How to open an iPhone 11 SIM slot?

To open the SIM card tray, insert a clip or tool to extract the SIM card into the hole next to the tray. Pollinate the tool inside the iPhone, without applying excessive effort.

Locate the tool to insert the SIM card inside the box of your phone. If you lost, you can use something like a clip. Insert the tool into the hole, rigidly press and slot must jump out. Remove the SIM card from the tray or carefully place the SIM card or flash drive into it.

Insert or pull out

The card must be in a special “tray” iPhone. But in outdated gadget models, she can be inside the device. And to get it or insert it, you have to remove the rear panel and pull out the battery. Before opening on the iPhone SIM card, you need to know where she.

Look at the device body. In iPhone 4, 5, 6 and SE tray is on the side. In the 3G series. bottom. In the closed state, it can be recognized only along the contour and a small hole near (with its help you remove the SIM card).

If there is nothing like that in your device, it means that SIM should be inside. To pull it out:

  • Disable the device. To do this, clamp the lock button. A red slider will appear on the screen. Move his lobkov. In some cases it must be clamped.
  • Open the posterior phone panel. If it does not disconnect, it means that the SIM card should not be inside.
  • Pull out the battery.
  • There is a SIM card slot. Next to him instructions which side to insert it. The SIM always makes an oblique angle to be seen where she has “top”.
  • It must be placed chip down so that it lies to the phone contacts.
  • “Pull” SIM from the slot if you need it. And just can also shove it back.
  • Card can be fixed with a lid. Patty her something thin to open.

Here’s how to pull the sim card from the iPhone, if it is located in the tray:

    When it is in his own sinus, so just not to remove it. Included with the iPhone there must be a tool for extracting SIM-cards. If it is not, it will suit the deployment of the jacket, the fastened needle or something like that. Sharp items better not to use.

Remove the SIM card from the iPhone key

For operation you will need a special tool

How to activate iPhone

First you need to insert into the SIM card. The tray in which the card will be located is located on the side of the gadget (or on the top panel in iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS). Open this slot using a special tool located in a package from a smartphone on a turn of cards. Can be used to extract tray and conventional clip or needle;

After the working “SIM card” is placed in a slot, turn on the iPhone (press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds), wait for the greeting screen appears and click the Home button to open the preliminary settings;

Then select the language and specify the region of living;

After that, connect to the Wi-Fi network or if there is no access to such, to the cellular network (use the button to use a cellular network) or a computer with a predetermined iTunes program (you can download here) and with the ability to enter the Internet.

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Starting with iOS 11 there is a possibility of a quick setting, which is to copy credentials from another device that runs on iOS 11 or newer.

In the next window, configure the Touch ID sensor, bringing your fingerprint to my memory. This will allow you to further remove the device lock, simply touching the sensor, as well as make purchases on the network and quickly logged on various resources.

Then specify the password from four to six characters that will be used to unlock the device. By clicking the Password Parameters button, you can select the view-password view;

The next window will prompted to restore programs and data from the copy to iCloud / iTunes or transfer data from Android.

If there is no need for this, you should select the “Set up as a new iPhone” item;

You will then appear with a field with a field to enter your Apple ID, but if the account is previously not created by the user, then you should not register the account directly at this stage.

To abandon the registration sequentially click on the “No Apple ID or forgotten it”, “configure later in the settings” and “not use”.

Properly create an Apple ID without binding to the credit card, this instruction will help you;

Next, it will be proposed to enable geolocation options, as well as activate the Siri virtual assistant, but we can also postpone these actions for the future;

When setting up iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will be asked to configure the home button.

When setting up iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X will be asked to activate the TRUE TONE display. Function allows you to automatically adapt the iPhone screen to external lighting.

In the next window, the user, depending on the state of vision, will be able to choose the scale and features of the display of IOS intees.

On the next screen, if there is a desire, you can enable automatic shipment of device diagnostics reports to Apple’s database.

The activation process is only in the above actions. After their execution, you can safely start using your gadget.

How to insert SIM card in iPhone 3GS and in older versions

If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or the original iPhone of the first generation, then the installation process of the SIM card is exactly the same as described above. The only difference is the location of the SIM card slot.

In the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the first iPhone slot for SIM card is inserted from the upper face of the smartphone, and not with the side, as on more modern models.

Possible problems

Despite the fact that the installation process of the SIM card is quite simple, users may have problems. Often, they are provoked precisely the wrong actions of the owner. In some cases, hardware failures occur. Below are common problems and solutions.

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Often it happens if it was incorrectly installed, for example, not the same side. In this case, it is recommended to check the location of the SIM card in the device.

It is recommended to use the standard sequence of actions that Apple offers: 1. Check availability of a smartphone. 2. Activate the air crash for 10 seconds. 3. Reload the phone. 4. Make sure that the SIM card is installed correctly. 5. Restore the firmware through the iTunes application. It is also recommended to make sure that the Simka itself has not failed, and its validity period is not over.

