Check if the user logged in has administrator rights.

There is a possibility that this file may only be accessible by users with sufficient system privileges. Switch to an account that has required privileges and try opening the H.264 Encoded Video Format file again.

File conversions from other format to H264 file

How to open your H264 file?

There can be multiple causes why you have problems with opening H264 files on given system. Fortunately, most common problems with H264 files can be solved without in-depth IT knowledge, and most importantly, in a matter of minutes. We have prepared a list to help you resolve your problems with H264 files.

Make sure the H264 file is complete and free of errors

If you followed the instructions from the previous steps and the issue is still not resolved, you should check the H264 file in question. The file is likely corrupted and therefore inaccessible.

File extension H264

Install Windows Media Player software

The main and most common reason that prevents users from opening H264 files is that the user’s system does not have a program installed that can handle H264 files. The most obvious solution is to download and install Windows Media Player or one to the listed programs: QuickTime Player, Creator NXT Pro, VideoStudio Pro. At the top of the page, there is a list of all programs, grouped by supported operating systems. One of the safest ways to download software is by using the official distributor links. Visit the Windows Media Player website and download the installer.

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Make sure you have the latest drivers, system updates and patches installed

Up-to-date system and drivers not only makes your computer more secure, but also may solve problems with H.264 Encoded Video Format file. Outdated drivers or software may have caused the inability to use a peripheral device needed to handle H264 files.

H.264 Encoded Video Format


To play a.264 file, you need to place it in a container format that any media player can recognize. For this purpose, we recommend using one of the following utilities:

  • Demuxer. can create dsm or mpc records. It is worth noting that dsm files can only be played in this utility.
  • MKVcleaver. with its help you can cut video to.MKV.
  • Mkvmerge is able to modify, cut, merge or unmerge video files. After processing the video, the video quality does not deteriorate, but the format changes to.MKV.
  • Haali Muxer. can help in converting, merging or severing video files. After processing the video, it is assigned the.MKV format.

Working with format. 264

Let’s take a closer look at how to open a.264 file from a DVR or surveillance camera.

Best Apps to Play

If you are interested in how to open the h264 file from a DVR or an observation camera, then here is a list of utilities for you (by clicking on the link you can download the program and install it on your computer):

  • QuickTime
  • ClassicalMedia Player
  • Light alloy
  • VLC Player

If we are talking about a more “ancient” format.264, then you will have to use specialized software from the following list:

  • RipBot264
  • StaXRip
  • FileViewPro
  • Roxio Toast 15 (paid)
  • PlaybackSetup

It should be noted that the container will be pre-converted into a form understandable for the program, and only then the video will appear on the screen. This can take a long time (depends on file size and system performance).

You can use a more correct approach. first convert to another type of extension, and then view the recordings at any time using the players listed at the beginning of the article.

Varieties of formats

There are two main types of files that you will find in the memory of the recorder:

  • .264. is a raw stream of information that cannot be reproduced directly without prior conversion. This format is written mainly by camera models “ten years ago”. Files take up a lot of space.
  • H.264 is an advanced container that compresses data to save storage space. At the same time, the video quality practically does not suffer. Similar elements can be opened in most players, which will be discussed below.


Conversion process. 264 and H.264 is quite simple. To do this, you need to download a conversion program. The most popular programs for this purpose are:

We hope that the tips in this article have helped you understand how to view and process.264 and H.264 recordings. If you have any questions, please contact us. Describe your problem in detail so that we can help you.

Owners of DVRs and home / office tracking systems often ask themselves the question: “How can I open an H264 file from a surveillance camera?” It is likely that you are just thinking about installing such equipment. This means that the applications described in this article will be extremely useful to you.

Opening H.264 video

Almost all popular programs and converters work with the H.264 format. Popular are:

Special programs

To open video.264, the following programs will be useful:

.264 video files can be merged or separated. We will consider how to do this further.

How to Play [H.264 Video File / Any video file] play with VLC without Any converter 100% working

Differences and similarities between 264 and H.264 formats

The.264 format is the raw elementary streams of H.264-ES video files (also referred to as MPEG-4 temporary video file). In turn, H.264-ES is part of the H.264 format specification. Older DVRs record video in.64 format. Such video files cannot be used for direct viewing by ordinary players and require processing by special programs.

