How to go to BIOS PB?

To launch the Acer, Packard Bell and Emachines laptop recovery utility, the Altf10 keys are used to factory settings. Squeeze this combination at the time of turning on the computer, before the start of loading the operating system.

Click on the keyboard to a combination of “win” “R” keys. In the “Perform” window, enter: “msconfig” (without quotation marks), and then click on the OK button. In the “System Configuration” window, open the “loading” tab. In the bottom of the window, activate the “safe mode” item.

How to download from a laptop in a bios?

In the menu on top, pressing the “right” key, select “Boot” (download). After that, select the “Hard Disk Drives” item (hard drives) and in the menu that appears, click Enter on “1st Drive” (first disk) in the list we select the name of the flash drive. in the second picture, for example, this is Kingmax USB 2.0 Flash Disk.

Click on the keyboard to a combination of “win” “R” keys. In the “Perform” window, enter: “msconfig” (without quotation marks), and then click on the OK button. In the “System Configuration” window, open the “loading” tab. In the bottom of the window, activate the “safe mode” item.

How to open BIOS on the Packard Bell laptop

How to return a laptop to the factory state: Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell

In today’s article, we will talk about the return to the factory settings of Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell laptops. At first I planned to write some articles, but later I decided to do it one.

How to boot from a CD/DVD (Packard Bell EasyNote B3340)

What exists, that Emachines and Packard Bell. This is the same Acer, and the recovery procedure is slightly different from the visual plan, and all the other actions to restore laptops performed under these brands are almost identical, so I will simply indicate only one nuance during history.

What will be needed while you start the recovery procedure to the factory state of the Acer laptop, Packard Bell, what else is it called Emachines, first read the article “How to return the laptop to the factory state: introduction”, if you have not read it for 30 years, since it describes preparations, as it describes the preparation which is performed before the restoration of the laptop from the recovery section that allows accounting for accounting (software). Further actions are described from the calculation that you have completed the recommendations to our client, given to me later.

And do not rush to continue recovery until you read this article until the end.

To launch the Acer, Packard Bell and Emachines laptop restoration utility, Altf10 keys combination is used for factory settings. You need to press this combination at the time of turning on the computer while the operating system is loading.

In order not to miss this moment, I recommend holding the Alt key to quickly press the F10 button.

Nevertheless, for the recovery utility performed in this way, it is necessary that the D2D recovery option is included in the BIOS settings. The required setting is here:

If you have never worked with the BIOS settings before and have no idea what it is, I strongly recommend that you start the recovery environment for a little longer, but a safer way, the standard for many manufacturers of mobile computers.

To do this, immediately after turning on the laptop, quickly press the F8 key. This is usually done when you want to choose a special operating system loading mode. We need the following menu to appear on the screen:

As you can see, at the very top there is an element “Elimination of problems”. Select it (if it is not selected by default) and press the Enter key. Loading begins.

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Blocking a portable package

Bell in this video I will tell you how to launch a installation disk or USB flash drive.

How to install Windows on the Packard Bell En Te69BM (Z5wt3) laptop. review

How to install Windows on the Packard Bell En Te69BM (Z5wt3) laptop. The review is essentially a problem with the installation.

Then we will be invited to choose language settings. Select the right one for us and click “Next”.

Now it is necessary to indicate the user on behalf of which the restoration will be performed, and enter the password for the selected user if he was installed. Enter the necessary data and click “OK”.

In the next menu that appears, click “Restoration Management”.

After that, the Packard Bell, Acer or Emachines laptop restoration will begin. As I said, the differences in their intensity are exclusively cosmetic.

If you are going to use the recovery option with the ALTF10 key combination, then all previous steps are not relevant for you. The process of resuscitation of the system from the recovery section will begin immediately with this step.

So, since we assume that all our important data were saved earlier, select the option “Restore the factory settings of the operating system”.

