Sketches of pictures are not displayed in the folder (no preview), instead of them the standard Windows icon with a blue rectangle

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I bought a new laptop and ran into one unpleasant thing. When you go to a folder with photos or pictures. That is not visible their sketches, instead they are just burning (standard with a blue rectangle). It is very uncomfortable to search for the right images.

Most often this is due to the conductor settings (for example, many optimize the laptop operation for maximum performance, and as a result. Instead of sketches, conventional icons are displayed). Most likely, your Windows OS optimized in a similar way.

Below will consider options that you can do.


Super fast viewer photo, which works great even on very old gland. IrfanView installer takes only 3.5 MB. There is no built-in file manager in the program, so you cannot catalog in it. But the application supports batch conversion, renaming and other operations with file groups.

Another feature of IrfanView is support for plugins that expand the number of readable formats and available functions. You can download the necessary supplements from the developer’s site. By the way, if you need a Russian-speaking inteeis, it can also be downloaded in the form of a plugin. IrfanView and additions to it are free.

How to convert JPG / JPEG file

There are two main ways to convert JPG files. You can use the view / image editor to save it in a new format (provided that the function is supported) or add a JPG file to the image conversion program.

For example, Filezigzag is an online jpg converter that can save a file in a number of other formats, including PNG, TIF / TIFF, GIF, BMP, DPX, TGA, PCX and YUV.

You can even convert JPG files to MS Word format, such as DOCX or Doc with Zamzar, which is similar to Filezigzag in the fact that it converts the JPG file online. It also saves JPG in ICO, PS, PDF and WEBP, among other formats.

If you just want to insert the JPG file to Word, you do not need to convert the file to MS Word format. Instead, use the built-in Word menu: Paste → Picture to connect the JPG directly to the document, even if you already have text.

Open the JPG file in Microsoft Paint and use the File menu → Save As to convert it to BMP, DIB, PNG, TIFF, and T.D. Other viewers and JPG editors mentioned above support similar menu options and output file formats.

Using the Convertio web service is one way to convert JPG to EPS if you want the image file to be in this format. If it does not work, you can try

Despite the name, the Online PNG to SVG Converter website also knows how to convert the JPG files to the SVG image format (Vector).

If you have a PDF file and you want to make a JPG / JPEG from it, try PDF.IO

How to always open photos of a convenient program

You can click on any photo on your laptop right mouse button. In the menu that appears, click “Open with”, and then. “Select another application”. Figure 1 This option marked the number 4. Then it will be possible to set another application as the main program that will always open all photos on the laptop by default.

Figure 2 shows the window that appears on the screen after clicking “Select another application”.

Select the program to open photos

To always open photos with a convenient program, you should choose to choose, put a tick in front of “Always use this application to open.JPEG files “and click on the” OK “button.

Figure 2 As an example for viewing photos, Microsoft Office Picture Manager program is selected. If you click “OK”, then this program will constantly open all photos on the laptop.

About other programs

Sometimes the problem, how to open a photo, can be solved if you install a new program for viewing a photo. It should be done from proven sources, best from official sites.

Faststone program for viewing images

Faststone program in Russian. It opens a photo in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF format.

There are additional opportunities, there are quite a lot of them. For example, removal of “red eyes” in the photo, add special effects and others.

Google Photo. Online Service. This means that in order to use it, you will need to connect to the Internet and Google Account.

This service can be used on all devices. on a computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone. You need to install the application from Google Play.

Photos can be viewed from your Google Account. It is possible to configure automatic saving all photos in Google Account.

Settings in the system parameters for display sketches in folders

Sometimes you need to check the settings for viewing photos and pictures in the system parameters. You can click on the magnifier icon (1 in fig. 8), dial in the search bar “System” without quotes. After that, there will be better compliance when searching. System (3 in Fig. eight).

You should open the system control panel. And then you will need “Advanced System Parameters”:

So, you opened the “Advanced System Parameters” now click on the “Advanced” tab, and then in the “Speed” section you need to click “Parameters”.

In the “Speed ​​Settings” folder, open the Visual Effects tab

On the “Visual Effects” tab, check the item “Sketches instead of the icons”, there must be a check mark. Be sure to click “Apply” if there were changes to the settings, that is, it was removed or, on the contrary, a check mark.

It remains to check if there was a problem with the display of thumbnails in folders.

Re-registration of application photos using Windows PowerShell

If the ways above did not help you solve the problem, re-registration of the photo application is probably the best way to fix errors. The method works offline, it does not need to connect to the Internet.

In order to re-register the application:.

Get-AppXPackage.Allisers.Name Microsoft.Windows.Photos

  • In the list of applications, find Microsoft package.Windows.Photos, copy the “PackageFullName” parameter to the clipboard.

In my case, the PackageFullName string contains the following value with the photo application


You can have another, so copy and paste it into the place of XXXX symbols as in the picture below.

Add-appXPackage.Register “C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ XXXX \ APPXMANIFEST.XML “-DisableDevelopmentMode

In my case, it turned out such a team:

Add-appXPackage.REGISTER “C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ Microsoft.Windows.Photos_2018.18091.16610.0_x648WekyB3D8BBWE \ APPXMANIFEST.XML “-DisableDevelopmentMode

Using these actions, we re-registered Windows.Photos in the system in an attempt to fix the application “Photos”.

Make sure the photos updated

As we mentioned earlier, the “Photos” application is an application for a Windows Store. But if you cannot view photos in Windows 10, you can check if your photo application updated.

Sometimes certain errors can occur in the “Photo” application, but you can fix them, just updating the photo application. To do this, open the Windows Store and check if there are any updates for the “Photos” application.

If there is, be sure to download them and check whether it solves the problem.

Many users reported that the update “Photo” app decided this problem, so you can try it.


IrfanView. program for viewing various photo formats, audio and video with built-in graphic editor. It can be downloaded and use absolutely free. Support Slideshow Modes and Full Screen. And also presents preview of images, by analogy with the best file managers for Windows 10.

In principle, the operating system itself is enough for all users. Trusted App Photography (Microsoft) from the store has already been preset after the net installation of Windows 10. If necessary, you can enable the photo viewer in Windows 10. But the question is, whether it is necessary to include him at all.

How to configure the default program to open pictures in Windows 10/11

In Windows 10/11, so that your installed program will be the main and used by default when viewing the pictures. one installation is still small.

To do this, go to the Windows Control Panel to the “Programs” section. click on the “Default Programs” link.

Control Panel. Default programs

Next, the window will open in which you can specify the application for viewing the default photos (see. Screenshot below). Simply select the one you want to open all media files.

I note that in addition to the viewer, you can specify the player, and the browser, and T.D.

And what do you recommend? Finance in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (thank you in advance).