Why Skype does not start

From time to time, users are faced with such a problem that for some reason Skype is not launched. This is very unpleasant, especially when you need to urgently need to call someone or leave a message. Therefore, the problem needs to be solved. We will figure out how to do it.

However, to solve the problem, you first need to determine the cause. And the trouble is that it is almost impossible to do this often. Therefore, you will have to sort through all possible options to correct the situation.

Perhaps the messenger has already been launched

Sometimes it happens that Skype seems to work on a computer, but not really. Rather, the program is open, but hangs in a dead load in the task dispatcher. So when you try to re.start it, nothing happens. There is one solution here. the completion of the corresponding process. Here is a detailed instruction on this subject:

open, skype, laptop, method

    Click with the right mouse button according to the “Start” button and in the context menu that appears, select the “Task Manager” item.

If the reason was in this, then the program must start. True, this procedure does not always work. Especially if the problem is much deeper. Now we move on to the next chapter of the material.

We update the configuration file

The Skype contains a special configuration file in which information about the user profile is recorded. If this element is damaged, then the program will not work, no matter how hard we try. However, this file can be updated. over, this does not even require a neglected application. You can correct the situation using the capabilities of the Windows operating system. This is what we will do now. Here are the instructions telling about the procedure:

Reset Skype settings to fix performance issues in Windows 7

  • Click Win R.
  • Copy a team of appdata %\ Microsoft \ Skype for Desktop \ Skylib to the window that appeared.
  • Then click on the “OK” key.

The fact is that when starting Skype should automatically create a new Shared file.XML and thereby reset your settings. This method helps if this element was damaged by viruses or other malicious in.

Restore system files

If the viruses were able to damage the configuration, then the system components could well suffer. And that is why Skype does not open on a computer. What to do in this case? Such an assumption is clearly worth checking.

Damaged files can be returned to your place using the command line. This component generally allows you to comprehensively control the system. But you need to use it very carefully:

  • We proceed to the search form in the Start menu. In the case of “eight” and “ten”, it is called through the combination of Win Q.
  • We make a request “Command Stand”.
  • Click PKM according to the corresponding tool in the list of results.
  • Then select “Launch from”.

The process of analysis and recovery of files will begin. He can take for a long time (from 5 to 10 minutes). After the process is completed, it will be necessary to restart the computer and only try to start the program.

Eliminate viruses

Since the viruses reached the Skype files and the operating system itself, it is likely that they are also able to block and launch the messenger. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of harmful objects. There are no special instructions here. just use any antivirus at your discretion. AVAST, ESET, KASPERSKY and other products will cope with the task perfectly. We strongly recommend that you start a full scan of the system. But it will take about an hour. If this is not possible, then use a quick check.

We reinstall the program

If, after performing all the above actions, Skype still does not start, then this means that the program files were irrevocably damaged. There is only one solution here. complete reinstallation.

open, skype, laptop, method
  • Removing the program. Corresponding instructions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux are presented here.
  • Repeated installation. We also devoted a separate article to this issue.

How to enable Skype on a computer and how to configure its auto.launch

This messenger has long been not the clumsy monster with whom he had to fight about 10 years ago. Today you can turn on the installed Skype or even load it again in a couple of minutes. It is also not difficult to configure the program. for example, at any time you can turn on or disable the automatic loading mode in it.

There are only two mandatory “participants”: the computer and the application installed on it. If you do not see Skype label on the desktop and do not know if the messenger is installed on this PC, use the search system:

  • On the taskbar, there is a “LUP” button (next to “Win”). Click on it.
  • In the search bar, enter “Skype”.
  • The system will quickly search and, if such an application is installed, it will be displayed in the window in the form of a standard label. Click on it to enable Skype.

