How to install WhatsApp on a tablet

Let’s find out how to install WhatsApp on the tablet for free, in Russian. You will need a mobile device. It is better to download the official version through the Application store. For Android, this is Play Market, for iOS. App Store.

Note for yourself. If an error occurs during installation, you can use the alternative method. start WhatsApp Web using a browser.

Installation on Android

Instructions on how to download and install WhatsApp for Android tablet:

After the operation is completed on the main screen, a shortcut will appear to launch. Now it remains to enter your profile, entering your real number and confirming the action with the code from SMS.

Note for yourself. Enter only a real number. You will not be able to register for the service using the invalid or non-existent SIM card.

Installation on iPad

You can install WhatsApp not only on Android, but also on iPad. The sequence of actions does not differ, just go to the App Store and find the latest version of the messenger.

WhatsApp messenger is installed instantly. You can start communicating as soon as you enter your account. WhatsApp will be automatically updated, all chats are protected by through encryption. In the settings, you can change the topic, select the melody of the call, configure the confidentiality parameters.

Important. If the contacts are not displayed in the WhatsApp phone book, check permits for access to the contacts stored on the iPad.

If a tablet without a SIM card

Is it possible to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card? If your device does not have a slot for a SIM card, you will have to enter the number and wait for the SMS with the code on the smartphone, and then enter it into a special field. Registration will pass without problems, the only difficulty is that you need to use the phone that can take SMS.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card? Go to the application store and install the messenger as shown in the instructions above. When you launch it for the first time, enter your number, the code is opened. Wait for the code to come to SMS to the phone you specified, enter a combination on the tablet.

Warning. If WhatsApp is already activated on your phone, it will reset and open the profile on the tablet. You cannot use the same main account on two devices.

Connection WhatsApp online on the tablet

In order to understand how the version of the messenger online works, it is necessary to perform the same actions as in the previous way, just open the program directly in the browser. To do this, you need to go to the official website at this link.

In this case, the user is not recommended to leave the account on the smartphone, since on the tablet through the browser there will be automatically shutdown of Watsap.

How to use a messenger if an error appears when downloading

Often users face such a problem “Perhaps this application is not optimized for your device”. All that remains to do is download, ignoring the notice in Play Market absolutely free.

Such a problem more often haunts tablet owners with the type of Internet connection 3G or 4G. Everything related to the further control of the WhatsApp messenger, it is no different from the previous ones and it is easy to install the application.

How to download

The application can be installed and used both android tablets and on iPads.

On Android

Usually it is impossible to download a messenger on a tablet via Play Market, since instead of the “Install” button on the screen there is an inscription: “It is not supported on your device”. If there is no such problem, then the application can be downloaded in a standard way through an official store at https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.WhatsApp.

If the inscription is displayed, you will have to download a separate APK file on another resource: on the official website of the developers or an extraneous platform.

In any case, it will be necessary to allow downloading from unknown sources, since it is automatically prohibited on the tablets installation of programs not from Google Play.

You need to go to the settings, go to the “Safety” section, and click on the toggle switch opposite the inscription: “Allow unknown sources”.

Link to the loading file on the official Watsap website: https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Android.

If it does not allow loading, but there is no desire to use extraneous resources, you can download an APK file to a smartphone or computer, and then transfer its tablet.

Otherwise, you can use a site, but you definitely need to verify its safety.

To check the security of the connection, you need to click on the castle located at the beginning of the address line. In the menu opened, all the necessary information will be indicated.


To install WhatsApp on the tablet, a SIM card will definitely be required. You can use the smartphone number, but it is advisable to purchase a separate for the tablet. This is relevant for those users who want to use WhatsApp simultaneously on a tablet and phone. Since when working on one device, the application will be thrown out of the account on the other.

  • After downloading the file, you need to click on it, read and accept all user agreements.
  • Then it may jump out a warning that this device is not supported. It needs to be skipped.
  • Then register through the phone number. SMS with a check code will come to the device, which must be entered in the field on the screen.

After installing WhatsApp, you can use on a tablet without a SIM card.

On the iPad

There are several ways to install Watsap on iPad. The first requires a hacking system, which leads to a loss of warranty.

First you need to access the file system: install a suitable program on a computer (Redsn0W, SN0WBREEZE or PWNAGE TOOL), open it and follow the instructions.

Then you need to install the Cydia application, create the Bigboss storage and install whatsApp through it.

The second method is simpler. For him you need to install the IFUNBOX program on a computer. It is available for downloading in Russian at http: //

  • It is necessary to download Watsap on iTunes, then select the file and click “Show in the conductor”.
  • Then, through the USB cable, connect the iPad to the computer, open IFUNBOX, click on “install the application”, find the desired file and click “Open”.
  • Next, you need to remove WhatsApp from the iPhone, reinstall and activate.
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer, enter ifunbox. Having opened the “Applied Programs” tab, you need to choose WhatsApp, find in its folder “doocations” and “Library” and copy them.
  • Disconnect the iPhone, connect the iPad and go to WhatsApp again. Delete Documents and Library folders there and insert copied.
  • Run WhatsApp, wait for the installation to end and turn off the iPad from PC.

