How to remove the SIM card from a Xiaomi smartphone

All Xiaomi smartphones come with a metal paper clip (key).

The paper clip has the shape of an oval with a long wire on one end.

  • Inspect the smartphone. Usually the slot is on the left side (sometimes on the right side).
  • Find the small hole next to the tray and carefully insert a paper clip into it.
  • Press the paper clip with some force until you hear a click.
  • The tray will extend several millimeters out of your phone, and you’ll need to gently pull it out with your fingers.

After that, do what you want with the SIM or memory card, and then simply insert the slot back as far as it will go.

The smartphone does not need to be turned off during these operations.

Replacing the back cover on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. 5 steps

With any deformation of the back cover it is not safe to use the smartphone further. Chips and dents can damage internal components and water and dust can get in.

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Replacing the cover on the Redmi Note 8 Pro is carried out in only 5 steps, nevertheless takes at least half an hour. I do not recommend doing this disassembly yourself without experience or the right equipment.

The article is informative without being a call to action.

Flat picks for opening. Otherwise known as “Crackers”.

Steel flat and wide tamper.

Double sided tape or adhesive frame (if not on the part to be replaced).

Before you start any sort of disassembly of the device you should turn it off. Press the “lock” button and select “Turn off” in the menu that appears. Once the screen goes out, you can proceed to the next step.

You can use a regular hair dryer for this step to soften the glue that holds the cover.

    Place the phone on a smooth or soft surface.

As you open it, be aware that the manufacturer’s warranty is immediately void.

  • Place the suction cup on the bottom of the cover and slowly pull up to create an opening between the display bezel and the cover.
  • Insert a flat steel tool into the resulting hole.

Be careful, the cover is glass and can crack.

  • Slide the flat-tool along the edge to detach the cover. Insert the plastic picks alternately into the gaps in the corners of the unit.
  • Use the plectrum as a lever to open the cover.
  • Remove the back panel completely.

Prepare it for installation. degrease the edges inside the cover and glue a new adhesive frame. If your part already had an adhesive frame, just proceed to the next point.

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Redmi 8 open back cover | what’s inside?

You can additionally heat the edges with a hair dryer to make the glue grip stronger.

Done! Your smartphone now has a new glass back panel. Be careful when using your phone, or better yet, wear protective shock-proof cases!

How to open your Xiaomi phone safely

Xiaomi products are known for their reliability. But sometimes you need to clean the device or replace one of the modules, for which you will have to remove the back cover. If you need to open the smartphone Xiaomi, there may be a snag. Manufacturers have imposed design restrictions, considering that self-repair will not be made. However, an advanced user can cope with the breakage without a specialist, if you know how to open the phone Xiaomi line Redmi yourself.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

To disassemble this model Xiaomi Note is not more complicated than the above-described. You will need the same set of tools and a maximum of 15 minutes of free time.

  • First you need to remove the back panel. Using the spatula we pass the perimeter of the smartphone, opening the latches (you can hear the characteristic crackle during the opening). You need to be careful not to over-pressurize the spatula, otherwise you could damage the device. After releasing all the fasteners from the grooves, gently lift the back panel and disconnect the fingerprint scanner cable.
  • Now you can see all the internals of the device. Slide the seals aside (do it very carefully, otherwise you might lose your warranty).
  • Take a screwdriver and unscrew all visible screws. They are all the same size, so there is no need to worry, afraid to mix them up when assembling.
  • Next, everything depends on the purpose of disassembly. If you need to replace a specific damaged item with a new one, it’s enough to unscrew the screws and unfasten the cables until it’s impossible to remove the item, and then replace it and assemble the phone in the reverse order.

When replacing the battery Xiaomi Note device user loses the right to warranty service. When you disassemble the device blocks of chips can not be touched, as there is a layer of thermal paste on them, which protects against overheating, providing the proper performance of the smartphone.

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Camera Module Replacement

If the front camera for some reason ceases to work properly, the problem may be that the cable does not connect. It is enough to fix it. If this does not help, you need to replace the module itself. This operation is much easier than, for example, replacing the touchscreen. You do not even need to unscrew the screws, as the module is on the surface of the board.

  • First of all turn off the device and remove all the cards with a paper clip, so that they do not interfere with further disassembly.
  • Remove the back cover. This will require some effort, as the panel sits firmly. Don’t forget the fingerprint scanner cable.
  • De-energize the board by disconnecting the battery flat cable. Use a spatula or a plastic card to unlock the WI-FI and Bluetooth. Disconnect the seal of the front camera.
  • If the front camera cable looks melted, it means that the problem is a factory defect. In this case you can go to the service center, and there the front camera will be replaced for free with a new one. But if the device is ordered through the Internet, you will have to solve the problem yourself. The presence of stickers on the front camera cable indicates that the phone has already been repaired.
  • Lift the battery, remove the damaged front panel. You will need a pair of tweezers for this. Using the same tool we put the new module in place of the old one and connect the battery.
  • Perform the final assembly of the device in the same order.

How to disassemble Xiaomi Redmi phone

Xiaomi phones have become popular relatively recently. Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that has actively broken into the sales market. These devices are currently among the best-selling because many people are confident in the quality of these devices.

Despite the best and highest quality assembly, any device may fail or have some malfunction. With a Xiaomi phone, the same problem is exactly the same. Mechanical problems need to be solved only with the disassembly of the case. If the user will not know how it is set up, then he can have many problems and problems, more about which is worth discussing below.

Procedure for opening

If the touch screen of your smartphone is damaged, you need additional complex equipment for its replacement. It is not recommended to perform this operation at home.

  • Use a spatula to pry open the back cover at the bottom end of the case, where the speakers and charger jack are located
  • When the case below opens, take a pick or plastic card in your hand to open all the internal latches.
  • A special spatula, which is designed for the disassembly of gadgets;
  • A paper clip to open the SIM card tray, you can replace it with a simple paper clip if necessary;
  • Tweezers and a thin screwdriver, which is required for unscrewing screws.
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Before you open the Xiaomi phone, you need to prepare all the tools and equip the workplace in advance. The latches and contacts of the device are very small, and if you do everything hastily and “on your knees”, you can irreparably damage the smartphone.

The table on which you will disassemble must be clean, well-lit and with a non-slip surface so that the screws and other parts do not roll off it (you can drape it with a cloth or paper towels).

In order to remove the back cover, you should prepare:

  • Necessary spare parts (battery, new back cover or other parts). You should not leave your smartphone disassembled for a long time: its contacts can oxidize or get covered with dust, in addition, there is a risk of losing the screws.
  • A container with compartments in which you will stack the parts. The upper bolts of Xiaomi smartphones is slightly longer than the lower ones, it is important not to mix them up during assembly.
  • A set of screwdrivers for cell phones.
  • A special tool for disassembly (plastic card or a guitar pick can be used instead). Do not use metal tools. you can scratch or bend the case.
  • Tweezers with thin tips.
  • To replace the screen or battery, you will additionally need a hair dryer.

Sets of tools and screwdrivers for disassembling Xiaomi Redmi can be purchased cheaply on AliExpress.

Important hints before disassembly

The need for disassembly can be explained by the fact that the smartphone was drowned, that is, for some time immersed in water. Another option. you need a replacement part.

If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is worth to apply to a service center.

Masters know better how to disassemble the phone Redmi 3s. Replacing the screen can have unfortunate consequences, since your home is unlikely to have all the necessary equipment for this operation.

But if the danger of a smartphone malfunction does not scare you, you can safely proceed to the actions described in the instructions.