H.264 format allows you to reduce video recording to a minimum size. After the videos are fully compressed, the video and audio quality is still high. CCTV cameras and video recorders of a new type work with this format. H.264 files are also referred to as MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC / H.264. Despite the long and scary name, it is very easy to find an H.264 file player on the net.

To open such files, you must use one of the following methods:

  • use special programs and utilities;
  • convert video files.

How to Convert H264 to MP4 ( Play any CCTV footage in your favorite media player)

What is h264 and h265?

H264 is a hardware codec that allows you to record video from a camera, capture it from a computer, and receive it in many other ways. H264 and H265 are widely popular in recording devices due to support for hardware encoding method (which is much faster than software) and the ability to save the final video in almost any modern format.

  • Supports hardware video encoding method, so you can achieve better recording quality and frame rate even on very mediocre hardware.
  • The ability to save videos in almost any popular format.
  • H264 is supported by almost all modern hardware and software.
  • In the absence of hardware encoding on the hardware, h264 can work in software mode, although it will be much slower and worse.

H265 is a more modern codec designed to replace the outdated h264 over time. This codec is distinguished by increased speed and quality of images, but video recording in h265 is supported by a rather small amount of equipment. Only the most expensive cameras and DVRs support shooting using this codec.

Using media codecs

Not all users will want to change the player to play the maximum number of video formats. In this case, you can install any of the modern codec packages into the built-in Media Player. There are not too many high-quality codec packages on computers:

  • K-Lite Codec Pack is one of the most common and old codec packs. It is distributed in several editors, it is recommended to use the Full or Mega edition to play video from cameras, other versions may lack the necessary components. This package also allows you to install Media Player Classic on your computer.
  • ADVANCED Codecs is a younger, but no less advanced codec package. In addition to the standard features, it allows you to programmatically improve the quality of the video being played, although it does this very mediocre.
  • The Media Player Codec Pack is a media codec pack designed to be embedded exclusively into the standard Windows Media Player. When installing it, the user will not be prompted to install an alternative player, otherwise it is practically no different from analogues.
  • XviD Codec is a codec package designed primarily for converting video rather than playing it. It is perfect when you need to convert a picture from a camera into a format understandable for most devices. For normal playback, the previous codecs are enough.

How to open h264 from CCTV camera?

Video surveillance systems are an integral part of equipment in offices, businesses and even in some homes. But the recordings from the cameras will be completely useless if the user cannot open them. It is not always possible to open the content from cameras with a player built into the operating system, since a codec that is not installed on a personal computer can be used during recording.

How to open processed h264 and h265 (avi, mp4 and similar formats)

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the user does not even have to install anything, modern operating systems (both stationary and mobile), with all the updates already available “out of the box”, can open processed videos from cameras.

If the videos downloaded from the recorder or filmed with a separate camera do not open on a computer or mobile phone, then additional software will need to be installed. As such software, you can install another player, with which all videos will be opened, or use a codec pack that adds support for new formats to the built-in Media Player.

Most popular players for Windows PC:

  • VLC Media Player is an advanced video and audio player based exclusively on free software. The player is characterized by low resource consumption and high operating speed;
  • KMPlayer is one of the most popular players supporting a huge number of video formats, adding third-party effects during playback, and many other features. KMPlayer has one drawback. huge requirements for computer resources, which makes it work poorly on weak PCs;
  • ALLPlayer is a relatively young player, a distinctive feature of which is playing archived files without the need to unpack them first.

There are many other players for the computer, the final choice depends solely on the user’s preferences.

What to do with RAW video?

Some DVRs and IP cameras take pictures exclusively in raw format, using the h264 or h265 codec. As a result, videos do not open on other devices without first converting to more common and understandable formats. Basically, owners of professional cameras face this problem, but it also rarely occurs in video surveillance systems.

  • Sony Vegas Pro is an excellent video editor from Sony that allows you not only to convert videos from one format to another, but also to perform many other actions. Basically, this application is used to work with Sony cameras, but other cameras / DVRs are quite supported.
  • Adobe Premiere is a video editor from Adobe. This application will appeal to users of other products from the company, for example Photoshop, since all programs from Adobe are synchronized with each other.

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a paid video editor or install a hacked version, so there are also free analogs:

  • OpenShot is a free video editor based exclusively on free software. A distinctive feature of the program is the most simple and intuitive interface.
  • ShortCut is another free video editor that differs from the previous one mainly in interfaces.