mouse button.

After that, again, we start the native antivirus in the standard way. If this method did not help, then remember whether you previously used the OO Shutup10 program. this is a popular application that allows you to disable the defender. Try to turn on the antivirus through it.

Registry editor

To go there, we use our favorite keys and R and command: Regedit. Or you can enter the words “registry editor” into the search line. Further on the left there will be folders of various sections, you need to walk along the way:

  • We move to the main folder “Hkey_local_machine”.
  • Next, go to Software and find Policies there there
  • Here is the Microsoft subsection and the Windows Defender folder will be we right.

The parameter indicated in the picture below must be installed in zero mode (0). that is, deactivate the superstructure. If the “Disableantispyware” parameter is not, then create it. click PKM on an empty field and create the “Reg_Dword” parameter with a zero value (0). Calculation system, select any.

Expand the Windows Defender folder and find the Real-Time Protection subsection-see if there is a Disablerealtimemonitorin parameter there. If this parameter is, then also turn it off by setting the value 0.

The main way

In fact, I don’t see anything complicated here, so if there are any questions, I propose to safely write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this article. The only difficulty-in Windows 11, intenses have changed a bit, and this can slightly disorient someone. I show how to find him here.

  • “Privacy and protection. Windows safety” (or you could just in search of Windows 11 immediately enter “Windows safety” and go to the desired section).
open, windows, defender, does, turn
  • Immediately check all the points here. ideally, for a simple user, green checkmarks should be put everywhere everywhere. We need the item “Protection against viruses and threats”.
  • Choose “Parameters Management” and convert everything to the “inclusive” mode (real.time protection switches and cloud protection should be active). We rejoice on the protection included. So if you are looking for a way to open the Windows 11 defender. we are looking for it only, here at any time you can start checking.

Note! If you have a antivirus, Windows Defender will most likely be disconnected, and this is normal. And in the settings of this section you will see something like it (you can not touch anything, although there are “parameters of the Microsoft Defender antivirus program below, where it can be additionally turned on and configured):

If you turn off the group policy

Group policy is available only for Windows 11 Pro. You can read about its inclusion on Windows 11 Home here.

Some will not be able to turn on the antivirus due to the disconnection of group policies:

Computer configuration. administrative templates. Windows components. Windows safety. protection against viruses and threats

Problems and difficulties with the defender

Some users could face the fact that they cannot run it, since the switches are inactive (as in a screenshot).

Sometimes this situation may be accompanied by the “Windows defender is turned off by group policy” how to turn it on if you have a home version of the system and its presence is not implied? We will analyze several possible solutions for this error.

How to include through group policies

If you use a Pro or corporate version of the system, there is a possibility that the antivirus is simply turned off through group policies. Perform these steps to check it:

  • Click Winr and enter MSC to open a group policy editor
  • Pass the “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Windows components”. “Antivirus program of Windows Defender” (the section was called Endpoint Protection in versions until 1703).
  • Select the parameter “Turn off the antivirus program” and click “Change Policy Parameter “
  • In the window, select the item “Not set” or “disconnected”. If the item is active “inclusive”. The defender will not work.

How to turn on through the register

Some software for disconnecting telemetry Microsoft can at the same time turn off the antivirus. The register creates a value with the Disableantispyware parameter, which interferes with the correct operation of the service. Even when the Windows 10 defender service is not launched, how to turn it on you can find out later.

To start the program, follow the following steps:

Reg Add “Hklm \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender” /V Disableantispyware /T Reg_Dword /D 0

Defender on senior versions of Windows

Defender is available not only for Windows 10, it was present in past versions. In Windows 7 and 8.1 He had such rich functionality as in the 10th version of the system. Next, consider the launch of separateness on each system.

Follow further steps if you want to find out how to enable Windows 7 Defender:

Everything is quite simple, but do not forget about the presence of antiviruses. they can interfere or turn off Defender.

If you want to know how to enable Windows 8 defender, follow further steps:

Is Windows Defender need? Comparison with popular antiviruses

In this chapter, three antiviruses, including Windows Defender, will set a very difficult task. scanning an archive with a collection of a large number of viruses. Attention! In no case do not repeat the tests that you will see below to avoid infection of your system with viral programs.

  • Built into the Windows Defender system;
  • Conditionally paid ESET NOD 32;
  • Fully free Avast.