We will be warned about the necessary precautions, which you already know about if you read the introductory article “How to return the laptop to the factory state: Introduction”. To continue the procedure for restoring the laptop operating system, click “Next”.

After that, we will present information about the hard drive of our laptop. Just click “Next”.

Как установить Windows на ноутбук Packard Bell EN TE69BM (Z5WT3). Обзор

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We agree with a different warning that all data will be lost.

After that, the computer will take a little time to complete the preparation

After which the recovery process will begin to the state of the factory. I’m just waiting.

Then the Acer and Packard Bell laptop will automatically reboot, and Emachines will ask you to press the OK button for rebooting. By the way, I can be mistaken, but I think that some of the Acer models are also asked to press the button to continue. In general, if you are asked to click OK. Click.

The laptop will do everything else on his own. The system will be rebooted periodically. Do not bother her. Wait for the initial launch of the restored operating system.

In this lesson, dedicated to the restoration of Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell laptops to the factory state, came to an end.

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open, bios, packard, bell

How to enter the BIOS on a laptop and how to reset it?

iOS, translated from English Basic Input/Output System, means “basic input-output system”. The BIOS is made in the form of a microprogram. the programs recorded on the integrated chip installed on the motherboard. BIOS is necessary to ensure access to the operating system to all devices of a laptop or computer, including connected devices. for example, a printer or scanner.

Ordinary user rarely needs knowledge of how to enter BIOS.

Usually, they are required when installing the operating system (OS) to select the correct sequence (desired device) of loading, for example, the drive of optical discs (CD \ DVD-ROM) or external hard disk. There is also a need for a hard shutdown/connection of certain devices and “acceleration” of laptop parameters (computers).

Unfortunately, over the past 7 years, laptop manufacturers, unlike manufacturers of motherboard for stationary computers, began to limit the capabilities of BIOS to reduce the risk of decommissioning the portable device by the user himself.

open, bios, packard, bell

In order to enter the BIOS, it is necessary at the time of launch of the laptop (immediately after turning on) to press a certain combination of keys, usually different for different models of laptops, which is associated with different microperograms of the bios installed on them. The list of the most common combinations are below.

How to launch my Packard Bell in safe mode?

After rebooting the computer, holding the Shift key pressed, select Power | Launch again. After your computer reboots a second time, you will see a list of parameters on the entrance screen into the system. Select option 4 or click F4 to run the computer in safe mode.

If for some reason the Start menu is not available, you can try by holding the keys “Ctrl” and “Alt” on the keyboard, click “Delete”. The menu with the “Reload” option will appear to restart the computer.

How to disable the FN button on the Packard Bell laptop?

In BIOS, there are standard passwords used by the technical support of BIOS manufacturers, respectively, you need to use the password of your BIOS model. Method 3. engineering password

Alfarome J64
Ally Lkwpeter
Ally Lkwpeter
Ally Pint

How to go into safe mode on the Packard Bell laptop?

To download, go, open, call, install, get, choose, select, restart or switch to safe mode, press the option and immediately after turning on (there is no Windows logo) click the F8 button. In rare cases, you may need to press another key: from F1 to F12.

  • Select “Restore”
  • Select “Complete Restore)
  • Choose the Computer Initial Status recovery point (factory tinctures)
  • For a request for rebooting the computer, answer yes, after rebooting, follow all the instructions of the system.

Settings and exit

Having entered BIOS, the user sees either a blue screen with English inscriptions without a familiar mouse cursor, or a settings panel that looks like a widget from old Windows. The first version is visible to the owners of the standard BIOS, and the second appears with UEFI users.

There are many differences between UEFI BIOS, since the second system was created later, therefore it meets modern requirements. The main differences:

  • a faster load;
  • a larger amount of memory on the hard disk and RAM;
  • accelerated data transfer;
  • new encryption and protection systems;
  • Convenient, understandable settings menu.

The BIOS type on the Packard Bell laptop depends on the operating system, as well as the video card. You can reinstall the input and output system only by assembly of iron from the computer. BIOS. a small chip on the motherboard, and its replacement (possibly, together with the board) allows you to change the type of system.

