SMART Touch Control. Samsung Smart TV touch touch control panel

The Smart Touch Control touch remote control is designed to control Samsung Smart TVs of 2013 and later models at a distance. The device allows you to manage connected prefixes and Blu-ray players, to perform certain commands by voice. The nuances of the remote control depend on the TV model.

Smart Touch Control Smart Touch Control

Functional capabilities of Smart TV technology

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:

Cleaning elements

This is the most important moment of independent repair, besides this, no other actions are possible. After the device is disassembled, the microcircuit is removed, there comes the moment of cleaning these parts using a cotton pad and alcohol. During an external examination, it will become clear what the cause of the malfunction is, if you can see that the microcircuit is damaged, further actions should be aimed at replacing the remote control. If not, then it is enough to clean everything with a cotton pad and place it in the same place. It is important to know how to clean the remote control from the TV.

Simple instructions for opening almost any modern remote control:

  • Inspect the remote control for the placement of fasteners. Some manufacturers clean part of the screws in the compartment with batteries. Remove batteries;
  • Take a screwdriver of a suitable size and remove all the mounts;

There may be a difficulty in the question. how to disassemble the remote control from the LG TV, on which there are no screws? Pay attention to the joints on the side sides of the device. It is necessary to create gaps in the joints, then expand the cracks and put it to remove the plastic shell. The instruction is step by step, with a description of the nuances:

  • Check the joints on the case. If they are connected for reliability with glue, use a knife or flat screwdriver.Put up the edge of the case with their help until the edges are dispersed;
  • To disassemble the remote control from the Sony Bravia TV, like many other devices of this type, you need to push the latches located inside the hull with a knife. Do not pull the halves of the case at once in different directions, go through the blade around the edges and feel for hidden mounts. Gently squeeze them;
  • Pass the plastic card at the joints between the cases to finally unclench the plastic and open the remote control;
open, remote, control, samsung
  • Take out the keyboard;
  • Remove the microcircuit carefully without removing the sensor from it;
  • Carry out the necessary manipulations for cleaning or repairing the product.
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How to open a remote control if plastic sits on fasteners, and there is no cross screw nearby nearby? Fasteners can be turned with the tip of the knife. It will be convenient to take for this purpose a knife with a blade curved at the end.

The Philips remote is easily clicks with even simple tweezers. In Philips, the fastening of the upper cover can be slightly drowned in the plastic of the rear surface. How to correctly disassemble the remote control in this case? Gently push the lid at the junctions, and it is preferably not a blade. The knife can scratch the lid and ruin its appearance.

Model RMCTPJ1AP2. Original Samsung TV remote control.

open, remote, control, samsung

The analysis process does not fundamentally differ from the already described scheme. If you still can’t open the remote control from the TV. try to put pressure from narrow edges to make plastic slip out of the grooves.

How to connect a remote control to a TV

After disassembly, as with the first use of the remote control, it will be necessary to connect it to the Samsung TV. We insert the batteries into the corresponding compartment, observing the polarity and close the lid. Next, we turn to the instructions for the device and look for an indication of actions in it during the first connection. Different models need to use various key combinations. As a rule, this is Return and Play, which need to be clamped and held at the same time until the Blutuz icon appears on the TV.

As soon as you see this icon on the screen, it will mean that the TV and the remote control “found” each other and successfully connected. Now you can study the wide functionality of Smart TV without getting up.

TV connection and setting

After disassembling the remote control and its assembly, you need to connect it to the TV. In order to do this, you first need to insert batteries into the power compartment, observing indications of popularity.

After installing energy sources, close the battery lid, then use the instructions for the remote control to understand how to connect the remote control to TV.

Different models of remote controls are activated by pressing an excellent key combination. Most often, it is necessary to stick the Play and Return keys and hold them until the icon appears on the TV screen indicating that the devices are connected. If you have chosen a modern universal remote control, you do not need special settings. it’s enough to understand what the buttons are needed for.

