Replacing the battery on the phone with a non-removable battery. Huawei P2 at home

How to open the back cover of Honor and Huawei phones? Such a question arises in those who are going to repair their device or routinely change certain parts at home. Self-repair carries many advantages. saving time, money, gaining skills and a guarantee that the part has actually been replaced with a higher quality. However, it is important to consider the fact that almost all modern smartphones come with a non-removable.

Opening older models

With the removal of the back cover from smartphones released before 2021 (for example, Honor 7a) there are no particular difficulties: the plastic part is held on the metal frame using latches.

Although the models of past years no longer “pull” modern power, after replacing the battery they can be used as a Wi-Fi modem. which will distribute the Internet of your mobile operator to other devices.

  • Remove the slot for the SIM-card with a special key included in the kit. If the part was lost, it can be replaced with a bent paper clip or the opposite end of a large needle.
  • Insert the metal spatula for smartphone disassembly (any other flat and thin tool) into the gap between the cover and the case and lift up slightly.
  • Loosen all the latches around the perimeter of the device, starting from the bottom.
  • Bend aside the cover and remove the scanner cable.

Avoid leaving the phone open for long periods of time as dust may collect inside and interfere with normal contact operation.

Types of back covers

The panels on the back of Honor smartphones differ depending on the model and year of manufacture.

  • Metal. The most durable type of cover, these surfaces do not break and almost no scratches, but the steel or aluminum panels are unpleasant to hold in the hands in the strong cold.
  • Plastic. Lighter and cheaper than other materials, but quickly loses its appearance, and in a bad fall can even break.
  • Glass. The most expensive type of back panels, which does not scratch and is not afraid of temperature changes, but also the most fragile. Even the Honor V30’s proprietary tempered anti-shock glass, which is better than the Samsung Galaxy Folder, is still capable of shattering if handled carelessly.

The metal cover is easy to bend during removal, and it’s impossible to straighten the bend back to its original appearance.

  • Removable. devices manufactured 2021 before the year. With these smartphones the body is held on two screws (or plastic latches, like chests) and is designed for independent disassembly by the user. Threaded models: 7 A PRO, P20 PRO, P30 Lite, P8 Lite 2021, Y9 2021.
  • With glue stitching. These smartphones don’t allow for tampering, but they can be taken apart with a bit more effort. Devices with glued cover: Honor 10, 10i, 8 Lite; P Smart Z, 8 C, Y6 Prime 2021, 6C Pro, 9 (STF-L09), 9 Lite; 9x, P30 Pro, P Smart, Nova 3, P9 eva l19, 20, 20s, 6a, 7a, View 20, Y6 2021, 10/10

It is necessary to remove the cover of any model very carefully, without sudden movements, so as not to damage the loop of the fingerprint scanner. In that case, you’ll have to unlock the phone every time with a password or buy a new part.

Remove the panel on the Honor with a plastic tool

To implement this method, we need a small screwdriver and a plastic tool to open the cover (a regular bank card will do).

    Place your Honor phone with the back cover upside down;

Hold your Honor phone with the lid up

Unscrew the screws that hold the cover of your Honor

Remove the SIM card tray on your Honor

open, honor, phone

Insert the tool between the case and the cover of your Honor

Separate the cover from the body of your Honor

Remove the cover of your Honor

How to open the cover on your Honor phone

Let’s take a look at the most popular ways to disconnect Honor phone case elements.

Using a screwdriver and a knife

This method is most suitable for models with a plastic back. The following steps will be required to remove it:

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws that attach the backplate to the cell phone case (they are usually located to the right and left of the USB connector on the bottom of the device);
  • Remove the SIM card and flash drive from the device;
  • Slide the knife into the gap that goes where the elements of the device touch;
  • gently advance the knife so that the gap between the elements of the case increases;
  • at the same time remove the back cover.

You need to be extremely careful during the procedure. the body of the device can easily be scratched. Bank cards or any other thin plastic item can be used instead of a knife to avoid this problem. It’s much harder to damage your device than a metal knife blade.

Using a suction cup and card

This method is most suitable for devices equipped with a glass back. It minimizes the chance of scratching it or causing more serious damage.

If you have a glass backing, it is best to use a suction cup.

You will need a suction cup, hair dryer and plastic card. The following steps will be required:

  • Remove the flash drive and SIM card from the gadget;
  • Warm the smartphone with a hair dryer;
  • Place the suction cup closer to the edge of the back;
  • Gently pull the suction cup toward you while holding the body of the device;
  • slip a plastic card into the gap that is formed;
  • lead the card along the slot, at the same time carefully separating the constituent elements of the device body;
  • Continue the procedure until it is completely removed.