WhatsApp Web

The browser version of Watsap is an official and easiest way to use a messenger on a tablet.

To use WhatsApp Web, you need to have an account on the phone.

To enter WhatsApp on the tablet, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the site by link: https: //
  • Translate the tablet into a full.screen mode.
  • Open the messenger on the smartphone, go to the settings and select the “WhatsApp Web” item.
  • Next, the scanner will open, which will need to be brought to the QR code.
  • An automatic entrance to the account on the tablet will occur. Then it will be proposed to synchronize data. This process takes time, which depends on the quality of the wireless connection.
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All subsequent contacts and correspondence will be synchronized automatically.

WhatsApp very convenient messenger. It is used both on phones and PC. Its only drawback is the lack of a version imprisoned precisely for tablets with an individual design and options.

Probably, manufacturers will soon deal with the development of WhatsApp for a tablet.

WhatsApp opened work on several devices. how to join and what restrictions

The company announced the start of testing the full.fledged work of the WhatsApp messenger simultaneously on several devices. The official message admits that users have asked for this function for years.

Previously, we have already reported the innovation in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Now, testing has been launched officially, and most importantly, users of the WhatsApp beta can join, not only for Android, but also for iOS.

At the same time, you can use up to four auxiliary devices, but only one phone can be connected to your WhatsApp account, and if you do not use the phone for more than 14 days, then the devices associated with it will be disconnected.

As notes. While the function is “limited” testing. To connect it, you need to open the menu “Other options”/“Settings”, select “Related devices” and click on the “Beta version for several devices”. The option is available in the freshest beta version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS, but not in all countries. As developers promise, in the future, testing will be launched around the world.

At the moment, the WhatsApp beta version for several devices is not supported by the following functions:

  • View geodata on auxiliary devices.
  • Web or WhatsApp for computers consolidation in WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp.
  • View and reset invitations to a group from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for computers, as well as joining a group on such an invitation. To do this, you need to use your phone.
  • Calls and sending messages to contacts using the outdated version of WhatsApp on the phone are impossible with your related devices.
  • Calls through WhatsApp on Portal or WhatsApp for computers on related devices on which a beta version is not installed for several devices.
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on your Portal device will only work if they have a beta version for several devices.
  • WhatsApp Business users will not be able to change the name of their company or labels from WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for computers.

Recall that now the messenger is strictly tied to a specific device and phone number. instead of using login and password authorization, authorization would allow the messenger on any devices at the same time.

WhatsApp users have been dreaming about the emergence of real support from several devices since the launch of the messenger in 2009. Synchronization between devices with the simultaneous work of WhatsApp is simply not provided for. WhatsApp is currently allowing you to connect to an account from only one device. Even the desktop version of WhatsApp can only work in conjunction with a neglected application on a smartphone, “mirroring” it.

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WhatsApp Web application app

Recently, new functions have been added to WhatsApp, so many expect a solution and, therefore, an update that will allow you to correctly use this network on iPad. Perhaps the main reason why Mark Zuckerberg did not do this is his own reporting strategy for messages.

Another simple and convenient way to do this-application is still. Chat for WhatsApp. This application is free and works in the same way as the native version for mobile devices. With it, you can send and receive messages on all devices, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

The steps are the same as on the Internet:

  • Open Padchat on your iPad.
  • Select the “WhatsApp” application.
  • Enter the “menu” of the network from your mobile phone, then in “WhatsApp Web” and, finally, in “Scan the QR code”.
  • Scan the QR code and voila.

As we know, whenever we do this, we must hold the device on which the social network is installed nearby. so that there are no problems when using the tool in the desktop version. This is due to the fact that if the mobile phone is too far, the signal can be lost and, therefore, disconnected. The same thing happens if the device turns off or reboots.

Until they update the version that can clearly be loaded for the Android or iOS iPad tablet, we can use it. And if she works, why not use her? Therefore, the time has come for you to use all these steps that we leave for you to be one of the users who can access this method.