If nothing was found to turn on the Skype on the laptop for free, you first have to install it. So, to install Skype, you need:

  • Go to the office. Messenger website, click “Download” (panel at the top of the window).
  • In the “Skype for a computer” block, click on “Download Skype for (Select the right OS option”).
  • In the next window, select a place for loading and click on “Save”.
  • At the end of downloading, start the installation file. from the place that we indicated to save the file, or from the download panel in the browser.
  • Allow the application to make changes to the computer’s OS (the corresponding request will appear on the screen).
  • Click on “install”, and in the “Welcome” window. on “go!”.
  • Now, to enable Skype on the computer, click on the “Enter or Create” button.
  • If you already have a registered profile in this messenger, enter your username, click “Next” and then indicate the password. If there is no profile, then under the line of authorization, next to “There is no account?”, Click on“ Create it!”And then follow the instructions of the system.

Further, the system will offer to make changes to its profile and Skype application settings. Do what you need or just miss the stages by clicking on the “Continue” button.

Launch of the program

Skype is turned on, like any other program, using a shortcut on the desktop. However, this option is not always convenient. for example, if you work in a browser whose window is deployed to the full screen. To turn on the messenger, you will first have to turn the browser, and then expand.

But everything will become easier if you fix the Skype icon on the taskbar. it never overlaps the windows of browsers and other programs. And all the icons from this panel are launched not double, but a single click.

  • Turn on Skype on a laptop / computer through a shortcut.
  • Click on the Messenger icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button.
  • Select “Fix the tasks”.

Now the messenger icon will always be in sight and will not disappear, even if you close the program. The main label can be removed if the desktop is overloaded with other icons.

Setting up Automobiles when turning on a computer

The first option to set up automatic launch. from the menu of the messenger himself. How to enable Skype autopsy on a computer:

  • Run the messenger.
  • Press the button with three points. She is located at the very top, above the list of contacts, to the right of your behalf.
  • In the drop.down menu, select “Settings”, and then “General”.
  • In the menu on the right, you will see the line “Launch Skype automatically”. Move the slider next to it to the “ON” position. Next, you can return to the main screen of the messenger and continue to use it.

Please note: if the lines from p. 4 no, then the program has a failure of updates. This can be corrected through the Microsoft Store application. the desired functionality is located in the “loading and updates” section. Here you need to click on “get updates” and see if there is a new software for Skype. If not, we advise you to reinstall the application. the latest version will load on the computer.

The second option is how to enable automatic start for Skype. through a computer settings. What do we have to do:

  • Click on “win”, and then “parameters”.
  • You are in the “Windows” parameters section. Find the “Appendix” button here and click on it.
  • We go to the “Automobile” tab “.
  • Here in the list of applications we are looking for a “Skype” label and sliders opposite it to translate to the “ON” position.

To remove the Skype auto load, you need to perform similar actions.

Automobiles in the background

By default, after performing the actions described above, the messenger immediately after the launch will deploy the window to the desktop. If you do not want this, transfer it to work in the background.

How to enable Skype auto load on a laptop in the background:

Ready. At the next time the computer turned on, it will start turning on, but at the same time it will remain in a folded form.

How to configure Skype on a smartphone or tablet?

In fact, Skype is no different for these devices. We bring to your attention special instructions for setting up a program on a tablet for Android OS.

Download the new version of Skype on the website http: // Skype.COM and installing the program on our tablet. The Internet connection must be configured on your tablet, otherwise you will not connect to the server. Further, when the program starts, enter our username and password.

When you enter the program, you will surely notice a pictogram in the upper right corner, there we click “Settings”.

There are like PC settings, you can configure everything at your discretion.

Mostly get rid of unnecessary advertising. You can not touch the rest, leave it as it is. If your Internet connection leaves much to be desired, then the quality of the video can be set low instead of high.

You do not need to make a video or sound on a mobile type of mobile type, since everything will be automatically tuned. Answer about installing Skype on different devices received.

This is all friends! I am sure that you learned how to configure Skype on a laptop and computer. Ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and do not forget to thank me by clicking on the buttons of social networks. I wish everyone enormous health!

Creating an account

If you want to connect Skype for free to this computer, one download is not enough. you need to create an account. Let’s figure out what actions the user needs to carry out.

note! If you use the Microsoft account, you can use it for authorization and further entrance, it is not necessary to create a new account. If you do not have a microsoft login-paralle, then study how to connect a Skype on a laptop or a mobile phone.