Links to a collection with viruses, for security reasons, will not be left!

Antivirus testing process: Windows, NOD 32, Avast Defender

For greater objectivity, all antivirus programs were updated manually.

open, windows, defender, does, turn

It should also be mentioned that all means of protection work separately from each other.

The test was carried out 03.eleven.2017, and in the figure below you can see information about the relevance of updates of each of the antiviruses (respectively, the defender of Windows, Eset Nod 32 and Avast). We update the databases of all antiviruses. Now let’s run the archive check using its context menu caused by the right mouse button, and choose a forced scan of the file for viruses. Each of the programs scanned 3798 identical elements that are malicious.

  • Windows defender discovered 3674 viruses;
  • ESET NOD 32 discovered 3622 viruses;
  • Avast found 3352 viruses.
open, windows, defender, does, turn

In the next chapter, you can find out how to disable Windows defender if it is necessary to establish a different security program.

Windows defender disconnect for a while (before rebooting)

Attention! Information in this chapter is only suitable for users whose computer has not been installed by a single security program.

The installation of any antivirus entails an automatic shutdown of the defender, so additional actions in this case are not required. You can temporarily disable the system antivirus at the Windows Defender Security Center window.

  • Click on the “Start” menu with the right mouse button → Open “Parameters”;
  • Enter the request: “Defender” in the line of searching for the window that opened → Select the “Windows Defender Safety Center”;
  • Further, in the tab, protection against viruses and threats (icon with a shield) must be clicked on “Parameters of protection against viruses and other threats”;

Complete shutdown of Windows defender

  • Open the “Search” menu (the second icon in the lower left corner) → Enter the request in the corresponding line: “Regedit” → Launch the found program with the left mouse button;
  • In the window that opens, using navigation on the left side of the screen, go to the section: “Hkey_Local_machine \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender”;
  • Create “Dword (32 bits) parameter” named Disableantispyware (if absent). This can be done by clicking on the right mouse button on the free place on the right side and choosing the appropriate point;
  • Open the parameter that appears with a quick double click → Change “Value”: 0 by 1 → Save the settings using “OK”.

Removing the icon from the system treasury (notification area)

A file called “Windows Defender Notification Icon” is responsible for displaying the system antivirus icon. This program can be disabled in the parameters of automatic loading without any consequences.

How to Fix Windows Defender Not Turning on

  • Open the “Automobile” tab;
  • Click on the line “Windows Defender Notification Icon” with the right mouse button → Select “Disable” action.

The Windows defender icon will not be shown in the notification field until you include the corresponding program back to the Auto Dourse of the OS.

Reinstall using the PowerShell command.

  • Click the Start icon with the right mouse button, then select the Windows Terminal parameter to open the PowerShell Inte Week.
  • Enter or insert the next command, then click Enter and let it work: set-executionpolicy unrestricted get-adspackage.Allusers | Foreach
  • Click the opening arrow on the taskbar and click the antivirus icon with the right mouse button, then select the Avast Shields control element, and then turn off for 10 minutes.
  • If you have other antivirus programs installed, you can temporarily turn off the application by performing the same actions as above, or similar steps.

Below we have listed two links with alternative antiviruses that are compatible with Windows 11 and will not cause almost any problems.

Is Windows Defender good enough?

As for the possibilities of cybersecurity, Windows defender has come a long way from the moment of its creation. It used to be terrible, but recently Microsoft improved Defender to such an extent that it is a fairly good free antivirus.

Since Defender now unites the sandbox and cloud detection of malicious programs, it provides better general safety, and also reveals threats faster than ever before.

Detection of malware, blocking exploits and network attacks, as well as a mark of phishing websites-this is all that Microsoft’s defender is capable of.

In addition, it provides simple monitoring of PC performance and performance, as well as parental control, which includes content filtering, restrictions on the use and tracking of location.

Since the Windows defender now includes all these useful capabilities, users are wondering if they can only rely on it to protect their computers or they will need to use a antivirus program in addition to it.

The fact is that Microsoft Defender is now more closely close to becoming competitive with third-party online security packages. However, this is still unsatisfactory.

Of course, Defender can be downloaded for free, but there is a reason why Internet security packages are so expensive, and not least due to the fact that Microsoft is not engaged in cybersecurity.

Let us know in the comment section below, which solution works best for you, and also what antivirus software you prefer.