Errors in the synchronization of vatsap

So that WhatsApp on the phone and tablet works at the same time, just take a few steps. But in some cases, the system can issue an error of synchronization. Here are the common cases and methods of solving them:

  • Make sure that the Web, Version value is selected in the smartphone settings.
  • It is necessary to make sure that in the web, the version is worth the “stay in the system”, if you need to close the web version, then you can delete it or close the WhatsApp messenger in the browser.
  • Keep a mobile phone camera motionless so that the code is displayed in the center of the screen.
  • Clean the smartphone camera and make sure that it takes clear pictures and is not damaged.
  • Update the WhatsApp version on your mobile phone and connect again.
  • Update the WhatsApp version on the smartphone and try to synchronize the devices again.
  • The device does not have an Internet connection to eliminate the problem, connect the smartphone and tablet to the Internet and restart the synchronization process.
  • Update the browser and restart the web version, the tablet version, the best way to synchronize devices through Google Chrome.

If these shortcomings are fixed, WhatsApp will be available with one number on two devices at the same time. Now users will be able to use the messenger on the big screen and, if necessary, connect the keyboard if it came with the tablet.

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Synchronization with Google

For synchronization with Google and preserving the correspondence documents to the disk:

  • Enter your Google account on the phone;
  • In Play Market, upgrade the application;
  • Go to WhatsApp, select “Settings” on the menu (three vertical points);
  • Click on the second upper point “Chats”, select a cloud with an arrow up “Chat backup” in it;
  • Click “Reserve Copy on Google Disk”;
  • Of the four options, select how often you want to back up: only after pressing the “backup” button, daily, weekly, monthly;
  • Select an account or press the “Add” button and enter your user name and password to enter the selected account.
  • Click on the “Use” button.

Synchronization with BlueStacks

BlueStacks emulator allows you to play Android mobile games on your computer.

Also, with it, you can synchronize “WhatsApp” and PC.

  • Install Bluestacks. Minimum requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, recommended: Microsoft Windows 10;
  • Launch and configure the emulator according to the instructions that will appear on the monitor;
  • Install and activate the WhatsApp application;
  • Enter your phone number, the activation code will be sent to it, enter it in the corresponding field.
  • Use WhatsApp on your computer or laptop as intended.

With such synchronization, you will not be able to transfer your list of contacts to your computer, you will have to do it manually. Instead, Bluestacks will allow you to install any applications and games for Android on your computer.

How to connect WhatsApp to another device

How to synchronize WhatsApp with another device to read and write messages? This will take several minutes of free time, active Internet connection and work camera.

Input is carried out using a QR code. It must be scanned through the messenger menu. Phone number or additional data for authorization will not be required.

To a computer or laptop

You can connect the VOTSAP on the phone and PC in two ways:

How to get & use Whatsapp on your iPad

Both methods are official. You can transfer correspondence in WhatsApp to a computer for free. Data will be loaded automatically, you can disconnect from the profile at any time.

How to combine WhatsApp on the phone and PC using an official client:

You can synchronize WhatsApp with a computer in another way-through a web browser. In this case, you do not have to download and install an official client.

Simultaneously use the same WhatsApp Tablet | WhatsApp on Android Tab

Instructions on how to copy WhatsApp profile from phone on PC:

  • Open the observer, such as Google Chrome.
  • Go to the website of the
  • The code will appear on the monitor.
  • Turn on the scanner through the smartphone menu.
  • Scan.

Watsap synchronization with a computer is available at any time for free. For work, a constant Internet connection is required. If it is not possible to scan QR, clean the smartphone camera, make sure that the code does not go beyond the scope marked on the screen.

To the phone or tablet

How to synchronize WhatsApp on a computer and phone, now it is clear. We will figure out how to use one profile on two different mobile phones or tablets.

How to synchronize the correspondence in WhatsApp on another phone or tablet:

SyntsApp with contacts and messages on the phone can only be only through the browser. If the installed observer does not support the PC pages display, download Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser.

Advice. If the messenger menu is too small, change the page scale in the browser.

Is it safe to synchronize your profile

SyntsApp with a computer or phone can synchronize. For this, QR is used, which is generated automatically.

Is it safe to connect your account with a mobile phone or PC? For the safety of personal data, you should not worry. The WhatsApp is built in an algorithm for through encryption, attackers will not be able to intercept messages and read them.

It is worth fearing only in one case, if the attacker has access to the main phone and can synchronize it with his computer. In this case, he will be able to go into profile and secretly read all messages.

Do I need to activate WhatsApp

No problems with how to connect an existing account arise. In any case, all actions are reduced to confirmation of the number through the code sent by the SMS. This is considered the activation of Watsap.

To know how to synchronize WhatsApp, you need to enable this function on the device used in the application settings.

There you can choose how often the user files (correspondence, contacts, voice messages) on the program server will occur.

If synchronization was turned on, then when authorizing in UASAPP on another device, all dialogs and other data will open. This happens automatically.

Why sometimes WhatsApp is not supported on the tablet

Sometimes it happens that the application is not installed at all, there is not even a button for installation in Play Market or iOS. This means that WhatsApp for the tablet is not supported on this device.

This happens only on very old models. Or on the technique that the virus amazed.

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