Parts made of glass are attached to the body with adhesive. Heating with a hair dryer is necessary in order to loosen it. Therefore, before you reassemble the mobile device, in the place of attachment of the structural elements you need to apply a new layer of glue. For this purpose, hot melt glue is suitable. On the one hand, it is quite reliable. On the other hand, it is quite possible to remove it without damaging the smartphone. If you do not have glue on hand, you can use the classic “Moment”. But it will be much more difficult to remove the part afterwards.

Using a plastic card

This method is appropriate for models with a plastic cover that is not fixed with screws. In general, it is not much different from the above method with a screwdriver. The plastic card is inserted immediately into the gap and begin to carefully expand it, simultaneously separating the elements of the case. These manipulations are performed until they are completely separated from each other.

Using a guitar pick

If you have a guitar pick, you can also use it to disassemble the cell phone. In this case the procedure of disassembly will not differ from the one described above using a bank card. Only instead of it a guitar pick will be used. In a certain sense it is even more convenient because it has a sharpened tip that can easily penetrate into the gap between the body elements.

You can use a guitar pick for disassembly.

It is better to use a medium thickness pick (0.8. 1 mm). Anything thinner will bend very badly while working. And thicker picks will have a hard time entering the gap.

Other improvised materials

In reality, opening methods are not limited to those listed above. You can open the back cover with almost any thin and relatively hard object that can penetrate into the gap and widen it. It can be:

The only thing you need to remember is to be careful when using metal tools. They can easily damage the structural elements of the mobile device.

How to open the cover of the phone Honor or Huawei

There are two options. using a heated suction cup, or a plastic wrench. Let’s look at the technology of each of them, so you can choose the most appropriate one.

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Honor 9 lite Back Panel Disassembly-How To Open Honor 9 lite Fingerprint Sensor and Battery

How to unlock the Honor and Huawei smartphone if you forgot the password/key?

With a plastic wrench

To remove the back cover from the phone Huawei or Honor, using a plastic wrench:

using a suction cup

For this variant in a store it is required to buy a special suction cup. It is used to replace the Honor or Huawei back cover. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Using a construction hair dryer (or any other device) warm up the back of the case;
  • you press down the suction cup;
  • gently start pulling it toward you;

Disconnecting the display and antenna connector

It’s time to disconnect the display and antenna connector. The module and the board are connected to each other by means of fasteners and a thin loop, thanks to which the image is displayed on the device. Having removed the mounts, be careful. in fact, the screen will remain on a single wire, so you should remove it with extreme care. The method of prying with your fingernail is also effective, but the possibility of damage is not excluded, so it is recommended to do this operation with tweezers. It is enough to grip the base and pull upwards to separate any wire without much trouble.

How to disassemble the Honor phone

There are a significant number of devices in the Honor brand lineup, so the article below should be taken as a description of the general principles of the procedure. Our website already has articles on how to disassemble some Honor models.

Phones with a removable cover

Before 2016, most of the smartphones produced under the Honor brand came with a removable cover. The principle of disassembly of these gadgets is as follows:

  • Prepare the necessary tools. We only need a plastic spatula or something similar (like a guitar pick) and Torx and Philips screwdrivers (sprocket and Phillips, respectively) size 1 and 1.5.
  • If your phone has a card tray, you will need to remove it before disassembly.
  • Find the notch on the case designed to open the cover and use a spatula or its substitute to release the element (your fingers will do). Go all around the frame, but not too hard so as not to break the plastic.

Models with a non-removable cover

From 2016 to the present (September 2021), Honor branded phones that are not expected to be disassembled at home. However in most cases the operation is feasible with the proper dexterity.

  • For this we need more tools: in addition to a spatula, screwdrivers and a hairpin to remove the tray, you need to prepare a means to heat the back cover (vacuum separator, soldering or household hair dryer), solvent that is not aggressive to electronics and plastic (isopropyl alcohol, gasoline “Galosha”), a thin plastic tool (such as an old bank card) and a suction cup.
  • Remove the tray. if you do not, it will interfere with further disassembly and may break.

Attention! When disassembling models with a fingerprint sensor on the back, be especially careful not to damage its cable!

Because of its characteristics, disassembling laminated smartphones at home is not easy, and even in this case, it is desirable to have the appropriate skills. If you are not confident in your experience and knowledge, it is better to contact the professionals.

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When the user of the device learns how to open the cover of the Honor phone, they will need some tools to perform this procedure. Depending on the year of manufacture and model, the process will differ.

But this set of tools will allow you to open any Huawei or Honor phone:

  • To unscrew small screws and bolts you will need a screwdriver (2 types): Phillips and star-shaped.
  • A plastic spatula is needed to detach the cover from the case. Some replace it with a guitar pick or a plastic bank card.
  • To heat up the glue layer you need a heat gun.
  • Using a suction cup you can easily remove the back panel, not only glass, but also any other material.
  • If it is necessary to remove and install the SIM-card, you can use a paper clip.

If the user does not have a tool to open his mobile device, he can buy it in specialized stores or atelier for repairing devices.

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