As soon as you downloaded the program, open it with a double click of the left mouse button on a laptop. Or slip your finger on the icon if you use a version for a smartphone and a tablet. Your further actions are as follows:

  • Enter the code that will be received in an email or in the form of SMS messages-depending on the selected method of registration;
  • Enter captcha and click “Next”.

That’s all, the application will start under your account automatically.

You already realized that there is no answer to the question of how to connect Skype on a computer without registration. the creation of a account is necessarily! Let’s move on to the final part of the review and talk about the main Skype settings.


If you want to connect Skype on the tablet, you need to set certain parameters. The application is loaded and launched under the selected account. we go to the settings!

Immediately after the opening of the program, you will see several automatic offers:

Click on the “Settings” icon. which is indicated by three points to select the following parameters:

  • In the “Account” section, you can add an avatar, change email and date of birth;
  • In the “General” section, you can choose the language of the Inte Week;
  • In the “Calls” block, select what calls you will accept;
  • In the “Message” block, determine the design of the chat, the rules for sending the text.

That’s all, we told you about how to connect Skype to the Internet on a computer or mobile phone. use, enjoy, communicate!

How to use Skype: New version

You know how to use Skype on a computer? Familiar with the basic capabilities of the program? We will describe the functionality in detail, give a definition of the program and try to start work on our own! The material will be useful to both new and experienced user-after all, you can always find out something new about Skype.

Familiar name, isn’t it? Almost all users know about the existence of the program, because this messenger is one of the first popular means of communication of this kind.

Skype messenger is a closed source software designed to exchange messages of different types between users. The application appeared in 2003. it was then that the first versions were loaded. Gradually updated, improved and was overlined by the functionality, which we will talk about just below.

We will discuss in detail what Skype is and how to use it on a computer. let’s start by discussing the features of the program! The functionality in 2019 is quite wide, the developers take into account the needs of the modern user. Standard options are as follows:

  • Voice calls and video calls;
  • Sending instant messages;
  • Sending files of different formats;
  • Record audio and video messages.

Recall that one of the distinguishing features of the messenger who made him so popular is the ability to communicate using high.quality video communications. It is easy and pleasant to use the new skype! You get access to the following opportunities:

  • Communication on audio and video in HD quality-you will be pleasantly surprised by the clarity of sound and picture;
  • The possibility of sending instant messages and reactions using built.in emoticons;
  • A large catalog of stickers, animated emoticons and gifs that can be used constantly;
  • Skype screen demonstration. show users the contents of the display completely during the conversation;
  • Activate interjunction encryption to enhance the privacy of the conversation with any user;
  • Call not only on the network. make calls to mobile and stationary phones around the world. A pleasant bonus is an affordable cost, as well as the creation of a subscription;
  • Send SMS messages to mobile phones;
  • Get a local phone number to use it for calls in any of the 26 countries of the world;
  • Record voice calls to listen to them later;
  • Turn on automatic subtitles to duplicate the spoken phrases!

You can use Skype on any device. in the list the following devices:

You do not have to interrupt communication, because you can open the Skype online version and be online anywhere in the world, on any device. We will evaluate the possibilities for those who plan to use Skype to work?

But that’s not all! If you decide to start using Skype, you should talk about other available options:

fix Skype not opening in Windows 10 PC

  • Blurry of the background image;
  • Sending geolocation;
  • The ability to share files of different formats. photo, video and other documents;
  • Real-time translator- you can translate the text, audio or video message;
  • Look for data in the chat using a smart search line;
  • Configure calls to any stationary or mobile number;
  • Activate the voice mail option to receive information when you are unavailable;
  • Identify the calling subscriber.

Finally, we note the most important rule. Skype application cannot be used for emergency calls-it is better to keep a phone with a working SIM card at hand.