Since the integse does not control the mouse cursor, you can switch between buttons and panels only using the keyboard. The buttons-reduced ones are written at the very bottom. Among them there should be two to move between the tabs (Page Down buttons, Page Up), two for choosing the settings inside a separate tab (upwards and downwards), one to confirm the choice (usually Enter), one to open the listed list (key “left” or “to the right”).

BIOS settings are divided into basic and advanced. The first includes parameters that control the most frequently used functions:

  • system date, time;
  • the procedure for loading components of the computer;
  • memory optimization;
  • organization of hard drives;
  • The use of drives.

Bios requires average English knowledge (A2-B1 and above), but the article contains a translation of all buttons.

Important! After each operation, it is necessary to press Enter to save the settings.

Changing the time occurs in the “Main” tab (Home). You need to select “System Time” (systematic time) and change the time to the required. If there is no parameter “System time”, you should look for “Time” in the next tab (“Standart CMOS Features”). There should be a date settings (“System data” and “date”, respectively).

Changing the order of loading hard drives occurs in the “Main” tab. On the main screen, you can find a list of inscriptions of the type: “Ide Channel 0/1 Master” and “Ide Channel 0/1 Slave”. “Channel 0” is responsible for priority loading, and “Chanel 1”. for a secondary. You need to select one of the points and press Enter, then select one of the proposed discs (their names can be viewed on the packaging or on the developer’s website). In this case, an incorrectly given disk, incorrectly specified priority can lead to errors when downloading a computer. If it is difficult to choose a priority yourself, you can change the “IDE HDD Auto-Detections” settings so that the inscription “Enable” shines nearby.

In the Standart CMOS Features tab you can change the basic settings such as the work of drives, error processing.

Two discs were proposed: with the name “A” and “B”. If the discode is not built into the laptop, next to both graphs it is necessary to install “None”. Otherwise, it is recommended to choose the priority of the work of discs. As a choice, it is not the name of the drive, but its technical characteristics (they must be read in the instructions).

For a computer security from viruses, an emergency exit program is provided from OS: “Halt Out”. If the function recognizes that the device is in danger or errors are found on it, then it stops loading and turns off the laptop.

Typically, Packard Bell’s laptops initially set these settings, in which case you will have to change anything.

Before leaving the system, it is necessary to trace that all settings are saved, installed correctly. After that, you should find the Save and Exit button in the lower panel (“Save and exit”).

  • 1 table: Hot keys for computers
  • 2 table: hot keys (BIOS/BOOT MENU, etc.) for laptops
  • 3 table: recovery from a hidden section (for laptops)

When installing Windows (for example), it is often necessary to choose a bootable carrier different from a hard drive. You can do this in two ways:

1) go to the BIOS and change the download line (t.e. put the flash drive in front of the HDD. thus PC will first check the flash drive for the availability of loading records, and only then the hard drive);

2) call the boot menu and select a specific carrier in it for loading at the moment. In my opinion, this option is even better than the first: you do not need to go back and forth in BIOS to change the download line.

To enter the BIOS (call Boot Menu), the keys are used in most cases: F2, DEL, ESC, F12 (depending on the manufacturer of the device). You need to press the button immediately after turning on the computer (you can do not miss the right moment.

open, bios, packard, bell

By the way, if you look at the first screen, which is visible immediately after turning on the computer, then they often write a button for entering the desired settings (challenge of the menu). An example on the screen below.

How to go to the BIOS laptop Acer

In essence, UEFI is the same BIOS, but with wider possibilities. Unlike BIOS, UEFI can have drivers of basic devices and special additional shells, and the settings menu can be multilingual. This allows you to use a more convenient graphic integration, the mouse manipulator, the ability to enter the network, reproduction of CD/DVD, some computer diagnostics, file manager and other convenient tools (depending on the UEFI version).