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This happens to the devices that were acquired abroad. To work with accessible operators, you need to install a special TURBO-SIM component.

You can check it out by setting a card to another device. If the problem lies in the smartphone itself, the user should contact the service center. Independently eliminate the problem will not work.

How to put a sim card in the iPhone

To reach the sled to which the card is installed, use the special key to open, located in a dense envelope.

Open slot

If there are no devices, you do not need to panic, as a key, you can use a strained ordinary clip or any other thin and long object, for example, a needle. Do not be afraid to damage the phone, if you act carefully, nothing happens to him.

It is necessary to fear the use of brittle elements, they can remain inside the device, after which without the help of the wizard for their extraction can not do. Try not to scratch the side of the smartphone.

The key from any model is suitable for everyone else. Therefore, even if the phone broke, it was lost, stolen and t.D., But in the future you do not plan to refuse to use Apple smartphones, you should not get rid of the key.

Clip without effort is inserted into the hole, it costs a little without tension to push inside. Act should be careful not to harm the tray.

Open the slot and get from the inside of the Salazki simply, however, if independent attempts did not give results, you can contact the salon of the mobile operator or in the official Apple Store store in your settlement.

Install Simka

Taking the tray from the nest, put it on a flat horizontal surface for easy installation. Note that in iPhones slot for the SIM card can be completely removed from the device, and therefore, when inserting it back, care should be taken to be taken, so that the sleds are not falling and not lost.

Each SIM card has notches on one of the corners for which it is necessary to navigate when installing. Recess in the slot will not allow you to install the card incorrectly. Contacts (chip) should be sent down. Return the tray to the previous place can be only in the same position, gently pinched it inside until it stops.

Turn on smartphone

Then immediately press the power button to turn on the device. Although it is not convenient to turn off the iPhone to carry out the procedure, it will be more convenient to do this with the device turned on. Usually the network is determined automatically, only in rare cases has to additionally activate the SIM card.

Interestingly, in the iPhone XS Max model, released specifically for the Chinese market, the slot is designed at once on 2 Nano SIM cards.

Rules for extracting

Until recently, almost all smartphones had a removable battery under which a SIM card slot was located. To put a SIM card, you needed to remove the back cover and get the battery. The card itself was installed in a special connector that was not discharged from the housing.

With the advent of the iPhone, the situation has changed. The enclosures of the device are monolithic, the battery is now impossible to remove, and the SIM card is installed in the retractable tray. Since the chip itself has modest sizes, the slot does not differ in magnitude, and therefore it is strongly subject to external influences. Before removing the tray, you need to get acquainted with the precautionary measures that will help avoid damage:

  • Call the tray only after removing the iPhone from the case. Third-party material may make it difficult to access SIM.
  • To avoid system failure, do not remove the slot when the smartphone is turned on. Disconnect the device, and only then proceed to perform operation.
  • Remove the tray as little as possible, not to damage it.
  • Perform all stages of the algorithm without skipping. It will help to avoid the loss of details.
  • Try to extract Sims using a complete key. Check the box of smartphone. Maybe he lies there.
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Now you are fully prepared for removing the SIM card or special tray on the iPhone of any model. Next, we will analyze different ways to perform the operation. We specifically divided them on 2 types:

In both cases, the precautions must be observed. But if you have lost a complete key, carefully attribute to the choice of a suitable element for extracting tray. If the device is chosen incorrectly, you will not only get a sim card, but also damage the smartphone. In this case, you will have to contact the service center, where they can request a rather large amount of money.

Do I need to turn off the iPhone before removing or installing the SIM card?

You can not turn off, but Apple recommends extracting and installing a SIM card when the device is turned off.

The smartphone is turned off using the corresponding button located on the top of the communicator. After pressing the power button, the “Turn off” option appears on the display. Do not tear off the finger from the screen, make a swipe on the button to the right border.

Safety at extracting

Each of us has been in a situation where you need to remove the SIM card from your iPhone urgently. Make it need correctly and carefully not to damage the SIM card slot cards of your gadget. How to pull out sim card from iPhone 5S yourself. Take the sim card from iPhone 5S:

    First remove your iPhone from the case. In the latest models, the SIM card slot is on the sidebar, so in your case you just will not have access to it.

  • Turn off the gadget. It is not recommended to carry out any manipulation with the iPhone if it is enabled. Press the POWER button that is on the top of your phone. The “Slide to Power Off” or “Turn off” slider should appear on the screen. Spend on this inscription from left to right. Your device is now off.
  • As a rule, the kit includes a special key that opens access to SIM. Just insert it into the hole on SIM.Slot and remove the SIM card.
  • After removing SIM cards do not forget to put a slot into place in order not to lose it.

“People’s” way

If you do not have a special key, not trouble. There is a “folk” way to extract the SIM card from the iPhone, and the assistant in this case will be the usual stationery clip! Plant it and insert it into the hole next to the SIM card slot. Do not use needle! It can spoil the SIM card slot fixation system in the iPhone.