Now you know what the program is and you understand how you can use Skype on a computer (or phone) for your own purposes! Let’s try to start using?

open, skype, laptop, method

Beginning of work

To start using a new version of Skype, you need to download it! You can download the program from the official website of the developer:

  • The file will be transferred to the device, the installation will begin automatically;
  • To complete the load and installation, act according to the instructions on the screen.

Requirements for the operating system will appear on the screen under the “Download” icon. You can download the Skype for tablets and smartphones in the corresponding store (Google Play Market or EP Stor) on the device.

In the meantime, we continue to figure out how to use Skype on a computer. step.by.step instructions will help to figure out the original steps. After the load is completed, you can create an account!

  • On the main page, click on the “Creation of account” button;
  • In the corresponding field, enter the phone number, come up with a password and click “Next”;
  • Enter the name and click on the continuation button;
  • Wait for receiving an inspection code in SMS and enter it in the corresponding window. Ready!

In addition, for registration in Skype, you can use the existing email address:

  • On the authorization page, click on the “Use email address” button;
  • Enter the data of the existing box or click “Create a new”;
  • Following the instructions on the screen, enter the name and come up with a password;
  • Indicate the phone number to get a verification code;
  • Complete the registration process.

And now a small instruction for beginners: how to use Skype at first:

  • After the launch, you will get the opportunity to check the speakers and cameras in automatic mode;
  • Install the avatar that other users will see.

After you opened Skype, you can personalize the account you will use through the settings:

  • Open the section “Account and profile”. Here you can change the nickname and avatar, change the phone number, date of birth and email;
  • In the “Appearance” section, you can set the theme of the Inte Week, determine the color and font;
  • The “Sound and Video” tab is needed to configure the microphone and speakers if necessary;
  • In the “Calls” tab, forwarding and subtitles are configured;
  • The name of the section “Notifications” speaks for itself;
  • In the “Message” block, you can set the parameters for obtaining incoming and sending outgoing messages.

We brought step.by.step instructions on how to use Skype on a laptop. They also said what the program is and discussed the main affordable functionality! Now you can make a balanced decision on the need to use Skype and begin communication with friends, relatives or colleagues.

How to install and configure Skype on a laptop

This instruction is suitable for a regular computer and a laptop. The only difference is that on the laptop, as a rule, the camera is built.in and it does not need to be purchased separately.

For everything to work fine, you need to use the service of an automatic assistant or rebuild everything manually.

There you will see several points. To know how to configure Skype on a laptop, just read the instructions.

General settings of language. We put Russian.If you constantly use Skype, then put a checkplace opposite the Skype launch when starting Windows.Show avatars in the list of contacts. Put a checkmark.Below you can change (or upload a new) avatar. Your main photo. Here you can indicate your contacts.

Sound setting and sounds. Here you can automatically configure the microphone, as well as set signals for different types of notifications and events. Here you can generally turn off all sounds or upload your own melodies.

Setting video. If the camera works properly, you only need to follow the instructions of the automatic assistant. If you have a webcam, then don’t forget to insert it into a USB port.

Skype Wi-Fi. By default, this function is active. It is needed so that you do not spend money when there is a wireless connection.

open, skype, laptop, method

Safety. Pay special attention to this section. Here you can indicate from whom you can receive calls or files, and from whom not. And at the same menu item you can add Skype users to black and get them from there.

Alerts. This is specifically for those who like to receive notifications or vice versa do not like them. This works like this: with any event (a new message or the appearance of a subscriber on the network), a small window with information will float on the desktop. Accordingly, you can enable or disable these alerts. By the way, in the same section you can turn off the pop.up advice of the programs and advertising shares.

Call settings. The most useful option here is the one that allows you to establish calls to only from subscribers from your contact list. Here you can connect an answering machine and receiving voice mail.

Launch Skype and get back in your account. If you do not have it, then go through a simple registration procedure.

At the first entrance to the system, after entering the registration data, Skype will automatically offer you to configure headphones, microphone and webcam. Connect the devices if they are not connected and check the correctness of their operation.

