Export and synchronizing notes between iPhone and computer

Absolutely every owner of the iPhone, iPad and Mac used a branded application “Notes”, which is designed to record any information. Everyone uses it in different ways. Someone uses it as a buffer of the exchange between iOS and MacOS, someone writes important information there, and someone saves photos there and some of the Internet. Alas,

  • How to synchronize notes between iPhone and computer using iCloud
  • How to synchronize notes from iPhone to a computer via gmail
  • Transfer notes from iPhone to a computer via icarefone

How to synchronize notes between iPhone and computer using iCloud

In notes, we often write a lot of sensible and valuables, some thoughts during the day, etc.D. In order not to rewrite your entries on a computer, you can simply synchronize notes between the iPhone and the computer via iCloud.

Open the settings application on your iPhone. iCloud (on iOS 11 settings. accounts and passwords. icloud). Put the slider opposite the point of the note in an active state.

Now open the icloud website on your computer.com. Enter Apple ID and password, pass authorization.

3.Next, go into notes. You will see all the notes saved in your phone in the iCloud folder. You can easily view, change, add new posts right on the computer. All changes will be automatically applied to the iPhone.

How to synchronize notes from iPhone to a computer via gmail

In addition to iCloud, you can use any cloud storage to synchronize notes. For example, also just transfer notes from iPhone to a computer via Gmail.

Open the settings application on the iPhone. accounts and passwords. Choose Gmail.

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Also activate the switch opposite the point to start synchronization.

After that, from your computer you can go to your Gmail account and find your notes made on the iPhone in the notes section.

How to transfer notes from iPhone to a computer using Tenorshare icarefone

The simplest tool is Tenorshare icarefone. See how it works.

Download from the official website Tenorshare icarefone. Install it on your computer and run it.

Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer using a USB cable. The program should automatically recognize your device and display detailed information about it in the main window.

Select “Backap and Restoration”. Then, in the window that opens, select the notes and press the “backup” button.

iCloud for Windows 10! [EVERYTHING EXPLAINED]. 2020

Backup time depends on the size of your device data, as well as on the speed of your network connection.

To synchronize the notes between the iPhone/iPad and the computer, highlight the necessary boxes, then press the Eport to the Computer button. You will be invited to choose a format in which you want to save notes from iPhone/iPad to a computer and indicate the directory. After that, click OK. your notes are now saved on a computer.

Using the “Restore to the device” button, on the contrary, you can select the notes on the computer and transfer them to the iPhone/iPad. You can also use the “Add” button to create a note directly in the Tenorshare icarefone program. it will appear on your mobile device.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the process of synchronizing notes from iPhone to the computer. you will need to make only a few clicks and a couple of minutes of your time.

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Tenorshare icarefone is presented in two versions. free and paid. You can download it only on Windows platform. The utility copes with the duties of the file manager, you can easily control, synchronize and transfer between the iPhone and computer music, photos, videos, contacts, notes, e.books and other files. Tenorshare icarefone also allows you to quickly back up all the data and restore the device from the backup file, clean and accelerate the operation of the device, block advertising and correct some errors in the iOS system.

Submit notes via airdrop

This option allows you to transmit data only with iPhone from iOS 7.0. To do this, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth starts. Further:

  • Go to the “Notes” application, select files for sending.
  • After clicking the “Share” button, specify Airdrop.
  • Upon completion of the connection, select the device on which you need to drop the data.

The receiving phone should also be with connected Airdrop. To do this, use the “control center” where the utility badge is recorded.

How to go into the notes on the computer?

Using the Start key, open the system menu and enter in the search bar “Sticky Notes”. The application will be displayed in the results. Now you can create your first note on a small yellow sheet that will appear on the Windows desktop.

  • Open the settings for iPhone or iPad.
  • We are looking for an iCloud item.
  • Enter email address and password from iCloud and click enter.
  • For synchronization, move the switch opposite the notes.

Import from the Evernote program

On Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can import export files from the Evernote program (files.ENEX). Each file.ENEX may contain one or many notes. When importing a file.ENEX Each note from the Evernote program is converted into a new note in the program “Notes”.

Investments or functions in Evernote notes that are not supported by the “Notes” program are removed during imports.

How to switch between accounts of notes to iPhone and iPad

Notes can be stored either locally on iPhone and iPad (that is, exclusively on the device), so be tied to various accounts. For example, we have already considered synchronization with ICLOUD, Gmail and Exchange. And if it happened that your notes are stored in several places, then it is very easy to switch between them.

  • Launch the application application on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Press the back button in the upper left of the screen.
  • We see all the accounts that contain notes. We easily turn to the one that is needed.

By the way, this is how I found one very necessary and, as I thought, the missing entry. It’s just that she was kept in another account.

Import of notes on the Mac computer

When importing text files or files.ENEX Notes can be added to the iCloud account or to the account “On my Mac”. By preserving notes in iCloud, you can see them on any device on which you enter the Apple ID identifier.

  • Open the program “Notes”.
  • Select ICLOUD accounting or “on my mac” for storing notes. Click the folder in the desired account.

After importing notes in the Notes program, a new folder “Imported Notes” will appear. Subsequently, the notes can be moved to any folder in the program “Notes“.

How to save a note in files?

Open any note, hold the press on it, then draw a finger to the joint access button (rectangle with an arrow directed). Select “Export PDF” (or export PEN), then select Dropbox or any other supported application to save note.

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Computer with Ease

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  • Open the settings on the Android device.
  • Click Google accounts.
  • Select an account that has access to a note.
  • On the screen “Synchronization” set the Keep switch to the desired position.

How to transfer notes from iPhone to Windows computer?

On the phone with Android, open Onenote, and then in the lower left corner, tap the point “Notebooks”. and select parameters. Click the Synchronize button.

How to access notes through a browser

It is known that the cloud service of the iCloud from Apple has the full version through the web browser. It is much more convenient to view records, but you can get access to them in a short time. What should be done:

But at the same time, always try to create backup copies of data, including notes, so that they are always stored in the iCloud service or any other cloud services, because when the account is removed, all notes attached to it will also be automatically removed from the device.