The button television control panels retain their popularity despite the fact that more modern, sensory models have long appeared on sale.

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This may be associated with the need to get used to the new type of device, and with the fact that the button control panels are perceived by users as more reliable.

We disassemble the remote control from the Samsung TV

It is recommended to disassemble in several stages. Each of them must be considered in more detail.

Stage first

At this stage, it is necessary to turn the PD with buttons turn down and move the back cover down to the indicators. If you do this, then a small gap will appear on the front side.

This gap is enough for you to easily capture the back cover and remove it.

When removing the rear cover, the battery compartment opens, in which the necessary screws are located. They must be unscrewed to disassemble the case. In order to unscrew the screws, use a cross.shaped screwdriver.

Important: in order not to lose the fasteners from the remote control, place them in a small jar or container.

Stage second

After you remove the mounting elements, you will have to disconnect the rest of the one to open access to the board.

Usually it is attached to plastic clamps, but the manufacturer can use glue for this purpose.

Pay attention to this, as this can affect the process of reverse assembly of the device cleaned of dirt.

On the right side of the remote control, if you direct it up, there are two large areas to open the clamp. They can be opened outside. They are located only on the right side of the remote control.

If the manufacturer did not use a special glue when assembling the remote control, then you can carefully carry out a plastic card or thin ruler around the perimeter of the device to divide the seam of the case through large areas of the clamp.

Samsung TV Remote PC access

Stage third

As soon as the case is completely open, you will get access to the upper part of the device and the keyboard with a rubber membrane.

If necessary, you can disconnect the microcircuit, but in order for it to remain intact, it is not recommended to disconnect the sensor from it.

How to Access Secret “Service Menu” for All Samsung TVs

The area to which the remote keyboard was attached can be wiped with alcohol, which will get rid of buttons sticking and get a more smooth press. You can wipe with alcohol and the keyboard itself.

If the accumulated pollution is not removed by light touch, carefully remove them with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol.

Try not to rub too much, as this can damage the keys.

Fourth stage

If the keyboard and the place where it was located does not contain dirt, you need to carefully inspect the printed circuit board, as well as what is on it.

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In order to extract a printed circuit board from the case, it is necessary to use a flat screwdriver or knife.

Carefully lift the lower part of the board on both sides, which is located next to the battery compartment.

Raise it smoothly, too sharp raising can damage the fee.

Stage fifth

Carefully consider the fee: you can find two small holes on it. They are intended for two microphones located at the distance control point.

There is an LED near the upper hole for the microphone. In the upper part of the remote case there is an acoustic gasket designed for the upper microphone.

The rubber keyboard of the remote control is used as an acoustic gasket for the microphone, which is located in the lower part of the device.

The sixth stage

Pay attention to the back of the printed circuit board: there you can consider the elements that ensure the operation of the device.

There are discrete elements, transistors, integrated power supply circuits.

The universal remote control of the television control and Wi-Fi television control consists of:

After you carry out the cleaning of the remote control and the necessary repair work, you can assemble the control panel by caution.

It is necessary to assemble the remote control in the same way as you disassembled it, only in the reverse order.

What you need to execute

In the process of analysis, you need to have several simple tools at hand:

The device case can be fixed using glue. Subsequently, the glue will be needed again to conduct the assembly after the successful end of cleaning or repairing the remote control.

IMPORTANT! Do not use a bank card to conduct this operation. Take, for example, a card of discounts for some store.

Functional capabilities of Smart TV technology

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:


To completely clean the remote control from dust, it is necessary to remove the buttons from the front panel, which is carried out by pressing the keys from the pressing side. Cleaning must be done in order to avoid sticking keys in the future. As tools for this operation are napkins and alcohol.

These numbers are necessary for the conjugation and configuration of universal control panels with various devices-DVD players and televisions. Each brand and each type of device corresponds to a certain digital combination, which is indicated in the instructions for the operation of the remote control control.