After that, you will be offered to install an avatar. the main photo of your profile. You can choose an existing photo or picture, or you can make a new one, provided that the webcam is connected. If you don’t want to put anything, you can just miss this step.

Click the Skype button and get into the main window window. Here you can return to the settings at any time, which have already made and edit others. To do this, you need to go to the “Tools” menu and select “Settings” item.

Having got into the settings section, carefully study each section and item, and determine for yourself the necessary parameters, simultaneously exposing the flags opposite the necessary elements and removing the opposite of unnecessary.

Having set up all the parameters at your discretion, click the “Save” button. As a result, you will receive a comfortable debugged work of the program and you can receive for yourself a maximum pleasure from communicating with family and colleagues.

Help and reviews

The name of the last point of settings speaks for itself. It has information about the appendix, the ability to contact the developers and check the state of the messenger servers.

That’s all the main parameters of Skype that are mentioning. As you can see, most of the features of the program are subject to fine setting.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Problems are more serious when the user profile is damaged due to the failed update or the work of undesirable. If Skype does not open at all or flies out when starting on new operating systems, it is necessary to reset its settings. The parameter reset procedure differs depending on the version of the program.

Skype 8 and above settings

First of all, we will study the process of resetting parameters in Skype 8.

    First you should make sure that Skype processes are not launched in the background. To do this, call the “Task Dispatcher” (Ctrlshiftes key combination). Go to the tab where running processes are displayed. Find all the elements with the name “Skype”, sequentially select each of them and click the “End the process” button.

Skype 7 and below resetting

The algorithm for resetting settings in Skype 7 and in earlier versions of the application differs from the above scenario.

    It is necessary to delete the configuration file that is responsible for the current user of the program. In order to find it, you must first enable the display of hidden folders and files. To do this, open the “Start” menu, below the window in the search, dial the word “hidden” and select the first item “Show of hidden files and folders”. A window opens in which you need to go to the bottom of the list and enable the reflection of hidden folders.

Reinstalling Skype

If the previous options did not help, you need to reinstall the program. To do this, in the “Start” menu we collect “Programs and Components” and open the first item. We find Skype in the list of programs, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Delete”, follow the instructions of the deinstal. After the program is deleted, you need to go to the official website and download the new installer, then install Skype again.

If simple reinstallation did not help, then in addition to the program of the program, it is required to simultaneously delete and profile. In Skype 8, this is done as described in method 2. In the seventh and earlier versions of Skype, it is necessary to completely delete the program along with the user profile, which is located at the addresses C: \ Users \ Name of the_pol.user \ Appdata \ Local and C: \ Users \ Name of_Polizer \ Appdata \ Roaming From the above point). At both addresses, you need to find and delete Skype folders (this should be done after deleting the program itself).

After such cleaning, we “kill two birds with one stone”. exclude the presence of both software and specialized errors. Only one will remain. on the side of the suppliers of the service, that is, developers. Sometimes not quite stable versions are released, server and other problems arise that are corrected for several days by the release of a new version.

This article described the most common errors that arise when loading Skype, which can be solved on the user’s side. If you solve the problem yourself, it is recommended to contact the official Skype support service.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site Lumpics.ru into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

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How to install Skype

After starting the installation file, the next window will appear.

Select the required settings: program language, installation location, adding a label for launching. For most users, the default installations are suitable, the only thing is worth paying attention to the option “Run Skype when you start a computer”. Not everyone needs this function, in addition, it will increase the time of loading the system. Therefore, you can remove this tick. In the future, these settings can be easily changed in the program itself.

The process of installing and updating will begin.

After Skype is installed, you will be offered the initial setting of the program so that it is ready for work.

Set your sound equipment: headphone volume, microphone. On the same screen you can check if everything works correctly.

In addition, preliminary setting allows you to choose the right webcam if you have one.

Next, you will need to choose the right picture as an avatar. If desired, you can use photos from webcams.

You can proceed to communication. add the necessary contacts, collect the conference, etc.P. Skype is great for friendly dialogue and business conversations.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site Lumpics.ru into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.